Best 20 Dialer Apps and Contact Apps for Android in 2024

The number of Android users has been increasing all over the world. As it contains many features to make our lifestyle more accessible, people depend on it. Various external apps are also used in Androids to make them more effective. But, the use of dialer apps is comparatively less than other apps. Such kinds of apps are not very popular among users. People are used to using the built-in dial pad of Android. 

Again, if you want to download a contact app, you will get the features of a contract app there too. So, the dialer app and contact apps are co-related to each other. Most people do not know the benefits of using a contract or contact app. If you come to know the features, you will be willing to use such an app. Here, you will get an idea about the best Dialer and contact apps for Android. 

Why Do We Need to Use a Contact App for Android?

Since the invention of the mobile phone, it has been mainly used for phone calls. In this era of smartphones, this necessity has not decreased. Side by side, various functions are added to the mobile phone for users. Different kinds of apps have made their use more comfortable. So, why don’t you use an app to make your dial pad and contact list more productive? 

Generally, people meet their needs of calling and saving contacts using traditional dialers. But, by using an external app, you will get some extra benefits. Those are-

  • A dialer or contact app can make your dial pad look more attractive. You can use different themes and dialing options. Your Android will get a new look after installing such an app. 
  • If you want to eliminate foul calls, you should try it. A contact app works excellently in identifying unknown numbers. It will give you the identity of the callers. The app can also help you find the people you are searching for from its call list. 

20 Best Dialer Apps and Contact Apps for Android

You should first know the qualities that must be present in a dialer app. After knowing the importance of a dialer or contact app, you might be interested in using it. But among all the apps, how can you choose the right one? Here, I have researched for you in this regard. I made a list of the top 20 dialer and contact apps to make the task easier.  

1. TrueCaller: Best Dialer Apps

TrueCaller Contact Apps for AndroidTrueCaller is one of the best Dialer and contact apps for Android. It provides you with a well-designed dial pad. Also, it contains a lot of features relating to your contacts. The app is highly praised for its ability for caller ID identification. It can give you the details of an unknown number. This feature helps you to trace unwanted calls. 

TrueCaller also works as an SMS tracker app. It can track spam messages and block them. Besides, you can also use its call-blocking option. The app is integrated with Google Duo to provide video and voice calling features. However, TrueCaller requires a 4G internet connection to determine a caller ID during ongoing calls. The caller IDs are editable by anyone. Users can access the essential features of TrueCaller for free. But you have to pay $17.99 per year for the premium version. 

Key Features

  • TrueCaller provides dual SIM supports.
  • It helps you to manage your call log. 
  • The app provides detailed information on any incoming number.
  • It contains SMS and call-blocking features.
  • This app works as a default messaging app too. 

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2. Drupe

Drupe is a popular dialer and contact app for Android with a call recorder feature. Drupe can make it exceptional if you are bored with your traditional dial pad. It contains an intelligent dialer with a built-in call recorder. You can also use the call-blocking option of this app. Moreover, Drupe can track the information of any mobile number in detail. The app also provides multilingual support. 

You can easily manage your call log using Drupe. It helps you to remove duplicate numbers from your contact list. This phone dialer apk also works as a missed call manager. But some users complained that the provider should improve its call recorder feature. You can download this dialer app for free. But it offers some in-app purchases too. 

Key Features

  • Drupe contains a well-designed and new call screen.
  • It can track spam calls and block those numbers. 
  • The app can record incoming and outgoing calls. 
  • Drupe is integrated with Messenger, Facebook, What’s App, Google Duo, etc.
  • It offers a cross-app dialing feature.

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3. Simple Contacts Pro

Simple Contacts Pro Contact Apps for AndroidSimple Contacts Pro is a highly recommended contact app for Android. This app will manage your contact list like a pro. You don’t need to keep a contact book after using this app. Your phone numbers will be kept synchronized here. It also syncs the new numbers automatically. So you don’t have to worry about backing them up. 

Simple Contacts Pro can also manage email IDs and SMS. It contains an intelligent dial pad. You can use this app to call and text others too. This app supports transferring data in Vcard format to .vcf files. Simple Contacts Pro is an open-source app.

Moreover, it does not contain any ads. You can get this app free from Google Play Store. But the premium version costs $1.19. 

Key Features

  • Simple Contacts Pro app provides an intuitive interface with a unique design.
  • It can perfectly manage your contact list, emails, texts, etc.
  • The app contains no advertisements.
  • It offers you customization features for your contact list.
  • The app is a lightweight one. 

