Best 20 TV Remote Apps for Android to Control Your TV

TV is one of the most necessary components of our day-to-day life. It is nearly impossible to find a home without having a television. So, naturally, most people know how to operate a TV. They use the TV remote provided by the company to do this task. But, do you know that it is possible to run your TV without using that remote? If not, I’m going to show you the best TV remote apps for Android to control your TV. 

Technology has made our lifestyle smarter. Now, we want to use our smartphones as our household tools. And, the same option you can get as an alternative to your TV remote. Various TV remote apps can serve as your original remote. Besides, such an app can control your other intelligent household components too! Using a TV remote control app, you can easily find a new way of handling your electric devices. Let me show you some Television remote apps for Android. 

How to Use a Remote Control App on TV?

Before knowing about the android TV remote, you might be curious about its user process. As you know, a TV remote uses infrared (IR) lights to send messages to the television. According to those messages, the TV turns on, off, changes channels, and so on. A remote control app does the same thing. Here, the remote works as a transmitter and the TV as a receiver. 

If your Android contains a built-in IR blaster, you can operate your TV by downloading an app like AnyMote Smart IR Remote. But there are also many remote control apps for Android that can manage your TV without requiring any built-in IR blaster. Most of the apps work over Wifi. To connect your Android with TV, you have to follow the steps mentioned below-

  • Download an appropriate remote control app for your device.
  • Connect the Android as well as the TV with the same Wifi connection.
  • Open the Android TV remote.
  • Tap on the name of the app.
  • Connect your device using the PIN that appears on the TV screen.

It is the general process of using your TV remote control app. But you may find some distinctions while using different apps. 

The Best 20 Android TV Remote Apps

I think now you are willing to know which Android remote apps can serve the best. Some apps are only designed to control your TV. Moreover, you can also find some universal remote apps. You can use such an app to operate your AC, gaming devices, smart home appliances, etc. too! I will describe the best 20 Android remote apps in this article to help you choose the right one. 

1. Lean Remote

Lean Remote Tv remote app for androidThe Lean Remote is one of the best free TV remote apps for Android. It is a universal remote app. So, this app serves excellent to control your Smart TV, AC, IR devices, etc. This app can support devices of any brand using its extensive database. You will love this app for its fast connecting capacity with your Android. 

Lean Remote offers you a simple user interface. Besides, you can get all the intelligent remote facilities in this app. It can power on/off your TV and control volumes. There are channel changing, fast-forwarding, play, pause, and all other functions too. Moreover, you can also use this smart TV remote app as a projector remote or DVD remote. 

Key Features

  • Lean Remote can access any Smart TV or IR device easily. 
  • It keeps a record of the last usage in its menu option.
  • This app provides you both the smart remote and IR remote facilities. 
  • The app is easy to operate. 

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2. Roku- Official Remote Control

For Roku device users, the Roku Remote app is a fantastic alternative android TV remote app. You have to connect your Android with the same wifi connection you used to connect your Roku device. It allows you to cast photos, videos, and music from your device on your TV screen. You can also watch Nexflix and use other Roku apps using this remote. 

Roku- Official Remote Control

The Roku remote app is also considered one of the best TV remote apps for the iPhone.You can cast videos, photos, and music from your device on your TV screen. Again, it offers you to enjoy programs privately using headphones. There is a voice searching feature to make your task easier. However, this feature is available for users from the US, UK, and Canada only. 

Key Features

  • The Roku remote app acts as a second remote for your Roku devices. 
  • It lets you stream movies, music, videos, and other shows from the Roku channel and Nexflix.
  • This app supports headphones to watch TV privately.
  • The Roku Remote app is free of cost. 

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3. Android TV Remote Service

Google Android TV Remote ServiceAndroid TV Remote Service app is another application of Google. It allows you to control your TV that supports a Wifi connection. This Android TV remote application also allows switching between the d-pad and touchpad modes. You can easily navigate content using this remote app. Moreover, this offers you to play games on your TV too!

You can use the text option of the remote to search different contents. Again, there is a voice mode feature to simplify this task. The Android TV Remote Service can work with any Android TV box made by any manufacturing company. It requires a Wifi connection to connect with your TV. You may connect it via Bluetooth if your TV supports it.

Key Features

  • The Android TV Remote Service app supports all Android TV boxes.
  • It allows you to play games on TV.
  • You can search your favorite program on TV using text and voice search features.
  • It also supports Bluetooth connections.

