The 20 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites For All Sports in 2023

Online sports streaming is not a new thing, but it has become more and more popular recently. Though there are many free sports streaming sites, which one is safe and which one to trust? This question is natural. We love to enjoy sports events, but it won’t be a pleasing experience if your device is vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Would it? In this article, I will introduce 20 of the best free sports streaming sites that are safe and legal.

What Are Sports Streaming Sites?

I hope you are familiar with online streaming. Online streaming sites allow you to enjoy sports, films, and TV shows with a live internet connection. So, you can watch all sports events worldwide on sports streaming sites. It can be a free streaming site or paid. 

There are two types of sports streaming sites based on the broadcast. One is sports live stream website, and another is a general sports stream website.

Is It Safe To Use A Website To Stream Online To Watch Sports?

Everything on the internet is safe until they don’t pose a threat to you and your device. This site goes for live sports streaming sites too. Most sports websites are legal and safe to use. They don’t store your data or use them otherwise. It is not illegal to watch a live sports stream, legally speaking, even if the source is not copyright protected. The website committing piracy and streaming may be penalized, but you are not.

How To Know If A Sports Streaming Website Is Safe Or Not?

Are there specific ways to identify if a website is safe or not? Here are some heads up for you:

  • All the new and secure websites will have an HTTPS protocol. 
  • There should be a valid SSL certificate.
  • A genuine website won’t redirect you to useless third-party sites.
  • A legal website won’t ask for your private information.
  • There will be a proper method and channel if a monetary transaction is on a legal site.

Usually, if you use a good web browser like Google Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox, the browser will prevent you from going to an unsafe site. But still, as a user, you must always be careful about what you click.

The 20 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites

Best Free Sports Streaming Sites For All Sports

Many Online sports streaming sites are not safe. Some of the sites do not support all the countries. So the users need a VPN service to see the particular channel. Here are the 20 best universal free online sports streaming channel lists that are great for you.

1. Stream2Watch 

Stream2Watch-free sports streaming appsStream2Watch is a safe and legal sports streaming website and one of the best. It is a good sports streaming website that is available for free. You can safely watch popular sports events like NFL, NBA, World Cup, Golf, Football, Soccer, and many other sports on stream2Watch.

You can stream live sports events. The video quality is outstanding. You can choose which quality you want to enjoy the game ton. They support video formats like HD, 1080p, and Full HD. The website runs on advertisement money. So, there are some ads on the website. If you want, you can use an ad-blocker.

2. Fox Sports Go

Fox Sports Go-free sports live stream websitesYou can enjoy live free sports streaming on Fox Sports Go from Fox Sports Network. This site is one of the most popular free sports streaming websites that lets you want a great football match from the comfort of your home anytime. You can enjoy most live sports like the NBA, NFL, and other major ones on Fox Sports Go.

Fox Sports Go is a legal and certified sports streaming site. It is a safe and secure website. The owner company, Fox Sports, sponsors many sports events. So we can legally watch those sports from your browser.

3. Laola1

Laola1’s free sports streaming site online is an Australian-based live streaming service. It allows you to watch sports events from Australia and other countries safely and securely. The website is German. I don’t know why. But Google auto-translates it into English.

On Laola1, you can see the scores and live events. They play the games from their servers, so watching a football match on Laola1 is safe and legal. Laola1 is mainly a football streaming site. So, all international and league football matches are available here.

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4. fromHot’

fromHot’ is one of the best football and basketball streaming sites. Not only that, they have other sports for you too. It is a verified sports streaming website that is entirely safe and secure. The sports streaming site from Hot’s will catch your eye for its smooth design. The website is well-organized and straightforward to use. It is easy for even a new user to find and watch the desired sports.

On fromHot’, they have it all, football, soccer, baseball, hockey, volleyball, golf, and whatnot. This site is one of the best free live sports streaming sites.