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4. Phone and Contact by Google

Phone and Contacts by GoogleMany anAndroidsers want to know whether Google runs any dialer or contact apps. Here is the answer. Google runs two separate apps for these purposes. To manage your contacts, Google has an app named ‘Contacts.’ This contact app for Android efficiently saves and backs up your contact list. You can view your contact list in separate groups. There is an edit option available for you. ‘Contacts’ also suggests you add new contacts by merging several numbers. You can access your contact list from any device using your Google account.

The Phone by Google app is available for you to serve the dialing purpose. It is considered one of the best dialer apps for Android that protects you from call spammers. It can inform you of the identity and location of the spammers. You can make energy calls using this app. Contacts by Google offers you a call-holding feature. Besides, it also supports visual voice calls and call-recording options. You can get these facilities for free of cost. 

Key Features

  • The Phone and Contacts by Google apps serve great for managing your contacts and phone calls. 
  • The Phone app can detect spam calls and ensure your safety.
  • It contains call recording and call holding features.
  • The Contacts by Google app keeps your contact list synchronized.
  • It allows you to edit and back up the list. 

Phone   Contacts by Google 

5. True Phone Dialer

True Phone DialerThe True Phone dialer is another highly rated contract app for Android. This app contains the features of a dialer, a contact app, and a call recorder. It works faster than other apps. You can easily clean and navigate your contact list. The customizing features of this app are praiseworthy. You can add any extra information with the contacts. You can also create new contacts on a specific account and view all of them in one place. 

True Phone Dialer lets you share your contact list as Vcard or text. Moreover, it supports multiple languages. There is a fast T9 searching option for your recent calls and contacts. Furthermore, the app provides a beautiful organizing facility with many unique themes. This app is available free for seven days. After that, you have to purchase the premium version. Otherwise, frequent ads might disturb you. 

Key Features

  • True Phone Dialer provides multiple facilities in a single app. 
  • It organizes your contacts and keeps them safe.
  • The app contains modern dialing features, including attractive themes. 
  • The app can also record incoming and outgoing calls. 

6. Eyecon

EyeconEyecon is one of the top-rated dialer apps for Android. This app provides a well-designed, intuitive default dialer. You will get a lot of functions to manage your call log. Eyecon can detect spam calls with 100% accuracy. Showing the fullscreen photo of the caller during calls is the main feature of this app. 

Eyecon allows you to access the social networking sites of the caller. You can connect and contact others easily using this app. Moreover, it enables you to customize your contact list with the name and details of your close ones. It helps you avoid spam calls as you can see the caller’s details before answering them. Eyecon is an excellent app for making the fastest contact with people. 

Key Features 

  • Eyecon provides a visual caller ID integration feature.
  • It allows accessing the social media networks of the callers.
  • The app contains an easy reverse lookup feature.
  • It works great as a spam filter.

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7. App Dialer Pro

App Dialer Pro dialer appApp Dialer Pro is an intelligent contact app for Android. It offers you to search your contacts within the shortest time. Moreover, you can access your most-used apps quickly from this app. It saves a lot of time. You can get all your apps in one place and open those. It has an excellent predictive capacity. You can also personalize this free app. To get the advanced features, you need to buy the premium one. 

Key Features

  • App Dialer Pro synchronizes all your apps in one place.
  • Its intelligent searching feature provides you with the fastest use of your Android. 
  • The app is pretty good for searching for contacts within a short time. 

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8. Contacts+ Pro

Contacts+ ProContacts+ Pro is an andAndroidntact app with all the necessary features to organize your contact list. The app works great in syncing your contact list. You can add up to 5 different sync-source accounts here. So, you can get all your essential information at any time and place! Again, when you change any info in one account, it will change that for the others. In this way, it decreases your hassle.

Contacts+ Pro keeps your contact list organized. You can add the details of any person, like email, address, or other notes, to the list. Besides, you can add any context to your list. There is also a feature for adding your social profile. The app is suitable for team collaboration too! It eliminated duplicate contacts. There is also a backup option for the contacts in the Cloud.

Key Features

  • The Contacts+ Pro app is good at handling your contact list.
  • It can sync your contacts from up to five sources.
  • The app allows you to customize your contact list.
  • You can add your social profile and photos to this app.
  • It can automatically merge duplicate contacts.