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4. Amazon Fire TV Remote

Amazon Fire TV Remote App for AndroidIf you are searching for a remote app for your Fire TV, Amazon Fire TV Remote app can serve you the most. This smart TV remote app is specially designed for Fire TV devices. It offers you a simple navigation feature. You can access all your favorite TV programs using this app.

The Amazon Fire TV Remote app contains both text and voice search options. It has recasting support. This app also offers you a playback controlling feature. You can also play games on your TV screen using this app. This free TV remote app for Android is also popular with iOS devices. 

Key Features

  • The Amazon Fire TV Remote app can operate your Fire TV device smoothly.
  • It provides the essential functions you expect from an original remote. 
  • This app allows you to play games too.
  • You can stream any program on your TV screen using the internet.

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5. VIZIO SmartCast Mobile

VIZIO SmartCast Mobile app is a beautiful alternative remote app for VIZIO SmartCast TVs. You can get a total entertainment package while using this app. The built-in remote of this app can operate your VIZIO TV just like the original remote. Moreover, it offers you some extra benefits.

VIZIO SmartCast Mobile

VIZIO SmartCast Mobile app allows you to stream any videos or apps on a large screen. You can make a list of your favorite programs and watch them on your TV using this app. It contains all the controlling features of your TV. You can also watch free content here. Using the text method, you can search anything in this app. This simple TV remote app for Android is worthy of use for its fabulous features. 

Key Features

  • VIZIO SmartCast Mobile app contains all functions of an original VIZIO TV remote.
  • It allows watching your favorite programs on TV streaming directly from your device. 
  • You can also open any apps and stream them on your TV.
  • It offers you an easy using procedure.

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6. Yatse: Kodi Remote Control & Cast

Yatse Kodi Remote Control & CastThe Yaste app is a great remote control app for Kodi, a large open-source media platform. You can stream any content from the Kodi platform using this app. It provides you with all the functions you need to operate your TV. This app even contains some unique features that might make you surprised.

The Yatse app supports any Android wear. It provides you an offline streaming feature. Again, you can customize your commands as you wish using this app. Besides Kodi, the Yatse app is integrated with Plex, Emby, Jellyfin, and your local device too. Its modern, intuitive interface and fast working capacity will win your mind in no time. Moreover, this free TV remote control app also supports multiple themes and host colors. 

Key Features

  • The Yaste app allows you to stream content from Kodi and some other platforms.
  • It also supports sending media from youtube to the other players.
  • This app has features for optimizing speed and low battery usage. 
  • It also allows you to save your search history and settings on the Cloud.

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7. TV Remote Control-LG TV and Samsung TV

TV Remote Control-LG TV and Samsung TVIf you are a Samsung or LG TV user, this app will provide a carbon copy layout of your remote. This third-party application is a perfect alternative to the original Samsung or LG TV remotes. The app contains every function of the actual remote on a tough friendly screen. Its simple user interface will make you feel like using the original IR remote.

The TV remote control for LG TV and Samsung TV works perfectly with the current devices. If you are using any TV model manufactured after 2005, you can use this. But you cannot expect to operate the online features on a TV that doesn’t support the internet. This remote control app for Android is top-rated among users. 

Key Features

  • The Remote Control for LG TV and Samsung TV app provide a similar layout to the original remote.
  • It contains all the features available on an IR remote.
  • The app is straightforward to use.
  • You can use this alternative remote app free of cost. 

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8. Mi Remote Controller

Mi Remote Controller Tv remote apps for AndroidMi Remote Controller is a popular app that supports TV and some other devices. You can use this app for TV brands like LG, Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, etc. This app serves wonderfully as an alternative to a TV remote. It gives you all the features need to operate your TV.

The Mi Remote Controller app gives you information about your favorite shows. It enables you to enjoy your favorite programs on the TV screen. You can also stream content from your device using this app. This free TV remote app for Android can be your reliable companion while watching TV.

Key Features

  • Mi Remote control app provides you with the functions needed to operate your TV.
  • It allows you to stream programs from your device.
  • It is especially recommended for phones with IR blasters.
  • All phones support its integration with TV scheduling. 

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9. MyRem-Remote Control For TV, Universal TV Remote

MyRem Tv remote apps for AndroidMyRem is a universal TV remote control app. This app can be an alternative to the original remote for any TV brand. It prepares your android device into a perfect TV controller. Now, losing your TV remote is not a matter of worry anymore. Just install this free TV remote app for Android and enjoy the TV programs!

