The Best 20 Hunting Games For Android in 2024

Hunting was an inborn instinct of the people from early-stage games. They needed to hunt animals to survive. People who could do this job promptly were considered the fittest. However, due to various laws on wildlife protection, they could not fulfill their desire. Though the necessity of hunting has decreased in this modern era, some people still crave hunting. So, we will provide a comprehensive list of the best 20 hunting Games for Android.

So, how about using an alternative option for hunting? Maybe you cannot hunt animals in real life, but you can easily do so virtually. Many hunting games are available in Google Play for your Android device. These games will provide you with enough pleasure of hunting. Here, you can hunt different animals and birds in these games. This article will give you an idea about the best hunting apps for Android.

Best 20 Hunting Games for Android

Hunting games are always exciting. You can feel the suspense and enjoyment of hunting in a jungle while playing such a game. But not all games can provide you with the best virtual hunting experience. You have to figure out the best one to play. And here I am helping you in this matter. This article will discuss the best 20 games for Android, including their specific characteristics. 

1. Big Hunter

Bing Hunter is a popular game containing an excellent storyline. Big Hunter portrays a story of hunting activities at an early age. Here, the leader of a bushman team tries to save the people from dying from hunger. They had to hunt animals to meet the need for food. This game will give you an adventurous feeling of hunting. You can have a pleasant time while playing this game.

Bing Hunter

Big Hunter is an easy learning game. Big Hunter enables you to use various weapons for hunting. However, the game will not give you a realistic image of hunting. Still, graphical designs and soothing sounds made the game enjoyable. You can compare your score with the players all over the world.

Moreover, the game contains an unexpected end. It attracts the players a lot. You can download this hunting game for free. 

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2. Dino Hunter

Dino HunterDino Hunter is another top hunting game for Android. This game will give you a different hinting environment. This highly reviewed game requires you to hunt the dinosaurs. Here, a thrilling Jurassic atmosphere is waiting for you in this game. You have to attack those large creatures and raise your points. You can use various destructive weapons to finish the task. Your shooting skills will prove your competency in the game. It allows you to connect with other players all over the world.

Dino Hunters is an exciting game, especially for adults. The fantastic graphical interface can attract any hunt-loving person. Besides, there are dynamic shadows and realistic Jurassic models in the game. It would be best if you tackled a lot of difficulties to kill the dinosaurs. Kill these beasts and collect rewards. You have to keep an internet connection while playing this game. Ads might appear while playing this free game.

3. Deer Hunter 2018

Deer Hunter 2018Deer Hunter is an exciting hunting game for people of all ages. Its modern simulations will amaze you. The game is divided into some seasonal events. You need to play for three weeks to complete a hunting season. Besides, it can also be played as an action game. You have to use different kinds of weapons to attack your targets. By killing the animals, you can earn points. 

You can find many animals in the Deer Hunter 2018 game. Your shooting capacity can lead you to the top. Moreover, you will get powerful shooting weapons like firearms, stocks, barrels, etc., to win the game. This game provides a natural hunting environment with wild locations. You will find yourself amidst the jungle of Alaska, Zimbabwe, and more while hunting. The multiple game modes made it more enjoyable. To download the Deer Hunter game, visit Google Play Store. 

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4. Hunting Simulator

Hunting Simulator Android hunting GamesOne of the best offline hunting games for Android is the Hunting Simulator. It is a wild game with natural hunting features. You have to roam around the jungles of different locations and aim for your targets. There are about twelve species of animals in this game. You can hunt hares, calves, deer, wolves, foxes, bears, etc. Goose, duck, pigeons, pheasant, and many other birds can also be included in your target list. Moreover, each location will allow you to hunt the unique animals of that region. 

Hunting Simulator added a variation in the game by including a dog as your hunting companion. Again, it provides you with nine detailed maps. You can also get a ballistic calculator with a wind shift to perfect your aim. Hunting Simulator contains various snipping tactics of hunting. You will get a powerful binocular here too! Decoy calls, night visions, powerful weapons, animated gun reloading, and other features upheld the beauty of this game. It will surely satisfy your hunter’s mind. 

