The 20 Best 3D Anime That Will Make You Happy

Anime is very popular in Japan. The adult people like this very much. They usually can see 2D anime. But, due to the advancement of technology, people have started loving 3D Anime. In this article, we will discuss how it differs from 2D, what the country uses, and the best 20 recommendations.

How 3D anime differs from 2D

Everything in traditional 2D animation was hand-drawn, frame by frame. In 3D animation, you animate your characters and objects in a 3D environment by manipulating them with 3D animation software. While drawing is advantageous, it is not required in 3D animation. Characters in 3D animation are digitally modeled in the program. 

Sometimes, it is drawn or built with clay and fitted with a skeleton. Thus, it allows animators to move the models. The animation is created by posing the models on keyframes, after which the computer computes and performs interpolation.

Rank Countries Number of people watch anime of the total population
1. Japan 75%
2. USA 71%
3. Philippines 70%
4. France 62%
5. Brazil 55%
6. South Korea 50%
7. Mexico 45%
8. Malaysia 42%
9. Canada 34%
10. Taiwan 32%

The chart shows Japan is the country where anime is the most watched. This analysis is evident because most of the best anime is made in Japan. Japan’s total population is 125 million. Of those 125 million, around 90 million people watch anime. 

In number 10, we have Taiwan. In Taiwan, only 32% of the whole population watch anime. As days go by, the number of anime-watching people is increasing. Anime now holds a massive share in the 

The 20 Best 3D Anime

In recent years, there have been many new anime releases. I have watched some new anime that I think are worth watching and deserve to be on this list. If you’re new to 3D or have doubts about the quality of anime, this updated Top 20 3D Anime list may persuade you otherwise. 

3D anime isn’t as popular or diverse as traditional 2D anime. But these titles show that anime is gradually becoming more common and polished. The main reason is the improvement of computer animation technologies. This list is solely focused on TV series and OVAs, and movies.

1. Ninja Batman (Batman Ninja)

The Joker, Deathstroke, and the Penguin have teleported Batman and everyone else back in time to ancient Japan. There Batman’s archnemesis, the Joker, now rules the lands. Without any futuristic gadgets at his disposal, Batman must adapt to his new surroundings. He has to prevent the villains from taking over Japan. 

Batman Ninja is not one of the best Batman OVAs out there. It has a silly plot, a confusing story, and stiff CGI animation. Still, it does provide an overall fun experience for Batman and the gang. The assortment of villains doing crazy things in a Japanese setting, with references to Japanese pop culture and humor, is packed in an art style. 

It looks like your favorite comic books just came to life. Enjoy the absurdity as Batman battles giant robots, all animated by the best Japanese animators.


2. Berserk

Following the events of the three Golden Age Arc films, demons have poured into the already-devastated Kingdom of Midland. Guts, one of the survivors, has been branded with a mark of death. Which forces him to fight for his life as demons pursue him. Guts travel the country, meeting unlikely allies along the way and looking for the person who started it all.

Berserk’s CGI and stiff animations sometimes became memes. Berserk is graphically inferior to the movie prequels, so it’s unfortunate that many anime fans were disappointed by the TV series. On the other hand, Berserk received a significant makeover in the Blu-ray version. The Blu-ray version has redrawn scenes, improved CGI, and no more censoring of extremely graphic violence.

Berserk on Blu-ray feels different, with most of the anime revamped and no censors, and the visuals are now competent enough to compete with other 3D anime. Indeed, Berserk on Blu-ray is the definitive way to experience Midland’s nightmarish Kingdom of death, suffering, rape, and destruction.


3. Houseki no Kuni

Houseki no Kuni is a very entertaining and enjoyable anime. The series takes place in a world where everyone is a gem. The Lunarians are constantly attacking the gems, hoping to shatter them and use them as decoration. But, of course, the gems will not go down without a fight. Houseki no Kuni 3D Animation

As a result, each gem is assigned a role to play to help its species survive. Phosphophyllite is a type of gem known as a phosphor. They want to help their friends fight the Lunarians. But they are assigned to work on an encyclopedia due to their frailty. They eventually meet Cinnabar, tasked with patrolling the isolated island because their bodies emit poisonous gas. 

Seeing how unhappy they are, Phos decides to find a role for both gems that will allow them to enjoy themselves while also serving a purpose.


4. Paprika

Paprika is a fun sci-fi, dementia, and horror anime film. The film is centered on the concept of dreams and what they reveal about a person’s psyche. Atsuko Chiba and Kosaku Tokita work for a ” DC Mini company.” The company is developing a device to access other people’s dreams. Paprika is a fun sci-fi, dementia, and horror anime film.

