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Best 11 Dedicated Gaming Server Hosting Providers in 2020

The first video game was invented more than half a century ago. Since then, we’ve come a long way. The most-known titles from recent past – GTA V, Skyrim, or The Witcher 3 allow gamers to immerse themselves in insanely complex worlds full of action and intrigue. However, nowadays, titles that allow you to have fun with others attract the most players. In games like Counter-Strike: GO, Minecraft, ARMA, or Fortnite, you can compete with others while continually improving your skills and knowledge of game mechanics. Below you will find our reviews of the top 11 best Dedicated Gaming Server hosting providers and their price comparison.

What is Gaming Server?  

Best 11 Dedicated Gaming Server Hosting ProvidersGaming server or commonly known as the host, to put simply it is a server which is the dictatorial source of different events in a multiplayer video game. A game server allows its user to transmit data through the system without delay and the shortest possible time, ensuring great gameplay.

There are mainly four types of gaming servers.

  1. Dedicated server;
  2. Listen server;
  3. Peer to peer server;
  4. Listen-peer server.

Among these four types of server, a dedicated server is best suited for high-end games. And can play high bit rate and high-resolution multiplayer games without any problem.

What is a Dedicated Gaming Server?

A dedicated game server is the best choice when it comes to playing high resolution and competitive games. The server can simulate or mimic numerous game worlds without having direct input or output. It only requires input or output for administration work. Players have to connect to the dedicated game server with a separate client program to visualize and participate in the games.

For its reliability and performance benefits, a dedicated game server is usually used in professional data centers. And as it is hosted remotely, there is no low-latency. So it is much faster and accurate than a server run by a player who hosts and connects to the same machine or LAN.

To run a dedicated game server, it costs money. Usually, the cost is taken care of by a game’s developers or by a clan group. It means players have to depend on a third party to provide server and hosting. For that reason, often, the games which are on a Dedicated Gaming Server come with a Listen server additionally.

If you want to play with a couple of friends, then in most games, it is possible to set up a game server on your own. However, if you would like to host games where a huge number of players could compete simultaneously, we recommend you to rely on dedicated game servers. Why?

Dedicated game servers can run 24/7, and handle huge traffic without any issues. That’s essential because if players experience lags while playing on your server, they will leave quickly. However, there are also other aspects that you should consider before you choose a hosting provider.

You want to choose a company with decent hardware at its disposal, but depending on the game, you might not need state-of-the-art processors. There wouldn’t be anything wrong with that; it’s just that you would have to pay more. GMod server hosting providers can run the operation successfully while having access to much less powerful hardware than that which would be required to host an ARMA server.

What is an online dedicated game server?

It means a computer that runs a server code that allows more than one player to play a game simultaneously. It is a server that is always connected to the internet, and the users need to be online to use its service.

Advantages of Using a Dedicated Gaming Server

Dedicated Game Server has become the best choice when a large game with powerful graphics needs to be played by multiplayer players. There are several advantages to having a dedicated game server. I have incorporated some of the advantages below-

  • It gives you total control: A dedicated server comes with many advantages, and the most useful one is that the server gives the total host control over it. It is free from frustrating restrictions and back lags that many online games have. For example, having a dedicated game server gives you slot reservations, a stable location, and reliable connections.
  • It has flexibility: you can customize and satisfy your taste as a gamer with a dedicated game server. Suppose you want to run a casual FPS server on a headshot only battle in CS: GO, or even better, you wish to build a project in Minecraft. You can do all of that and many more on dedicated game servers.
  • You choose with whom you want to play: To enjoy a multiplayer game to its fullest, you must have good players. With this server, you can choose with whom you want to play. You can kick out any player whom you are not a fan of. It gives a game another perspective when playing it with the people you want to play.
  • Security: As a dedicated server gives access only to your company or the server’s administrator, it is the most secure server out of all the servers available. It is free from malware and hackers as the host is continuously monitoring the server.
  • You need no capital or upfront expenses: As most game server providers provide servers at an efficient cost, there is no need for a huge capital or expense. Nowadays, every hosting provider offers the users reasonable data charge while providing top of the line equipment. You can reserve that money for other things in your growing business.

How Does a Dedicated Game Server work?

A game server works like any other server would. But the gaming server has specific game-related tasks. Every player on a remote client has a view of the game world slightly different and slightly delayed. It is because of latency, a significant component of which is “ping” propagation delay.