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5. Deer Hunter Classic

Deer Hunter Classic Android hunting GamesDeer Hunter Classic is quite similar to the Deer Hunter game. But its simulations and graphic designs are better than the previous one. In this game, you can travel to distant places worldwide for hunting. Moreover, it offers you to complete the challenges by making a team with your friends. More than a hundred animals are creating the diversity of this game.  

You have to face the attacks of wild animals in the Deer Hunter Classic. But don’t worry! You will own a lot of arms and weapons to deal with this situation. Earn rewards and trophies by showing your hunting excellencies. The game will undoubtedly entertain you a lot. However, you might detect some bugs in this game app. You can download this hunting game for Android for free. 

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6. Hunt Cook

Hunt CookHunt Cook is a fun hunting game. You can consider it as a cooking game too. It is designed by mixing the features of both the hunter and cooking games. Are you getting confused? Let me clear it up. In hunt cook, you have to cook for your restaurant’s customers. But the fun part is that you have to hunt the animal you will cook. Here, you will have the feeling of a hunting game. By upgrading your skills, you can grow your restaurant. 

Hunt Cook is an easy learning game. You will find a wild natural environment to hunt your desired animals. The process of hunting and cooking further made the game more attractive. Here, you have to make your recipes to serve your customers. Your hunting targets will depend on the demands of the customers. The game does not contain any cruelty like many other hunting games. So, people of young ages can play this free hunting game without any harmful effects. 

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7. Wild Hunt

Wild Hunt Android hunting GamesWild Hunt will provide you with an exciting real hunting experience. This game’s 3D graphics and simulation can easily attract any hunt-loving person. You will get opportunities to hunt large and dangerous animals across different locations of the world. Distinct animals of specific regions, like deer/bears in the USA, rhinoceros in Egypt, walrus in Russia, etc., are waiting for you. By hunting these beasts, you can upgrade your points.

Wild Hunts also allows you to take PvP matches, competing with other players worldwide. You can also join several hunt clubs. Hunting tournaments and championship competitions increase your hunting skills more. Moreover, the weapons of this game are also beautiful. The crossbows, rifles, shotguns, and other firearms raise the excitement of this game. These features made Wild Hunt one of the best games for Android in 2021. 

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8. Don’t Starve

Don’t Starve hunting Games for AndroidDon’t will give you a different hunting experience. Here, you have to deal with mysterious objects. The game also tells an exciting story. You have to play this game as Wilson, a scientist. He had been trapped in the mysterious wilderness world. The game is about his survival amidst this scary environment. 

The main object of Don’t Starve is to find food by hunting. But, unlike other games, you must hunt some magical creatures and animals here. You have to fight with the inhabitants of this haunted land. Use your hunting tricks to escape from the place. The game is full of suspense, surprises, and dangers—the twisting of adventure features made this game one of the best challenging games for Android. 

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9. Zombie Hunter

Zombie Hunter hunting Games for AndroidZombie Hunter gave another twist to the market of hunting games. Here, you have to fight the zombies and kill them. Acting like a professional snipper, you have to shoot the zombies. Zombie Hunter is also a popular shooting game. You will get a lot of arms to attack the zombies. You just have to target them accurately and shoot. It also requires rescuing the survivors. 

Zombie Hunter allows you to improve the capacity of your weapons. The game includes a lot of exciting levels. Moreover, you will find a special shooting box after completing each level. Using them, you can unlock the dogs to fight with you. You have to save the people from the attack of zombies in this game. So, the more you can kill them, the more you can stop the apocalypse. For these fantastic features, Zombie Hunter places it as one of the top hunting games for Android. 

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10. Wild Hunter 3D

Wild Hunter 3DAre you longing for a hunting game with a large number of missions? Wild Hunter 3D will enable you to play a hunting game with 200 exciting missions. Moreover, each task has a separate story to attract the players. You can hunt big and ferocious animals in this game. It includes a blending of animals from the early and modern ages. You must shoot deer, cheetahs, elephants, lions, and dinosaurs! 

You can experience hunting on foot and riding on vehicles in Wild Hunter 3D. Shooting the targeted animal from a running track makes the game more challenging. The tremendous 3D interface will make you love the game. Using powerful weapons and hunting techniques will help you increase your points. Wild Hunter 3D is recommended as one of Android’s best offline hunting games. 