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5. CBS Sports

CBS Sports-best sports streaming sitesThe list will be incomplete if we don’t mention CBS Sports. It is one of the most popular and commonly used websites for sports streaming. They don’t only have live sports but also news about sports events, in-depth analysis, and many more.

CBS Sports is the best place to enjoy a fair soccer game or an exciting rugby match. It is free, and you can enjoy Football, NBA, NHL, MMA, NGO, MMA, NFL, MLB, and all other significant events.

Their website also has live scores, commentary, highlights, and other features. The stream’s video quality on CBS Sports is HD, and most streams are official. If you haven’t tried it yet, you must do it now.

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6. LiveScore

LiveScore-best sports streaming sitesLiveScore is one of the best free sports streaming sites that are free and safe to use. It is a great website that offers live events, score updates, news, and other sports-related information. Unfortunately, you cannot see live streams on this website regularly. They broadcast live matches on special events, but it is mostly just the score and live commentary.

This free sports website is excellent and has a free sports streaming app supported on Android and iOS. The UI of the website is simple yet attractive. You can see all the essential information on the homepage and navigate if necessary. Give the website a try.

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7. LiveTV

LiveTV best sports streaming sitesLiveTV is one of the best football streaming sites that offer live football and other sports. They regularly update live sports like soccer, cricket, baseball, polo, racing, and horse riding. LiveTV can be accessed from anywhere in the world. There is no need for any VPN or unblocking. It is free and needs no account to be created.

There are some pop-up and banner ads on this free sports streaming website. You can use an ad blocker to prevent the ads from popping up.

LiveTV has mobile apps for Android and iOS that you can download for free and watch games online.

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8. Watch ESPN

LiveTV best sports streaming sitesWatch ESPN is a free website to stream different sports. It is an excellent alternative to many premium streaming websites. We all know ESPN is a renowned sports broadcasting network, and Watch ESPN is a subsidiary of ESPN networks. That is why all the streams are official and legal. It is one of the safest sports streaming websites.

But Watch ESPN is only available in the United States of America. So, if you are not in the region, you must use a VPN. When you use a VPN, you can access the website from anywhere in the world. If you ask me if I enjoy actual sports events, I would gladly use a VPN.

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9. SportLemons

sportlemonsSportLemons is a free and comparatively safe website to watch sports matches online. These live sports streaming sites provide a free broadcast of most ongoing sports. They offer a free service to users. There is no subscription or hidden charges. You can watch sports like volleyball, hockey, football, rugby, polo, chess, etc. They provide live scores and live streams if any are available.

SportLemons is mainly an Asian web service provider. But it doesn’t mean they provide only Asian events. They have coverage from all over the world. The stream is very high quality. You are not required to create an account, but you get some extra benefits if you do. You can schedule a match, save and download any events, etc.

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10. Stream Woop

Another fantastic live sports streaming website is Stream Woop.Another fantastic live sports streaming website is Stream Woop. On this free streaming sports website, you can enjoy many live events from the comfort of your home. Stream Woop can help you to pre-schedule matches and notify them when they go live.

Stream Woop is a safe website that offers a secure connection for streaming. You can watch live events or recorded ones. You do not have to create an account or subscribe to a plan to use Stream Woop. Moreover, you can watch NBA, NFL, MMA, and all other significant events on this fantastic streaming site.

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11. Boss cast

Boss casCast is an excellent website for enjoying live football, cricket, and other sports events. Registering or subscribing to any plans to use Bosscast is unnecessary. It is an entirely free live sports site. On Bosscast, you can watch all the major sports events in the USA, Europe, and Asia. They offer from horse riding to ice skating on their site.

One key thing to mention is that there are a lot of pop-up and banner advertisements on Bosscast. You have to bear with it. They have to make money somehow. Promotions allow them to function correctly and provide free service to users.

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12. VIP League

vip leagueOne of the oldest and most used sports websites is VIP League. Don’t let the name fool you. Though the name has VIP, it offers freemium service to its users. You can enjoy many significant sports around the globe in VIPLeague without spending any money. They have it all, from soccer to wrestling. You name it, and they have it on their website.

