15 Best Choices Matter Games Where Your Decisions Truly Matter

One of the critical elements that separate video games from other popular modes of entertainment is interaction with games. Many games are for joy, and some require an interactive approach. Video games can be a platform for entertainment and learning. There are many RPGs where your decisions truly matter. The choices matter games follow a definitive interaction with the game and form a bridge between the characters and players.

The feature of choice-making makes a game much more enjoyable to play. These games follow a complex path and offer different options to the players. Each choice leads up to a different outcome in the game. These games were popular in the 80s and 90s. However, recently games where your preference matter is growing in number for their popularity among game enthusiasts.

This article will look into 15 of the best liking matter games where your decisions truly matter. 

Best 15 Games Where Your Choices Matter

Let us explore 15 of the best preference-matter games where your decisions matter.

15. XCOM 2

The XCOM video game series was always known for two things that attract the attention of gamers: its brutally difficult levels and ridiculous hit percentages. The game is popular among shooting game fans. It offers many choices throughout the game, and each choice you make affects the game’s timeline. Not only that, the intense action and difficult combat mechanism puts up a challenge for players.XCOM 2 Choices Matter Games Where Your Decisions Truly Matter

XCOM 2 is an awesome decision-based game with a challenging, rewarding strategy with the XCOM formula. You can play this cam for a more extended period and won’t get bored. XCOM 2 is one of the most profound and exciting alien sci-fi shooters.

14. Dishonored 

Dishonored appears to be a turn-based thriller. However, it’s not. This game requires you to mark your target, plan alternative routes, and solve intricate problems. You can also uncloak and engage in the fight by activating the action mechanism. It’s an excellent blend of stealth and problem-solving tools. The game requires you to choose from different paths presented before you. The decision you make will directly affect the outcome of the game.Dishonored Choices Matter Games

Dishonored is an excellent choice for fans of first-person action lovers. This game is a single-player PC stealth game with intense controls. 

13. The Stanley Parable 

The Stanley Parable‘s plot quickly shifts from humdrum to bizarre, zany, and interactive gameplay. It is one of the best games where your choices matter in the game. It is a first-person exploration video game with surprises and twists spread throughout the game. Every choice you make will shift the course of the in-game future. You will find this PC game amusing to play. 

The Stanley Parable  Choices Matter Games The plot revolves around an office where you are stuck alone on an unfortunate night. A helpful narrator will lead you through the office. Throughout the game, you will make many selections. You will eventually discover how meaningful or pointless every one of your choices is. The comments are both profound and hilarious. The Stanley Parable will fascinate you with its narrative story style and gameplay. 

12. Beyond: Two Souls

Beyond: Two Souls Choices Matter Games Beyond: Two Souls is a single-player adventure game with a dash of horror. This award-winning story-rich game covers mystery, thrill, horror, and combat. The game features a female protagonist and takes us on an emotional and heartwarming adventure. The story of Beyond: Two Souls slowly unfolds a mystery of a female character.

This unique psychological action thriller delivers several Hollywood superstars as individual characters. The journey across this decision-based game will capture you in a peculiar life-death situation. “Live an extraordinary life: One Life, Two souls.”

11. Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain, published only on the PlayStation 3 in 2010, was a pioneer in reintroducing decision-based games into the video game market. It is a one-of-a-kind PC game with terrible killings and adventures. HEAVY RAIN is undoubtedly one of the best choices of matter games for PC and console gaming. The enigmatic Origami murderer is responsible for the disappearance of several young boys in a city. Heavy Rain

Heavy storms and relentless rain have already caused havoc in the metropolis. As the game’s protagonist, you must find the murderer. Because the only way to avoid the deaths of youngsters is to solve the case, you play the game as a father who has lost his son, an investigator, a journalist, or a detective.

HEAVY RAIN offers one of the most interactive game tales you will like, even though there isn’t much to explore. It’s also one of the few co-op story games available to play with your buddies.

10. The Walking Dead: The Final Season

The Walking Dead series is one of the finest storytelling games with decision-making for computers. The final season of The Walking Dead gives significant emphasis on gameplay and is the most intriguing of the series. Walking Dead: The Final Season is a first-person episodic adventure The Walking Dead: The Final Season is a first-person episodic adventure game where you make different choices. The Walking Dead: The Final Season Choices Matter Games

Clementine, a single mom’s efforts to raise Alvin, are depicted in the game. The entire world around them is infected with bloodthirsty zombies, and there aren’t enough places to hide for them to remain safe. The environment is unfavorable for a child’s development. In the game, you can communicate with other players, defend your tower, fight off the zombies, and try to survive another day.

The Walking Dead, like Heavy Rain, won plenty of awards upon its initial release, including the most prestigious Destructoid’s Game of the Year and the D.I.C.E. Awards’ Outstanding Achievement in Story.

09. Dragon Age: Origins

Initially released in 2009, Dragon Age: Origins was the first game in the Dragon Age series. The game brought the developers much success upon its release. Moreover, the role-playing mechanism gives you the freedom to choose the right paths to continue in the game. There are distinct challenges and puzzles to counter in Dragon Age: Origins.

