Best 15 Firstrowsports Alternatives Site for Live Football Stream

When it comes to live sports, watching Firstrowsports is the first name that comes to mind. It is the best and user-friendly Live Football Stream website. Though the website is the best on the market, there are some other pretty good alternatives to firstrowsports. Especially after the block of it in the UK and EU countries. In this article, we will get to know 15 of the best firstrowsports alternatives site.

What is Firstrowsports?

Firstrowsports is an online streaming service that is focused on football and soccer live streams. It is a free online streaming site that covers almost every major football match. Though it is a handy site, it has been blocked in the EU from July 2013 for copyright reasons. The Premier League authority filed a court complaint, and since then, this website is banned in the EU.

It is free and doesn’t need any registration to enjoy a match. You can see live scores too. What you need is a web browser that has Adobe Flash player support. You can enjoy the service from either your PC or smartphones. It is available on both platforms.

There are some unskippable advertisements on firstrowsports. It would be best if you didn’t mind that. After all, you are enjoying premium matches for free.

How to use

  • Open FirstRowsports.
  • Click on a link containing the Match you want to watch.
  • There will be two to three links click on one of them. There will be an advertisement, wait for it to finish. (If it redirects to an ad page, close and return).
  • Then you will see the mini window from where you can enjoy a live match if available. You can choose to watch different sports events on the menu.


Firstrowsports is a free website. You don’t need any money. But the website may take you to some live streaming interface that charges money. You can find a free link just by trying a few more times.

As it is a free website with premium features, being it a safe site is a natural one. Any updated web browser will show a warning that the website is not safe. The site still uses HTTP protocol, which is prone to be unsafe.

And when it comes to legality, you are not violating any law by watching sports on Firstrowsports, but it may be violating major copyright policies.

The Best Firstrowsports Alternatives Site

Firstrowsports alternative sites for Live Football StreamHere is a list of best Firstrowsports alternative sites,

1. VIP League

VIP LeagueThough the name has VIP in it, the is a completely free alternative to firstrowsports. It is one of the best sports live streaming sites. You can enjoy live football matches and WWE, Boxing, MotoGP games, and other popular sports events around the world. It has numerous game links. The website also provides news related to sports.

Price: Free

How to Use VIP League

VIP League has a friendly user interface and is easy to use. Just search the website on the browser and click on the event you wish to see. This alternative to firstrow sports will then take you to a page where all of the sports events are listed. Click on any of it to watch it live.

2. Sport Lemons

Sport Lemons firstrowsports alternative is the best place for live sports streaming. This website is an excellent Firstrowsports alternative site that is accessible by users for free. You can enjoy major sports events. The best thing about this website is it has nearly zero ads on it. Unlike other sports streaming websites, it shows all the live events on the home page.

Price: The website is free to stream.

How to use Sport lemons

Open Sport Lemons for Sunday night football live stream on your Web browser. On the home page, you will see all the live events. You can click on the links to get redirected to the stream. You can also use the category buttons to navigate to your desired sports event.

3. BCE 

alternatives to firstrowsportsB-C-E.US is the biggest center for all events related to sports. It is legal and completely safe to use, unlike Firstrowsports. BCE US features football, soccer, baseball, and many more. They also offer more features like Soccer News, Photos, Soccer music, and live TV. You get a bunch of other cool pieces of stuff on BCE US.

They also have apps for your Android devices. You can enjoy playing some games if there is no live event happening or browse through their huge archive for previous soccer games. You can buy genuine merchandise from BCE too.

Price: They have both a free and premium version of the website.

How to Use BCE

Open the BCE website on your browser and select any stream that is happening from live TV. You can try out other features of this firstrowsports alternative site.

4. StrikeOut 

StrikeOut firstrowsports alternatives is a complete solution for your everyday sports live streaming. By far, it is one of the best live streaming sites on Google. is a complete solution for your everyday sports live streaming. By far, it is one of the best live streaming sites on Google. With this website, you can now easily browse any sports events from the comfort of your home. You can enjoy sports like NFL, Football, Baseball, Soccer, Basketball, Rugby, Tennis, Golf and many more. The website supports all platforms like PC, Tablet, Smartphone.

Price: Free

How to Use StrikeOut

With its easy to use interface, you can browse any events on StrikeOut. Open the website on your browser and click on the event you wish to see. This alternative to Firstrowsports will then take you to a page where all of the sports events are listed. Click on any of it to watch it live. It takes 5 to 10 seconds to load the stream.

5. SonyLiv Firstrowsports Alternatives is the official online app of Sony Networks. It is the best streaming software available. You can enjoy Sony Sports and other Sony Networks channels on the SonyLiv app. Sports events like La Liga, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Champions League are available on this best streaming software. You can download the mobile app or browse it from your PC.

Price: Free, some exclusive events may require payment.

How to use SonyLiv

You can either download the SonyLiv app from the Play Store or App Store to enjoy this best streaming software. Or, you can open it on your PC.

6. ROJADIRECTA is an online TV for live streams. If you are looking for a Monday night football live stream with your buddies, try out rojadirecta. The alternatives to first rowsports will not disappoint you. You can also enjoy recorded sports events with live streams, in case you missed it. The website is mainly focused on Football (Soccer, as said by the American viewers). Try out this fantastic firstrowsports like a site.

Price: Video streaming is free.


It is comparatively easy to watch live soccer games on ROJADIRECTA as it features only that. To enjoy a game, go to ROJADIRECTA and select the live stream you wish to see. You can also watch recorded games from the menu.

