15 Best Drinking Games for Android to Play With Friends

A party with friends is incomplete without a few shots of drinks. But drinks alone are not enough. Some fun drinking games are what you need to keep the party going. Are you planning to drink alone or with friends? No matter the situation, our 15 best drinking games for Android are for everybody. The listed games have options for single-player and multiplayer. You will have a fun time playing these games. It seems that getting bored will no longer be an option. So, grab your drink and get ready for the fun ride.

What is a Drinking Game?

It is a game that involves alcoholic beverages. Every player takes turns to do some fun stuff that involves drinking. The games may include charades, quizzes, etc. It is the best way to make your nights memorable with friends. You can now find these games in the Android Play Store. Some are suitable for single players and others for multiplayer. A single application may contain many games. The games get more challenging with higher levels.


Use the apps at your own risk. Please be responsible when drinking. We want you to have fun safely. Do not lose control of yourself while playing these games. 

Every country has put up legal age for drinking. The following table shows the legal age for drinking in 15 countries. 


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New Zealand 


South Africa 

South Korea 






15 Best Drinking Games for Android

We will not make you wait for more for the list of Android drinking games. Let us get down to it and see what the list has for us. 

1. Heads Up!

Heads up Drinking games for AndroidHeads Up is an accessible drinking game app that everyone can enjoy. The game needs a pair where one has to describe a word, and the other has to guess it. Heads up is not a drinking game, but you can make it with your own rules. The application is perfect for a party with friends and families. 

Ellen Degeneres is the one to come up with the idea of Heads Up! The New York Times and Cosmopolitan praised the app for its uniqueness. Let us learn more about the game below. 

How to Play

Heads up need at least two players to play the game. It is like charades, where you have to guess the given words. You can then force the losing team to drink.

  • One player holds the phone to their forehead. 
  • The phone will display a word. 
  • The other player has to describe with clues. 
  • The team gets points if the one holding the phone guesses the right word. 
  • The losing team has to drink.
  • You have to guess the right word in 60 seconds.
  • Tilt your phone for a new word. 

Use silent acting to give clues. You can use any clue if you do not say the answer. Topics may include actors, movies, songs, and many more. 

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2. Piccolo Drinking Game

Piccolo Drinking GameThe Piccolo drinking game apk allows as many players as you want. Add your name to join the nice ride with alcohol. The application will make your gatherings full of exciting memories. It should be a must-have app for house parties and night-outs. 

Many love the application for its simple user design. You will have no trouble exploring the app and finding challenges. It guarantees to give you the best party night of your life. So, download the app and get ready to have some nice times. 

How to Play

The application includes options for single-player and multiplayer. Play it as a single player or in a team. The game involves asking you questions and giving some instructions to follow. If you do everything right, then you get the points. And if you do not, you have to prepare for the alcohol. 

  • Start the game and add all the players.
  • A blue screen appears with a challenge.
  • Accept the challenge or Deny it. It is up to you.
  • The loser has to drink, and the winner gets the points. 

There are many hilarious challenges to keep your nights exciting. You can make the game more exciting by adding your challenges. 

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3. Drink Cocktail Joke

Drink Cocktail SimulatoDrink Cocktail Simulator is one of the best Android drinking games. It comes with a colorful user interface. It is your best friend when you feel like boozing by yourself. You can also include your friends for an awesome night out. The app promises to give you the best cocktails on your phone. Some mini-games are available for you to play. 

Challenge yourself or your friends to play these games when drunk. You also get to create some colorful drinks of your choice. You can fill your phone with bubbly cocktails, fruits, and ice cubes. So, lift your spirits with some colorful cocktails and mini-games. 

How to Play

The cocktail app simulator lets you decorate your cocktail with fruits and ice cubes. You can also put some stickers on your virtual glass. 

  • Start the game and select a cocktail from different options.
  • Add extra ice cubes, fruits, and stickers to the virtual glass.
  • Mix all the ingredients with a mixer.
  • Shake your phone to get a complete cocktail.
  • Tilt your phone to drink the beverage you made.

