Multiplayer Online Battle Arena: Best 15 MOBA Games 2023

MOBA, or Multiplayer online battle arena games, have been around for a while. These games are popular among pro gamers. MOBA games are played with a strategic and competitive mind.  

The multiplayer online battle arena was born from custom games made by players and soon became a worldwide phenomenon. It covers a vast amount of the gaming population and gives the players a competitive challenge on the gaming console. As gamers, you must be familiar with these types of games. What are the best MOBA games of 2023? Let us find out together about the multiplayer online battle arena: Best 15 MOBA Games in 2023.

MOBA: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Games

MOBA is a subgenre of strategic video games. In MOBA, the players battle against each other in a preset battlefield arena. The players are in control of characters with unique abilities and powers. The abilities grow as the player battles more and more. The first widely accepted Multiplayer online battle arena game was Aeon of Strife.

Overall, the players participate in the battle as a group, so your winnings improve the overall team rating. And if you lose, it hampers the team’s reputation. There are different classes and types of characters in every MOBA game.

Best MOBA Games for PC

MOBA games are a combination of strategy, RPG, and action games. Usually, MOBA maps are divided into 3 parts. They are top, middle, and bottom. The force or allies of the player arrive or spawn in these designated spaces. This game has a unique characteristic of MOBA. They are fun to play with and are best enjoyed with friends. Here is a list of 15 of the best MOBA games in 2023.

1. DOTA 2

  • Platform: Online.
  • Released on: July 9, 2013.
  • Developer: Valve Corporation.
  • Price: Free.

DOTA 2 is the official sequel of the successful game Warcraft III Defense of the Ancients.DOTA 2 is the official sequel of the successful game Warcraft III Defense of the Ancients. The developer behind DOTA 2 is Icefrog, one of the core developers of WC3. The most extensive gaming community plays DOTA 2. The game is somewhat hard to clear. This hardship makes DOTA 2 more appealing to hardcore gamers.

DOTA 2 follows the standard MOBA mechanism. You start with one of the DOTA heroes or characters in the game. The game is in 5v5 mode on a three-stage map. Valve Corporation has brought some new complexity to the game, making it more fun. For example, the players can kill their minions to prevent the opponent from getting more loot. Players can transfer gained loot and items via a courier system instead of returning to the base every time.

It may seem difficult for someone new to DOTA, and the tutorials are not explanatory enough. But there are tons of player-made resources on the web that may help you. Go online and try out DOTA 2 for free.

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  • Platform: Online, Microsoft Windows, macOS.
  • Released on: October 27, 2009.
  • Developer: Riot Games.
  • Price: Free.

League of Legends is another MOBA game for PC online. LoL is the most famous MOBA game of the century.League of Legends is another MOBA game for PC online. LoL is the most famous MOBA game of the century. It has the most significant number of players in a single game. LoL has its own K-pop girl group. You can guess the popularity of this epic multiplayer online battle arena game.

LoL or League of Legends follows the traditional way of multiplayer online battle arena games. There are some depth issues in the game. To overcome that, you must choose the most robust and able heroes from over 150 playable characters. Additionally, you can upgrade your characters with powers and equip them with legendary weapons.

League of Legends is a game that is suitable for all types of players. Players can find their niche and enjoy playing it with their buddies. It is much easier than DOTA 2 and enjoyable to play. There are epic battle styles, realistic graphics, and fantastic sound mashups in LoL.

You can enjoy League of Legends online for free. It is also downloadable for the desktop if you want to download it. Having a stable internet connection would be best to play the game smoothly.

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  • Platform: Online, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.
  • Released on: March 25, 2014.
  • Developer: Hi-Rez Studios, Titan Forge Games.
  • Price: Free.

SMITE is a free-to-play online game that is influenced by ancient Greek mythology.SMITE is a free-to-play online game that is influenced by ancient Greek mythology. The game took the Gods as direct inspiration. In the game, the players take the role of a SMITE god. The gods battle to secure victory in a three-lane battle arena.

The whole battlefield features competitive assault formation. What would it be like to enjoy a brawl between Thor and Zeus if you have ever thought? You can witness that in SMITE. The combat scenes of SMITE are just mesmerizing and exciting. The actions are well done. They organize regular tournaments and championships for players around the world.

Though SMITE has no reputation like DOTA 2 or LoL, it is becoming popular daily. SMITE takes a different approach and sets the game in a third-party perspective rather than a top-down view. This game makes it more appealing than its counterparts. It also makes SMTE more challenging to play. There are specific roles for each god in SMITE. They take the role of Guardian, Hunter, Warrior, Assassin, or Mage.

You will enjoy the experience of SMITE. You can play the game online. The game is free and requires an internet connection.

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  • Platform: Online, Microsoft Windows.
  • Released on: June 2, 2015.
  • Developer: Blizzard Entertainment.
  • Price: Free.

multiplayer online battle arena: HEROES OF THE STORMHeroes of the Storm is a multiplayer online battle arena game. It is an all-star mashup of all the Blizzard Entertainment heroes. The infamous characters from Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo are summoned on Heroes of the Storm. If you fancy piloting Jaina Proudmoore against D.Va, then Heroes of the Storm is just the MOBA for you.

