The 15 Best PC Games You Can Play Without Graphics Card

If you are a computer game lover, this article might attract you. Who doesn’t want to take the gaming amazement without any cost? And if the game runs without graphics card, it is hardly ignorable. In this article, I will mention several games for pc without graphics cards. Of course, you can download these games for free. To know more, stay with us!

Best Free PC Games Without Graphics Card

Using a graphic card to play computer games might cause hassle to you. But in most cases, popular games require a graphic card. Besides, you have to pay money to buy those games. So, an idea was developed that no exciting games can be played without a graphic card. But, I will prove this rumor wrong. This article will show you the best 15 fun-playing games that do not require graphic cards. 

1. Super Animal Royale

Super Animal Royale is a battle video game. This game will take you on a virtual battlefield with exciting features. This game offers a 2D animation effect. You will get 64-player matches in this game. Various anthropomorphic animals carrying dangerous weapons will help you to attack other players in this game.

Super Animal Royale
Super Animal Royale

Super Animal Royale is an adventure game as well as a shooting game. This game requires you to collect DNAs of different species of animals. You can unlock many other animal breeds as you complete each level. This game’s automatic and semi-automatic guns will take you to a fantasy battle world. This free game will indeed draw your attention.  

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2. Cube Escape: Paradox

Cube Escape: Paradox is a detective game. You have to find a way to escape from an ominous room. The room is situated in a parallel universe. In this game, you cannot recollect your memories. You will find yourself as a part of the game as a detective. Now, various puzzles will appear before you. You must solve all the tricks to get yourself out of the maze.

Cube Escape: PC Games You Can Play Without Graphics Card
Cube Escape: Paradox

Cube Escape: Paradox will give you a film crossover experience. This free pc game without graphics card contains many connections with the paradoxical world. The overall gaming environment with beautiful paintings will also overwhelm you. In a nutshell, Cube Escape: Paradox is a worth recommendable game. 

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3. Need For Speed: Most Wanted

Need For Speed: Most Wanted is an exciting racing game. You will find a one-world environment in this game. You can select your favorite car here to take part in the race. There are three types of events available for you. Those are- sprint races, circuit races, and ambush races.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted
Need For Speed-Most Wanted

In some events, you will find cops chasing your car. You are one of the top listed most wanted persons in the game. So, you need to escape from the police with your speedy car.  You need to run your vehicle in a regular city. Need For Speed: Most Wanted also contains an autolog feature. Here, you can enjoy the competition between friends system. Overall, you will enjoy this free game for pc. 

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4. Counter-Strike 1.6

Counter-Strike has been a heart-winning game for gamers for almost two decades. This shooting game has a large fanbase. It is a 10/10 rated game on steam. You need to ally with your teammates to complete the game. There are a lot of exciting missions and shooting tasks. You may also have to rescue your teammates to win the game.

Counter-Strike 1.6 PC Games You Can Play Without Graphics Card
Counter-Strike 1.6

Counter-Strike 1.6 is a worth mentionable game without graphics card. You can download this game for free on any windows pc. This thrilling game will give you a feel of teamwork and fighting against enemies. 

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5. Call of Duty

Call of Duty is a popular game throughout the world. This shooting game contains eye-catching graphics and scenery. Moreover, it will give you a practical shooting experience. Still, this game does not require any graphic cards. You can also get it free on your pc!

Call of Duty
Call of Duty

Call of Duty offers authentic squad movements and tactics. The soldiers also need to take training before joining in the battle. You will enjoy this game’s authentic location, sounds, and weapons. 24 missions and 4 interconnected historical campaigns added a new vibe to the game. It can be treated as an experience of a Mini World War II!

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6. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto has been a highly rated game for a long time. Vice City is one of the most popular sequels in this game. You need not use any graphic card to play it on a PC. GTA: Vice City mainly portrays a picture of a city in the 1980s. It is a story of a man who turned into the head of a crime gang. You have to fight against your enemies in an ever-created alive digital city.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Grand Theft Auto. Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City offers a fully customizable gameplay layout. Its adjustable graphics settings will astonish you. The high-resolution features of this game prove its compatibility in competing with other high-rated games. 

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7. Project IGI 2

Project IGI 2 is an adventure-fighting game. It contains 19 different missions. Before each task starts, the animated characters of this game will deliver pre-recorded speeches to lead you to the game. Among the functions, the noisy gunfight is highly mentionable. You have to fight with a large group of enemies to stay alive.

Project IGI 2
Project IGI 2

Project IGI-2 is full of high-rated graphical designs and audio visualization. The levels of this game will be challenging as it reaches the top. It is rare to find such a game without graphics card for free. You will surely love this action game. 

