The Best 20 Sites To Watch TV Series Online Free Full Episodes

To my knowledge, almost everyone likes watching TV series. But sitting down and watching a series on television could be a problem. Watching TV series online would be much better in our busy lives. For all the busy bees, there are several websites for watching TV shows online for free. We will know today about the Best 20 websites to free tv shows online.

Best 20 Sites To Watch TV Series Online Free

Watching TV series is fun. The process of signing up and login is tedious. So, we will try to provide an exclusive list of your tv series to watch online without signup. Some websites may require subscription and signup to maintain a resourceful list.

1. Tubi TV 

tubi for watch tv series onlineIf you want to watch free TV shows online, Tubi TV is the best choice. Tubi TV is not new to the online streaming community. Tubi TV offers its service for free. There is an option to upgrade to a premium version and enjoy more TV shows and movies.

You can enjoy over 20,000 TV shows and movies on Tubi TV for free. They have movies and TV shows from famous production studios like Paramount, MGM, Lionsgate, A&E, Starz, etc. It is available in most countries, including America and Australia.

Fox Corporation owns Tubi TV. After Fox-owned Tubi TV, the platform gained a vast library of TV shows and Films. Apart from TV shows and films, Tubi has 17 Fox Stations for enjoying live TV. Try Tubi TV to watch free TV shows online.

Popular collections of Tubi

  • Sneaker Shopping
  • This Old House
  • 6teen
  • Larsa Pippen Spills the Tea! 
  • Wolfblood
  • Grounded for Life
  • Duck Dynasty
  • The Dead Zone

2. Hotstar 

hotstarHotstar is a streaming website (and app) for TV shows online and free, owned by Digital India Networks. It is best for free TV shows online streaming. You can enjoy live cricket, films, and popular TV series on Hotstar.

Hotstar is popular in India and South Asian countries for its regional content. You can use Hotstar from anywhere Globally, but if you have any problem, use a VPN.

In some aspects, you can say it is even better than Netflix, as Hotstar provides free shows and live TV. You can subscribe to their paid service to enjoy the full potential of the Hotstar app.

Popular collections of Hotstar

  • The Plot Against America.
  • City On A Hill.
  • Billions.
  • The Outsider.
  • Chernobyl.
  • The Affair.
  • The Mandalorian.
  • Twin Peaks.

3. CineBloom

CineBloomIn my opinion, CineBloom is one of the best sites to watch TV shows online for free. CineBloom is an entirely safe and legal site known for streaming TV shows and films. There is no need for a subscription or registration.

On CineBloom, you can enjoy all the latest TV shows and films. They have different genres of shows, viz, drama, horror, romance, thriller, and comedy. You can enjoy all of the shows online from your browser. CineBloom is supported on smartphones too. So you can enjoy your favorite shows on the go.

Popular collections of CineBloom

  • The Good Doctor
  • Private eyes
  • Trickster
  • Law and Order
  • Ghostwrite
  • Big Hero 6
  • The Amazing Race (reality show)
  • This is us
  • Chopped (show)

4. Watchseries. to

watchseriesWatchSeries is a great site to enjoy free tv shows online for free. You can access this for an excellent online streaming site to watch all the popular TV shows on the go. The media library of the Watch Series is extraordinary. They have all the latest TV series for you.

On Watch Series, you are not required to create an account. Watch Series is an ad-free site. So, no annoying advertisements will bother you when you enjoy your favorite show. The website is safe and legal to use. The Watch Series is updated daily. There is always something new to watch on Watch Series.

Popular collections of watch series

  • Good Doctor
  • Fear the Walking Dead
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • Lucifer
  • The Boys
  • His Dark Materials
  • The Walking Dead
  • The Simpsons

5. movies 

movies is a popular site for watching TV series online. It is a free online streaming site to watch TV shows without downloading. They have a vast collection of TV series, award shows, films, and all your entertainment needs.

You don’t need a subscription or account to enjoy TV series and online movies. On movies, there are exclusive IMDb-rated TV series and shows. Movies are available from anywhere in the world. I was shocked to see their collection for the first time. They have a complete collection of all the shows and series for you to watch for free.

Popular collections of movies

  • Frozen Planet
  • Wolf Hall
  • Babylon Berlin
  • Pokemon
  • Straight
  • Bulletproof
  • Star Trek
  • The Last Dance
  • CSI: NY

6. MoviesJoy 

MoviesJoy is a free website offering the best films and tv shows. It is a safe and legal website that provides free streaming to its users. They have a handy Android app that you can use. You can use the browser too. It has regional films, shows, and Hollywood TV series.

You can enjoy tons of TV series for free on MoviesJoy. The website is updated regularly and considered one of the best KissAnime Alternatives. Just click on a title and choose the episode to enjoy. No annoying ads or subscriptions are required.

Popular collections of MoviesJoy

  • NCIS
  • Young Sheldon
  • The Mandalorian
  • The Queen’s Gambit
  • A teacher
  • His Dark Material
  • Industry
  • SWAT

7. 123MOVIES 

123MOVIES is a popular site for your media solutions. You can watch TV shows online for free without any hassle. This free online TV series streaming service has all the famous and currently available shows.

