Best 15 Disaster Recovery Software for a Better Disaster Recovery Plan

We live in a technologically advanced world. As time passes, every area of our existence is becoming increasingly reliant on various electronic programs. We appear to be unable to live a single day without the support of current technological facilities. But what if your computer server malfunctions or cannot deliver adequate IT services? So it is prudent to devise a Disaster Recovery Software for quickly recovering from such setbacks.

Modern facilities have provided a method for developing suitable rehabilitation programs. Several disaster recovery (DR) software are available to deal with this problem. If you want to keep your business running efficiently, you need to use a disaster recovery solution. It can successfully recover your computer’s software, settings, and other technological issues.

In other words, danger recovery software has the power to detect any unforeseen infrastructural or technological loss of a business quickly and take it to the state as it was before. 

Aren’t you curious to know about this helpful software? I think you are. To learn more, you need to continue reading this article. 

What is Disaster Recovery Software?

Disaster recovery software is a sort of application that aids in planning and implementing disasters that can potentially harm a computer, network, or server severely. It can organize your strategy by area and catastrophe type to ensure efficacy. DR tools also give straightforward step-by-step directions that stakeholders can readily follow.

DRaaS solutions, which are placed on servers and computers to assist in backup, synchronization, and data/file recovery, are frequently related to danger recovery software. The plan is a written document that gives guidelines about mitigating the consequences of catastrophe scenarios and assisting the company in minimizing damage and promptly resuming operations.

A third party does not control recovery software. Instead, it is managed by a local authority. So, it allows the business to dictate directly for its recovery. And this facility differentiates DR software from DSaaR ( Disaster Recovery as a Service), where the control is in the hands of a third party. When creating your own disaster recovery strategy, disaster recovery plan examples may be constructive. Businesses may prepare for various unforeseen disasters and get back up and running much faster by developing a disaster recovery strategy.

Essential Elements of a Disaster Recovery Plan

You cannot expect random DR software to give you solutions for all disasters. Before selecting a disaster recovery tool, you must search for some essential features that can help you make a better plan. Besides, you should have some practical knowledge to handle the circumstances. First of all, you have to ensure a standard communication strategy for your business. Also, you should keep a backup plan for extra security. A disaster recovery plan should contain the following elements- 

  • Hardware and Software Inventory Identify Personnel Roles Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO)
  • Sites for Disaster Recovery
  • Physical Documents and Storage Media Can Be Stored Remotely
  • Procedures for Disaster Response
  • Recognize sensitive data
  • Establish a Disaster Communication Plan.
  • Physical Requirements
  • Drills for Disaster Recovery

By taking help from a DR tool, preparing a disaster recovery plan gets easier and more accurate. For this reason, choosing the best software bears great importance. 

The Best 15 Disaster Recovery Software

As I have mentioned earlier, you must search for proper facilities in a DR tool while choosing it. But, how do you find the appropriate software according to your purpose? Of course, you need to know about the features and customer reviews on that tool. Here, I have made this task easier for you. This article will let you learn about the best 15 DR tools and their key features. 

1. Zerto

ZertoZerto is a catastrophe recovery program that does it all. It can construct a hybrid environment with multi-cloud services. The software is also built on a Continuous Data Protection (CDP) basis. It is recognized as the most acceptable disaster recovery solution for single cloud administration since its platform is single cloud-based and saves users time and money. Backup, disaster recovery and cloud mobility are integrated within Zerto’s IT Resilience Platform. This DR solution will provide a consistent and automated data recovery experience.

Zerto is built on a scalable platform. It provides real-time replication. Furthermore, this tool is compatible with Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, Google, and over 450 additional service providers. There are also industry studies and e-books on the site to assist you in learning more about disaster recovery. Zerto provides 14 days of free trial facilities. You need to contact the authority to buy the paid version according to your requirements. 

Key Features

  • Zetro provides all useful facilities in a uniform platform. 
  • It works under journal-based technology.
  • This software contains tutorial videos for easy learning.
  • You can use Zetro as your own data center, in a hybrid form or a public cloud. 
  • It provides multiple integration facilities. 

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2. Veeam

VeeamVeeam is a handy data protection program. It can help to avoid IT disasters by spotting unanticipated issues. It can function as a VR solution for any size virtual environment. This adaptable instrument works swiftly and efficiently. You can count on Veeam to restore your critical IT data. It is the ultimate data backup and replication solution.

Veeam reinvents data protection for VMware VSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V virtual environments. Physical server backup and O365 Exchange Online are both free. Several data center capabilities are also included in the system. It assures the continuation of IT services of any size. This service is available for $150 per year. Overall, Veeam is democratized, accessible, and inexpensive software for all companies, apps, and data. 

Key Features

  • Veeam functions with completely automated testing and reporting of plans.
  • It proves dependability and recoverability with minimal effect on production.
  • It automates and orchestrates disaster recovery from both replicas and backups.
  • Veeam ensures compliance with actionable documentation developed, updated, and published automatically.
  • It provides a unified data recovery platform.