These are determined usually on the client’s end, but the server must arbitrate from time to time. The servers also deal with paradoxes, if any. A game server also has API’s and processes for statistics and other game-related features, and it also covers time analytics to identify cheats in the game. A gaming server allows downloading information or game components on demand and queue waiting for gamers for slots.

Who Runs Dedicated Gaming Server?

Most of the common console games available now are server managed by the game distributor or developer. But game servers can be set up by a group of gamers, and several games can be run on them. If you have your server, you can control the game and create your own rules.

Can a person with a decent home computer set up a dedicated game server on it?

Well technically, yes. Some games allow one to do so. Player one can set up the server using his PC, and player two can join it using the IP address, but it may not be possible if it has blocked IP ports and firewalls. And one cannot host a lot of players in this manner. You are making your PC the server will limit a multiplayer game into a 1v1 game.

When would a dedicated server be needed?

These are the following reasons you may need a dedicated server:

  • If your website is growing and needs to be able to handle an increase in traffic;
  • When security is a concern for your website;
  • If you want your websites page loading times to be optimal;
  • When you are hosting a game with more than 12 people;
  • When hosting a game, its loading is taking too much time.

Under these circumstances, you should consider having a dedicated server.

What does it mean to be a game developer?

A video game developer or simply a game developer is a person who is a software developer and specializes in different video game development. If you are a game developer, you have to manage and set up the server. You also have to consider things like CPU, memory, network uptime of the server, and bandwidth. You must have math, computer, and creative art skills.

Some games run on dedicated servers. Most famous of them are,

  • Minecraft;
  • League of Legends;
  • Ragnarok;
  • Garry’s Mod;
  • Dota 2, DayZ®;
  • Space Engineers®;
  • Ark;
  • Arma®;
  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) ;
  • Team Fortress;
  • Left 4 Dead 2;
  • Counter-Strike®: GO / CSS;
  • MMORPGs like WOW and many more.

How do I set up a specific game once I have my server? 

It solely depends on the game, so it is a little difficult for me to suggest anything. Consider taking the help of the manual to set up the game on the server.

What is network Uptime?

Network Uptime or Uptime is a measure of system reliability, showcased in the percentage of time a machine has been working and available for service. When referring to a server, uptime is the measure of the availability of that server’s network availability and reliability.

Having a server’s availability or uptime of 99.999% means the system or server is highly available, delivering its service to the user 99.999% of the time at the time of its need. To put it simply, you get a total downtime of approximately five minutes and fifteen seconds per year with 99.999% uptime.

What is DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection, and why is it important to have?

DDoS mitigation indicates the process of successfully protecting a targeted server or network from a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. Distributed Denial of Service means a denial of service technique that uses numerous hosts to perform the attack.

DDoS attacks are evolving and have higher-volume and more sophisticated threats. DDoS is there to safeguard against attacks that are hard to detect or outreach the capabilities of protection applications.

What are Soft RAID and Hard RAID?

It is a method of protecting your data on the server. It stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks. It is a system to virtualize various, independent hard drives into one or more arrays to ameliorate the performance and reliability. 

Soft Raid is a software, and Hard RAID refers to hardware to store files to safeguard your data and protect it from a data failure. Hard raid is more efficient, and therefore it is generally a part of higher-priced server subscription plans or comes with an additional charge.

What are voice chat servers?

Voice chat servers are a system to join a voice chat with other players on a multiplayer game. You can talk and chat with other players on the server while playing a game. Familiar voice chat options that you can choose are Ventrilo, Mumble, and Teamspeak.

Can I create a dedicated game server to make a profit?

To put it simply, the answer is, NO! Most of the games have their specific rules to charge other players. So if you want to create a server for fun gaming, then do it for the love of the game, not for monetary benefits.

All dedicated server providers seem to be the same, how do I choose the right one?

For this first, you need to select and understand what type of games you want to play. Different games have different settings and options, but the basic system is the same. Find out the key requirements of the game you want to play and then choose a service provider.

You can use this guide to choose the Best dedicated gaming server Hosting Providers in 2020.