On 123Movies, you can watch series and reality shows, TV game shows, and films. If you want a safe and legal way to enjoy your favorite drama serial, 123Movies could be your first choice.

Popular collections of 123MOVIES

  • NCIS: New Orleans
  • No Man’s Land
  • His Dark Materials
  • Killer siblings
  • Battle of Blades (show)
  • Young Sheldon
  • Mean Mums
  • Paranormal

8. Popcornflix 

PopCornFlix Putlocker Alternative Streaming Sites to Watch Movies OnlinePopcornflix is the best website to watch free movies and TV series. It is a free on-demand online streaming site for TV series and shows. You don’t need an account or subscribe to shady plans to enjoy shows or series. Please open the website on your browser, choose the show, and enjoy it.

Popcornflix is a legal website but has quite several ads. The ads pop up during the series streaming. That bothered me a little. The service is free, so why complain? The website is updated weekly, and you can enjoy almost all the latest TV series on Popcornflix. Turn off the lights, cuddle in your blanket, and watch TV shows free online on Popcornflix. 

Popular collections of Popcornflix

  • On the Ropes
  • Hidden Heroes
  • Hunter
  • Air force One
  • Mysterious Island
  • Beaver Falls
  • Urban Legends
  • 21 jump street

9. Crackle 

sony crackle for watch tv series online free full episodes without downloadingCrackle has so many TV series and films that, you might think, is it legal?! Yes, using Crackle to watch movies online for a free full movie with no signup is legal and safe. One cool feature is that you can tv shows online free from Crackle to your television with the app. Download the My Crackle app on your phone and connect to your Android TV.

Crackle service is available in the USA, Canada, Australia, and 18 other Latin American countries. To access Crackle outside these regions, you have to use a VPN. You can watch tv series online for free full episodes without downloading on Crackle. 

Popular collections of Crackle 

  • Blood and Money
  • Pacific Rim
  • Kingpin
  • Silent Hill
  • The Walk
  • Hot Rod
  • The Host

10. FMovies 

fmoviesAnother commonly used online streaming website for TV shows is FMovies. On FMovies, watch TV shows online for free—no signup required. There is no issue with legality when it comes to watching shows on FMovies. It is a safe and secure site for watching TV shows online for free.

When you use FMovies, you might see that it is not working. Don’t worry. Just change the browser you are using and try again. Sometimes the browser might not be compatible with mini browsers like UC Mini, Opera Mini, etc. We recommend using Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser.

Unfortunately, FMovies is banned in some regions for pirated websites. You can use a VPN to bypass and watch your desired shows.

Popular collections of FMovies 

  • Dracula
  • The Witcher
  • Arrow
  • Mandalorian
  • Vikings
  • The Flash
  • Preacher
  • Game of Thrones
  • Krypton

11. Vudu

VUDU - watch tv series online freeVudu is a premium website to watch new release tv shows online for free without signing up. It was Walmart’s on-demand online video and anime streaming site. Vudu is a premium site with a monthly subscription. But they offer tons of free TV series and films for its users. After watching a few ads, you can enjoy many popular series and movies for free.

With a monthly subscription, you can enjoy a limitless number of series and films on Vudu. If you don’t want to pay, do not worry. They have around 500+ free tv shows and series for you. And after Fandango purchased Vudu, the collection grew even more.

Popular collections of Vudu

  • The Temptations
  • Salem Witch Trials
  • Leverage
  • Sonic
  • Hell’s Kitchen
  • Tin Man
  • Angry Birds
  • Bizarre ER
  • The Hive
  • Blackout
  • Hitler
  • Grounded for Life

12. Vumoo

vumooVumoo is a hub for watching pirated and genuine films, TV shows, and other media files. You can compare Vumoo with a search engine for pirated content. These free websites grab pirated copies from different sources and show them on their platform. So, there are lots of redirects on Vumoo.

If you overlook the source, there is no better website to enjoy your favorite TV shows other than Vumoo. It has everything you can ask for films, TV series, shows, and whatnot. It is also popular to watch cartoons online.

Popular collections of Vumoo

  • Law and Order
  • Star Trek
  • Chicago Fire
  • SWAT
  • Trickster
  • Call my agent
  • The Liberator

13. ShareTV

ShareTV is a community-based website for fans of television series and shows. It is run by a group of young people who love TV shows. They have all of the popular TV series and shows. With more than 1000 Television shows available on ShareTV is the best place to watch TV series online. They have TV series, shows, anime, cartoons, films, and many m ShareTV is a legal website, and you are safe while browsing on ShareTV when watching TV shows online for free.

Popular collections of ShareTV

  • NCIS
  • The Expanse
  • Catfish
  • Lost in Space
  • Smackdown (show)
  • City Homicide
  • Graceland
  • Duck Dynasty

14. Gomovies

GomoviesGomovies is a free stream online tv show-watching platform. You can watch tv series online without any subscription or account. You can also enjoy popular and latest films and other tv dramas on Gomovies.

