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The Best 30 Online Multiplayer Games for Android in 2020

The android game has come a long way from where it started. They introduced new genres, new features, and new dimensions to their game to have a better gaming experience. Online multiplayer mode is a recent addition to a lot of Mobile games. Online multiplayer games are very popular all over the world nowadays. The craze of multiplayer games is increasing day by day. So gaming companies are introducing this feature to each current game. Earlier, people used to understand the leaderboard as a multiplayer game. But now you can play with anyone from any corner of the world in real-time PvP battle. For this reason, online multiplayer games for Android have become a hot cake in the world.

Best 30 Online Multiplayer Games for Android

In this article, we are going to suggest some best online multiplayer games for smartphones. Most people don’t find the appropriate game for themselves, and it can ruin the excitement of playing. So, after trying and researching a lot of games, we came up with a list of the best 30 online multiplayer games for Smartphones. Here they are as follows:

1. AdventureQuest 3D

AdventureQuest 3D Online Multiplayer Games for AndroidThis game is a perfect example of multiplayer games for Mobile Phones. With some unique and bizarre storyline, this game will engage you quickly. This game is a role-playing 3D game where you will be able to play roles of any classes like Ninja, Warrior, Mage, etc. You can jump or switch from one character to another anytime you want. You can go head to head against any player in the world by using the multiplayer mode.

By sitting in any corner of the world, you can play this game, face some incredible villains and monsters, and destroy them to the grounds. Here in this game, you won’t be playing by your wallet. You have to go through the gameplay properly to collect more heroes to fight the dangerous monsters and villains.

Important Features

  • You can make your hero in this game by customizing your character, and you can switch and try all the characters of the game.
  • There are many maps, challenges, and modes to make things more interesting for you.
  • You can become a dragon, bird, or any creature you want and travel while playing.

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2. Mini Militia

Mini MilitiaMini Militia is a top-rated multiplayer game for Android. Though this game is a 2D game, yet it attracts and makes people addicted to this game. You will surely have a great time playing this shooting game. With its doddle army and your gang of friends, you will surely have some fun playing this game. This game is shooting combat where you and your friends will team up and go against the enemies.

You can team up with five of your friends in this game. Controls are pretty amazing to play and handy. More than twenty maps are waiting for you to explore. Survival mode is another feature that you must try.

Important Features

  • All the modern and upgrade weapons and equipment like bombs are available for you.
  • You can customize the looks of your character and choose the gears for your character.
  • Gameplay and sounds are also quite amazing, which will keep your focus towards the game all the time.

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3. Asphalt 9: Legends Multiplayer Games for Android

Asphalt NitroAsphalt 9 is a popular multiplayer car game for Android. This game has some pretty stunning graphics and animation. Cars of this game are all from famous brands like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Audi, Ford, and others. The collection of cars in this game is enormous, and you can choose any piece to join the race. In multiplayer mode, you can team up with your friends to face some other gamers. This ultimate racing game will be much more enjoyable for you while playing in the multiplayer mode.

You can have a prime console experience while playing this game. The atmosphere, sounds, graphics, controls, etc. will make you feel like driving real cars in some real locations. This game will surely increase your gaming experience.

Important Features

  • You will be the one doing all the customization for your car and your driver. You can make both of them look how you want.
  • There are a vast number of challenges where you can participate in many seasons of racing and events to become a street legend.

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4. Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5 BlackoutModern Combat 5 is one of the best multiplayer FPS shooting games available for Android. This game will set your impression for action games higher. With some stunning graphics, it will create some realistic environment for you to go against the enemies. The controls are pretty amazing for an FPS game, and this is why you will surely gain a perfect shooting experience while playing this game.

You can be any character from any class and join the war to destroy the opponents. Multiplayer mode is quite impressive, which will encourage you to play this game with your friends. Gameplay and storyline have also deserved some appreciation because they have done some pretty decent job.

Important Features

  • Heroes with unique skills are waiting to join your adventure and help you win the battle.
  • Live online FPS battles are something you must try in this game.

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5. Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of DutyCall of Duty: Mobile is an android version of the infamous computer game with the same name. This one is also an outstanding action-shooting multiplayer game for Android. People who love this kind of games, this is the best game for them to try. Gameplay and maps will always keep the players to their toes. Multiplayer maps are the best feature of this game that will keep addicted to this game.

Using your skill and strategy will help you win in this game. There are many characters, weapons, gears, outfits available in this game by which you can customize your character and look as you want to look.