Best Gaming Server Hosting Providers at a glance:

Dedicated platform Server location Server RAM Uptime Bandwidth DDOS protection Starting price
KnownHost US 8 GB 99.9%  6 TB Yes $159/month
GoDaddy The US and some worldwide 4 GB 99.9%  Unmetered Yes $172.73/month
GameServers The US but also others worldwide 16 GB Unknown 10TB Yes $69.99 /month
LiquidWeb The US and the Netherlands 16 GB 100% 5 TB Yes $199/ month
OVH.com North America and worldwide 32 GB 99.9% Unmetered Yes $83.99 a month
HostGator  US 8GB 99.9%  Unmetered Yes  $189/month regular but run specials
BlueHost Not officially revealed but  servers in US, India, and China 4GB 99.9%  5TB Yes  $119.99 /month regular but run specials
InMotion  US 4GB 99.9%  6TB Yes $115.69/month regular but run specials
A2Hosting US and Asia 8 GB 99.9%  10TB Yes $119.99 /month
1&1 IONOS Europe and worldwide 8 GB 99.99% Unmetered Yes $70.00/month
Servermania Canada, the United States, Europe, and New Zealand. 8 GB 100% Unmetered Yes $50.00/ month

Best Dedicated Gaming Servers

Here is a list of the top 11 best gaming servers.

1. KnownHost

If you are looking for a company with years’ worth of experience and provides professional services to its customers, then look no further! The cheapest plan offered by KnownHost costs $159 per month, while the most expensive one is $339.

Known for their excellent customer service, they cater to gamers who don’t need the best possible servers and fans of games with high tech requirements.

We especially recommend KnownHost for players who don’t have much experience setting up the servers – that’s because KnownHost fully manages the servers so that the users don’t need to worry about the technical side of setting things up.

This way, even if you don’t know much about IT, you can create a server where you and your friends can spend countless hours.

 2. GoDaddy

If you have a little more experience setting up Dedicated Gaming Server, we recommend another hosting provider – GoDaddy. The cheapest plan offered by this company costs $129.99 per month, while the most expensive one is $399.99.

They offer fully-managed but also self-managed servers, which means that users will have to spend some time setting things up before playing with others.

On the other hand, it allows for greater customization and might be preferred by highly valued flexibility. This company is known for its reliability, though you’ll have to pay a little more than in the case of other hosting providers for the same specs.

 3. GameServers

This company lets you know right from the bat what they are all about. Although they might not be particularly subtle, the prices of their plans are a huge advantage. For the cheapest plan, you’ll have to pay $69.99, and the most expensive one – $179.99.

They offer incredibly convenient services for players – there’s no need to set anything up; you also won’t have to wait for a long time before the server is ready. They also have access to pretty decent hardware.

Unfortunately, unlike previous hosting providers, they don’t offer an uptime guarantee. It means that users might be in for frequent technical and maintenance breaks that may prove to be a severe nuisance.

4. LiquidWeb

If you don’t mind spending a little additional money for better services, you should consider choosing LiquidWeb as your hosting service provider. Their plans are a little bit pricier than those of their competitors and range from $199 to $599.

If you choose one of their costlier plans, you won’t be disappointed – users report that the services provided by LiquidWeb are excellent. Great hardware, 100% uptime guarantee, and fully-managed servers. Definitely worth their cost, though in all honesty, they aren’t cheap.

5. OVH

In certain aspects, the services provided by OVH are somewhat similar to those of GameServers. If you decide to set up a dedicated gaming server while relying on it, you’ll be free to choose between plans ranging from $83.99 to $118.99 per month.

The specs of their servers aren’t extremely impressive, but they are enough for setting up gaming servers. Although their plans are cheap, similarly to those of GameServers, we recommend their services primarily to more advanced gamers. That’s because their servers require some setting up, which might prove to be too difficult for novices.

6. HostGator

Hostgator is a great gaming server. The company is well known throughout the world for its hosting reputation. Their prices are higher but with the best server option compared to the others. This gaming server’s prices start from $189 a month and rise to $289 a month for enterprise subscription.

With 8 GB Ram, 99.9% uptime, and unlimited bandwidth, Hostgator is one of the best gaming servers on the market. The company is around for more than 10 years and known as a respected hosting service. Their dedicated servers are located in the USA. It is a tier 3 data center to give the best-dedicated gaming server hosting.

Though their prices might seem to be a little high, their service is spot on. If you are looking for a cheap server, then Hostgator may not be in your ballpark, but if you are looking for a great dedicated server for gaming, go with Hostgator.