The app also includes some mini-games. Play the match-the-drinks and quests to get some extra points. 

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4. Game of Shots

Game of ShotsGame of Shots is a popular drinking game with shots. You will never run out of crazy ideas when using the app. Get ready for a wild party with some hilarious games. Every game has something exciting to offer. The application has a multiplayer option to take up to 8 people.

Take the app and use it for different events. You would want to use the app forever. It has many different kinds of drinking games to offer. Play games like the King’s Cup, True or False, The Coin, etc. Let us see how you can play some of these games. 

How to Play

Game of Shots offers both offline and online drinking games. Every game has different rules to follow. Different rules decide whether you have to drink or not. There are 27 games in total.

  • Truth or Dare

Players take turns here. You have to choose Truth or Dare. If you choose the truth, you must answer a set of questions. If you do not answer, then you have to drink. Be truthful. If you lie, then you have to face a penalty. For Dare, you will have a set of challenges to perform. If you can do them, then you are safe. If you fail, then get the shots ready for boozing. 

  • Most Likely

Sit with friends in a circle and ask them the ‘who’s most likely questions. E.g., Who’s most likely to get married first? You will see cards with questions like these. The person most pointed at will have to drink.  

  • True and False 

Some statements will appear on your screen. You have to know if they are true or false. If your guess is correct, then you are safe. If you are wrong, then you have to drink.

  • The Coin

You need at least two players to play the game. Type down the names of the players and tap the coin. The name appearing on the coin has to take a shot of a drink. 

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5. Drink & Smiles

Drink & SmilesDrink and Smiles is a phone-drinking game full of nice challenges. Get ready for a wild boozing contest. The games get more intense with every new challenge. This drinking game for Android is the best party tool to keep the nights exciting. The application includes rules for 90+ games. You can edit or add your own rules to make things challenging. 

The search engine helps you to find suitable games for you. The application is flexible with its features and rules. Feel free to make your own rules and games. So, enjoy the night with friends, alcohol, and a lot of madness. 

How to Play

Start the app and select the mode that you find interesting. Every game mode includes a classic game to play. Clear instructions will tell you how to proceed with the game. Here are some of the most played games in the app. 

  • Never have I ever. 

It involves the classic game where you will find 500+ statements. Find out some dark secrets about your friends. And you know the rules. You are safe if you have not done it. If you have done it, then you have to drink.

  • Hot potato mode

You have to be quick in your answer when playing the game. You will get a topic and have to say something sensible related to it. If you are too slow, the potato will burst, and you lose. The loser then has to drink. 

  • Mime time(Charades) mode

You have to mimic some words, and other players have to guess them. If you succeed, then get the rival teams drunk. If you lose, then get ready to have a glass of alcohol.

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6. Seven Drinking Game

Seven Drinking Game for AndroidGet ready for some madness and laughter. The Seven Drinking Game is another popular drinking game for Android. The app lets you select a group of seven players. The seven of you have to get ready for some good times ahead. The app plus the alcoholic beverages are what you need for the party. 

The graphics of the app are top-notch. The settings are easy to use, even if you are drunk. The game involves a set of cards with some challenges. All you need to do is tap the phone and play the game. And do not forget to bring along your favorite beverage.

How to Play

The game has 400+ cards with some unique tasks to perform. You can even create your cards to add some crazy stuff. 

  • Start the game and select Original, Hardcore, and Ultimate modes.
  • Select the seven players who want to join the madness with you. 
  • Tap the card and see what task it has for you.
  • The players take turns and try to do the task that they get.
  • The loser gets the alcohol, and the winner gets the points.
  • The challenges get more intense as you go higher with the modes.

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7. uke

 iPukeuke promises to give you the epic drunken night of your life. It is a drinking game for Android with shots. Download the app and get excited with your boozing buddies. It is one of the most beloved apps for parties. The application will force you to come out of your comfort zone. 

It is an excellent social ice-breaking app to make the parties interactive. You will lose all sense of self-respect as the games get more intense. There are some friendly challenges in the app to blow your mind away. From doing the samba to filling your mouth with ice, find all sorts of many things to do. 

