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The 15 Best DWG File Viewer Online to Open DWG Files Easily

Are you searching a dwg file viewer online that not only safe your money but makes it easy? Then you come to the right place. Autodesk developed AutoCAD from four-decade ago, but it’s still not free. So it’s challenging to work with Autocad while it pricy and almost impossible as a beginner.

To make it easy, there are plenty of programs out there. They allow you to both view the file and modify it. But it’s a tricky task to find the perfect one. That’s why we made a list based on the overall result so you can get the best experience from it. Let’s check it out!

What is the Difference Between DWG and STEP files?

DWG files

In short, DWG is the native file format for 2D and 3D drawings made by AutoCAD. BricsCAD and IntelliCAD also create such a file. Usually, it’s a proprietary binary file format. As it includes vector picture data, the drawings in every DWG file can be extended while still preserving resolution. Besides, every file tore metadata that explains the contents of the file. Even Its exchange file format is DXF, an ASCII edition of a DWG file’s contents.

It also contains any type of data that use in AutoCAD, for example:

  • Geometrical data
  • Photographs
  • Designs
  • Maps

STEP file

Usually, a STEP file is a 3D model file format. It is also known as ISO standard exchange format. Besides, the format contains three-dimensional data that multiple programs recognize. For example, SolidWorks, Dassault Systemes IMSI TurboCAD, and Autodesk Fusion 360.

In CAD, it can be harder to share models between users with different CAD systems. Therefore The STEP format comes like a solution to this problem. Additionally, it is similar to .PDF format saving documents. Due to the interoperability of the format, STEP files are most popular among CAD users.

The 15 Best DWG File Viewer Online

In our day to day life, we use various files.DWG files is one of the best file format of them.But you can not view and edit it in normal ways. You have to choose any DWG File Viewer. Find out the 15 powerful DWG file viewers online to see your DWG easily.

1. AutoDesk DWG TrueView (with Design Review)

AutoDesk DWG TrueView (with Design Review)Introducing the best dwg viewer online from well-known software brand Autodesk named DWG TrueView. Autodesk offers a free download from their official website. The software not only allows us to view DWG drawings but able to convert DWG and DXF files into 3D DWF. So you can markup and publish quickly.

However, this software is similar to AutoCAD, but you can use it for reliability and honesty, having the permit of switching from one format to another. It’s a very suitable software, especially if you want to collaborate with other users while using other versions of AutoCAD.

Recently AutoDesk upgrades the software to provide you better user experience with Design Review. At the same time, they also develop a free add-on. Therefore you can easily make the area, length, and angle measurements on the design. Even you can add annotations and comments as well. Finally, the dwg file viewer online allows you to do whatever you want to do with your DWG file.

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2. ShareCAD DWG File Viewer Online

ShareCAD DWG File Viewer OnlineThe shareCAD offers an online browser-based platform for viewing dwg files online to feel you free from installing software. Besides, it supports the proprietary DWF, DWG, and DXF file formats. Moreover, it supports raster, 3D drawings, and vector images, and archives. You don’t need to worry about downloads or registration. The entire thing you have to do is uploading the file to their server, and they allow a maximum of 50 MB files.

Though the feature of ShareCAD has the limitation, it’s quite enough for a quick inspection of 3D drawings. It allows you to view individual layers, change the background color for easier viewing, and zoom in on features. The dwg file viewer online also allows you to print out the drawings. Especially, you can share your drawings with other contacts, as it will generate a sharable link.

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3. LibreCAD

LibreCADLibreCAD is a great software for viewing, editing, and converting DWG files. As ita an open-source software, it’s allowed to use all the functions freely. The key feature of this software is it can display isometric views. Besides, the open dwg file online software allows adding basic lines and polygons, export files into other formats, and take measurements.

Easy to learn, along with a user-friendly interface, makes it better than other open-source software platforms. However, it doesn’t allow 3D viewing but displaying 2D views the software helps keep the size relatively small.

Besides, some o the version of this LibreCAD can be unstable. So you have to be aware while updating to another version. You have to read up feedback and update notes from other users to ensure a functional build. So being a free software platform, it’s appropriate for open dwg online.

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4. FreeCAD

FreeCADFree cad is one of the best feature-rich free DWG viewers you could ever find. It’s not just a DWG viewer; you can consider it as full 3D parametric modeling software. The key feature of this software is its open-source software. So you can use it entirely free.

Besides, you don’t need to begin with an existing DWG file as it allows you to come up with your very own 2D sketches. Then you can model them in 3D space. Additionally, using this model, you can adjust dimensions, take measurements, and extract various design details. It has a steeper learning curve if you compare it with others.

This dwg file viewer online can be prone to bugs, even new builds are released because of being open-source software. However, it’s feature-rich free CAD software platforms, but you can’t compare it with AutoCAD’s full range of functions. But this dwg reader online does its job very well.

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5. OnShape DWG file viewer online

OnShape DWG file viewer onlineThe OnShape is perfect for collaborative work, and it is cloud-based 3D CAD software. So you don’t need to install anything, and you will easily access the platform from any workstation. You can especially use it through tablets and phones. Besides, it’s an excellent learning curve. If you have experience with standard CAD software, you will get the hang of it very quickly.