This anime has numerous applications, including the treatment of psychological disorders. However, the device can become a lethal tool for psychological terrorism in the wrong hands. Unfortunately, the device was stolen, and several people experienced mental breakdowns. 

The developers must now enlist the assistance of Officer Konakawa. The officer has been using the device for experimental therapy. The reason is to apprehend the perpetrators before the situation spirals out of control.


5. Sidonia no Kishi

The destruction of Earth by an alien life form known as the Gauna. Which nearly wiped out all living things. Humanity fled the planet by building massive vessels known as “seed ships .”They use these ships to travel the stars, searching for a new world to colonize. Sidonia no Kishi 3D Anime

The plot revolves around one of these seed ships, Sidonia, and its crew as they search the vast space for a new home while avoiding the Gauna, who has been hunting them for over 1000 years. The 3D models in Knights of Sidonia aren’t perfect. But they fit well with Sidonia’s sci-fi settings, sterile environments, and the void of space.

In addition, the people of Sidonia are genetically modified humans who absorb sunlight to help keep food reserves in check. They are initially genderless but will become a man or woman depending on the colony’s needs. With their pale skin, slim build, and simple clothing, the people of Sidonia appeared almost alien-like in the sometimes-awkward 3D animation.


6. God Eater 3D Anime

Humans are on the verge of extinction in the far future due to the emergence of monsters known as “Aragami.” The Aragami, immune to conventional weapons, ravaged the land, devouring everything in their path. A group known as “Fenrir” dispatches God Eaters to counteract this threat. A unique human infused with Oracle cells to fight and destroy the Aragami. The plot begins with Utsugi Lenka and a new God, Eater recruiting for vengeance on the Aragami.

To be clear, God Eater employs 2D and 3D animations for its human characters. But the beauty is that you can hardly tell the difference because both styles appear 2D and 3D. Animators did this to mimic anime’s limited number of animation frames. 

Because you can tell its CGI, the stiff CGI stood out. However, because the 2D and 3D characters in God Eater look so similar, they look and feel the same as 2D. The God Eater showed anime fans the future of anime, in which CGI animation could perfectly mimic 2D animation. 


7. Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence

The anime franchise Ghost in the Shell is one of the most well-known in the world. This game is the franchise’s second installment. The film’s animation style is noticeably different due to the addition of 3D elements, and the film, like its predecessor, is a visual treat. The anime franchise Ghost in the Shell is one of the most well-known in the world.

Major Motoko Kusanagi has gone missing, and the investigation has fallen to Section 9’s Batou ho. He must look into a string of heinous murders. These murders appear to be the result of faulty gynoids or sex robots. However, there may be more to this, as Batou realizes after receiving a cryptic message from a malfunctioning gynoid. 

Their fault appears to be more than a coincidence, and suspicions of politically motivated murders emerge. As the film progresses, Batou and his partner, Togusa, become entangled in a web of conspiracies where the border between man and machine becomes increasingly blurred. 


8. Captain Harlock

Captain Harlock is a sci-fi, action anime film that lasts approximately 1 hour and 55 minutes. The anime takes place in the future. Humans have advanced sufficiently to spread across the vast expanse of space. But each species has its pinnacle, and this was humankind. 

Things start to go downhill from here as the universe’s resources deplete. As a result, 500 billion humans have decided to return to Earth. They spark a war between various human factions vying for control of the planet. Gaia Sanction, an authoritarian government, wishes to prevent the re-population of Earth. They had assigned Captain Harlock to stand guard. 

Captain Harlock works hard, but when Gaia Sanction allows an elite diplomat to immigrate to Earth. He becomes enraged and attacks the diplomat. He also uses dark matter to make Earth inhabitable, but he is affected, making him immortal. 

One hundred years after the events of that day, Gaia is still attempting to control Earth while concealing its actual state. Captain Harlock is still on the run, fighting the Gaia Sanction and preparing for a showdown with the organization.


9. Sanzoku no Musume Ronja

Sanzoku no Musume is based on Astrid Lindgren’s Swedish children’s fantasy novel of the same name. Ronja is a coming-of-age story about Ronja, the daughter of a bandit chief in a vast forest. Ronja meets new people and mythical creatures, making friends with humans and forest creatures. Sanzoku no Musume Ronja

Studio Ghibli is famous for creating visually stunning, hand-drawn masterpieces with fascinating worlds. They are also acknowledged for memorable characters, meticulous attention to detail, and enchanting stories. And it’s not surprising that fans are surprised when they learn that Studio Ghibli’s TV anime series Sanzoku no Musume Ronja uses CGI characters. 