VIP League is one of the safest sports streaming sites that are available now. There is no need to create an account to use the service. VIP League might be blocked in some countries because they sometimes broadcast events without the proper authority. If you face a block, try using a free VPN, and the issue will be solved.

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13. Roja Directa

Roja DirectaRoja Directa, the best free sports streaming site, is great for football fans. This free sports streaming site offers all of the live football matches that are happening around the globe. The place is safe and pretty old compared to other sites. So, you can trust the streams of Roja Directa.

On Roja Directa, the livliveents are listed. You can click and watch any of the football events you want. The website has multi-language features and supports most of the commonly used languages.

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14. Sport Surge 

Next on our list, we have Sport Surge and a popular free sports live-stream website. Though it is a new website, it has gained much popularity among the sports fan community. The website now streams football, hockey, MMA, motorsports, and boxing.

There are botany ads on the site. There are a few native banner ads. The developer said it was necessary to show some ads to make money to run the place. The website doesn’t charge any money to its visitors. You can enjoy the live streams and scores for free. Sport Surge is safe and secured with a valid SSL certificate regarding security issues.

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15. CricFree.TV

Are you a cricket fan and want to stream live cricket matches? Then you must try CricFree. CricFree is one of the best cricket streaming sites. You can enjoy live cricket matches, recorded matches, and live scores for free on this sports streaming site. It covers other popular sports like football, tennis, and rugby too.

CricFree.TV can sometimes be annoying for pop-up ads. It has lots of these ads. And using an ad-blocker does not resolve it. So you have to bear with the ads if you want to watch a cricket match on CricFree. Aside from the ads, CricFree is a tremendously safe website to enjoy live cricket and other sports from your web browser.

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16. Disney+Hotstar

Hotstar is an Indian streaming site. This sports streaming app provides all major sports with a small subscription fee. It is a safe and verified way to watch sports like hockey, football, NBA, NFL, MMA, wrestling, cricket, and so on. The amount you have to pay to enjoy live streams is nominal, and you can also enjoy other live TV.

The Hotstar website is free from ads, and there are no issues with security. They have a license to broadcast live sports. It is a safe website for streaming sports. They have an Android stream. You can install the mobile app and use it for watching sports.

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17. is an excellent website for streaming live sports. It is free to use a safe sports site. It is compatible with almost every device. You can enjoy sports legally with They offer cricket, football, volleyball, basketball, rugby, and other major sports. You get to enjoy live streams, scores, and streams on it. It is also one of the best free NFL streaming sites.

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18. Stream Sports

Stream Sports is a website to stream sports online for a minimum payment. A website is a genuine place to forget live streams, HD footage of actual gameplay, and highlights. You own the video by paying a small fee, and there are no legal bindings on it.

If you want to spend some money and legally stream your desired sports events, choose Stream Sports.

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19. Firstrowsports

Firstrowsports is an excellent website for watching live sports from your device without any money. It is a great website that offers live streams, scores, and news. You can enjoy various sports events like soccer, football, rugby, basketball, volleyball, NBA, NFL, MMA, and many other sports events.

I should mention here Firstrowsports is not a legal site. They offer pirated streams, and they don’t own the rights of the streams. You can try Firstrowsports alternative websites if you are uncomfortable streaming on an illegal site.

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20. StrikeOut

strikeoutA strikeOut is your complete solution to living sports. It is an entire sports site with all of the marks. You can watch any match on this best sports streaming site. It is an ad-free, safe website that is legally ok to browse. You can use StrikeOut from PC, Tablet, and mobile.

You can open the website, click on a sports event, and enjoy it. StrikeOut is an excellent site for your daily sports streaming needs.

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Humans, by nature, like to enjoy sports events. Technology has made it easy to enjoy sports from our homes. These sports streaming websites have taken comfort even further. Now, you don’t have to worry about cables and stuff. Just use any browser and use your favorite streaming site.

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