Important Features

  • 100 person, battle-royal survival mode, is something you must try while playing this game.
  • Controls, graphics, and sounds are phenomenal that can make you addicted to the best online multiplayer game for Android.

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6. Clash Royale Multiplayer Games for Android

Clash Royale: Best Online strategy gameClash Royale is the best real-time multiplayer game available on your Android. This game will allow you to experience real-time head-to-head battles against players from all over the world. Apart from its outstanding graphics, there are many powerful cards available in the form of spells, warriors, etc. You can build your army by collecting those cards and upgrading the characters to their very best version. You can also build your clan and share things to become stronger and face any opponents in multiplayer battles.

You can also challenge your friends into private battles. You have to use your skills and strategies to win the battles in this game. You also have to build the ultimate deck to defeat the opponents.

Important Features

  • All the characters, spells, troops will make things exciting and keep you to your toes.
  • Lead your army to victory in the only goal for you in this game, and to do so, you have to make the proper plans and strategies.

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7. Critical Ops

Critical Ops Online Multiplayer Games for AndroidCritical Ops is one of the best multiplayer action shooting 3D games for Android. This game has everything for the action game lovers, but this is a perfect fit for any kind of multiplayer game lovers. This is one of the most exceptional multiplayer FPS game available on Android. This game has some pretty impressive graphics, animations, and intense storyline which will attract all the game lovers throughout the world.

It also features combat killing through its incredible maps and challenging game modes. You can form a team with your friends to go head to head against some top players from all over the world.

Important Features

  • Team deathmatches are something you will find exciting and engaging because of its intense gameplay and intuitive consoles.
  • You can use some real-location experience by choosing arcade maps and using the gun collection of this game.

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8. Bomb Squad

BombSquard RemoteBomb squad is another top multiplayer game for Android. The gameplay of this game is pretty amazing. Graphics and animations are stunning. Sounds will keep you engaged and focused on the game for a very long time. You can also have some realistic environment and atmosphere while bombing your opponents. A huge collection of bombs are available for your use. You can go head to head against your friends also in multiplayer mode.

The gameplay is pretty simple, where you have to bomb your enemies and collect flags from their hockey. You must need to bomb and blow all your enemies to win the game. Controls are quite amazing in this game, which will make things easier for you.

Important Features

  • You can play this game with seven of your friends together in multiplayer mode.
  • The Console of this game will help you to get into action properly.

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9. Crossy Road Multiplayer Games for Android

Crossy Road Online Multiplayer Games for AndroidCrossy Road is one of the best multiplayer games for Android. The multiplayer mode of this game is pretty amazing. This game has to offer a lot of things to its players. Features start with incredible graphics and animations that will blow your mind. All the characters’ designs are a perfect fit with the storyline, which will make things more interesting for you. In multiplayer mode, you can go against your friends in real-time head to head battle.

Intuitive controls make things easier and comfortable for the players. The gameplay of this game is pretty to catch and handy, so it will be easy for the beginners to get hold of the game.

Important Features

  • You can play this game on your big screen TV with your friends and families.
  • Characters of this game are pretty amazing, and you can collect over 150 retro-styled characters.

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10. Angry Birds Friends

Angry Birds GoAngry bird was a favorite game for most of us, but this version of Angry Birds has some special features to offer its players. For the starter, it has an outstanding multiplayer mode that will help you to play with your friends against some top players from all over the world. New levels, locations, and gameplay are added for the better gaming experience of the people.

In Star Cup, you have the opportunity to go head to head against individual opponents. This is a perfect experience for multiplayer game lovers. You have the chance to challenge your opponents, and you can level up by beating them.

Important Features

  • Competitive tournaments will start every week to make your multiplayer gaming experience more enjoyable.
  • You can play more than 20 new levels every week, which is a fantastic feature for a multiplayer game.

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11. Hearthstone

HeartStone Multiplayer Games For AndroidHearthstone is the best multiplayer card battle game for Android. If you are a card game lover, then this is a proper match for you. You can play it with your friends using the multiplayer mode. This game offers the players easy and handy gameplay and some great animated card decks. Rules are pretty simple here, and you need to collect cards and build your deck.

Building a stronger deck will ensure your victory against the opponents, so you have to go all out to win cards and make a stronger deck perform well in the multiplayer mode. You can experience a lot of unreal things like magic, mischief, and mayhem while playing this game.

Important Features

  • Colorful cards and stunning animation make the game more eye-catching to the people.
  • You can also exchange and share cards with your friends and family to make a strong deck of cards.