It works wonderfully because the art style has more human proportions, so the faces are realistically fixed at any angle. Another thing Studio Ghibli has done is ensure that nothing has been lost in the transition from 2D to 3D characters and retain the studio’s signature facial expressions. They also cared for expressive body movement, detailed designs, and complex worlds. When you watch Sanzoku no Musume Ronja, you know you’re watching a genuine Studio Ghibli anime.


10. Stand by Me: Doraemon

Nobi Nobita isn’t the sharpest blade in the drawer, and his childhood is a nightmare. He stinks at everything, and with nothing to look forward to, Nobita’s future is doomed. That is until Nobita’s future relative visits him and offers to help the bereaved youth improve his life and change his future. 

To accomplish this, Nobita’s extraordinary and incredible grandson dispatched Doraemon, a guardian robot, to assist Nobita in improving. Doraemon transitioned from 2D to 3D without a hitch in the film Stand by Me, Doraemon, much like Mario did with Super Mario 64. 

Not only have the high creation esteems kept the first craft style, and the overall film looks excellent, but the film has kept Doraemon’s appeal. For the most part, CGI films, especially the most expensive ones, are more about style than substance, resulting in visually stunning films that fall short on story and characters. On the other hand, Doraemon did not disregard the story or its characters. Moreover, the result is a film that has the substance of the first, but this time in 3D.


11. Tiger and Bunny

The majority of superhero anime are comedies. “Tiger and Bunny” is a comedy and a genre parody. The anime takes place in the city of Stern Bild. Humans with extraordinary abilities are called “next” in this universe. These humans can use their powers for good or evil. "Tiger and Bunny" is a comedy and a genre parody.

There is a TV channel called Hero TV where a group called Next appears regularly and captures evildoers so that they can advertise their sponsors and become the next King of Heroes. A Tiger is one such person, a veteran hero whose performance has been lacking for some time. 

This issue is due to his inability to work with other heroes. After another bad season, he gets a new partner, Barnaby Brooks Jr., who uses his real name as his superhero name. Tiger chooses the nickname “Bunny” for him. It quickly becomes apparent that they are very different and do not get along. They must, however, find a way to collaborate if they are to advance their careers and keep the city safe.


12. Biohazard: Degeneration

Biohazard: Degeneration, also known as “Resident Evil: Degeneration,” is a 1-hour and 27-minute animated film. Everyone has heard of “Resident Evil ” by this point. The highly successful franchise is about a zombie apocalypse. The virus which caused the spread is T-virus. Biohazard: Degeneration, also known as "Resident Evil: Degeneration," is a 1-hour and 27-minute animated film.

This film’s plot takes place in 2005, during the autumn season. It’s a sort of sequel to the ‘Resident Evil 4’ game, with the film’s events taking place one year after the game’s events. This time, an airport called Harvardville falls victim to a T-virus outbreak. In addition, a terrorist is threatening to spread the T-virus across the United States. Yes, the main characters will have to prevent another zombie apocalypse.


13. Promare 3D Anime

Promare is a visual feast from Studio Trigger, the studio behind Kill La Kill. Promare’s story is unique while also strangely familiar with the genre. The plot revolves around Galo, a Burning Rescue firefighting squad member. Promare 3d animation

This team deals with outbreaks caused by Mad Burnish, a subgroup of humans with pyrotechnic abilities, and their leader, Lio. Galo and Lio agree to work together to save the planet after learning more about Lio and the hidden plot under their noses. The story takes a seat to the stunning visuals and vibrant art direction in Promare. This CGI/2D hybrid meshes to produce some of the most eye-catching visuals in recent anime history.


14. Beastars

Another recent Netflix success rate is high among fans. Beastars is an anthropomorphic animal anime. It’s a coming-of-age story with a mystery to keep you guessing. Many people have joked and dismissed the anime after seeing clips or stills, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Beastars has something for everyone, with a fully realized world and a character-driven plot. 

The use of CGI in Beastars is immediately noticeable in the character models, which bring the lively carnivores to life in ways that 2D couldn’t.


15. Dorohedoro

This Dorohedoro series has amassed a sizable fan base in the short time it has been available. Dorohedoro pursues Kaiman, a reptile-human hybrid, on the hunt for the sorcerer who transformed him. His friend Nikaidou joins him as they navigate the hazards of daily life in The Hole, an apocalyptic slum. Dorohedoro 3D Anime

Similar to Hi Score Girl, you might overlook the CGI here. It works in its favor when it’s evident because it fits in so well with the art direction and world. Dorohedoro’s 3D animation only adds to the bizarre anime’s blend of style and function.


14. Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete

People acknowledge Square Enix for creating stunning CGI cutscenes in games. They did it first with Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within in 2001. Fans praised its CGI but criticized it for its lackluster storyline and received mixed reviews. 

Fans responded positively to the release of Final Fantasy VII Advent Children. But there was a problem. Some parts of this anime felt inconsistent because they had edited them down to appeal to die-hard fans. The release of the complete version added 30 minutes to the film, filling in gaps and creating a more cohesive understanding of the film.


17. Hi Score Girl

This one is for all of the gamers out there. The Hi Score Girl is a romance anime about a young man named Haruo and his intense love of video games. When he is defeated in Street Fighter 2 by a girl named Akira, he forces himself to form a rivalry with her. Hi Score Girl-3D Anime

This story develops into something more as they get to know each other. Hi, Score Girl draws on actual video games to evoke genuine nostalgia, but instead of feeling cheap for doing so, this makes everything relatable for gamers who grew up in the 1990s. The characters and props primarily use CGI in “Hi Score Girl .”It’s not too noticeable because of the chibi style. 

Yuji Matsukura, the film’s producer, stated, “As for the CGI look, we wanted to remake the taste of being at an old-school arcade. I’m not sure if you have purchased many of the old consoles, so we tried to recreate the experience.”


18. Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo

Gankutsuou is loosely based on French author Alexandre Dumas’ 1844 novel “The Count of Monte Cristo,” with elements of science fiction, mechs, and the supernatural added. Albert de Morcerf and Franz d’Epinay, aristocrats and best friends, arrive on the planet Luna for the annual Carnival. After meeting with other aristocrats, Albert met a mysterious nobleman known only as the Count of Monte Cristo. 

Albert quickly becomes friends with the Count, and the story of friendship, love, trust, betrayal, and vengeance unfolds. Gankutsuou’s art style is unlike anything you’ve seen before—dazzling, dreamy, and otherworldly—and it’s all made possible by CGI. 

The characters are 2D, but the environment, cities, lighting, structures, and even the clothing with alien-like details are all rendered in 3D, and it’s one of the most artistically unique anime you’ll ever see.


19. Steamboy 3D Anime

Steamboy is an enjoyable anime film. The film lasts approximately 2 hours and 6 minutes. The base of this film is “alternate history.” This anime sets in Victorian England and revolves around Ray, a child prodigy who is excellent at inventing things. He is young and full of innovative ideas. 

But he faced disturbance when he received mail from the United States. His grandfather, Lloyd Steam, sent him the package. He has sent Ray a steam ball, a device that can become an infinite power source for any machine that runs on steam. Lloyd wants Ray to protect the steam ball and keep it from falling into the hands of the wrong people, such as the O’Hara Foundation, who want to use this brilliant technology for their selfish purposes. Ray must now use his intellect to outwit the corporation’s goons to fulfill his grandfather’s wishes and save humanity’s future.


20. Kemono Friends

Kemono Friends faced issues from the start. The reason is an altercation between the director and the publisher over production and legal matters. They gave the director a pitiful budget, a crew of no more than nine people, and a 500-day deadline for Tatsuki to fail. Their budget, for example, was insufficient to fund the rotation of the tires.

 However, due to the director’s determination and love for anime, he used the meager budget to create and air Kemono Friends in Japan, and the result was nothing short of amazing. Despite its unpolished 3D graphics, Kemono Friends became an unexpected hit among anime fans thanks to its charming story and endearing characters. Fans disliked the graphics, but fans received massive backlash when they found that Tatsuk would not direct season 2. It doesn’t matter how the CGI looks as long as the anime has a heart.


Final Thought

People still use 2D animation because it’s cheaper and offers artistic freedom. But given enough time, 3D animation will be on par with 2D. It’s an exciting future for anime. Many anime fans dislike CGI anime. Moreover, creators have been using it in anime for many years. At best, it can add a lot of dimensions to fantastic worlds. The action scenes in Attack on Titan are a great example. Creators used CGI to make each heart-pounding action scene much more dynamic.

This is partly about how 3D CGI anime has evolved over the years. Sometimes 3D modeling restricts symmetrical objects like buildings, cars, and robots. As technology improves, 3D modeling for characters is slowly improving. We see the characters improve by watching anime like God Eater and the like. Not all of you will appreciate 3D animation, and that’s alright. 

That is all for this article. If you have any kind suggestions, please leave a comment. Thanks.

Did You Know? April 15th of every year is National Anime Day.

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