The Best 15 Male to Female Voice Changers

These days, voice changer apps and software programs are trendy. Creators use voice changer apps to create videos that require a variety of sound effects. In that case, creators must employ sound effects apps. But it’s challenging to keep a single app for every minor task. You can sound like a girl with the best Male to Female Voice Changers app on Online, Windows, Android & IOS devices.

What is Online Voice Changing Apps?

Voice-changing apps are ideal for changing an end user’s voice pitch and tone. The Voice Changers can be used to record audio and share it via social media and email. The best voice changer apps also include a variety of sound effects and voiceovers that can be applied to audio files in real-time.

Voice editing software includes recording conversations, sound management, and more. We all have unique voices, and it seems almost magical that you can change every aspect of your intonation using a voice changer app. The best voice changer apps change parts of your speech to make it less like your voice.

How Do Voice Changer Apps Work?

The voice changer for PC and mobile allows you to convert your voice into your chosen voice. This could be a female or male robot, an animal, or something else. Voice editor apps also make it simple to add and customize voice effects. You can use voice-changing software to add new effects to voice recordings the next time you open a file. 

Popular voice-changing software works best to make entertaining audio recordings and easily share them. Numerous filter types are available, including robots, animals, insects, children, women, and men. Adding new effects is simple and can be done while recording voiceovers. You can make entertaining audio recordings and use online voice changers to share or import them easily.

The simple steps involved in experimenting with different voices are as follows:

  • When a voice changer for mobile receives audio input, it applies various filters to alter the voice.
  • The tone, pitch, frequency, loudness, and softness of the audio can be increased or decreased depending on the type of filter used.
  • You can now apply different backgrounds and sound effects to the recordings made.

The Best 15 Male to Female Voice Changers on Online, Windows, Android & IOS

Product Platform Free/Paid
VoiceSpice Online Free
LingoJam Voice Changer Online Free Online Free
Murf Online Free Online Free
MyVoiceMod Online Free
Accusonus Online Both Free & Paid
VoiceMod Windows Both Free & Paid
Clownfish Windows Both Free & Paid
Morph VOX Windows Both Free & Paid
AV Voice Changer Software Windows Both Free & Paid
Voice Changer with Effects Android Free
Voice Changer & Voice Editor Android Free
Voice Changer, Sound Recorder IOS Both Free & Paid
Voice Changer Plus IOS Free

So, in this article, I’ll walk you through some of the best voice changer software available. Depending on your purpose of use, you can choose between a real-time voice changer and one that instructs you to record your voice before changing it.

The Best Male-to-Female Voice Changers on Online

Numerous voice-changing apps allow you to convert a male to a female voice. They come with various pre-programmed voice types, including alien, robotic, and cartoon. The voice-changing software also allows you to manually change your voice’s pitch, frequency, tone, and other aspects.

1. VoiceSpice

VoiceSpice is an online voice changer tool that lets you record your voice as a man, woman, girl, demon, robot, or other character. You do not need to download it to use it. The tool automatically converts text to speech in a male or female voice. VoiceSpice Male to Female Voice Changers

There are over 15 different languages to choose from in this tool. Set your preferred language and gender, type the text in the blank box, and tap “Create message.” You will instantly hear a male or female voice depending on your selection.

Important Features

  • It is a voice recording and TTS voice changer that allows you to convert your voice from text to speech and record your vote.
  • Despite having only 5 voice effects on voice recognition, it allows you to change text into different languages and male or female voices.

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2. LingoJam Voice Changer

For starters, this is an entirely free online voice changer tool. It can help you change your voice from male to female in minutes if not seconds. Because it is an online tool, there is no need to download anything. You can either record an audio file or import one already recorded. LingoJam Voice Changer

You can change the voice settings to your liking and instantly receive an audio file that has already been voice-changed. If you like what you hear, click download to save the file to your computer. The tool is straightforward and always recommended for new users.

Important Features

  • It is a TTS voice changer that converts your voice from text to speech.
  • You can save the audio to your computer.
  • It is entirely free to use.
  • The disadvantages are the limited functionality and the parameters for changing your voice.

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3. is yet another online tool for transforming your voice. This online male-to-female voice changer also includes a variety of voice effects, such as aliens, robots, chipmunks, and more. It also allows you to create a custom voice based on the voice effects you want to use. Furthermore, you can generate speech from a text in just a few simple steps. is yet another online tool for transforming your voice.

Important Features

  • includes a diverse range of voice effects.
  • They can generate many voice effects.
  • It supports the most commonly used audio file formats.
  • There are many annoying ads on its main interface.
  • You can only save the output in .wav format.