Even it’s a full package of a feature that you want from CAD software. Firstly it will allow you to take measurements and create and edit models. Secondly, you can export to a variety of file formats with extract design details. If you want to work in a group, this dwg reader online will be suitable for you. Because the software allows you to work with multiple users simultaneously in a single master file.

The only drawback of this OnShape dwg viewer online is it’s not free. Currently, they are charging an annual subscription. Usually, the cost depends on the type of package. But you can use it as a free trial. This process is the only way to take advantage of it but remember, they allow it for a limited time.

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6. TurboCAD Deluxe

TurboCAD DeluxeThe TurboCAD Deluxe is well known 2D/3D CAD software you will find out there. You can use it as dimensioning, annotation, and modifying tools. Besides, the software includes Materials, lighting, and photorealistic. So it will be suitable to create presentations of any mechanical or architectural design. This software’s best advantage is to support extensive file-formats, including DWG, SKP, and STL for 3D printing.

Besides, it’s Award-winning software that is very easy to learn and comes with complete 2D Drafting & 3D Modeling. The dwg file viewer online software also offers context-sensitive help, handle-based editing, snaps, and alignment aids.

Moreover, it comes with a full package of Productivity Features, Architectural and Mechanical Tools to provide you optimum service. Excellent File Sharing opportunity with AutoCADÂ and SketchUp makes it one of the best dwg file viewers online.

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7. Autodesk Fusion360

Autodesk Fusion360The Autodesk Fusio360 is another dwg file viewer online from Autodesk. The software comes like an all-rounder for every field of problem. It is suitable for mechanical engineers, industrial designers, students, and educators. Besides, the software is very easy to use with essential functions. Even if you need something for simulations, quick 3D models, and analysis, you should go for this Autodesk Fusio360.

As its cloud-based software, you can use it quickly without advanced hardware. Moreover, it has assembly and parametric design features. This software’s only drawback is it not a complex model, and it seems like they won’t develop complex functions in their future versions.

The highlight feature of this dwg viewer online software is you can export it as STL files. It is one of the default file formats that use for 3D printers. So the feature makes it suitable design software for quick prototyping. Additionally, its functions are so easy that it will be perfect for a beginner. Like the software above, it also offers paid service. But you can use it free as a 30-day trial. If you are professional or want to get premium service, you should get it paid service.

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8. Autodesk A360 dwg file viewer online

Autodesk A360 dwg file viewer onlineThe A360 AutoDesk is neither desktop software nor a browser. It’s quite different from the other dwg file viewer we mention above. It’s a mobile app that is suitable both for Android and iOS. The app also allows viewing both DWG and DWF files with 50 other CAD file formats. Besides, it’s a fairly powerful mobile app that can take measurements, navigate components, and make annotations.

The intention is to help project managers and engineers so that they can view CAD files using mobile devices from anywhere in the world. So it will be beneficial during project execution as an excellent tool for collaboration. However, the user experience depends on the specs of the mobile device. It means if you have a Smartphone or tablet with low-specs GPU, you won’t get the best experience.

To be honest, it doesn’t allow for the editing of files. Though, recently some mobile company has developed that function so you can get these rights. It seems like Autodesk is also trying to recover, but this version beneficial mobile app for now.

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9. ProfiCAD

ProfiCADThe profiCAD is another browser-based option in our list that offers you to view your DWG or DXF file without download any program. Just go onto the website, then upload or upload the file into the box and upload the DWG file. Then you can upload the image to your website, make them zoom, and export as a PDF. Even you can pass this file into Microsoft Office.

On the other hand, the dwg file viewer online allows you to convert SXE files to AutoCAD-ready DXF or DWG files.

The browser is then a budget-friendly program that is best for wiring diagrams of electrical engineering or electrical engineering drawings. It is so easy to use that a beginner can create high-quality drawings. You will get an Electrical symbols number automatically. Moreover, it is proper to create your title block or customize it to your company’s internal needs.

However, it’s an extremely limited DWG viewer. You will get a quick and easy way to check the file and export them to PDF.

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10. IrfanView dwg file viewer online

IrfanView dwg file viewer onlineIrfanView is a kind of graphic viewer that you can use as free, fast, and compact. The software also uses a graphic or design file format. However, it is mostly known as an image viewer but can open CAD files in DWG or DWF formats. You just have to install the completely free BabaCAD4Image plug-in.

Besides, the AutoCAD viewer online will allow you to adjust brightness, rotate models, modify color, and many other cosmetic changes. However, it’s not committed CAD software, but quite nice to keep installed in your system. It’s don’t need to much space and will be helpful to work on CAD files.

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ZWCADZWCAD 2020 is the advanced design base software to ensure code-level API ability and better .dwg compatibility. Thanks to its multi-core processor, that’s making it ideal as dwg file viewer online software. The advanced design makes it so fast that you will use the command 150% faster on average and open the file 32.4% faster.

