The Best 20 Google Home Apps to Make your Life Easier

Remember how Google was just a search engine on the internet? Well, now you can do anything with Google’s automated production line. You can control alarm settings, music, and the home temperature with your voice. Google Home apps make it possible for us. Keep reading to find out how these applications can help you with our top 20 Best Google Home Apps to Make Your Life Easier

What is Google Home?

People may refer to two things. They are talking about the smart speaker or the entire product line like the Google Home Mini app, Nest, Google Home Hub apps, etc. 

The original Google Home product is a smart speaker that works well with Wi-Fi connectivity. The product has to work with Google Home 3rd party applications to give you the best smart service. Google Assistant is the most popular app that is accessed via the internet. It is a voice-based virtual partner. The smart speaker has to be connected to the internet for it to access the Assistant. You can now control pretty much every electronic device in your smart home with just your voice.

Google Home Use Cases

To get the most out of these products, you need a stable internet connection. Once connected to the internet, all you have to do is say “Okay, Google” and talk to the device as if it is a person. With the help of the Assistant, you can make requests like, “Tell me about the weather today?” or, “Play my playlist on YouTube Music.” Let us find out what more it can do. 

  • You can listen to news, music, and podcasts on different streaming platforms.
  • It allows you to make shopping lists to follow through. 
  • You can set up automatic light arrangements at home for different times of the day. E.g., lights are automated to be on in the evening.
  • You can find many recipes with simple instructions to fill in that hungry stomach of yours. Have the Assistant read aloud these instructions for you. 
  • Ask the smart speaker to read aloud Disney stories for you with sound effects.
  • Ordering food online is much easier now with Google Home.
  • You can enjoy watching videos on TV with Chromecast. 
  • You can ask questions like which film got nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars or today’s weather forecast. Get all your questions answered right away.  

Google Home Advantages

  • Easy and more convenience 

Apps for Google Home have made our lives easier and a lot more convenient. Instead of wasting time doing trivial things, we can easily use the smart setup to save time. It has proven to be a friendly helper in our day-to-day activities. 

  • Options for Entertainment 

If you want to entertain yourself with some music or a movie, ask your virtual assistant about your options. Don’t bother to move up and down to change channels. You can use your voice to choose from hundreds of different options.

  • SMART knowledge

The Google search engine contains knowledge from different sources of the world. It can find you any answer in a SMART way.

  • Easy day planning 

You can plan your day with a Google calendar and set up appointments. If you change your plans, then you can make changes remotely to your schedule.

  • Anything and everything

If you want news about sports matches, weather, or traffic, the application will come in handy. You can get a myriad of information all in one place. Get access to unlimited sources of information by just using your voice. 

Top 20 Google Home Apps to Use in Your Daily Life

The wait is finally over. Let’s get into our much-awaited list of Google Home applications. 

1. Google Home

Google Home is the perfect application for your home. You can easily control and manage all your smart devices to make your home smart. From changing lights to control security cameras, everything is easy with the application. You can use the shortcuts to these services and enjoy them. 

Google Home App

Key features: 

  • Google Home lets you create routines for turning home lights on, playing music, watching movies, etc. 
  • The application can help you set up Nest Wi-Fi fast.
  • You can get access to different streaming services by using just one application. You can easily change channels, volumes, and even speakers. 
  • The application can monitor your home and give you updates on your home status. You will also get notified if something unusual happens in your absence. 

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2. Google Maps

Google Maps AppGoogle Maps is the number one GPS navigation application to use with Google Home features. It is widespread and used worldwide. The application guides you to your destination, informs you of the local traffic, suggests popular restaurants nearby, and overall makes sure you have a fun outside-home experience.    

Key features: 

  • Google Maps offers its service in 220+ countries for its unique features. It tells you how reliable the application is. 
  • The application features real-time GPS navigation along with traffic and transit information.
  • Get great recommendations and clear directions to local restaurants.  
  • Reach your destination faster with real-time information.
  • The application works offline. 
  • There are indoor maps available for stadiums, airports, and malls.
  • Leave a review of the place you’ve just visited to share your experience with the world.

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3. Google Translate

Google Translate google home toolGoogle Translate joins with Google Home to translate languages most efficiently. You can easily use voice commands to translate a language. Let us have a look at its other features. 