In Heroes of the Storm, the heroes don’t come with powers. Instead, the players can choose the upgrades and abilities of the characters they control. This game allows the players to control the battle and focus on utilities and other necessary things to win.

The heroes also host a wide variety of maps that come with unique treasure items and loot. The loot can change the tide of the battle depending on the situation. Blizzard has focused on the characters’ abilities and battle style, not packing the game with many heroes. The battles are significantly shorter compared to other PC MOBA games. The game is available for free to play online. It is supported on Windows OS. Why don’t you check out the game for yourself?

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5. Strife

  • Platform: Windows, Linux, and macOS.
  • Released on: May 22, 2015.
  • Developer: S2 Games.
  • Price: Free.

Strife is a 2015 MOBA game for PC that was released for Windows and Linux. The thing that attracted us, Strife, aims to remove toxicity in the game community. Things like that reduce the abusive nature of the game.

The heroes of Strife are streamlined by Newerth, which brings more appeal to the gameplay. In Strife, two teams face off in a traditional battle arena. The goal is to destroy the opponent’s structure, no matter how. The team which secures the most wins will be the ultimate victor.,

Strife is a competitive online ARTS or multiplayer online battle arena that you must play. The players can change the Hero after a game. A single game usually takes 30-40 minutes to complete. The game is free and available for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

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6. Vainglory

  • Platform: Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, macOS.
  • Released on: November 16, 2014.
  • Developer: Super Evil Megacorp.
  • Price: Free.

According to Super Evil Megacorp, Vainglory is known as the ‘no compromise cross-platform MOBA game’.According to Super Evil Megacorp, Vainglory is known as the ‘no compromise cross-platform MOBA game.’ Initially, the game was released for iOS and Android platforms. It is one of the best mobile MOBA games available for Windows and macOS. The game is free to download and enjoy.

The game comes with a hardcore mechanism and a graphically well-balanced platform. The design of the characters is fantastic. The goal of Vainglory is to take control of the path between them and the opponent. The path can be secured by battling the enemy or defending against AI turrets. There are ugly monsters and beautiful heroines in the game.

Vainglory is a cross-platform top MOBA game. That means people from the other gaming platform can join in the battle at the same time. Check out this awesome game from the Super Evil Megacorp.

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7. Arena of Valor

  • Platform: iOS, Nintendo Switch, Android
  • Released on: October 14, 2016.
  • Developer: Garena., Tencent Games.
  • Price: Free.

Arena of Valor is one of the Chinese variants of the famous MOBA game Wangzhe Rongyao.Arena of Valor is one of the Chinese variants of the famous MOBA game Wangzhe Rongyao. The game was released in Taiwan, gradually spreading its wind worldwide. Soon Arena of Valor became one of the most enjoyed multiplayer online battle arenas online. Arena of Valor is a 5v5 MOBA game for iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch. It is published by Tencent Games, the largest video game company in the world currently.

This game was the aftereffect of Riot Games’ releasing League of Legends. The Chinese Tencent Company then published Arena of Valor to stand against LoL. Where LoL is a cross-platform game, Arena of Valor is mainly mobile-oriented.

The players each take the role of different heroes from the collection. The Hero rooster consists of 78 characters. All of them have unique abilities and are equipped with powerful weapons. The variety of the characters will amaze you. There are tiny Heroes, like the Wisp, and super-powerful Chinese Lu Bu era heroes.

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8. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

  • Platform: Android and iOS.
  • Released on: July 11, 2016.
  • Developer: Moonton. 
  • Price: Free. 

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is the best MOBA game for Android free download. The game was released for Android in 2016, but an iOS version was released after its overwhelming popularity. If you want to experience the best battle arena game, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is the game for you. The game was first published exclusively in China, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Later it was released on Google Play.

The game caught our eye because it follows popular MOBA games like DOTA 2 or LoL. Secondly, the first mobile MOBA game introduced Battle Royale mode to the players. This is what took the gaming world by storm.

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang offers simple game mechanics that are easy to cope with. The game is perfect for beginners who want to try out MOBA games. There are three lanes in the battle arena, and you must win the maximum numbers to secure victory. In the victory royale mode, you must win against all the opponents to secure the ultimate crown.

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9. Defense of the Ancients (DOTA)

  • Platform: Microsoft Windows.
  • Released on: 2003
  • Developer: IceFrog.
  • Price: Free.

multiplayer online battle arena: Defense of the Ancients (DOTA)Perhaps what paved the way for all modern MOBA games is Defense of the Ancients or the first DOTA. The game started as a mod from Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos. I like this game because it gives the players access to world editors. You can explore your surroundings in the game. It gives an open-world game vibe to it.  