7. BlueHost 

BlueHost is another gaming server that I would gladly recommend. When it comes to good hosting options, then BlueHost does the job efficiently. They host VPS hosting, Cloud hosting as well as shared hosting. The VPS hosting starts from $29.99 to $119.99 a month, and for Cloud hosting, you have to pay $9.99 to $25.99 a month. And Shared hosting will cost you $3.95 to $23.99 a month.

They have dedicated gaming server hosting, which starts from $79.99 per month to $20.99 per month. With RAM up to 16 GB and 10 TB bandwidth, it is undoubtedly a key player in the dedicated server world. With a standard plan, you get a free upgrade to more CPUs and ample storage. The technological efficiency is excellent for Bluehost. Your server will be ready within 24 to 72 hours with RAID level 1 configuration.

It is more affordable than Hostgator and has different special offers on-site. BlueHost offers easy to use and secured server which comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Choosing BlueHost as your dedicated servers for gaming does make sense if you want the best server. 

8. InMotion

The fascinating thing about InMotion’s dedicated servers is that all of them are SSD and available for the customers at no extra cost. It is one of the affordable dedicated servers for gaming that is suitable for mid-range companies. Currently, under an offer, the starting price for InMotion is $115.69 a month and rises to $569.99/ month with 6 plans to choose from. It comes with higher plans with lifetime discounts.

They have 24/7 support and the best security. InMotion is reliable, and the speed is faster at this price range. InMotion promises 99.99% uptime along with DDoS protection. The server’s data center is located in the USA.

With 16 to 64 GB DDR3 RAM, up to 7 to 3.0 GHz clock speed, and RAID hardware included in all the server plans, InMotion offers the best-dedicated gaming server hosting. If you chose InMotion now, a free set up is available currently, which usually costs $99.

9. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is a less familiar dedicated server host than some of the other mentions in this list. They offer four plans and three management levels for the users starting from $119.99 to $349.99. This customarily is for meeting up the expectation of all types of users.

It has data centers located in the USA and Asia. A2 Hosting provides 99.99% uptime with 10 TB bandwidth. Having a dedicated server rather than a shared hosting will speed up your website in itself. A2Hosting also plans consist of Cloudflare’s free CDN and its Railgun Optimizer, which will result in a 200% performance increase.

Equipped with RAID 1 SSD storage of up to 2 x 1TB and turbo boost feature available (extra $35/ month) will surely make your gaming server the fastest one. With the option of ‘Anytime Money Back Guarantee,’ if you cancel within 30 days of your order, A2 Hosting is a dedicated gaming server worth trying.

10. 1&1 IONOS

In 2018, 1&1Hosting changed its name to 1&1 IONOS after merging with another company named, ProfitBricks. It is a European company, but their servers are spread throughout the world, giving anyone fast and reliable access. Quick access and accessibility are some of the specialties of this dedicated gaming server host.

1&1 IONOS has an automatic 6-day backup feature with superfast loading time. 1&1 IONOS offers a full control panel to monitor your server without having to administer the server itself. It supports DDoS protection with the best security protocol to keep you and your server safe. The server RAM is 8GB, with 99.99% uptime.

It is simple and easy to host games like WOW or Minecraft on them. It allows the user to have Windows servers or Linux. Starting at only $70.00 per month, it is one of the cheap gaming dedicated servers.


SERVERMANIA has the best prices to offer its customers. Starting from $50 a month, it is a cheap gaming dedicated server. The company has 8 data centers in Canada, the United States, Europe, and New Zealand. They offer 100% network uptime with 8GB server RAM.

SERVERMANIA perfectly tailors solutions that meet its customer’s expectations. It has an outstanding 24/7 customer service who positively approaches each problem. Many renowned websites are hosted by SERVERMANIA. If you want real hosting, which works, and that comes with effective implementation, SERVERMANIA is the right one.

You will be satisfied with their service and back up ability. Store all your data on the server securely and access them from any place on earth. Its reliability and stability are the reasons I am recommending SERVERMANIA in this guide. 

*Use this code to get 75% discount on your first month ‘750USER4832D’ (before September 2020)

Final Thought

After reading this article, we hope you won’t have difficulty deciding which server hosting provider you should choose. Remember that depending on the game of your choice, you might not need expensive plans – the cheaper ones might just be enough. 

I am also a freelance blogger and real worm of Apps. I love to experiments various apps and games on my android and iOS platform. So here I want to share my cumulative experience and findings regarding various types of apps and games. I am optimistic that this apps review will help the online reader to find the best apps and games for the particular OS.

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