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In the age of artificial intelligence (AI), everyone demands maximum output with minimum input. Reading a big text is a colossal task. Moreover, if it is from any PDF document, then we feel more pain. However, there are a lot of tools, like AI PDF summarizers. The tools use AI to summarize PDFs for better efficiency. With the help of a summary paragraph generator, you will get your desired output within a few seconds. Out of 100 AI text summarizers, I have sorted out the best 10 based on my experiment and experience.

What is an AI PDF summarizer?

The artificial intelligence summarizer is the main idea generator in a PDF file. It is an innovative application that summarizes many PDF texts into summarized thoughts. It may be a desktop application, an online portal, or a Google Chrome extension. ChatGTP, SwifDoo, Notta, and PDFelement are the best AIs to summarize PDFs.

What makes a good AI summary generator?

A good PDF summarizer of AI excels at condensing complex data, maintaining accuracy, and delivering concise information. Its accuracy will be high. The user interface will be friendly. Moreover, it should have export options, automatic transcription, and coherent summaries that capture the essence of the original content. Based on my 100 AI summarizers of PDFs, I found several criteria. Here are some features of the best AI summary generator.

Sharing Features and Collobolarition

The best PDF summarizer for AI should have sharing and collaboration facilities. The user should get access to a one-click PDF converter into text, Word, or Excel format. However, sharing options with colleagues is a must-have feature.

One-click summary of AI PDF summarizers

Another essential feature of the AI summarize pdf is a one-click summary. It enhances the efficiency of the user. The user can save their time and contribute more to the team. Moreover, summarizing PDF AI is painful and time-consuming. So, time consideration is also essential.

Conclusion maker

A conclusion is essential at the end of each article. A good PDF AI converter will work as a summary converter. The end user will get a summary of the text. The user does not need to read the whole article if he doesn’t want to.

Free Integration

Any software should have integration facilities with some other software. The tools will integrate with Zoom, Microsoft applications, Microsoft Teams, Webex, Google Meet, Salesforce, Notion, etc.

A PDF summarizer is free. Plan

Content summarizers should have a free trial period. If the customer is satisfied with the service, he can be converted into an actual customer. Many AI summary generators have free features that may fulfill the essential requirements of the user.

Options for Customization

Many users seek customization. Since there is a difference in requirements, the customization is also different. The customization features make the AI PDF summarizer different from any other software.

Import and Export Features

This feature is the same as customization. Once you give input for summarization, you should have the export feature. Many AI conclusion-makers have bulk processing options for batch processing.

How Does an AI PDF Summarizer Work?

Summarize PDF AI is a summary tool that automatically summarizes PDF with AI. It is the concise gist of a PDF file. It analyzes the content and extracts critical information based on predefined criteria. Finally, it represents the critical summary like a note-taking generator.

Natural language processing is the best AI tool to summarize PDFs. Machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks work like humans. The system software has predefined algorithms that find crucial sentences and critical information. Based on the key phrases or significant sections, the AI PDF summarizer makes relevant summaries for the user.

Tips for Effective Summarization of PDF Files with AI

Each piece of software is different from the others. So, this guideline may not match yours. However, here are some standard practical guidelines for concluding with artificial intelligence.

1. Selection of the Right Document

The selection of appropriate documents is essential. Before converting to PDF, you must ensure that it is the correct copy of your document. Many AI PDF software programs have limited time capability to convert.

The PDF document should be well organized and structured. Clear and organized documents will show error-free insight. Moreover, a clear document provides a coherent summary.

2. Customize your summary length

First of all, consider the purpose of the summary. Your requirement may be a brief conclusion or a detailed analysis; however, set criteria for the length and limit of your summary. Most of the AI summarization tools have default settings. So you may reconfigure your settings.

3. Refine Your Output

Once the analysis is complete, you will find the concise gist of your document. You may not like the conclusion. So, there is room for review and editing again. After generating information, check out your relevant information. If your AI PDF extractor missed any vital information, add it manually. However, AI may not always be able to extract accurate information.