How to Play

The application comes with many dares to perform. There are 200+ dares with chances to win points. 

The application is easy to play. All you need to do is draw a card and do the task it says.

  • Start the application and choose from a bunch of card decks. 
  • Every player has to pull a card with two challenges. One challenge is a dare, and the other is the number of shots to drink. 
  • Do any of the two challenges to earn points.
  • The one with the most points wins the drinking game. 

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8. Do or Drink

Do or DrinkDo or Drink is like the Truth or Dare game. The app settings are simple, and so are the game rules. It is the perfect game to play after a stressful day. Get your favorite people and favorite beverages to enjoy the app. The Android drinking game is suitable for all age ranges. It has appealing graphics with excellent sound quality. You will keep on using the app for every party you attend. 

Invite your buddies and get excited with some card games. The good news is you don’t need the internet to play the app. How nice do you want the games to get? You decide.

How to Play

The offline game comes with cool animated cards. You can take two to 2,328 players if you want. It includes many exciting categories of games. For now, the following are available:

  • Classic 
  • Punishment 
  • NSFW 
  • Truth or Drink King’s Cup Bar
  • Rule. 

Let us find out more about how to use the application. 

  • Start the application and add your names.
  • Choose the category you wish to play.
  • Each category comes with a set of cards with some tasks to do.
  • Perform the task or get ready for some alcohol.

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9. Circle of Death Drinking Game

Circle of Death Drinking GameCircle of Death Drinking Game is the last one on our list of Android drinking games. It deserves the spot for its variety of games. If you want all the crazy boozing games in one app, get this one. The app includes 52 games with card instructions, including Play Waterfall, Ring of Fire, and many more games. It also features star cards that rotate every month to bring new challenges. You will have tonnes of crazy nights with your buddies. 

How to Play

Sit in a circle with a group of your buddies. Get your boozes ready and start the game. Everyone takes turns to read what the card says. You win if you succeed at the task. You lose, and you have to pay the price with booze. Some of the following games will challenge you to the fullest.

  • Waterfall

All the players start to take shots of booze. This continues until the person who pulled the card stops drinking. 

  • Categories

One player has to name a category. All the others will take turns to name items in the category. The person who takes too long to answer or repeat an item will lose. The loser has to booze.

  • Rhymes

One player has to come up with a word. Others take turns and say a word that rhymes with that word. The one taking too long to answer or repeating a word will lose. The loser then has to take shots of booze. 

  • Mate: Pick a player with whom you want to take shots.
  • Me: Only you have to take the shots.
  • You: Choose a player who you want to take the shots.

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10. Wheel of Drinking

Wheel of Drinking games for AndroidThe Wheel of Drinking is like a Wheel of Fortune game but with beverages. It creates an atmosphere where you are not sure what you will get. You can enjoy the phone drinking game in English and Japanese.

It is a lighthearted game for everyone to enjoy. There are many different games you can try out. You will run out of drinks but never run out of games to play. You can play with as many players as you want. So download and enjoy. 

How to Play

The drinking games for Android include a spinner that will decide your fate. Every player must spin the wheel and wait to see where it stops. You can add up to 38 categories to the spinner. The following challenges are some of the classic games that boozers love.

  • Phrase

Come up with a word. The next player has to add another word to form a phrase. It continues until someone fails to find a valid word for the sentence. Then the loser has to drink.

  • Questions

Ask a question to a player. They have to reply by asking another player a question. The one failing to reply with a question loses. 

  • Rule 

Think of a new rule. The player who breaks the rule has to drink.

  • Twins

Play a twin to another player. Copy every move of the player. You have to take a shot of booze with every failed attempt. 

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11. 5-Second Rule: Best Drinking Games for Android 

5 Second Rule: Best Drinking Games for Android 5 Second Rule comes with some smooth features. The app has some fun drinking games for adults. It has a 12+ rating, so do not involve any kids. You have to be a fast player if you want to win. Get ready for some madness because the app is full of crazy questions. 