9. Speed Dial Free

Speed Dial Free dialer appSpeed Dial Free is another popular dial app for Android, having a bunch of features. This easy-to-use app combines the call recorder and the call log options. You can identify the identity of any caller utilizing this app. It will provide you with the caller ID of the callers, including other info. Besides, it also blocks spam calls. The app also contains the missed call notification.

Speed Dial offers you various themes to decorate your dial screen. The intelligent contact searching feature made the app more user-friendly. You can find out your favorite contacts by tapping only once. Speed Dial also supports 15 different languages. The clean and intuitive design of this Android phone app will attract you.

Key features

  • Speed Dial app can track the unknown called ID.
  • It can record incoming and outgoing calls.
  • The app provides an intuitive call log design.
  • You can get reminders for your missed calls here.
  • The app provides 3D touch contacts to make the dial more speedy. 

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10. Simple Dialer

Simple Dialer appThe Simple Dialer is one of Android’s best free contract apps, 2021. The app is a simple one to use. The main facility of this app is its large dial buttons. So, you can use it easily despite having any sight problems. Simple Dialer provides various attractive fonts. Moreover, you can customize those fonts with different colors and sizes. This hassle-free app can be a suitable replacement for your stock dial pad.

Simple Dialer allows you to make calls directly through your contact list. It confirms you before making a call. You can edit the number and other information before dialing. This contract app for Android contains several themes and a dark mode too! The app is appropriate for people of all ages. 

Key Features

  • Simple Dialer provides large and attractive dial buttons.
  • It offers font and screen customizing options.
  • The app allows you to make direct calls through the contact list.
  • It acts as an autodialer app that continues dialing a contact until establishing it. 
  • The app makes a confirmation dialogue before calling anyone. 

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11. Zen UI Dialer

Zen UI Dialer dialer appZen UI Dialer is an all-in-all app. The safety features of Zen UI Dialer are pretty high. It offers you the features of a call log organizer, contact, and dialer app. Like other apps for Android, this app can detect spam calls. It protects your phone using passwords and keeps it free from illegal access. You can also get the identity of the spammers from this app. 

ZenUI Dialer has an intelligent search option. It supports several languages. Besides, you can use the speedy dial feature for up to 8 favorite numbers. The app can also link duplicate numbers, taking information from the email ID or social media accounts. However, you might face some difficulties in deleting a contact. You can download this free dialer app from Google Play Store. 

Key Features

  • Zen UI Dialer combines a contact app and a dialer app. 
  • It organizes your contact list perfectly.
  • You can manage your call log and avoid spam calls using it.
  • The app can merge duplicate numbers.
  • It has a speedy dial feature. 

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12. Vani Dialer

Vani DialerVani Dialer will be the right app if you can use your voice to answer your calls. This contract app for Android offers you to accept and deny calls using your voice. It would be best to say ‘Hello’ to accept and ‘No’ to reject the calls. The users can also send auto messages by saying ‘SMS.’ The app contains spam-identifying, blocking, and contact-organizing features. You can also customize your words to answer the calls. 

Key Features

  • Vani Dialer provides an intuitive dialer to make calls and add contacts.
  • It is specialized in answering calls using voice.
  • The app contains all the basic features of a contract app.
  • It contains the fastest T9 searching feature. 

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13. Cleaner Contract App for Android

Cleaner Contact Apps for AndroidIf you are looking for a contact app for Android specializing in merging duplicate contacts, Cleaner can be the best option for you. This app helps you to organize your messed-up contact list. Moreover, it can detect duplicate numbers and contacts easily. You can clean up all the unnecessary contacts and merge the duplicates here. 

Cleaner uses your contact list’s phone numbers or email addresses to detect duplicates. Furthermore, there is a backup option for the contact list too. You can keep your contacts as VCF files via Email, Google Drive, WhatsApp, Telegram, and other services. You can find the actual numbers quickly after using this app. 

Key Features

  • The Cleaner app is a pro at merging duplicate contacts. 
  • It can back up the contact list.
  • It keeps your contact list organized. 

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14. Dialer, Phone, Call Block & Contacts by Simpler

 Dialer, Phone, Call Block & Contacts by SimplerSimple Dialer is one of the best dialer apps for Android, 2021. Despite containing similar features to other contract apps, it is a must-try one. It offers quick-calling features. It can track spam numbers and block them. You can also get the caller ID of the unknown number using this app.