4. Consider the Limitations of AI Tools

Artificial intelligence is not like humans. So, there may be some limitations. However, as an expert user, you should use your judgment. Because it may not understand your requirements fully. So, domain specification is critical. Before getting the AI-based summary, you should configure your settings.

5. Choose a clear document

Before starting processing, be sure of the quality of your document. Format the header, footer, and graphics. You should clean your document to get an accurate summary. Moreover, the unclear document provides inaccurate insight.

Comparing the Top 10 PDF AI Tools

Here is a comparison of the best 10 AI PDF summarizing tools. The pricing and other features of AI PDF summarizers are updated based on available information on the internet.

Name of Product Free Version Limitation Premium Pricing AI Result Accuracy Use AI within the Document AI Features
SwifDoo AI Free Download Available $3.33/month (for 2 Years) High Yes (Conversion) OCR, Text Extraction
PDFelement Watermarked Output $79.95/year Excellent Yes (Editing) OCR, Form Recognition
SmallPDF File Size Limit $12/month Good Yes (Compression) Conversion, Editing
Adobe Acrobat Limited Features $14.99/month Exceptional Yes (Editing) OCR, E-signatures
Foxit PhantomPDF Watermarked Output $129 one-time Very Good Yes (Editing) OCR, Collaboration
Nitro Pro Watermarked Output $159.99 one-time Very Good Yes (Editing) Collaboration, Forms
Sejda PDF Editor Limited Tasks per Day $7.50/month Good Yes (Editing) Split, Merge, and form
Soda PDF Limited Tasks per Month $10.75/month Good Yes (Editing) OCR, Conversion
PDF-XChange Editor Limited Features $43.50/year Very Good Yes (Editing) OCR, Annotations
Kami Limited Features $7.50/month Very Good Yes (Annotation) Collaboration, Forms

The 10 best AI tools to summarize PDF

After analyzing 100 AI PDF analyzers, I have selected the best AI tools to summarize PDFs. It will be a combination of paid and free AI PDF analyzers. However, the paid software provides better customization. Here are the top 10 AI-summarized bot reviews.

1. SwifDoo: Analyze PDF Documents Like a Human

SwifDoo is an intelligent and efficient AI assistant that works on PDFs. It analyzes, translates, and summarizes PDFs accurately. I consider it a top productivity tool to enhance work efficiency. Currently, the software supports all versions of Windows, such as Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and XP. However, it also supports both desktops and laptops. Moreover, you can use 10 MB or up to 10 pages for free to analyze.

This fantastic free AI pdf summarizer works with Chat-GPT 4.0 versions. It allows you to edit the text, hyperlinks, images, backgrounds, and more in PDFs. It can compress any PDF without losing quality. Moreover, the standard features are converting files, creating new files, annotating, merging, protecting, signing, and viewing. Interestingly, it allows you to chat with PDF.

SwifDoo translates PDF documents into multiple documents. It has a proofreading capacity that enhances writing capacity. The tool exports complex concepts from PDF to Word. It rewrites PDF content to optimize it in better ways. Moreover, it summarizes critical information from any lengthy PDF document.

2. Notta: Good For Transcribing and Summarizing Audio and Video Files

Notta is a note-taking AI app. It is an easy and intelligent way of summarizing text. The PDF summarizer is an industry-standard piece of software. Moreover, it is a beginner-friendly app. I love its actual time transcription features. As per their official website, Notta provides 98.86% accuracy. You can use its free and paid versions.

Notta is a note-taking AI app.

Notta is a multidimensional application. You will get live recording transcription, an online meeting summary, audio and video text, and more. This application also supports ChatGTP to enhance productivity.

Notta is rich in terms of service. It has a handy Chrome extension to transcribe audio from the webpage. It supports many formats, like PDF, Word, and Excel. However, its free plan has a lot of limitations. Moreover, it restricts live website and blog summarization.