11. Safari Hunting 4×4

Safari Hunting 4x4 hunting Games for AndroidSafari Hunting 4×4 is a realistic hunt game for action lovers. Here, you will get a large number of wild animals to hunt. Your points will depend on the size of your prey. If you can track a large animal, your score will increase fast. Moreover, the game is luxurious, offering you to hunt animals riding on a luxury 4×4. The game includes several tips for the players to enrich their scoreboard.

Safari Hunting 4×4 enables you to travel to different locations for hunting purposes. You have to load the animal onto your truck after killing it. To aim correctly, use a scope and target it, keeping a distance. You can also use your collected money to buy new cars. It will help you to travel to more places for hunting. Increase your scores to beat the other players. Overall, Safari Hunting 4×4 is well-reviewed for its graphics and gaming features. 

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12. Hunting Clash

Hunting ClashHunting Clash is also one of the best hunting games for Android. The Android features of this game made it famous. You have to act as a real-life sniper in this hunting game. Separate shooting areas add a bit more attraction. You can hunt over the freezing forest of Kamchatka, the woods of Montana, etc. You will get various challenges and activities in this game besides hunting animals.

Hunting Clash allows you to choose your weapons according to your needs. You can also keep a hunting dog as your partner. Usually, the game offers 1vs1 matches. But you may also fight with your friends online. Show your sniper shooting capacities and become a great hunter. The 3D atmosphere and realistic natural outlook of the game are eye-catching. In a nutshell, Hunting Clash is worthy of being one of the best hunting games for Android in 20Androidore Info

13. Real Jungle Animals Hunting

Real Jungle Animals Hunting hunting Games for AndroidReal Jungle Animals Hunting offers you an enjoyable animal-hunting game. It contains a story about a retired army officer passionate about hunting. This FPS game requires you to act as the officer and spend the rest of your life in a hillside jungle. You have to hunt animals using your sniper rifle. Here, you will find a lot of animals to fulfill your hobby.

Real Jungle Animals Hunting provides a natural jungle environment. Its 3D graphics, and realistic wild sounds will attract you a lot. You can find eight gameplay missions with different levels in this challenging game for Android. It Android you to zoom in on your camera to aim your shot accurately. Again, it would be best to survive the animal attacks when you miss a shot. The game is pretty enjoyable for passing your leisure time. 

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14. Archery Bird Hunters

Archery Bird HuntersArchery Bird Hunter will give you the experience of hunting amidst the forest. Not only birds, but you also have to shoot here at the ducks and deer. The 2D animation of this game will attract you a lot. It has six exciting levels. You just have to shoot the birds and kill them. The game also includes burning arrows to burn the haunted birds and animals. Your points will increase according to your aim. A horse adds a twist to the game, bringing gifts and mighty arrows. The game is also very popular as an archery game. 

In the 1st level, you must shoot at the birds sitting on a tree. The 2nd level requires hunting ducks falling on the water. You have to hunt birds with a chariot in the 3rd level. In the 4th level, you must shoot while floating on the river. The 5th and 6th levels require you to hunt birds and deer using arrows and chariots. Whenever you hunt an animal, a dog will collect it, and you will get coins. This enjoyable Android game is available on Google Play. 

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15. Hunt Royale

Hunt Royale hunting Games for AndroidHunt Royale offers you to enjoy an imaginary environment. You will get the feel of hunting in this game too. But hunting animals or other natural creatures does not require you. You have to fight against some fantasy creatures in Hunt Royale. This well-reviewed hunting game contains more than thirty characters to unlock. You have to collect points and open your favorite ones. Your selection of character and its power can lead you to the top rank.

In Hunt Royale, you must hunt imaginary creatures acting as one of the four warriors. The central theme of this game is to survive the enemies attacks. Your scores will increase as you hunt the rivals. Level up your hunting skills by unlocking the powerful characters. You will also find some unpredictable situations in this game. Hunt Royale also contains a pretty good 3D interface and audio-visual sounds. So, it is not overwhelming to term this game as one of the best games for Android. 


16. Pokemon Go

Pokemon GoPokemon Go is a different type of hunting game. You can rarely find similarities in this game with other familiar hunting games. But, it is trendy among people for its unique hunting features. Here, you have to hunt other Pokemon characters. It is an augmented reality game. This modern technology allows you to find Pokemon in real life. It creates excitement among the players.