MyRem Remote Control app contains an easy interface. It allows streaming other home entertainment too on your TV screen. Using a Wifi connection, you can enjoy all your favorite programs on TV easily. This remote app works the same as your traditional remote.

Key Features

  • MyRem Remote Control app works for all TV brands.
  • It supports all kinds of smartphones and mobile devices.
  • This app allows you to stream videos from your device.
  • You can operate your TV just like your original remote using this app. 

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10. CodeMatics: Remote for Android TV’s / Devices: 

CodeMatics tv remote apps for AndroidUsers highly review the CodeMatics Android TV Remote app. It is a universal smart TV remote app. It only requires a Wifi connection that can connect both your Android and TV. The Codematics Remote app lets you power your TV, adjust the volume, and search different channels. Moreover, It proves a voice navigation feature too.

The CodeMatics Remote app can control other electronic intelligent devices. You can play, stop, reverse, fast forward your TV programs using this app. It does not require any complicated setup. You just have to select your TV brand and connect it using the Wifi. This free TV remote app for Android will give you the best experience using an alternative controller for your television. 

Key Features

  • The CodeMatics TV Remote app works as a universal remote.
  • It offers you all the basic features of a remote.
  • This remote app can operate your other smart home appliances too. 
  • It contains an effortless user procedure. 

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11. Smart Remote Control for Samsung TVs

Smart Remote Control for Samsung TVsSmart Remote Control is another specialized app for Samsung TVs. This app will provide you with some unique features besides the usual functions of a remote. It will take complete control of your Samsung TV and help you to operate it efficiently.

You can navigate programs using the Smart Remote Control app. Moreover, it allows you to add multiple widgets to your TV screen. You can get quick access to built-in apps like Netflix. This android TV remote also allows you to add your favorite channels to the application. The intelligent setting of this app will make you fall in love with it. 

Key Features

  • The Smart Remote Control app can operate your Samsung TV just like the actual remote.
  • It offers you to use the trackpad to browse the internet.
  • You can add multiple TVs using this app. 
  • This app also allows changing the input sources.

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12. RCoid Pro – Remote Control

RCoid Pro – Remote Control

Price: $11.13

If you want to use a paid TV controller, Rcoid Pro can be your best choice. Users highly praise this Universal app. Besides working as a TV remote, this app can control other home appliances like light control, a reflex camera, an air handling unit, etc. It provides smartphones with an infrared diode. 

RCoid Pro app provides you with similar features to a traditional remote. But the technical designs of this app upheld its popularity. The app gives you various innovative features for making the best use of your TV.

Key Features

  • RCoid Pro app is a universal app.
  • It works as the original remote for any TV brand.
  • This app can also operate other home appliances.
  • It provides your smartphone with an infrared diode. 
  • The app can forward IR signals from the RCoid database via WLAN. 

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13. Google Home

 Google HomeGoogle Home is a free android remote app for the devices affiliated by Google and Google Chromecast. You can connect your Android with Google Chromecast and stream videos on your TV. Google Home controls your audio streaming too. You have to select a video or audio and play it on your TV screen.

Google Home is an all-in-all app to control your homely affairs. However, Google Home cannot do tasks like changing channels or adjusting volumes. But you can use your Android’s volume option for it. And its remote feature has added a twist in its functions. It also offers you voice commands. Google Home will not disappoint you; instead, it will help you operate your Google assistants smoothly.

Key Features

  • Google Home app controls your audio and video streaming on TV.
  • It enables you to stream your favorite content from Google Nest or Google Speaker.
  • It can operate other Google assistant devices.
  • This app also has a commanding voice feature.
  • The app also has a Wifi pausing feature to control your kids’ online time. 

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14. SmartThings

The SmartThings app is another specialized app for Samsung devices. It can work as a remote for your Samsung TV and other devices as well. This app allows you to control your devices from distant places. The SmartThings app also contains a D’Pad button to make you comfortable in using it. SmartThings TV controller app

The SmartThings app allows you to group multiple devices to control them simultaneously. Its notification feature is also pretty good. However, this remote control app for Android is still in the developing process. I hope they will add some more features in the next update.

Key Features

  • The SmartThings app can operate your Samsung devices remotely.
  • It allows you to control several devices at a time.
  • It contains a notification feature.