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12. Brawl Stars Multiplayer Games for Android

Brawl Stars Action Games for AndroidBrawl starts an online multiplayer action game for Android. More than fifty brawlers are available in this game from which you can own anyone to fight against the opponents. As a multiplayer game, this is amazing. You will get a 3v3 battle against any opponents. You can team up with your friends to fight in multiplayer mode. This is a fast-paced action game with jaw-dropping graphics and soothing sounds.

You can also upgrade your brawlers to unleash their super abilities. When brawlers reach their final upgrade, they will become the most powerful in the arena. Fight time is only three minutes, so it will make you crave for one more time after finishing one.

Important Features

  • You can play in different modes like Gem Grab, Heist, Showdown, Bounty, and Brawl Ball.
  • Most of the modes are multiplayer, and they offer a 3v3 battle royal for gamers.

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13. Minecraft

Minecraft free onlineMinecraft is an amazing multiplayer game for Android. This game is all about building and creating things. Minecraft will allow you to build from a simple house to a grand castle. But to do so, you need to clear all the stages and challenges. The gameplay is quite fascinating and exciting. With some pretty engaging storyline, it will keep you focused on this game.

There are two modes available in this game. In creative mode, you will get unlimited resources to build your home. On the contrary, in survival mode, you have to go through many dangerous stages to gain the victory.

Important Features

  • You can customize anything in this game to make things interesting and enjoyable for you.
  • You can play this game with ten of your friends using the multiplayer mode to survive in the Minecraft Universe.

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14. Pokémon Go Multiplayer Games for Android

PokemonWho isn’t a Pokémon fan out there? Pokémon is a popular and fan-favorite Japanese anime. All the characters are hugely popular all over the world. Pokémon Go is created following the storyline of this anime. The gameplay is simple and easy, where you will have to come outside and start catching Pokémon in the real world. Isn’t it exciting? The concept of this game is unique. The graphics and animation of the characters are stunning and incredible.

You have to increase the number of Pokémon in your collection by catching more and more Pokémon. When you have a vast amount of Pokémon in your collection, then you can go battle in the multiplayer mode. You can battle against your friends using the multiplayer mode.

Important Features

  • The combination of reality and virtual reality make things interesting for gamers.
  • Exploring and collecting Pokémon in your area and yard is very much mesmerizing.

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15. NBA Jam

NBA Jam Online Multiplayer Games for AndroidIf you are an NBA fan, then without any doubt, you must try this game. This game is a perfect fit for basketball lovers. This game has some pretty cool graphics. The animation of all the players looks very realistic. All the great teams are available in this game. You can participate in all the NBA tournaments in this game. You can also sign all the famous players to your team to build a strong squad.

You can also team up with your friends in multiplayer mode. By teaming up with your friends, you can challenge anyone in online team matches. These matches are a treat to play.

Important Features

  • Apart from online multiplayer mode, this game has a local multiplayer mode by which you can play against your friends.
  • Classic campaign will give you the chance to unlock some great and legendary players.

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16. Ludo King Multiplayer Games for Android

Ludo King Multiplayer Games for AndroidLudo King is an extremely popular multiplayer game for Android these days. It is gaining immense popularity all over the world day by day. This game is mainly a board game that can play between friends and family. This game will surely remind you of your childhood. There are various themes available in this game to keep things interesting and enjoyable for you. You can play and chat with your friends while playing Ludo king.

In multiplayer mode, you can play together with three of your friends. You can also make friends all over the world by playing this game online. Passing your leisure or having a casual family get together is surely the best option for you.

Important Features

  • You can challenge friends from your Facebook and play with them in multiplayer mode.
  • This dice game will entertain you and your family during your free time and vacation.

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17. Old School Runescape

Old School RunescapeOld School Runescape is a multiplayer game for the old school lovers. People who love to try some old school games in multiplayer mode are a perfect match for them. The gameplay is easy and handy. You have to run and escape from different places in different stages. This game will bring back some old school memories and make you feel nostalgic. In this roleplaying game, you have to run, escape, and survive in the world map.

A lot of quests will be found on your way, which will help your character to get stronger and help you to grow your skills for the future stages. You can play this game in a school reunion for the old time’s sake and enjoy yourselves.

Important Features

  • You can fight a lot of epic bosses on your way through the map. You are the one who will choose the path of your map.
  • Skills, bank slots, community LED are some features that may attract you.

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18. Mortal Kombat

best 3d games for android mortal kombatMortal Kombat is the best online multiplayer action game for Android. If you love combat battles, then you will surely love this game. With some jaw-dropping graphics and stunning animations, it will start to amaze you in the first place. This is an action-packed game featuring some dangerous characters. You can be one of them and participate in the greatest fighting tournament to show the world what you got. Mortal Kombat will allow you to increase your skills, abilities, and powers stage by stage.