Pokemon Go requires you to change your place while playing. It also contains some gym battles. You have to complete your Pokedex by collecting more Pokemon. Increase your power by teaming up with particular trainers. Pokemon Go gives you the feeling of both adventure and hunting games. It can track Pokemon using the GPS of your phone. Besides, the game requires a Wi-fi connection to play. You can download this hunting game for free of cost. 

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17. Real Dino Hunting Zoo Games

Real Dino Hunting Zoo Games hunting Games for AndroidYou can play the Real Dino Hunting game if you want to defeat the ferocious dinosaurs with your hunting skill. This game will fill your mind with the thrilling excitement of hunting the beasts. You will get adequate weapons to tackle them. But your hunting tactics will help you to survive. Otherwise, the dinosaurs will grab your flesh. You can find various species of dinosaurs in this game. By killing them, you can increase your score. 

Real Dino Hunting is one of the best offline hunting games for Android. HereAndroidould be best to shoot at the dinosaurs in the Jurassic environment. It will give you a wild feeling of hunting. You have to face several challenging missions here. Moreover, the realistic look of these early beasts made the game more alive. The sound effects are also pretty natural. You can choose between the sniper hunting and shooting simulator modes to play Real Dino Hunting. This free game can easily catch your mind. 

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18. Animal Hunter Hero Dino Shooting Game

Animal Hunter Hero Dino Shooting GameAre you looking for the best shooting game for Android 2022Androidyou can try this new one. Animal Hunter Hero, a Dino Shooting game, contains a fantastic simulation and graphical interface that will make you love the game. Here, you have to play as the only dinosaur of a specific species. To help it to survive, you need to kill other animals who want to attack it. 

Animal Hunter Hero Dino Shooting Game offers you a lot of challenges. Various animals will attack you. But as the dinosaur, you must survive by eating and killing them. It is not an easy task. Save yourself from others and hunt for your survival. This hunting game will add a new experience to your gaming field. Realistic sounds play a significant role in making you addicted to the game. You can select from multiple dinosaur models as your dino character. Try this game for free to get a new vibe of hunting. 

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19. Monster Fishing 2021

Monster Fishing 2021I think it is enough to recommend games of hunting animals and birds. Now, you might require something new. The Monster Fishing 2021 will give you that feeling. Here, you have to use your hunting skills to catch fish. But don’t take it lightly! These fish are as ferocious as monsters! It would be best if you faced severe challenges to fight them. Using various powerful gears, you have to complete the levels of this game and survive.

Monster Fishing 2021 contains more than 250 species of fish. You have to hunt them on thirty different fishing spots in the Pacific Ocean. The 3D graphics and sounds of the game increase the intensity level of the players. Moreover, it doesn’t require any internet connection. You can control this game without any extraordinary effort. Being a fisherman, you can explore the ocean and experience a thrilling fight with the monstrous fish. You can download this hunting game for free from Google Play. 

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20. Carnivores: Ice Age

Carnivores: Ice Age hunting Games for AndroidIn the end, I will recommend you another famous hunting game. This game is based on an icy environment. You have to hunt various animals amidst the shivering cold weather. You must show your aiming skills and shooting tactics to survive this ice safari. This endless game offers you to search for your prey and hunt them. Different shooting spots all over the world are available in this regard. 

Carnivores: Ice Age included unique weapons and accessories like camouflage and cover scent to help you hunt. The 3D animals of this game will make you feel a true-life hunting experience. You will also get five maps with detailed info about the place and climate. It will help you to fix your target. Carnivores: Ice Age would be best to use common sense while shooting at an animal. It is normal to be a fan of Carnivores: Ice Age after playing it once. Moreover, it is indeed one of the best hunting games. 

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Final Thoughts

Whenever someone hears about a hunting game, his mind fills with an adventurous feeling. The hobby of hunting is still pretty much standard throughout the world. The games mentioned above play a significant role in meeting people’s demand for virtual hunting platforms. These games will be appropriate for fulfilling your desire. All of them are well-reviewed and full of unique features. You can choose any of these best 20 hunting games for Android and Android your Shikar world. Hopefully, these games will not disappoint you. 

Happy Gaming!

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