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3. Carbonite

Carbonite is well-known for providing its customers with a variety of data backup options. This software is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS. It offers comprehensive backup systems at a low cost. There are numerous options available here for selecting the best disaster recovery plan. Furthermore, it is simple to use. While using Carbonite, you can encrypt data, integrate with other software, and seek assistance from other support systems.Carbonite

Carbonite has sections for both businesses and consumers. As a result, selecting the best plan based on needs is simple. Carbonite provides information about business resources and bulletins, videos, and industry news. This DR tool costs between $24 and $147 per month, depending on the customer’s needs. Seven days free trial is also available here.

Key Features

  • Carbonite offers comparable disaster recovery plans.
  • It contains an easy control management program.
  • This software has good integration capacity.
  • It is pretty affordable.
  • It offers unlimited server licenses. 

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4. IBM

IBM provides a comprehensive set of technology-based services. It serves as a centralized control and management point for backup and recovery. The design of this software is perfect for managing and protecting data. You can recover files quickly in Hyper-V and VMware environments using this tool. IBM Disaster Recovery Software

IBM also contains data integration features. It allows backing up data in both physical and virtual environments. Moreover, it works as a reliable security service for your data. IBM offers cloud services and ensures data recovery without any hassle. In addition to VM protection, the product has a searchable catalog and role-based management.

Key Features

  • IBM provides software development and predictive analytics.
  • It offers virtual, physical, and cloud-based data recovery plans.
  • This software contains VM protection.
  • It offers an easy user interface.

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5. Arcserve 

Arcserve Arcserve UDP is a simple but effective DR tool. It provides a ‘push-button recovery’ facility for protecting data. It is also good at data encryption. This software is perfect for running small businesses. Besides, it also supports VPN access to the recovered data. Your network will be replicated in the Cloud with this solution.

Arcserve does not require any on-premises hardware. It secures data directly to the Cloud. Besides, this user-friendly tool ensures 100% data recovery service. It is both flexible and scalable. Again, you can take help from their online chatbot and live phone services. Arcserve UDP offers 15 days free trial facility. To buy this software, you need to contact the authority. 

Key Features 

  • Arcserve provides RTO/RPO services without requiring any on-premises hardware. 
  • It contains industry-leading high backup speeds. 
  • It is reliable for maintaining and recovering data. 
  • This software offers direct-to-cloud backup.
  • It provides a push-up button feature. 

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6. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft AzureAs an end-to-end backup and recovery solution, Microsoft Azure offers one of the best overall disaster recovery services. This platform provides a variety of features. Besides the DR plans, you can create apps for data recovery using their provided tools. Its automated services made it more widespread. It works as a DRaaS containing cloud-based services. 

Microsoft Azure is a handy tool for preparing databases and analytics. Its storage and networking services are also noteworthy. Moreover, you can easily set up this program. It allows replication of Azure VM directly from the portal to various regions. Unlike other software, this DR tool offers 12 months free trial program. According to its features, the pricing starts from $29 to $1000 per month. 

Key Features

  • Microsoft Azure provides a high duration of free plans.
  • It contains software integration facilities. 
  • It automatically gets updated with new features. 
  • This software offers a variety of DR packages for its customers. 

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7. Rubrik

Rubrik Disaster Recovery SoftwareRubrik is one of the most popular cloud-based data management software. For data recovery and instant backup, it works fine. Besides, it contains a customer-friendly interface, supporting other common operating systems. Rubrik can also integrate with on-premises hardware. This DR tool offers all features under a single secured platform.

Rubrik also offers data management facilities in hybrid IT environments. Its automated data management techniques ensure the users to run business freely, without being afraid of data theft. It can store data at any location. You can try the free trial version of Rubrik. To buy this tool, consultation with authority is needed. 

Key Features

  • Rubrik offers multiple backup locations.
  • It maintains a backup dashboard. 
  • It supports data encryption.
  • This tool offers secured business application protection.
  • It works under the universal data recovery process. 

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8. Nakivo Backup and Replication

Nakivo Backup and ReplicationNakivo Backup is a handy and fast data recovery solution. It can protect data in physical, virtual, cloud, and SaaS environments. Moreover, this tool offers fast deployment within only 2 minutes. It can protect VMs and physical machines. You can also reduce or increase the backup size using this tool. 

Nakivo ensures a secured recoverability of data. It supports other operating tools, including Microsoft 365 data. Here, you will get a backup identification feature. Also, its deduplication and file compression facilities are noteworthy. It is a good software for saving time and money.

Key Features

  • Nakivo supports a Cloud baking up system.
  • It offers different retention options. 
  • This tool provides flexible deployment facilities.
  • It can decrease data recovery time.

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9. Acronis

Acronis Disaster Recovery SoftwareAcronis provides high-generation data protection features. It can protect data in any environment. It is specially designed for running large enterprises. Its high speedy functioning capacity will definitely astonish you.