Key features: 

  • Google Translate takes or imports photos to provide better quality translations.
  • It can translate texts into about 108 languages.
  • The application features a phrasebook for you to save words and phrases in different languages. You can, later on, use the phrasebook for future references.
  • It is a convenient google home app for pc that allows you to sync your data between desktop and application.   
  • You can use it to translate about 70 languages in real-time conversations. 

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4. Google Calendar

Google Calendar AppGoogle Calendar collaborates with Google Home to keep you updated on your daily routine. It is an intelligent calendar that reminds you of important meetings, appointments, or hangouts with friends. It is a must-have application to get for daily activities. 

Key features: 

  • Google Calendar lets you share your meeting details with your colleagues and friends.
  • The application features views on days, weeks, or months. You can choose whichever view you prefer.
  • Any special events such as flights, restaurant reservations are added automatically to your calendar.
  • Manage your tasks easily with the application for better work management.  

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5. WebMD: Check Symptoms, Rx Savings, & Find Doctors

WebMD google home appWebMD is a savior in times of medical emergency. Google Assistant makes the application easier to use with its advanced AI features. You can simply use your voice to make requests for remedies or any medical inquiries you have. Get instant solutions and medical instructions that are read aloud to you. It is helpful when you attempt medical help and do not have time to tap your device. 

Key features: 

  • WebMD includes a list of many diseases, symptoms, and effective remedies.
  • It has a Doctor Directory to help you locate nearby doctors.
  • The application will give you daily reminders to take your medicine doses at the right time.
  • Learn about various drugs and study their effects.

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6. Tasty

Tasty is a food-based application with hundreds of recipes for yummy dishes. With Google Home, Tasty makes cooking a lot easier and a lot more fun. You are in safe hands when you are using these two applications together for cooking. Ask your smart assistant for instructions on any dish you want from the app and have it made easily. You can also ask it to suggest food items based on cuisine, holidays, etc. You do not need to read all those heavy cooking books.  

Tasty google home apk

Key features: 

  • Tasty includes step-by-step instructions for every dish featured on the application. 
  • It keeps the phone awake the entire time you are using the application. So, do not worry about your phone going to sleep.
  • It is a good google home app for android phones that offers 3000+ recipes for free. 
  • If you are a vegetarian, then personalize the application to hide all the dishes with meat. 
  • Their advanced search engine lets you filter recipes by difficulty, speed, healthy, gluten-free or low carb foods, etc.

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7. Todoist: To-Do List, Tasks & Reminders

Todoist appTodoist is a to-do list application for better time management. It is also compatible with Google Assistant. Let Todoist and your virtual assistant handle your daily schedule. You will be reminded of your plans on time. Time is precious, and the app knows it. The application offers its services to 20 million people from all around the world. Let’s see other features of the application.   

Key features: 

  • Todoist will boost your productivity by managing your activities in an organized manner.
  • You can easily change your plans according to your requirements.
  • The application will remind you of deadlines or meetings you need to attend.
  • You can also join with teammates and assign tasks to them using the application. 
  • Arrange your tasks according to priority levels and track your progress. 

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8. TuneIn Radio: News, Sports & Online Music Stations

TuneIn Radio app for AndroidTuneIn Radio is a music application that works well as a virtual smart assistant. It provides fast music streaming and online radio services to its users. The application links you with many radio stations for you to enjoy music for free. You also get to create a personal library of your favorite music. You can listen to live podcasts, news, radio shows, and many more.   

Key features: 

  • TuneIn Radio features music channels with no ads.
  • It keeps you updated with 24/7 local and international news
  • Listen to live sports and podcasts anywhere.
  • You can stream 100,000+ FM, AM, and internet radio channels broadcasting from 197 countries.  

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9. To Do Reminder with Alarm

To Do Reminder with AlarmTo Do Reminder with Alarm is a popular reminder application. When you use it with Google Home features, then you tell the time you want a reminder. You do not have to do any tappings or scrolling on the device. It is a simple tool with simple functionalities. The application can quickly note down event times that you have fixed. You can also list down to-do lists with the application.   

Key features: 

  • To Do Reminder can set up in-advance reminders for you.
  • You can choose if you want your reminders as notifications or as alarms.
  • App widget lets you view your reminders on the home screen.
  • You can use different themes for better visibility. 
  • There is a speech-to-text feature that uses your voice instead of typing. You do not have to waste your time typing your schedule.  
  • You can also save all your reminders to email attachments, Drive, or SD-Card. 