Besides, with its Data Extraction, you can extract a range of properties, insert them, and export them to an external file in .csv / .xls give you additional support, the ZWCAD 2020 allows you to check the basic information of PDF files.

As pro tips, you should remember that the performance might let down if you stored too many drawings. To prevent the problem and get smooth and efficient design work, you can reset the Annotation Scale List by deleting the unneeded ones.

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12. Autodesk Viewer

Autodesk ViewerThe Autodesk Viewer allows you to view AutoCAD files without downloading and installing a new program. All you have to do just a look at Autodesk Viewer, an online DWG Viewer. You can also create screenshots for use in presentations, inspect designs, and even measure components with this viewer. This dwg reader online is also a useful tool in combined projects, as AutoCAD files allow you to share via URLs. Then the receivers can view the files directly without registering Autodesk.

Besides, it is an ideal option for share accurate design information of maps and models in the DWF format. Recently the manufacturer upgrades from DWF Viewer to Design Review 2008 free to provide you further functionality.

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13. Bentley View

Bentley ViewBentley is a product of a Microstation developer that offers a powerful view on DWG format. Besides, it comes with entirely different view modes that suit your purposes. It includes the X-ray view to see through objects and, at the same time, study the components. Therefore it is one of the best open dwg files online on this list. Mostly, it not only allows you to open DWG format but 50 other CAD files. Additionally, you will get access to entire BIM projects.

Even you can select each object individually to inspect material properties and measurements. To find the elements that match your specifications, the DWG viewer comes with powerful search options. On the other hand, you can export your valuable file as spreadsheets. Most importantly, you can easily navigate this software using touch screen support in Windows a multifunctional. It offers you a MicroStation viewer, a free DXF viewer, and open CAD files directly.

So if you are searching for a powerful and versatile free DWG viewer, you should try this one.

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ETOOLBOX CAD ViewerETOOLBOX is one of the mobile-based best dwg file viewer online out there. The application allows us to open 2D and 3D CAD files in.dwf .dwg, and .dxt on Smartphone. Mostly it doesn’t need to upload to the program. You can view the file from your device folders or cloud services directly.

The app is extremely capable of switch quickly from model view to any of the individual layouts. Simultaneously, the visibility of its layers tool allows us to view every layer one by one and turn off/on if needs.

Besides, the dwg viewer online provides 4 preset isometric views, 6 preset axis views, and a 3D wire-frame. It also offers an array of different rendering modes. The apps come with extremely sensitive and exact multi-touch control, makes rotating, viewing, zooming, and panning easy and convenient. You can get this app from the play store and Microsoft.

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15. DWGSee DWG File Viewer Online

DWGSee DWG File Viewer OnlineThe DWGSee is one of the great dwg readers online that allow its users a fast way to check technical drawings. The software is available on Mac, Windows, and Android platforms. Its free version just offers a way to view DWG files. But, if you want to get the advantage of standard and pro versions as an editor or converter, you have to pay for it.

Using the premium version, you can modify your objects with lines, arches, circles, text, etc. This dwg viewer online offers an effortless way to measure the angle, length, radius, and technical drawings area. Because it includes a smart-snap feature.

Similarly, it has drawn comparison and mark-up files that will offer you to observe the differences between two or more iterations. Isn’t it’s a great advantage? The open dwg file online viewer makes printing the DWG file very quickly and saves them as different versions. So we recommend you try at least its free version, and after you get to satisfy, you can try the pro version.

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How do I open a DWG file in PDF easily?

Firstly Convert DWG to PDF using Autodesk TrueView. In DWG TrueView, you have to click on the TrueView logo then Open. After that, Browse for the DWG file you wish to convert to PDF and click Open. Finally, Click on OK and select a location to save the PDF file.

Can Adobe Acrobat open DWG files?

Adobe Acrobat DC is usually a PDF solution that offers you to sign, convert, send, and manage documents. The software is very easy to use. Though it doesn’t allow you to open DWG files directly, you can still open it after converting it into pdf.

How do I fix a corrupted DWG file?

Following these methods step by step, you will be able to fix a corrupted DWG file.

First of all, download a Recovery Toolbox for DWG (You will find on Google) .

  1. Install this Recovery Toolbox for DWG on your computer
  2. Let’s Start Recovery Toolbox for DWG
  3. After finding a corrupted DWG file, Select it on the first page of the Recovery Toolbox for DWG
  4. Then click the Analyze button
  5. After that, Preview the recovered objects from the broken DWG file
  6. Finally, click the Start recovery button to export the data into a new AutoCAD project

Final Thoughts

For a long time, AutoCAD remains at the top by creating 3D and 2D models in drafting, industrial design, and engineering. But to be honest, DWG files may not be the standard way to collaborate and share 3D designs. The main reason behind this is its cost. It is challenging for experts, even a small company, to afford a full AutoCAD platform.

As a result, the dwg file viewer online is the ultimate solution to this problem. Though you can’t compare these two file viewers online with original AutoCAD, these are good enough to view DWG files. However, a few of these are also offer limited editing features and measurements. But most of these are free. So if you are related to this field and need something for sharing and viewing DWG files, you should install some of these in your workstation.

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