Moreover, Acronis is easy to implement. Its secure cyber backup ensures the problem-free continuity of a business. You will get a unique interface containing accessible configuration, installments, and other facilities. Acronis also allows remote management of backups. Moreover, it provides complete infrastructural utilization insights. You can get this DR tool after paying $64.

Key Features

  • Acronis is available in 25 languages. 
  • It secures data on more than 20 platforms regardless of size. 
  • It allows remote management of data on any device. 
  • This tool is famous for quick responses. 

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10. Axcient x360 Recover

Axcient x360 RecoverAxcient x350 Recovers offers a simple solution for data protection. It can protect data from any cyber threats like ransomware and unintentional deletion. This tool contains air gap, virtual office, auto verify, etc. It supports the direct-to-cloud data backing up procedure. Moreover, its appliance-based technology makes x360 Recover easier to implement and administer. You will get limitless data storage here. The integrity of backups is checked automatically. Again, it can virtualize several systems instantly.

Key Features

  • Axcient x360 Recovery provides a chain-free data recovery system.
  • It can reduce the hassles of chain management and mismanagement of data. 
  • It includes data automation facilities. 
  • This tool gives protection to data in on-premises environments.

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11. Quest Software

Quest Disaster Recovery SoftwareQuest is another data recovery tool containing various features. It is well-reviewed for its high availability and scalability. You can avoid data loss effectively using this software. Besides, it allows Oracle data replication too.

Quest can solve different use cases like- upgrades, migrations, etc. It offers an immediate data recovery feature. Moreover, you can compress data, increase or decrease resolution, and compare and synchronize data using this DR tool. It supports data protection on various platforms.

Key Features

  • Quest provides instant data recovery.
  • It offers a scalable and flexible data protection facility.
  • It supports different platforms to protect data.
  • This tool allows data comparison and customization.

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12. Commvault Backup and Recovery

Commvault Backup and RecoveryCommvault is a Backup solution for all workloads in Cloud. It supports all on-premises settings. Its simple data recovery system attracts customers. Within a single platform, Commvault provides extensive archiving features. Its cost-effective data optimizing feature is especially remarkable. Besides, it offers automatic tiring and scaling of the Cloud usage. You can also utilize its data encryption feature to protect data. Overall, Commvault ensures high data protection and recoverability and helps prepare better DR plans.

Key Features

  • Commvault offers a comprehensive data backup facility.
  • It is scalable and cost-optimized.
  • This tool provides a web-based console to control data from anywhere.
  • Its dashboard gives a one-stop overview. 
  • It has an organized policy-based configuration. 

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13. Backblaze

Backblaze Disaster Recovery SoftwareBackblaze is one of the leading cloud service providers. It is an easy solution for business enterprises to recover, store, and protect data. This software contains a tech stack agnostic approach. Besides, it can effortlessly integrate with other operating systems. Multi-cloud, hybrid Cloud, and other IaaS methods are all supported by the platform. Backblaze also provides corporate and household computer backup solutions for Mac and PC. This DR software is popular in more than 175 countries. 

Key Features

  • Backblaze provides a straightforward data protection plan.
  • It can store and recover data under the Cloud platform.
  • Its integration capacity is pretty well.
  • This tool also supports multi-Cloud and hybrid Cloud methods. 

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14. CloudEndure Disaster Recovery Software

CloudEndure Disaster Recovery SoftwareCloudEndure Recovery Software is a well-designed data protection tool. It saves data from destruction due to any IT disaster. This software is capable of recovering data instantly and storing it in a secured location. CloudEndure uses a block-level continuous replication method. Besides, it also provides automatic machine orchestration and conversion. Its data recovery cost is minimal. The package starts from $0.3 per host/per hour. It is a SaaS contract. 

Key Features

  • CloudEndure ensures data continuity while running a business.
  • It is suitable for Cloud migration.
  • This tool offers well-organized disaster recovery plans.
  • It provides AWS disaster management services.

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15. Ekco Disaster Recovery

Ekco Disaster RecoveryLast but not least, Ekco holds a large fanbase for its user-friendly services. It provides customer care support online through an IT expert team. Besides, its website is full of easy tutorial videos to make you acquainted with this tool. It contains three plans- Ekco Protect, Ekco Workplace, and Ekco Core. Of them, Ekco protect provides disaster recovery facilities. You can get an all-in-all solution for installation, management, data protection, usage, and recovery from this DR software. 

Key Features

  • Ekco offers 24/7 customer support.
  • It contains no hidden fees. 
  • This tool provides instant recovery, Cloud failure recovery, and ample Cloud storage.
  • It provides videos and educational webinars to help you to prepare accurate DR plans. 

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Final Thoughts

I hope you have gained basic knowledge about disaster recovery software. All these software are highly recommended. You can choose any of them as per your requirements. It will surely help you make the best plan to protect your data from IT disasters. Please leave a comment if you find it helpful. I’ll wait for your feedback!

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