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BroadLink-Universal TV RemoteBroadLink is a tv remote apps for Android to control the Television that supports all devices. You can use this TV remote app regardless of any TV brand. BroadLink is one of the best TV controlling apps for Android that can operate all IR devices. It provides you with a hassle-free interface containing the largest IR database.

BroadLink remote app offers you three IR options that are frequently used in your region. It contains the most powerful AI feature. You can enjoy a lot of exciting features by tapping a few buttons. It is a helpful app for use as a remote control alternative.

Key Features

  • The BroadLink Remote app can control all IR devices, including a TV.
  • It provides a powerful AI feature.
  • The app contains a user-friendly interface.
  • There are a lot of innovative options available for operating your TV.

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16. UniMote – Universal Smart TV Remote Control

Does your android device contain a built-in IR Blaster feature? If yes, then you can replace your traditional remote with the UniMote remote app. This universal smart TV remote app can provide you with the similar features that you are looking for. Besides, it contains some intelligent features which are not present in the original TV remotes. 

UniMote – Universal Smart TV Remote Control

The UniMote remote app contains a screen monitoring feature. You can control both smart and non-smart TVs using this app. Moreover, it offers you a smart sharing feature too. The TV screencasting option of this app is praiseworthy. 

Key Features

  • The UniMote remote app can operate all devices containing a built-in IR Blaster feature. 
  • It provides a screen monitoring option.
  • It supports both smart and non-smart TVs.
  • The app also contains smart sharing and screencasting features. 

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17. Xbox

Xbox game controllerFor game lovers, Xbox is the perfect remote app. It can control your TV while playing games. You can play games from your console straight to your Android using the internet. You can also connect the game to the TV and operate it with this remote app. 

Xbox allows you to share your gaming experiences with your friends. You can also chat while playing. This android TV remote provides you all the features you news while playing games on a large screen. However, Xbox requires a Bluetooth controller to access the features. You must turn on Xbox One or Xbox Series X while using this app.

Key Features

  • Xbox can operate games on your TV.
  • It provides you with social networking features.
  • You can get quick access to play, stop, rewind, fast-forward your game using a controller.
  • You can also use the remote to navigate the interface.

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18. TV Remote Control

TV Remote Control appThe TV Remote Control app is another universal remote app that requires a built-in IR blaster. It offers you a simple setup to control your IR devices. You can get all the regular features of a traditional remote in this app. Besides, it provides you with some other facilities.

The TV Remote Control app is compatible with 1,000,000+ home theatre devices. It contains both the remote button mode and the remote touch mode. You can cast your files from phone to TV screen using this app. Moreover, this remote control app for Android can work as a DVD remote, Blu-ray remote, AVR remote, and so on. 

Key Features

  • The TV Remote Control app works perfectly as a universal remote.
  • It contains multiple navigation modes.
  • The app supports the screencasting feature.
  • It provides an easy and clean interface.

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19. Control4 for OS 3

Control4 for OS 3 TV appThe Control4 for OS3 app is specially designed for controlling the Control4 Smart Home OS3 or later. It is a personalized remote control app. This app gives you the fastest access to the devices and sources that you use the most. You can also navigate around the home using the swiping feature. 

The Control4 for OS 3 app contains an easy volume adjusting facility. It provides a media bar so that you can get fast control of your playlist. It also provides a quickly personalized interface. You can set different wallpapers for each room too. 

Key Features

  • The Control4 for OS 3 app contains an easy navigation feature. 
  • You can quickly access your playlist using this app.
  • It offers you the regular features of remote control. 
  • You can personalize this app.

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20. Zank Remote

Zank Remote AppTo use for the SMART TV and Amazon Fire TV, the Zank Remote app works great as a remote control app. It provides some innovative features along with the other basic facilities of an original remote. The app offers you a screencasting option. 

The Zank Remote app also contains a gamepad, air mouse, and Dpad navigation options. You can transfer files using Wifi to your TV screen using this app. You can use this app without installing it with Android TV OS devices. 

Key Features

  • The Zank Remote app facilitates you with the basic features of a remote.
  • It allows you to play games on a large screen.
  • The app supports the file transferring options. 

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Final Thoughts

How do you feel after knowing about another smart use of your Android? Isn’t it amazing? A remote control application can operate your TV as a replacement for the original remote. I wish you a smart lifestyle with intelligent apps! Enjoy your favorite TV series with ease. By choosing one of the best TV remote apps for Android I’ve mentioned here, you can make your Television watching experience more comfortable.

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