7. LAOLA1 is one of the websites like first row sports, but it offers more for free. LAOLA1 is an online TV streaming website. This home of live sports features a lot of famous sports channels online. You will find channels like Badminton Europe TV, BSL TV, Davis Cup TV, Euro Hockey TV, and many more. And the most exciting part is that it is a legal sports streaming website. So, you don’t have to feel bad for watching pirated streams.

Price: Free.

How to use LAOLA1

Open LAOLA1 in your browser. It supports all platforms. Then select a TV stream. It will open a new tab on your browser, and you can enjoy legal live streams momentarily.

8. Fubo TV

Fubo.TV is a legal alternative to streaming site firstrowsports. It is safe to use and offers more than any other free streaming sites. FuboTV is an internet TV or IP TV provider. You can enjoy genuine online sports streaming on it as well as enjoy other TV channels. This amazing IP TV provides you with sports, NEWS, TV shows, and a bunch of other cool features. You can now have a complete TV on the palm of your hands.

Price: Free.

How to Use Fubo TV

Search Fubo TV in the browser. Select any channel with the live sport going on and enjoy.

Please note, Fubo TV is not available in all regions. So, you might need to use a VPN Service Provider.

9. Offside TV Live Football Stream

Offside TV Live Football StreamIf you are in for Sunday night football live stream and want a legal sports streaming site, use This fantastic sports stream alternative to Firstrowsports is the best legal site there is. Offside TV offers live football as well as recorded sports events. They have more recorded events than live events. So, there is never an issue with copyright policy. But don’t think they don’t live stream. You can enjoy any live event on Offside TV.

Price: Free

How to Use Offside TV

Open Offside TV on chrome. Click the live stream and watch it for free. If there are no live streams available, then you can select any recorder match from the menu.

10. REDSTREAM.ONLINE Firstrowsports Alternatives is a great website for streaming online events. You can watch live and recorded sports matches from all over the world. Streaming live football has been made easy by And not only football, but you can also enjoy American football, rugby, baseball, ice hockey, and many more sports events. To your surprise, all of it is free, and you don’t even have to subscribe or anything. You can also allow the notification prompt in your browser to get notified of live events.

Price: Free

How to use

Streaming live football matches on is easy. Just open your browser from the PC and select the event you wish to watch. The free streaming site will take you to the event in a few moments.

11. Stream2watch is another live sports streaming online site for free. If you want to enjoy Texas high school football live stream or Ohio State football live stream you can do all of that on Stream2watch. You can stream sports events or just regular TV on Stream2watch. They offer both. You can choose and search for a live channel to watch and enjoy a match. You can enjoy TV channels like CBS, CW, Fox, ESPN, and many sports-related NEWS and event channels.

Price: free

How to use Stream2watch

First, open Stream2watch on your web browser. Then use the live tv channels below or try searching for a channel on the search bar. When you have your desired channel, click on it to enjoy a live stream.

12. Stop Stream

If you are searching for sites like firstrowsports then you will be at home with This free live streaming site has more than enough servers to meet your sports enthusiasm. On Stop Stream you can enjoy soccer, football, volleyball, tennis, basketball, and many other sports events. There is no subscription or registration required for you to enjoy matches on Stop Stream. You could enable the cookies to enjoy a smooth stream. But I won’t recommend that as it is not an industrial site, it might be vulnerable to hackers.

Price: As I mentioned before, it is free.

How to use Stop Stream

Live streaming on Stop Stream is similar to firstrowsports. Just open it from your browser and find the link you want to watch. Click on it to enjoy it. It would be best if you turned on your ad blocker to prevent annoying advertisements from popping up.

13. WatchESPN

You won’t even believe me if I tell you that the famous sports channel has a free online streaming service of their own. It is the best website for the residents of the USA. These amazing firstrowsports alternatives will change the view of online streaming. The user-friendly interface lets you mostly watch archived sports events and some major live events for free. On Watch ESPN, you can enjoy American sports only, and it is mainly available to the USA region only.

Price: Free.

How to use WatchESPN

Search WatchESPN on your browser and open it. Choose any sports you want to see and click on it. You can also enjoy previously recorded football, soccer, or hockey matches.

14. FromHots

Streaming for your favorite sports event has never been easy before This fantastic free online sports streaming site gives you the ability to watch almost every sport live for free. They have IP TV support, archives of games, and live streams. You will surely enjoy the service of It supports all devices, from smartphones to the PC.

Price: Free

How to use fromHots

Open the link in your browser. There are lots of streaming options available. Choose one and click on the link. If the link is of an excellent live sport, you will be able to enjoy the match momentarily.

15. VipBoxTV

VipBoxTV websites like first row is the ultimate live streaming website. This free secured website enables you to enjoy major leagues and events around the globe. You can enjoy American football, soccer, baseball, hockey, NBA, MLB, and many more events on VipBoxTV. No registration or payment is required to use VipBoxTV.

Price: Free.

How to use VipBoxTV

Open VipBoxTV on your PC’s browser and choose any of the options provided by them. The links should redirect you to the live stream.

Other methods of Live sports streaming

YouTube Live

YouTube or YouTube live a great way to watch online live sports events. It free and the most secure way. You can use the YT app or open YouTube on your browser. But, remember that not all sports are live on YouTube. You might have to search for the right channel.

Facebook Live

Facebook live is also a great way to watch live sports events. If you search for an event you want to see, there is a chance you will find it on Facebook live. So, you should check out that too.

Final Thoughts

It is the best way to spend your time enjoying a football match with your friends. And what better way there can be to watch free live online streams than checking out these firstrowsports alternatives. Put your jersey on and start watching your favorite teams match.

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