3. PDFelement AI PDF summarizers

PDFelement is a PDF enhancer and editor to customize your PDF files. It has AI features that can effectively summarize your important PDF files. This one-stop PDF editor supports desktop, mobile, and any other platform. It can quickly summarize your important PDF files.

PDFelement is a PDF enhancer and editor to customize your PDF files.

PDFelement is an award-winning AI PDF analyzer that has received ISO 27001 (Information Security Management) certification. It helps to edit, convert, and OCR PDFs quickly. You will get an intuitive user interface that is beginner-friendly. Moreover, you will get 24-hour, responsive customer service.

PDFelement has received a good number of reviews. It is a cutting-edge product that can fulfill many of your requirements. The PDF editor has an OCR feature to scan documents into sizable files. Other features include text editing, image integration, hyperlink incorporation, ionization, and highlighting.

4. Intellippt

Intelligent is a beautiful tool for summarizing your PDF. This summary writer allows us to generate a summary, highlight text, simplify text, and save time. It works for text, Word files, and PDFs. Moreover, it summarizes your key points and allows you to comprehend reading. However, it is suitable for students.

Intelligent is a beautiful tool for summarizing your PDF.

Intelligent uses artificial intelligence so that it does not miss any critical points. It allows you to configure the setting in terms of percentage. For example, if the content is 1000 words and you need 10%, the system will provide a 100-word summary. Moreover, with the minimum effort, you will get your desired summary.

Intelligent offers two types of pricing. The free version has some limitations. So, you can choose the paid version. It can split long sentences. The paid version provides an instant summary. But the free version has some character limits. However, you will get up to 100 summaries.

5. SkimAI AI PDF summarizes

SkimAI is a combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence applications. It is AI as a service that provides customized solutions. You will also get an AI summarizer PDF extension on your Chrome and Edge devices. It can synchronize PDF documents from cloud storage and drives. Moreover, you can also summarize your output length.

SkimAI is a combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence applications.

SkimAI does not have any free play. So, you have to buy it before using it. However, after purchase, you can customize your desired setting. The system is designed with the help of a custom API. So, deploying, maintaining, and building any customized model becomes easy. Moreover, this plug-and-play software works as a rollout machine-learning solution.

SkimAI has many out-of-the-box tools. It has a dedicated team for customization based on your requirements. The data structure and database schema provide a customized solution. Moreover, it reduces the dependency on humans. So, it remains your long-time friend.

6. ChatPDF

ChatPDF is one of the best AI tools to summarize PDFs. It works with ChatGTP to answer your questions. It is one of the best AI tools for answering questions. Moreover, it can chat with any PDF. It is among the best choices for professionals, researchers, and students.

ChatPDF is one of the best AI tools to summarize PDFs.

ChatPDF is an AI PDF but works like chatGTP. It can summarize and answer all the questions for free. It saves you time reading and understanding lengthy PDFs. This online tool assists you with PDF reading tasks. Moreover, it allows you to get a previously generated summary.

When searching for a free solution to summarize PDFs with AI, ChatPDF will be the best one. The user interface of ChatPDF is very user-friendly. As a beginner, you can easily use the software. When you ask the PDF any question, it will answer it from the particular PDF. So, we can consider it ChatGTP.

7. SummarizeBot

SummarizeBot is one of my favorite applications to summarize any information. It uses artificial intelligence for summarizing data. It is a blockchain-powered SummarizeBot that summarizes vital information. Moreover, you can summarize news using this application.

SummarizeBot is one of my favorite applications to summarize any information.

The SEO writer can use the application for keyword extraction purposes. It will allow you to enjoy perfect AI-powered summaries. Its scientific-based algorithm allows you to become more professional and productive. Moreover, groundbreaking technologies will provide the best results with AI insight.