Simple Dialer contains the T9 dialer feature. It offers more than 40 unique themes. Its clean and intuitive interface will attract you. Besides, this app supports multiple languages. You may try this free app to manage your contact list. 

Key Features

  • Simple Dialer Provides the fastest dialing features.
  • It contains various themes. 
  • The app provides details of the callers. 
  • It has a speedy dial function.

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15. ACR Phone

ACR Phone Contact Apps for AndroidACR Phone is another well-reviewed app. It provides a highly customizable interface. Again, you can manage your contacts and call list according to your choice. It can also record calls with clear sounds. This app is appropriate for one-hand navigation.

You can set big-size photos to your contact list. It has the fastest T9 dial feature. Here, you can view and edit your contacts in one place. It also allows contacting your friends through social networks. Exporting and Linking contacts is pretty easy in this app. You will love the modern features of this contract app for Android. 

Key Features

  • ACR Phone app is appropriate for multitasks. 
  • It manages your contacts and provides the fastest calling experience.
  • The app can detect the caller ID of unknown numbers. 
  • It can export and link the contacts. 

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16. Clever Dialer

Clever Dialer Contact Apps for AndroidIt is normal to be worried about privacy while using a third-party app. You mighAndroid app that will strictly ensure your privacy ensure your privacy strictly. Clever Dialer is such a kind of app. This multipurpose app can perfectly identify the caller ID of unknown numbers. It never compromises the protection of its users. 

Clever Dialer offers its basic features for free. It can identify the spammers even when you are offline. The app never uploads your address to their server. It automatically adds the spam numbers after detecting them. But, to get the spam-blocking feature, you must buy the premium version. 

Key Features

  • Clever Dialer is a promising app for ensuring your privacy.
  • It can track spam calls and block those numbers.
  • The app can organize your contact list by merging the duplicates. 
  • It provides you with the real-time identification of the calls.

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17. Caller ID and Call Blocker

Caller ID and Call BlockerCaller ID and Call BlockerCaller ID and Call Blocker is one of the best phone dialer apps for tracking spam calls. It helps you to get rid of unwanted calls. The app can detect the caller ID of the spammers. It can also block the number. It automatically adds the spam numbers to the block list. However, sometimes, it blocks the familiar numbers. It also requires a lot of permissions to work on your Android. 

Key features

  • Caller ID and Call Blocker app helps you to avoid unwanted calls.
  • It automatically adds the spam numbers to your block list.
  • The app has an intuitive interface. 

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18. CallApp Contract App for Android

CallApp Contact Apps for AndroidCallApp is also considered one of the best free dialer apps for Android 2021. It provides multifunctional facilities. Besides, more than 50 million people downloaded this contract app. It contains an automatic call-recording feature. Setting video ringtones is also possible with this app. It can block unwanted calls. But the advertisements might bother you. 

Key Features

  • CallApp offers you all the standard features of a contract app. 
  • It contains a built-in call recorder.
  • You can set video ringtones using this app. 

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19. Phone+ Contacts and Calls

Phone+ Contacts and CallsDo you want to use a phone app for Android containing all the regular features? Phone+ Contacts and Calls app will serve this task for you. It will protect your contacts and data sincerely. Moreover, the app has a good backup facility. It can merge duplicate contacts and keep your data synchronized. Besides, you can customize the app as you want. This free app is a handy one to use. But some users faced problems with its ringtone. 

Key Features

  • Phone+ Contacts and Calls app lets you set HD photos with the contact list.
  • It offers you to set previously recorded video greetings while calling.
  • The app provides fast action with calls. 
  • It backs up your call history and contact list. 

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20. Facetocall

Facetocall Contact Apps for AndroidFacetocall is a helpful contact app for Android. It makes your contact navigation easier with larger buttons and fonts. Its innovative contact management feature makes it more widespread. The contact images will help you to identify the callers quickly. 

Facetocall Provides a simple dialer and address book. It will notify you of the missed calls. It also allows you to avoid unwanted calls. You can search the frequently contacted persons with a single tap. This free app allows sending emails and messages through other social networks too. 

Key Features

  • Facetocall is well recognized as a contact manager app.
  • It helps you to contact others fast.
  • The app contains large fonts and image setting options. 

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Final Thoughts

Are you already thinking about replacing your stock dialer? The Dialer and contact apps mentioned here are worthy of use. Try them on your Android and experience the feeling by yourself. I’m here to satisfy your further queries. 

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