Gomovies is one of the best competitors of renowned premium online streaming sites, offering its users free service. You can find all the latest and best tv shows on Gomovies. Open Gomovies on your browser and search for your desired series to watch effortlessly.

 Popular collections of Gomovies

  • The Mandalorian
  • The Queen’s Gambit
  • Mirzapur
  • Vampire Diaries
  • Euphoria
  • The Boys
  • Lucifer
  • Vikings


tvduckTvduck is a hub for watching TV online for free streaming. It is a sort of website with all the prime tv shows and series. Tvduck offers regular TV shows from Netflix, Vudu, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. They have a user-friendly interface and easy-to-use features.

On, you are not required to create an account or subscribe to any plan. Tvduck offers its service for free. You can browse for your desired shows and click on them to see all the episodes. Streaming on Tvduck is safe and legal. So you don’t have to worry about anything.

Popular collections of Tvduck

  • Big Bang Theory
  • Sherlock
  • New Girl
  • Doctor Who
  • Mad Men
  • The Simpsons
  • Community
  • Shameless
  • Weeds

16. Yidio

yidioYidio is a great source to watch TV online for free streaming. When it comes to the question, is Yidio safe and legal? Well, Yidio gets all of its content from third parties. It is not sure if the third-party website is secure or not. But most of the sites redirected by Yidio are usually safe and legal. If you see that a series turns you into a shady spot, it is better to close that window.

Yidio tries to solve the problem of browsing multiple streaming sites to find your content. It shows all the media files on its homepage and redirects you to the source when you click on it. Yidio is a free streaming site, but you can subscribe to its secure version for just $5 monthly.

Popular collections of Yidio

  • Power
  • NCIS
  • Spartacus
  • Young Sheldon
  • Big Brother
  • Teen Mom
  • The Game \Under the Dome

17. CMoviesHD 

cmovieshdCMoviesHD is a free TV show, an online streaming site that lets you watch and download Hollywood and Bollywood films and TV series. You can enjoy your favorite shows from the comfort of your home. But I should warn you CMoviesHD is not a legal site to browse if you are concerned about that. Most of the content is pirated and in low-quality hall print. There are high-quality films too. But all the latest releases are low quality as they are available on the day pirates release them.

Popular collections of CMoviesHD

  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • This is us
  • Chicago Fire
  • The Walking dead
  • Supernatural
  • Paranormal
  • Warrior
  • The Goldberg
  • Blood of Zeus
  • The Boys
  • Roadkill

18. Noxx

noxxNoxx is the best solution to watch new-release movies online for free without signing up. You can legally and safely enjoy your favorite shows and series. If you want a site for tv shows to watch online, then Noxx is one of the best choices.

You don’t need an account or subscription to use Noxx. It is safe and complexly legal to browse on the internet. There is no redirection or opening of suspicious links on Noxx. You can safely enjoy your show while sipping hot coffee from your bed.

Popular collections of Noxx

  • Discovery
  • Industry
  • SWAT
  • Hannibal
  • Vikings
  • A teacher
  • Not my son
  • Roadkill
  • Informer 3838

19. is a website that specializes in all TV shows and series. You can say it is more like an online TV than a website. It has a complete collection of all TV series, shows, and whatnot. You can browse the website like browsing on your TV and find the show you want to see. is sorted by date. You can watch daily updates of ongoing shows on the library. It is free and safe to watch. You don’t have to be bothered with any registration or subscription. The site has a close look at all your media needs. Well, it is too compact. All the shows are clustered together. It is not a problem, and it just looks rather interesting.

Popular collections of

  • The Simpsons
  • Breaking Bad
  • The Following
  • Prison Break
  • The fresh prince of Bel-Air
  • Bates Motel
  • Game of Thrones
  • Dexter
  • Family Guy
  • Boardwalk Empire
  • Suits
  • Lost

20. is a great site to watch tv series online, free full episodes without downloading. They offer free TV shows online streaming without any registration or subscription. It is a handy website for enjoying a show without worrying about the time. It does not matter when the show is on TV. You can watch it on your smartphone or tablet lying on the couch with is a tremendous free series streaming site that is malware-free and safe. Most of the content on is legally owned, and some may be pirated. But you don’t have to worry about that.

Popular collections of

  • Suspicious Mind
  • Evil Lives Here
  • Phantom Signals
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • Southern Charm
  • Animal Kingdom
  • TotalBellas
  • Dragon’s Den
  • Braxton Family

Sites That We Don’t Recommend

The following websites for streaming TV shows and films are popular, but we don’t recommend them. These sites are all pirated websites and hence illegal. You can look for their safe alternatives. For example, you can try Putlocker alternatives that are safe. We advise you to skip illegal and unfaithful websites when streaming online.

  • LookMovie
  • Soap2Day
  • Dwatchseries. to
  • Putlocker
  • Rainierland


What is the better way to enjoy your favorite TV series from the comfort of your home? These online streaming sites let you do that for free. You don’t have to note down the time of a show to go live. It was in 2020. Who does that!? Just take your tablet and search for websites to watch tv shows online for free.

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