Dota, or Defense of the Ancients, was released in 2003 by four teams. They designed the game keeping the players’ satisfaction in mind. Though it is a decade-old game, it is still fun to play. Players can choose their Hero from possibly 112 choices. A player can earn gold points by destroying the enemy. You can also earn points by killing monsters and, or other creatures. Additionally, some different events and quests bring massive loot and gold. You can also update your Hero by spending gold and winning battles.

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10. Battlerite

  • Platform: Online, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.
  • Released on: September 20, 2016.
  • Developer: Stunlock Studios.
  • Price: Free.

Stunlock Studios released Battlerite as a MOBA game for Windows. The game is exciting and adventuring. There are a large number of mighty heroes to choose from. The graphics and battle arena designs are in pristine condition. The setup of troops and heroes is praiseworthy.

Additionally, the sound mastered in the game is fantastic and gives the game a new edge. The matches of Battlerite are much shorter and more intense. The action sequences are lifelike and exciting to watch. Just like every other game, there is a three-lane battle.

You can play it in a 1v1 or 5v5 match. You can enjoy Battlerite for free online or get a copy of your Xbox One. But there is a rumor that Stunlock may remove the accessible version of the game and make it a premium one. You should try the game with your friends and family before the game gets a price tag.

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11. Heroes of Newerth

  • Platform: Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS.
  • Released on: May 12, 2010
  • Developer: S2 Games
  • Price: Free.

Heroes of Newerth is another MOBA game for pc that is popular among professional gamers. The game features fantastic graphics and sound. It is an excellent game with all the MOBA elements. The game can be played on Windows and macOS.

In Heroes of Newerth, the two teams are separated under two terms. One is ‘Legion’ or ‘Hellbourne,’ and the other is the base’s central structure. The game is a perfect mix of skills and creativity. You must be strategic to demolish the enemy’s defense and ensure victory.  

Usually, one game takes about 25-45 minutes to complete. It depends on you. You can either have a quick play or intense gaming. Try out Heroes of Newerth for free now.

12. Awesomenauts

  • Platform: Microsoft Windows, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.
  • Released on: May 1, 2012.
  • Developer: Ronimo Games.
  • Price: Free.

Awesomenauts is a free 2D MOBA game released in 2012. The game is available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Windows, macOS, and Linux. You can play the game online for free too. The 2D style of Awesomenauts makes it stand out among other battle arena games.

Awesomenauts heroes are different from characters of other games. The skills and matchmaking are different. This is what makes every battle more intense and fun. Mostly the games are played in a 3v3 situation. In a match, the target is to destroy the other team’s Solar collector. The maps are also creative and put up a challenge for the players. For example, one monster is sitting in a pit on one of the levels to destroy the players by surprise, attacking them. The game is addictive. You should try out Awesomenauts.

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13. Demigod

  • Platform: Microsoft Windows.
  • Released on: April 14, 2009.
  • Developer: Wargaming Seattle.
  • Price: 5.49 USD.

Demigod is another hit multiplayer online battle arena game from Stardock. Like Awesomenauts, the game’s name derives from the game’s playable character. In the game, one demigod controlled by the players will battle against another. The game was released for Windows in 2009.

In the game, the demigods have two primary classes- the Assassins and Generals. The gameplay of these types is majorly distinct. You can choose either of them and battle with the demigods of the same class.

You can purchase and play the game at a low price from Steam. The game is worth buying. It would be best to have a stable internet connection to play the game in PVP mode.

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14. Realm of the Titans

  • Platform: Microsoft Windows.
  • Released on: October 2010.
  • Developer: Ningbo Shengguang Tianyi.
  • Price: Free.

Realm of the Titans is a great multiplayer online battle arena video game for Windows PC. The game was first published in China and later in North America. The game’s developers are well-educated and a master at their work. You can see that in the game’s design and approach to the players.

Realm of the Titans is fun to play and combines RPG with MOBA perfectly. There are around 168 characters or legendary Heroes you can choose from. Each Hero can unlock and use 5 skills altogether. The goal is to destroy the enemy and secure a victory. The game is created on the BigWorld engine, which ensures smooth gameplay.

You can download the game for free from any third-party website. The official website is not in service anymore.

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15. Prime World

  • Platform: Microsoft Windows and macOS.
  • Released on: March 28, 2014
  • Developer: Nival.
  • Price: Free.

Prime World is a free-to-play amazing MOBA game for PC. It is a unique MOBA game for pc offline. It is a perfect blend of MMO and MOBA. No other game has introduced MMO gaming in a MOBA setup. The gameplay is also fascinating.

The game has two central opposing nations. One is the supreme Keepers of Adornia, and the other is the mighty Dokht Imperium. They are in a war against each other for the dominance of the territory.

There are 42 Heroes to choose from each nation. Players can battle against the AI or other players. You can try out Prime World for free on their website.

Final Thoughts

MOBA games are a new way of enjoying video games. The combats, thrill, and challenges make this game genre a hit among the gaming community. In this guide, we tried to show you MOBA games you could play in 2023. Comment down below which one is your favorite of them all. Share this list if you found it helpful.

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