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4. Murf

Murf’s best feature is the ability to transcribe and edit voice recordings. So, if you made a mistake in recordings, such as mispronunciation or a wrong sentence, there is no need to be concerned. You can edit the portion of your script by simply changing the sentence in the transcription. You will notice the changes made directly to your recording when you replay the audio recording. Murf Male to Female Voice Changers

Murf Studio also makes you sound like any of the 100+ AI voices. You can select an AI voice when you add the text, and the job is done. Furthermore, you can add multiple voices if your writing requires more voices and you don’t have any actors available.

Important Features

  • Murf Checks your script for grammar errors.
  • Removes all filler words to create a natural recording.
  • Murf can perfectly sync your audio and video.
  • It can Mute or delete all unwanted portions of the audio recording.
  • You can change the speed, emphasis, and pitch of your voice.

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To use this fantastic tool to modulate your voice, go to the official website, upload the file, or record a new voice. It then shows you various voice effects you can apply with a single click. The process is simple and hassle-free. To use this fantastic tool to modulate your voice, go to the official website, upload the file, or record a new voice.

Important Features

  • can apply voice effects to both pre-recorded and live audio.
  • It has a variety of exciting voice modes.
  • It is simple and quick to use.
  • Every user can use this for free.

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6. Myvoicemod

Another free web program that allows users to alter their voices easily is Myvoicemod. Changing your voice and saving or sharing it on many internet sites only takes a few clicks. Once you finish your recording, You can listen to and download them. Myvoicemod

Important Features

  • It supports both uploaded voice and lives recording.
  • Directly share the output voice on social media platforms.
  • It supports numerous languages.
  • Before saving the file, users can listen to the effect. It is effortless to use.

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7. Accusonus

Several characters’ voices will require for your content. This tool has everything from AI and alien voices to baby and monster voices. You can use the software’s preset voices or create your character sounds with fewer clicks. Accusonus Male to Female Voice Changers

Accusonus allows you to apply effects with a few clicks. This software can do it if you want to add some walkie-talkie chatter effects or emulate the car radio effect. You can choose the desired result and fine-tune it with the on-screen dial until it suits your content.

Using the voice changer software, you can create the desired effect. Whether you need to add a cave effect or get stadium background noise, the Accunos Voice Changer can help. Mountain echo sounds can look natural with the help of the environment dial, and you can adjust them to your liking.

Important Features

  • By adjusting the three voice modifiers: environment, effect, and character, you can create your preset voice effects.
  • You can create a large number of sounds by using three tuning controls.

The Best Male-to-Female Voice Changers for Windows

 The Windows user will also be happy to know that some services to change voice exists. After installation of the exe file, they can enjoy voice-changing service. Some of them are:

1. VoiceMod

The Voicemod app is a sophisticated and simple-to-use voice changer that can make you sound like a man, woman, robot, or anything else. Voicemod is also compatible with the following software: Audacity, Twitch, Elgato Stream Deck, Omegle, and Streamlabs OBS. You have complete control over the voice. VoiceMod is The Best Male to Female Voice Changers for Windows

If you like a celebrity, you can use their voice or a singer’s voice with the help of autotune. The tool includes an extensive library of sound effects from which to choose to enhance your gaming and chatting experiences.

You can use the Soundboard to create new custom sound effects, allowing you to play the perfect sound at the right time. You can select from the available options or upload your own. This system will significantly improve your gaming experience in Valorant, Apex Legends, Rocket League, and other games.

Important Features

  • Apps for video streaming with added effects and modifications.
  • Chat apps add some unexpected effects to audio messages.
  • AR and Face Filter apps use a unique voice for the same face.
  • The Meeting and Call apps can liven up your next Zoom meeting.
  • While having fun with friends, you can use video chat apps to play the perfect sound effect at the right time.

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2. Clownfish

Clownfish Voice Changer has proven to be the best voice changer software for all Windows systems. You have to install the software on a system-wide basis. As a result, it will affect any application that uses a microphone or any other device that captures audio. As a result, your voice will be altered under the settings in Skype, Discord, TeamSpeak, Viber, Steam, and so on. Clownfish Voice Changer

Important Features

  • The Clownfish Voice Changer has many other features to offer.
  • You can use the “Voice Assistant” tool to convert text to speech and choose from a drop-down list of different voices.
  • When you press a hotkey, the Sound Player will play predefined sounds.

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3. Morph VOX

Morph Vox is a vital piece of software with many cool features. MorphVox Junior, a free tool, and MorphVox Pro, a paid version, are available. However, given the limitations, the free version may not be ideal. Morph VOX

For example, it only has three voice options: a single man, a woman, and a child. As a result, I suggest that you use the premium version for the best experience. It changes voice in real-time, making it ideal for online communication and gaming.

