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Best 15 Putlocker Alternative Streaming Sites to Watch Movies Online

Putlocker is one of the most used online streaming websites. It is a popular website to enjoy media online. Its popularity is growing rapidly. But its users are facing different problems while streaming on this site. Today we will try to introduce you to 15 of the best Putlocker alternative to watch movies online.

What is Putlocker?

Putlocker is a file hosting index website that holds all media files (films, TV series, Shows) for watching online. This website was created in the UK in early 2011. It grew a tremendous number of visitors after the shutdown of another streaming site, Megaupload. The website was blocked by the order of the UK High Court in 2016. It was a temporary shutdown, and it surfaced with a new URL. According to Alexa Internet, this website is ranked among the top 250 most visited website.

Putlocker is a piracy website, as all the contents are copyright protected. For that, the Motion Picture Association listed it as a significant piracy threat.

It’s domain and URL have changed several times to use the law’s loop and service its visitors.

Currently, the original Putlocker website is decommissioned, and some proxy sites are available.

Is Putlocker Safe to Use?

No. A free streaming site like Putlocker is a website where pirated media is available. It may be unsafe for users as the original website is shut down in 2016. Currently, those Putlocker proxy sites are maintained by different people around the world. These sites are not trustworthy. So, our verdict is using an unfamiliar proxy is unsafe.

The short answer is, Yes. You are not in violation of any law if you watch anything on a Similar website. The website is in violation and breaking the copyright law by showing pirated media files.

But you can only watch it online. If you download it and store it, you have breached copyright law. As the owner of the content did not permit anyone to share the content.

Different countries hold different views against piracy. Here is an overview,

Stance on Piracy Country
Pirating is legal (for personal use) Poland, Spain, Switzerland.
Pirating is illegal Australia, China, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Portugal, Russia, South Africa, United States.
Pirating is illegal, but individuals are not liable Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Columbia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Greece, India, Israel, Iran, Mexico, Netherlands, Philippines, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Uruguay.

Do I need a VPN to use Putlocker?

If your country has a strong position against all kinds of piracy, then it is likely to be true that all Putlocker movies like websites are banned or blocked. So, it is safe to use a VPN to access streaming sites. I also recommend using an antivirus if you wish to visit sites to watch movies online.

Is it Dangerous to Use Putlocker?

If the question arises, Should you use Putlocker? Then our answer is no. In a sense, you can say it is rather dangerous to use it for your device. It can lead to virus infestation and privacy breach.

If you live in a country with a strong anti-piracy policy, it could be unlawful to use piracy. We recommend using safe alternatives to watch movies online.

What Are Some Safe Alternatives For Putlocker?

Putlocker alternatives streaming sites to watch movies onlineHere is a list of the best 15 Putlocker free movie site alternatives. All of these websites are safe and legal. You can safely use these websites to stream online and watch films and TV shows.

1. Popcornflix (free)

PopCornFlix Putlocker Alternative Streaming Sites to Watch Movies OnlineIf you want a website that shows you all the latest movies online, Popcornflix is just for you. It is a hassle-free movie streaming website, just like Putlocker movies. There is no need to create an account or subscribe to anything. You can just visit their link and enjoy films, tv shows, and other entertainment for free.

When you open the website in your browser, you are on their homepage. You can search for any movies or use the category button to find your desired film or show. The new and latest films and shows are listed separately. You can look for films by date and genre too.

Using Popcornflix is legal. There is no virus threat or piracy threat on Popcornflix.

There are some annoying ads which, according to Popcornflix, can be removed if you create an account. Another thing that bothered me to play some films. It redirected me to another unreliable website. Please be sure of that.

2. 123Movies (free)

123Movies has one of the largest collections of films and TV shows for you to watch. They have all the latest and most updated films and shows. As far as sites like Putlockers go, 123Movies is the best. The quality of the films and shows are outstanding. You can either stream movies online or download them. Anyone need to subscribe to their paid plan to download any movie or shows.