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10. Headspace: Meditation & Sleep

Headspace is a useful application for meditation. It dives deep into mental health exercises to help achieve a more stable life. Use the application with your smart assistant to get the most out of it. You can use your voice command to control the application and its healing features. 

Headspace meditation app

Key features: 

  • Headspace will teach you meditation skills to reduce stress and sleep better at night.
  • Cure your anxiety with the help of the application.
  • The application can teach you how to be more productive and avoid distractions at work.
  • Learn how to have a balanced diet and cope up with pain during pregnancy or other painful experiences. 

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11. Spotify: Music and Podcasts

Spotify music streaming appSpotify is another music application that favors Google Home App download. Both these applications go well with each other to provide the best music streaming service. You can create a free Spotify account and set it up with the Home application for better entertainment. Play your favorite Ed Sheeran songs amongst many others just by your voice command. It is the best music streaming app to use on your Google Home.

Key features: 

  • Spotify lists down all the latest songs, podcasts, and remixes for you.
  • You can search for your favorite podcast, music, or singer. 
  • You can create a playlist of favorite songs and share it with your friends.
  • Discover the top songs from different decades, genres, and places. 

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12. YouTube Music

YouTube Music google home App downloadYouTube Music on Google Home smart speakers will stream music that you will like and enjoy. It listens to you and provides you with precisely what you have asked. The application can play any music genre according to your liking. You do not need to touch your device to play a song. Just say the song title, and the YouTube music will play it.  

Key features:

  • YouTube music has a collection of 70+ million songs in its database. 
  • You can get access to live performances, remixes, and many more exciting contents.
  • Create your playlist of favorite songs you like.
  • Get personalized playlists of your favorite songs.
  • You can explore music based on your moods, such as relaxing music for yoga or hardcore music for a workout. 

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13. Philips Hue

Philips Hue smart google appPhilips Inc. has developed Philips Hue to control the hue lights at your place. The app works with your smart assistant and lets you manage the smart lights with your voice. The application makes things a lot easier for you. Install the app and let your smart bulbs work automatically.

Key features: 

  • Philips Hue will use your voice commands to turn on and off the smart lights, control the light brightness, or even change light colors at your voice demand. 
  • You can group your smart lights according to zones and rooms for better light management.
  • You can transform your dull room into colorful themed places with the help of smart lights. Change the entire room atmosphere with themes like Sho or Honolulu.
  • The application features light recipes that help with your mental well-being. It changes your home setting with selected soothing lights to uplift your mood.    

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14. Nest

Nest security google applicationNest is an application with many smart features. E.g., it lets you monitor your home remotely, controls your security cameras, and can even check if you have properly closed the door. The Google Nest application is like an intelligent guardian for your home. Let’s check out other functionalities of the application.

Key features: 

  • Nest can change the temperature of your place no matter where you give commands.
  • You can view your daily energy consumption and a detailed report on it.
  • Get alert when the temperature of your home gets too cold.
  • Set up alarms and disarm them remotely using the application.
  • You can use the auto-lock feature to lock doors automatically.
  • Get alerts if anything fishy happens in your home. 
  • The user can activate smart monitoring systems to guard your home in your absence.
  • You can share passcodes using the application instead of sharing house keys.

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15. Netflix

Netflix is the master of movie entertainment. It is not only for movie watchers. If you want to enjoy tv series, documentaries, reality tv shows, then this one application is enough. It is the best way of watching TV series legally. Use it with Google Chromecast to reap the full benefits from using both Netflix and Google Home. Link your Netflix account with the Google Home app and use your voice to control the application. 

Netflix movie streaming app

Key features: 

  • Netflix includes award-winning movies, series, stand-up comedy shows, documentaries, and many more for you to watch.
  • You can easily stream videos on your device that are of high quality.
  • You can use one account to create five profiles. Each of these profiles will have its own personalized Netflix.
  • You can customize the application to make it more appropriate for kids.
  • Watch trailers before selecting a video.
  • You can also download and watch videos offline. 

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16. AutoVoice

AutoVoice google voice assistant AutoVoice has been developed for Google Home voice commands. It can work with any language or accent and let you control the surrounding setup smartly with no hassle. AutoVoice is compatible with other assistant applications. It is a very convenient tool to have with you at all times.  