The gameplay of this game is high-speed, and with its intense and gripping storyline, things get more interesting for the players. Fighting brutal battles and finishing enemies will entertain whenever you play this game.

Important Features

  • In this game, you can team up with two of your friends and fight in a 3v3 battle challenging players from all over the world.
  • There is another online multiplayer competitive mode for the players called “Faction Wars.”

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19. PUBG Mobile Multiplayer Games for Android

PUBG Mobile Android GamePUBG is now the most popular game all over the world. PUBG got fantastic feedback as a multiplayer action game from players. This is by far the best online multiplayer game for Android. If you haven’t tried this game yet, please install it and experience the best multiplayer action game on your Android. The fame of this game is increasing day by day because of its incredible features. The gameplay is quite mesmerizing, graphics and animations are top-notch, sounds are amazing, intuitive controls will provide you the best console experience, etc. are the reasons why you must try this game at least once.

Battle maps are another feature that keeps the players addicted to this game. With its outstanding multiplayer mode, you can team up with your friends and have head to head battle against players from all over the world.

More Features

  • You will get to use some pretty amazing guns, bombs, gears, and other equipment in the battle.
  • You can customize your outfits and looks in this game according to your taste.
  • With its growing popularity, they include new kinds of stuff and features to keep playing this game.

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20. Fortnite

fortnite Online Multiplayer Games for AndroidFortnite is another top multiplayer game on Android. This game is a Battle Royale where the last man was standing win the game and take the rewards. You need to get the combination of your creativity and strategy to succeed in this game. You will enter into an unknown universe with infinite possibilities. You need to put your head together and find a strategy to defeat your enemies.

You have to build and protect your cover of the wall and try to destroy the opponent’s cover while winning the game. You will get to participate in regular events to form a stronger Fortnite.

Important Features

  • You can gear up and get all your equipment from a place where you will be dropped to collect them.
  • You can team up and form an ally to go against the opponents in multiplayer mode.

21. Riptide GP: Renegade

Riptide GP RenegadeIf you like to have some fast-paced action speed boat driving game, then this will be an auto-choice for you. Riptide GP is the best speed boat game on the internet. With its multiplayer mode addition, it has also become one of the best multiplayer games for Android. Riptide GP has some very stunning graphics and animations. The world’s top boats are waiting for you to take them into the water. You will surely enjoy the fast-paced gameplay of this game.

All your friends can join a race in a multiplayer mode and have some fun together in this game. This game has a pretty good online multiplayer feature, also where you can join the water race against the top players of the world.

Important Features

  • The Environment and atmosphere of this game will set things more intense and thrilling for you.
  • Challenge mode is another feature that all of you should try, and this mode is only played by using the multiplayer option.

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22. Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans War Games for AndroidClash of Clans is one of the best multiplayer games of this decade for Android. This game has some pretty amazing graphics and animations with some phenomenal soundtracks. Clash of Clans is a battle between armies where you need to build your army by defeating others. Clash of Clans universe has everything like Spells, Skills, Powers, Troops, King, Queen, Townhall, etc. to make things entertaining for the gamers.

In multiplayer mode, the battle between clans gets started, and you either need to join a clan or to build a clan to participate in clan war. Clan war is the best thing in the multiplayer mode of Clash of Clans.

Important Features

  • In clan wars, you have to destruct the opponent’s army and defense to win your clan stars.
  • The clan who gets the highest star will be the winner.
  • You, with some of your friends, can form a clan and participate in wars to have more fun in this game.

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23. Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire Multiplayer Games for AndroidFree Fire is another top online multiplayer game for Android. Free fire has a lot of features to offer the players. It is a shooting combat game. Graphics are top-notch, and so is the gameplay. Controls of this game are amazing, which will make both your combat and shooting experience much better. There is a massive collection of maps and modes are available in this game.

But it is the multiplayer option which you must try. You can team up with your friends every time and battle against opponents from all over the world. You can also go solo in this game teaming up with some random people.

Important Features

  • Unique guns, bombs, rifles, outfits are available in this game, which seems pretty realistic.
  • You can customize your look by buying new outfits, outlooks, etc. before going with your squad to participate in the battle.

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24. Unkilled Multiplayer Games for Android

Unkilled Action Games for AndroidUnkilled is a great multiplayer action game for Android. This game is set in a zombie apocalypse where you have to survive by killing all the zombies. This is an FPS shooting game. Storyline and sounds are very thrilling and gripping. The gameplay is designed perfectly for the action game lovers. There are many missions, challenges, modes, etc. available in this game to keep the players on their toes.