Besides PDF summarization, this technology also allows audio summarization. It supports languages like English, Chinese, Arabic, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, and Japanese. The summarized information can be converted into pdf, mp3, doc, txt, jpg, etc.

8. UPDF AI PDF summarizers

UPDF is a simple but powerful AI PDF editor summarizing any long PDF. You will be happy with its unique and generative tools when you use them. It works well on the Windows, Mac, and iOS platforms. The online solution is well-priced, easy to use, and highly reliable.

UPDF is a simple but powerful AI PDF editor summarizing any long PDF.

UPDF is a productive AI tool to edit PDF text, pages, images, links, and other elements. You have the modification facility without losing any format. The image customization of this PDF tool is unique. Moreover, annotating PDFs like stickers, sticky notes, highlights, underlining, strikethrough, text boxes, stamps, and more becomes simple.

UPDF is suitable for OCR technology. It maximizes efficiency by collaborating with Microsoft packages. It is affordable, and you can quickly try it. The intuitive, beautiful, and straightforward interface will fascinate all. Moreover, when you ask any question, it will show the answer with a reference from the web.


The common PDF summarizer for AI is It is excellent for researchers, students, and professionals. It is a very user-friendly application with beautiful designs. The AI PDF extractor can summarize the gist of any significant PDF content. Moreover, it promotes productivity and enhances accessibility.

The common PDF summarizer for AI is allows you to track and revisit your conversation history. The researcher gets many advantages from the AI application. It is an AI question-answering platform that allows conversation with PDF. As a user, you will have a heartwarming conversation. has both free and paid features. In the free version, you will get one document per day. You can subscribe to the paid software when you require more data processing. However, it can be downloaded online and proceed with one document at a time.

10. Quilbot Summarizer

My final review is Quilbot Summarizer. I have been using this AI summary generator for a long time. Its lucrative design and built-in features fascinate me. Moreover, it increases my productivity and efficiency.

Quilbot Summarizer is an excellent tool for summarizing the key points.

Quilbot Summarizer is an excellent tool for summarizing the key points. It can rapidly extract critical points and remove all inaccuracies.

You will get the key sentences and summarize them depending on your preference. Moreover, the paragraph mode breaks down the hefty sentences into small sentences.

Like other AI PDF summary generators, Quilbot has both free and paid versions. In the free version, you will get 1200 words. However, you should pay for it to increase its limit.

AI PDF Summarizers vs. Traditional Manual PDF Summarizer Methods

Aspect AI PDF Summarizers Traditional Manual Methods
Speed Rapidly generates summaries within seconds or minutes. It is time-consuming and requires reading and manual extraction.
Accuracy Provides accurate summaries based on content analysis. It relies on human interpretation and is prone to subjective bias.
Scalability Handles large volumes of documents efficiently. Limited scalability due to manual effort.
Consistency Maintains consistency in the summarization approach. Subject to variations in interpretation and summarizing styles.
Automation Automated process, reducing human intervention. Entirely reliant on human effort for summarization.
Adaptability Adapts to various document types and languages. Dependent on the skill and expertise of the summarizer.
Cost-effectiveness Initial investment may be required, but it is cost-efficient for volume. Costs may escalate with an increased workload.
Learning Curve There is a minimal learning curve for users to utilize AI tools. Requires training and expertise in summarization techniques.
Integration with workflows Integrates well into digital workflows and systems. It may require adjustments to fit within existing workflows.

Final Thought

There are a lot of PDF enhancers and summarizing tools on the online market. AI-enabled PDF summarizers are limited. I have tried to review the best 10 AI tools to summarize PDFs candidly. Based on my analysis, SwifDoo, Notta, and PDFelement are the best AI PDF analyzers. However, all the AI-summarizing PDF tolls have a free trial period. So, you can make a free download of AI answers to questions and apply your judgment. I may have missed many AI PDF summarizers. You can comment on any of my missing PDF article summary names.

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