Key features: 

  • AutoVoice quickly recognizes the tasks assigned and helps set up complicated tasks.
  • You can use it to create a baby monitor that is sensitive to surrounding noises.
  • It is a free application and can work on different platforms like Android, iOS, Linux, etc.
  • You can wear your Bluetooth headset to use the application.
  • It has a user interface that is simple and convenient.

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IFTTT google home app for androidIFTTT or ‘If This Then Thatcan be integrated with various software applications, including Google Home, to boost your productivity. You can customize many features to your liking by using only voice commands. It pairs up with applications like Philips Hue, Telegram, Twitter, Dropbox, etc., to get you the best internet smart service. 

Key features: 

  • IFTTT can control all the innovative applications you have around you with the help of Google Home.
  • Stay updated with global news through the application.
  • Thanks to the app, you are protected with smart security systems.
  • You can change your thermostat according to your requirements. 
  • Save important files and pictures with Google Drive or Dropbox. 

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18. Clock

Clock appThe Clock is a simple app for Google Home that shows you time according to your time zone. You can use a stopwatch or set alarms by using your voice. Clock with Google Home lets you easily control the application with voice commands. 

Key features: 

  • The Clock can set alarms whenever you want. It even lets you set up multiple alarms for different times of the day.
  • You can use a stopwatch to record time.
  • You can view the World Clock with the app.
  • The application also features calendars for different years. 

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19. Voice Access

Voice Access voice assistantVoice Access is helpful for those who struggle to use touch screens because of disorders. People with paralysis or temporary injuries will find the application very helpful. Google Home makes it easier to customize voice commands in Voice Access. So, you do not have to use your hands to use the application. Your voice is enough for it to function. 

Key features: 

  • Voice Access will teach you the most commonly used voice commands for tapping, texting, scrolling, etc.
  • You can easily pause the application from listening to your conversations.
  • The application has a simple navigation system and user interface.
  • The app is also helpful for older people who do not prefer complicated app features.  

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20. LIFX

LIFX with Google Home will help you control your home lights smartly and remotely. Do you forget to turn off the lights as you leave home? Don’t want to enter a dark room and struggle with finding light switches? Then waste no time and install the application right away.

LIFX light control app

Key features: 

  • LIFX performs tasks like turning lights on/off, changing white temperatures, and light colors.
  • You can arrange and control the lights in groups.
  • You can schedule automatic light arrangements using the calendar style view.
  • Display lights while playing special effects like fire, move, or visualizer.
  • The app features many light and color themes for you to choose. 

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  • What is the difference between Google Home and Google Home assistant?

Google Home refers to the smart speaker, while Google Assistant refers to the software that works with Google Home. Both these applications are compatible with each other and work well together. It enhances their features when set up together. 

  • Can Google Home Eavesdrop on Your Conversations?

It is a standard privacy concern for Google Home users. You need to know that Google is always looking for a wake word from its users to enable its features. These wake words can be ‘Hey Google!’ or ‘Okay Google.’ Until and unless there is no wake word from you, Google will not listen or record your talks. So, as long as you are not using the wake word, Google Home will be inactive. 

Also, keep in mind that you can accidentally activate Google Home if it hears something similar to wake words. If you are still concerned, you can ask Google Assistant to delete everything you have said in the past. You can also disable its voice recording feature. You can also use the Guest Mode to prevent Google Home from recording your communications on your account or saving any of your details.  

  • How do I add apps to my Google Home?

First, you need to check if these applications are compatible with Google Home or not. You can visit their official website or simply ask Google search engine. Most applications, such as Spotify or Netflix, will require you to join your Google Home account accounts to enjoy their features. For more information, you can visit the official Google Home website. 

Final Thoughts

We are done with our list of Google Home Apps. Let us know what you think of our list and if you have other recommendations of your own. We would love to know your suggestions. The applications listed differ from one another, but they all are equally effective in their functionalities. Google Home has made our lives hassle-free and stress-free. These apps are changing the lives of others, and they will surely change your life for the better.

Anika Anamta Mehnaz
Anika Anamta Mehnaz
Mehnaz loves to show her creations through writing and drawing. She is a tech-savvy young individual who loves learning something new every day and helping others with her knowledge and work.

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