You can also team up with your friends to fight the zombies and survive the apocalypse together. The intuitive console will help you with combat shooting.

Important Features

  • Online PvP battles are the most exciting feature of this game in which you can head to head against your friends.
  • There are tons of guns and bombs available in this game. With pretty stunning graphics, this zombie game will surely blow your mind.

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25. Vainglory

Vainglory Online Multiplayer Games for AndroidVainglory is the best multiplayer game for Android. Vainglory has gameplay with a combination of strategy and skill. This game is quite popular all over the world for Android. It has pretty stunning graphics, precise controls, and incredible soundtracks. These things will help you to keep your focus on the game.

Important Features

  • You can team up with your friends or players from all over the world in multiplayer mode to have some real-time online battle.
  • Vainglory has a set of legendary heroes with unique skills and playing styles.
  • You can achieve glory by giving your best in the macro play, team comps, and objectives.

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26. Zynga’s With Friends games

Android Card Games Zynga PokerThis one is a word game where you need to create new words using the alphabet. It is ultimately a different game from all other games on this list. This game is mainly for children. They would love to play this kind of game. They can even play it with their school friends and enrich their vocabulary by making new words day by day.

Important Features

  • You can prepare yourself by playing solo challenges so that you can do better in multiplayer.
  • Using the multiplayer mode, you can play this game with your friends and families.

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27. FIFA Soccer

FIFA Soccer Android GamesFIFA Soccer is the best football game in the world without any doubt. Graphics and animations are so real, and you won’t even feel like playing a video game. But it is also one of the finest multiplayer games for Android. The gameplay is designed with a lot of modes and interfaces. So that it keeps the players on their toes most of the time. All the famous teams, clubs, players, coaches are available in this game to give you the best football gaming experience.

With the new multiplayer mode, you can go against your friends in the 11v11 game. You can also play head to head against players from all over the world. There are some other features and modes are available to keep things interesting for the players.

Important Features

  • Controls of this game are amazing. You will really enjoy playing this game with its intuitive console.
  • With artificial fans cheering and downloaded commentary, things look more realistic and interesting.

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28. Dead by Daylight

Dead by DaylightThis one is for all the horror games lovers out there. Dead by Daylight is a fantastic online multiplayer game with a unique touch of horror. It is a 4vs1 multiplayer game where you need to head to head against four opponents, and you need to beat them all to win the game.

Characters of this game are a cult classic who will scare the shit out of you while playing. The gameplay is high-speed and well organized for the players. You can either play as a killer or as a survivor in the multiplayer mode.

Important Features

  • When you will be playing as a killer, you need to survive and kill all four other people to win.
  • On the contrary, you, with the assistance of three of your friends, have to kill one single killer and survive to win the game.

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29. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends Bang BangMobile Legends is one of the best multiplayer games available on Android. This game has a pretty strong storyline with some amazing soundtrack to keep things interesting for the people. Graphics and animations are eye-catching; this is why it looks so real while playing in multiplayer mode.

Important Features

  • In this game, you can win only with teamwork and strategy. So, you and your friends need to set the proper plan and execute it correctly.
  • In multiplayer mode, winning will be decided by your performance, so you must try to execute all your tactics and skills.

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30. Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends Action Games for AndroidLast but not least, Shadowgun Legends, another multiplayer action game for Android. This is an FPS shooting game with a multiplayer option. Graphics are pretty decent, and so are the animations. Sounds are good and keep people focused on the game. Storyline and gameplay are solid, and any kind of action game lover will surely like it. This game has some pretty legendary characters which you can choose to play as.

This game also has a multiplayer option in which you can form a team or squad with your friends and go head to head against the players all over the world. You can also battle against your friends in multiplayer mode.

Important Features

  • Intuitive controls make combat and shooting more comfortable and handy for the players.
  • Adventure through different maps will make things more interesting for you in this game.

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Final Thought

These are the best online multiplayer games for Android. If you are looking for online multiplayer games for Smartphones to play with your friends, choose any game from this list and start playing by installing. You will surely have great gaming experience.

Thank you for your patience in reading this article. After playing a lot of games, I can assure you that you won’t get any better list of online multiplayer games than this one. We tried to enlist the best games from each genre to choose the best online multiplayer games for Android according to their taste from this list. If you like this article or get any help from this article, please recommend our site and articles to your friends and known ones.

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