MorphVox has two modes of operation. The skinned mode lets you quickly select your preferred voice from the available options. Add a few effects, and you’re ready to go.

Important Features

  • MorphVox integrates easily with various games and online chat platforms.
  • It includes a background noise filter, which is beneficial for using your computer’s built-in microphone.
  • Another intriguing feature is the ability to add background noises, which you can easily create a real-life scenario from your computer.
  • MorphVox also allows you to edit WAV audio files that have been recorded.
  • This application is only available for Windows.

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4. AV Voice Changer Software

AV Voice Changer Software is great voice changer software that you can use in real-time with services like Twitch and Discord. Record your morphed voice and edit it in the waveform to make it sound more natural. The software allows you to access and modify every voice aspect easily. AV Voice Changer Software

Important Features

  • Your voice can sound more profound, higher, relatively younger, older, more feminine, more masculine, more automated, or any other way you want.
  • The software also includes advanced virtual driver technology, making it compatible with most VoIP programs, role-playing games, and web chat applications.

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The Best Male-to-Female Voice Changers For Android

I also want to inspire Android users. They can enjoy the same service with their intelligent Android phone. Some services for Android users are:

1. Voice Changer with Effects

This app lets you record your voice and apply various nice effects. So, whether you want to sound like a monster or embrace a woman’s voice, you can do it with this app. For a more thrilling experience, the app allows you to create an image with a different sound and even a voice from the text. Depending on your needs, you can import pre-recorded sounds and fine-tune them to your heart’s content. Voice Changer with Effects

Important Features

  • Once your sound is complete, you can save it to your photo library.
  • You can also share it with your Facebook and WhatsApp friends.
  • Overall, it’s one of the best voice changers for Android mobile.

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2. Voice Changer & Voice Editor

Another mobile voice changer app is Voice Changer & Voice Editor. The app includes over 20 voice effects that can be used as intended. You can even slow down or speed up the audio with this app. You can also use the controls to reduce noise in the audio recording. A free version of the app allows you to use voice effects in standard and medium quality. Voice Changer & Voice Editor

Important Features

  • A premium-based subscription is required to use high or HD-quality effects.
  • This app has too many ads.
  • On the other hand, a premium subscription allows you to remove ads and unlock additional voice-tweaking features.

More Info

The Best Male-to-Female Voice Changers for IOS

FossGuru is also for iOS users. They can enable voice services apps on their mobile. Here are some recommended apps for iOS users:

1. Voice Changer, Sound Recorder

This app is available for IOS software and serves multiple functions. Aside from the Male to Female voice-changing option, the “Voice changer, Sound Recorder application” allows you to autotune your voice. The autotune feature is essential because singers use it to make their voices sound perfect. So, imagine having such a feature on your device. You’d never be bored. The app is simple to use and enjoyable. Voice Changer, Sound Recorder

Important Features

  • It is free, but there are in-app purchases available.
  • It’s a great app, but there are only a few voice changers, and you have to pay for more if you want more.
  • You can only sing or do whatever you want for one minute.
  • All of the voice changers work well, but there aren’t enough.

More Info

2. Voice Changer Plus

The Voice Changer Plus app is one of the best voice changer apps on the market today, thanks to the abundance of effects available and the fact that it is entirely free. It is compatible with iOS devices. To use it, record your voice in the microphone and choose the voice effect you want, such as male to female, animals, cartoons, chipmunks, robots, slow motion, elephant voice, and many more. It is effortless to use when it comes to editing your voice. You will undoubtedly have a lot of fun with this tool. Voice Changer Plus

Important Features

  • The Voice Changer Plus is a popular Apple app with 37.6K ratings.
  • This app is an entertaining way to pass the time.
  • It has advertisements after you record and play one recording.
  • This app was enjoyable, but it could be better.

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Final Thought

Strangely enough, voice changers are entertaining tools that also serve a practical purpose. Back-end call center employees can use these tools to mask their voices, gamers can use them to remain anonymous on streaming platforms, and chat apps like Discord and Skype can do the same.

So those are the best male-to-female voice changers to try if you want to change your male voice to a female voice. These voice changer apps work perfectly, and you will notice a significant difference in your voice. 

If you are a streamer or like to record audio, you will undoubtedly enjoy using voice changers. You can even keep your anonymity with the help of the Male to Female Voice Changers tool mentioned above. So, try out these awesome voice changer apps, surprise your friends with the voice change, or even prank them.

Please share if there are any suggestions in the comments section below, and let us know if you know of any other apps.

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