You are not required to create an account or sign up to watch movies online. Their homepage interface is great. All the categories are correctly sorted. The onsite search bar is pretty handy too. 123Movies has new films as well as old ones.

One feature of 123Movies that excited me most is that it has a collection of Anime, cartoons, and Asian TV series. This site is a unique thing that very few online free streaming sites.

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3. Netflix (paid)

netflix - Putlocker alternatives streaming sites to watch movies onlineI don’t think I have to say much about Netflix. We all know that Netflix is the best legal website to stream movies and TV shows online. It is entirely safe, and there is no copyright issue like other Putlocker alternatives.

You need to have a verified account to use Netflix. Netflix is a premium subscription-based service. It usually costs $8.99 for one month of subscription (one user). It is an excellent choice as an alternative for movie watching if you are willing to pay for it. You get a month free trial if you subscribe to the Netflix premium service.

Netflix offers many films, shows, Anime, cartoons, local TV shows, and many more. You can easily navigate and watch any content you desire to see. If you use Netflix as an alternative Putlockers, then you are legally secured to watch, download, and enjoy media files.

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4. Amazon Prime Video (paid)

amazon_prime_videoAmazon Prime Video is another premium Putlocker alternative similar to Netflix. But it is cheaper and better than Netflix. Amazon Prime Video has the most extensive global and regional media library. You can watch all types of Hollywood films, TV series, and your regional movies and shows (if available) for a small monthly subscription.

With Amazon Prime Video, you get other benefits from Amazon too. Unfortunately, Amazon Prime Video is not available in every country like Netflix. You can use different methods if Amazon Prime Video is not allowed in your country, but I wouldn’t recommend that. If it is available in your region, then it is the best watch video alternative without a doubt.

Join Amazon Prime Video for just $5.99 a month with the first month free. You can cancel anytime if you feel like it is not for you. You can use multiple devices and download or stream online. Give it a try.

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5. Watch TV Series (free)

You can say by the title of this free Putlocker alternative that it is a website specializing in TV series. On the Watch TV Series, you can enjoy all kinds of Hollywood TV series and shows. There are no films on this website, though.

Watch TV Series has popular TV series like Game of Thrones, Young Sheldon, His Dark Material, and many more. It is easy to watch a TV series on Watch TV Series. When you select a show, you can see all the seasons and episodes of that show and choose from it. As it is a free streaming site, they need to earn money by placing advertisements on their site. So, there will be a lot of ads in between watching the episodes. Other than that, Watch TV Series is an excellent replacement for Putlocker.

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6. Hulu (paid)

huluHulu is another site like Netflix and a great alternative to Putlocker tv. It is one of the cheapest Netflix alternatives and offers a lot for the money. Hulu has little fewer films and shows compared to Netflix, and Prime Video. Hulu has some of its original movies and series for your enjoyment that is not available outside the Hulu platform.

You must have an account and a verified debit card to pay for the monthly subscription to Hulu. The Hulu basic subscription will cost you $5.99 per month, and the Premium version with more features costs $11.99 per month. You can also get Disney+ and ESPN+ service if you choose the Hulu bundle pack for only 412.99 per month.

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7. AZMovies (free)

If you are looking for a complete alternative to watch animes, then AZMovies can be the best choice for you. This free website to watch movies online has a vast collection of films and other shows. You can stream HD videos on AZMovies and download it if you want.  

The interface on AZMovies may seem overcrowded. There is so much content that at first, you might find it hard to navigate the site. But it is not what it looks like. The site is simple enough to navigate and find the film you want to enjoy.

There is a subtitle option to watch films comfortably. The quality of the movies is great. They have movies from as early as 1948 to the present. The search feature of AZMovies is also helpful to find a film you want to watch. There is no need to sign up or create an account. It is one of the greatest completely free sites similar to Putlockers.