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8. Adventure Capitalist

Adventure Capitalist is a light weighted, fun game. It tells a story of a capitalist emperor. You will find every aspect of capitalism in this game. It will show how a person is dominated by money and property. Here, the capitalist emperor earns massive cash and attracts other investors to influence his business.

Adventure Capitalist
Adventure Capitalist

Adventure Capitalist is a game of spending money. It will lead to earning a lot and spending them as you want. You will even get a manager here to keep a record of your earnings! The game will give you various tasks in an adventurous style.

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9. Ann

Ann will give you a different experience than the other games mentioned above. It is built on a horror plot. It portrays a horrifying adventure story. Here, you will indulge in the adventurous tasks of a haunted school. Eventually, you will reveal the dark secrets of that building.


In this game, Ann, an art student, gets trapped in a hunted school. You have to help her to escape from there before she becomes a permanent resident of it. The animations used in Ann are highly appreciable. Its gamer-friendly features will also attract you a lot. 

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10. Brawlhalla

Brawlhalla is another fun-playing game. You have to knock your opponents off repeatedly in this game. A color variation will signify whether you have succeeded in damaging others. If the color shows red, you are nearly to knock off one. And each time getting knocked off, your opponent will lose a life


Brawlhalla also offers you to set a room to compete with your friends. You can play duos to increase the collaborative ranks. This casual game is an excellent source of fun combined with a fighting environment. Also, it will be a great option to have a good time in a virtual world without any cost.

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11. Valorant

Valorant is comparatively new in the genre of shooting games. This game became famous in 2020. It contains exciting fighting levels. You have to defend your team by attacking the opponents. Each team will contain five players. The players must use powerful weapons to fight against others and reach the next level. This is one of the best games to play on pc without a GPU.

Valorant Without Graphics Card

Valorant also contains a variety of agents, divided into four roles- Duelists, Sentinels, Initiators, and Controllers. These agents add more thrill to the game. Its escalation game mode is also popular among the players. It also contains a death match named ‘snowball game.’ Valorant is a too much competitive game, showing the rank of each player after five rounds. The game is unique in its graphics and other features. 

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12. Rainbow Six Seige

You will experience an ultra HD graphical texture while playing Rainbow Six Seige. This action game adds a new level to the use of thrilling weapons. Its characters are very much attractive. You can play this game as one of the best pc games for 4GB ram without graphics card. It is also capable of running in multiple system configurations.

Rainbow Six Seige
Rainbow Six Seige

Rainbow Six Seige will take you to an exciting operation named ‘Operation Brutal Swarm. You need to carry on the operation with your adventure squad. A departmental map will show you the way amidst the adventurous atmosphere. You also have to choose an operator to lead your team. This game is a perfect example of a windows pc game without graphics card. 

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13. Max Payne

Maxy Payne is another storytelling action game. It is a game of a man having nothing to lose. He has become violent to uncover the bitter truth about his family. You have to play the role of Max in this game. The actions on a cold, unbar night will give you an extra thrill. Besides, his helpless character will make you desperate to win the game for him.

Max Payne Without Graphics Card
Max Payne

Max Payne has to fight a battle that he has no hope of winning. He is on the edge of life and struggling to escape this haunted situation. The audio visualization of this game is enough to attract anyone. It is worth playing Max Payne for free, not requiring any graphic card.

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14. Forza Horizon 4: Mitsubishi Car Pack

Forza Horizon 4 is a racing game. It allows you to create races on an utterly customizable route. Though you need to pay to play other sequels of this game, Mitsubishi Car Pack is available for free. It also requires no GPU. The server supports up to 72 players in each game. However, you can use only Mitsubishi cars in this free game.

Forza Horizon 4: Mitsubishi Car Pack
Forza Horizon 4 Mitsubishi Car Pack

Forza Horizon 4 is highly graphically designed. You create races here in different seasons and weather. Moreover, you have to face lots of difficulties while driving in ice or hot weather. The game is available on both online and offline platforms. Playing this game can be the best means to pass your leisure.

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15. Fortnite

Fortnite is a free-to-play game. It is set on the concept of contemporary earth. This game contains up to four players. You will get various missions to solve, using maps for collecting resources. Also, you have to build fortifications surrounding the defense objectives. These defense kits also help to fight the storm and protect the survivors.

Fortnite Without Graphics Card

Fortnite will teach you to survive in challenging weather and situations. The powerful weapons will help you survive through all the missions. Besides, these missions are located in four different world locations. The hero characters portray the role of 4 separate players. Overall, the game is recommendable and does not require a graphic card.

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Final Thoughts

Finding a free good game with well-organized graphics is quite tricky. Again, if you want such a game to play without graphics card, you have to search a lot. But this article will acquaint you with some exciting games you will love. Try playing these games and share your feelings with us. I hope that you will find out this write-up fruitful. Stay with us!

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