You will find humor and thrill all in one application. It will fill your parties with laughter. You lose track of time when you play it with your buddies and booze. I hope you will not lose your balance after playing the game. Let us find out what the app is all about. 

How to Play

The 5 Second Rule lets you play with up to 12 players. You only need one Android phone to play the game. Challenges include 900+ unique questions and statements. You have to tap to see what you get.

  • Start the application and see what questions you get.
  • You have three questions to answer in 5 seconds.
  • Try to answer before the buzzer starts ringing.
  • If you fail to answer all three questions on time, you lose.
  • The loser gets a shot of booze as a penalty. 

The questions can test your speed as a thinker. Questions can be like naming three fruits or chocolates in 5 seconds. Questions get challenging as you move forward with the game. 

12. Kings

KingsKings comes with some high-resolution graphics. You can create rules with unlimited players. Personalize the app with your rules and games. It includes cards with clear instructions. You will understand the statements even if you are drunk. 

The Kings have some hilarious requests in the cards. Brace yourself for a night full of boozes and laughter. Your friends will thank you for installing the app. You can add your crazy ideas into the app to make things spicier. Change the meanings of the cards as you play with your creativity.

How to Play

  • You will see a deck of cards on your screen.
  • Players take turns and read out the instructions on the card.
  • Every card comes with a game or challenge.
  • You are safe if you can, but if you fail booze. 

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13. Partybus

PartybusA party bus is a phone drinking game for two or more if you want. It is one of the most loved apps for parties. If you lack inspiration for a group activity, check out the app. The application is perfect for both small and large parties. 

It will be your confidence booster for breaking the ice. Have fun with old buddies and make new friends. It includes challenges like Truth or Drink, Roulette, and many more. There is no limit to how many players you can take. The application gets more exciting as you add more players. So, let us see what more is in the app. 

How to Play

You can play these Drinking Games for Android as a single-player or in teams. The initial games have easy challenges. You will find more extreme challenges as you move forward.

  • Choose your players and add the names.
  • Select the type of game from Normal, Roulette, and Half a Minute. 
  • Each of the games has a list of challenges you can do.
  • It starts with the basic warming-up level. 
  • Pass the challenge and move on to the next level.  
  • Drinking gets excellent with every challenge. 

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14. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I EverNever Have I Ever is another free drinking game. It follows the same rules as the original game but with more options. You get to create challenges and add to the game. Start your party with the app. It will give you the best nights of your life. 

You do not have to teach the rules to your friends. Everybody is familiar with Never Have I Ever. All you need to do is tap the start button and play the app. The application comes with many different themes. The app will not disappoint you with its unique ideas.  

How to Play

  • Start the app and type the names of the players.
  • Choose card themes: Preparty, Custom, Crazy, Dirty, Hardcore, and Couple.
  • Each theme includes many ‘never have I ever’ challenges you can play.
  • Everybody takes turns to read the card and answer. 
  • You have to booze if you have done it. If not, then you are safe. 

15. Bomba Drink

Bomba DrinkBomba Drink will fill your parties with bombs of madness. It transforms your Android into a virtual bomb. Play with as many players as you wish. The app has no limits when it comes to partying. It includes different modes and categories of games. So, you can choose from a wide variety of challenges. You choose whatever you find exciting. 

The app includes themes like Music, Math, Anime, and more. It is for all kinds of boozers and party people. The app is full of fun games and challenges. If you are bored or running out of ideas, try the app. 

How to Play

  • Add the players and type their names.
  • Bomba asks a question that you have to answer. 
  • If you fail to answer, then the bomb will explode.
  • The loser has to booze in sips or shots.

More Info 

Final Thoughts

Here we are at the end of our article on drinking games for Android. Next time you attend a party, you know which app to download. I hope I have made your decision process more manageable. Let us know in the comments which one is your favorite. Make sure to share the article with your other drinking buddies. Thanks for reading, and have safe drinking. 

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Anika Anamta Mehnaz
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