The overall gameplay, graphics, and RPG system make Dragon Age: Origins one of my favorite indie games of the last decade.Dragon Age: Origins

You will enjoy the game in single-player and multiplayer on your PC, Xbox, PS4, and consoles. If you face a problem playing the game, there are easy fixes in the vast community.

08. Fallout 4

If you’re searching for a game involving decision-making, Fallout 4 is worth trying. The game offers a series of side storylines for the players to enjoy. Fallout 4 is worth your time because it has a humorous environment, good visuals, and a fantastic plotline. Moreover, Fallout 4 has incredible freedom of making your own choices. The story develops around your preferences and selections.  Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is an FPS role-playing game that anyone of any age will enjoy. Fallout 4 contains a core storyline focused on Synths. They build the game around the concept of AI and mechanized humanity. Fallout 4 seamlessly blends the fictitious and natural worlds. It’s available on Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

07. Life Is Strange

As previously mentioned in The Walking Dead, Life Is Strange is a graphic adventure tale presented in a serialized fashion. This game incorporates puzzle solving and the decision-making part of its gameplay.Life Is Strange

The title, Life is Strange is a game with episodic adventure gaming. It is one of the best interactive story games that focus on the growth of various characters. You play the main character in the title. The game includes several landscapes and the ability to earn things and communicate with other characters.

The narratives and surroundings give the game a lifelike experience. Life is Strange is available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam. 

06. The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a fantastic RPG game for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. It strives to achieve a real-world atmosphere without becoming mundane. The offline RPG game provides you with a sense of individuality and identity. 

The aesthetics of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt are only one of the game’s many excellent elements. Witcher 3 is acclaimed for forcing morally laden decisions on the players to make.The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3 shines brightest amid its world’s tragedy and agony. They provide invaluable moral uncertainty. Moreover, this fantastic open-world RPG is packed with bereaved citizens. These citizens are struggling to make ends meet. However, it is more than tough to survive in this world torn by conflict and plagued with demons.

05. Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2Mass Effect 2 is an online action RPG developed for Windows and Xbox 360. It is one of the craziest and most action-packed games where your choices matter. You can enjoy this title by playing as different characters and combat in an unruly environment.

The game features the second bio war in the Mass Effect franchise sequel. The game has been raised to a whole another level in the sequel. You can traverse the field and interact with the environment and other in-game characters.

Mass Effect 2’s game narrative and complex gameplay make it one of my favorite action RPGs. 

04. Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human is a 2018 adventure thriller with a sci-fi narrative path.  The game features three artificial humanoids that you can control in various episode-like segments.

This game is another entry on this list that has received awards for its plot, including Best Narrative from the Develop: Star Awards & Excellence in Narrative from the SXSW Gaming Awards.Detroit: Become Human

The players determine every outcome of the story in Detroit. Moreover, the player’s acts may end in accomplishment, defeat, or a tie. However, the players control the characters’ future, past, or even death. Detroit: Become Human is based on the player’s decisions.

03. Chrono Trigger

Although this list focuses primarily on recent titles, it would be unfair not to add Square’s Chrono Trigger, the trailblazer of RPG decision-making. Chrono Trigger is a 1995 JRPG widely regarded as one of the most thrilling games ever made. 

Chrono TriggerYou’re missing out, my friend, if you haven’t tried Chrono Trigger yet! Chrono Trigger exposed us to several novels and innovative ideas still widely used today. The game is a must-play decision-based game still today.

02. Alpha Protocol

Alpha Protocol is the next game on our list where your choices matter. The same developers of Fallout: New Vegas team created the game. It is an action-packed role-playing game with unique controls. The gameplay of Alpha Protocol captures the eyes and feels real all the way through.Alpha Protocol

The sci-fi combat arena and futuristic storytelling make it one of the best games where choices matter. We play the game from a third-person perspective. You are placed in the game as a secret agent who has to uncover the mysterious incidents traveling the world. The plot and characters perfectly fit each other, giving us a great experience.

01. The Wolf Among Us

The last game on our list, The Wolf Among Us, is one of my favorite story-driven PC games. Telltale Games, one of the top story game designers, came up with the idea of this game. We chose THE WOLF AMONG US for its inventiveness and blend of traditional and fairytale flavor with decision-making elements.The Wolf Among Us

THE WOLF AMONG US is a fantasy and realism hybrid set in the 1980s in New York. The characters disguise themselves through the use of a substance called Glamour. From Snow White to Belle, every fairy tale character appears in the game. You take on the role of the Bigby Wolf, the big evil wolf. You’re on a quest to locate the person responsible for the killings of fantasy world inhabitants. The game has its allure. It is by far the best with Choices Matter Games’ hilarious outcomes.

Final Thoughts

In choices matter game, your decisions give the player something to look for. These games are interactive with the virtual world and give us the feeling of actual achievements. I hope you enjoy this list of decision-making games.

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