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8. Vumoo (free)

Vumoo is another excellent website similar to Putlockers. It is a freemium website for watching films online. It offers premium quality content with no fees. With very pop-up ads, it is less annoying than Putlocker. It has only two categories, Movies and TV series. So, you will find it easy to navigate and find your desired content and watch online.

The search function of Vumoo is also handy and useful. Just type in the name or title of the film you want to watch and press enter or search to view the media file. When you start typing a title, you can see

There is no subscription or sign up required to use Vumoo. You can use Vumoo as long as you have an internet connection. In my opinion, Vumoo fulfills all the requirements as the best movie watching site.

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9. FMovies to Watch Movies Online (free)

FMovies is a website like Putlocker free movie site. It is a free website to enjoy all the latest films and TV shows. You can see that there are lots of different categories of movies and TV shows. There are regional contents as well as global content. There is alphabetical sorting for the contents too. It is easy to find a film or show on FMovies.

FMovies has a refined user interface with lots of useful features. There is a trending and recommendation tab to watch the latest films and shows. You don’t need an account or registration to use FMovies.

One thing that bothered me is that there are a lot of annoying advertisements. The ads pop-up when watching videos.

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10. Solar Movie (free)

Solar Movie is one of the best Putlocker alternatives to watch movies and shows online. It is a reliable and trustworthy online streaming website that you can use to watch any films and series whenever you want. The website is updated daily. You can see all the latest films as soon as they are available to the public.

Solar Movie is a free website. You don’t need an account or subscription to use Solar Movie. The site has a clean interface and easy to use the feature. You can navigate easily and find films and shows.

There is no need for a subscription or payment. You can enjoy films from different categories, genres, and timelines. Give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.

11. Crackle (free)

sony_crackleCrackle is an excellent alternative for Putlocker to watch movies and cartoons online. You can enjoy a large number of films and shows on Crackle for free. They have different categories of movies and TV shows. It is free to use a full-on entertainment site.

There is no signup or subscription. Just search for your favorite film or select one from its recommendation and enjoy it. It has an Android app, too, for your convenience.

There are low advertisements for Crackle. One problem with this media streaming site is that it is not supported in every region.

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12. Tubi (free)

Tubi is another excellent site like Putlockers.Tubi is another excellent website similar to the putlocker. It is free and has an excellent interface. It is mainly focused on TV shows. You can watch and stream on Tubi from anywhere in the world.

They have a vast collection of media files. It is safe and entirely trustworthy for use. Tubi is supported on all major platforms like Roku, fireTV, Samsung, Sony, Android, etc. Tubi owns thousands of genuine titles that you can use. It is safe and legal to stream on Tubi.

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13. Vudu (free)

VUDUVudu is a free online streaming website. It has thousands of free movies and shows for you to watch. It is easy to access and needs no signup. You can enjoy a film online or download it to watch it offline. The website is well categorized with very few ads.

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14. MoviesJoy (free)

MoviesJoy is a site to watch movies online free putlocker. With minimal pop-ups and high-quality content MoviesJoy is my go-to streaming site. There is no sign up needed. It is free and safe to use.

There are a number of popular films and shows on MoviesJoy. You can enjoy it from anywhere. The site is updated regularly. So, you get to enjoy all the latest shows when they are out.

15. Go Movies (free)

Go Movies is a high-quality online streaming site that offers free films and TV shows to its visitors. There is no registration or hassle to enjoy your favorite movie. Just search from the vast library of movies and enjoy it.

Go Movies has minimal advertisement, which is a good thing. It is annoying if ads keep popping up on stream. It has a less complicated design with all the useful features. Give it a try.

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Putlocker is an excellent source for movies and TV shows, but it is not safe to use the proxy servers of Putlocker. These websites which we listed are all safe and reliable. You can easily watch your desired film without violating the law. Share the article if you found it useful.

Fardeen is a technical content writer who specializes in the areas of Windows, Android, and Online Tips. He is highly up to date with the technological world. Writing is not just his passion but the only thing that carries life satisfaction. If not writing, you may find him playing games on his phone.

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