The 20 Best Gift Card App For Android in 2023 (Free and Paid)

Gift card apps are best for earning extra money. We all like to earn extra money. And when it can earn from remote work, why not try it? But these coupon card apps won’t bring you bread. You can keep this as a side job. With payment through free chat apps, you can buy a new smartphone. You can use it as your extra usage money. The earning process is easy. You can earn money by watching some videos or rewriting some captcha. You can earn at least 50 dollars per month if you are persistent. But the remarkable fact is that there is no entry fee. So you can install some apps and then start watching videos. 

The 20 Best Gift Card App Android

Gift card apps are like some extra gig to anyone. You can expect these earnings as your monthly allowance, but you can use this extra living. We all know that 2021 and 2023 have been tough years for all of us. Some lost their jobs during the pandemic. Some of us have started small businesses. On the other hand, some of us failed to keep pace with this pandemic. On the other hand, some business people succeeded because of their unique concept. 

So, voucher apps jinx like the savior in the pandemic situation. We can use card points instead of monetary tickets. Or you can make them into cash flows and go shopping with the money. 

You will find some voucher apps that scan your visa card, American Express card, mustard card, and many more. So the money you own from those apps can be cashed out readily. There are popular brands that accept those gift cards as cash. So voucher apps play the real deal. 

Apps That Buy Gift Cards

Mobile gift card wallet is an app that buys voucher cards. This application is the most renowned voucher app ever. So, you will get actual money from those chit cards. There are more than enough apps that help to sell the coupon card into cash. Gift card bin store locator, gift card granny, and Cardpool are the apps that buy chit. You can even sell unused gift cards and can redeem those gift cards in cash. You can also get 92% cash value of your coupon cards by CardCash. Those apps are the best to earn an extra money allowance. 

1. Ibotta Gift Card App

Ibotta is one of the legit gift card apps. You can get it from the Google play store. This app is super cheap to use. You can get money every time you use this app. This application is the ultimate money saver app. This app works with a metaphor of saving money every time you purchase something through this. You can use this app both on a spot purchase or via mobile. 


  • The bottle doesn’t work like a coupon app. You will get actual money from Ibotta. In case you are worried about getting scammed by Ibotta. ibotta won’t be bothered by how you shop or what you buy. You will get discounts on every grocery shopping.
  • You will get huge discounts on every grocery shopping. This app event has over 500 offers on grocery shopping.
  • This app is ready to use. You can download the app and register with your Google account. So, you must submit the verification purchase every time you buy something. 
  • You will earn gift cards instantly after buying something. Moreover, you can also pay with those gift cards next time purchasing.   

2. Swagbuck

Swagbuck Best Gift Card App AndroidThe value of Swagbucks is no joke. It is also considered the best free chat app. Swagbuck has the most flexible plans for cash out. Moreover, this app supports PayPal to redeem your voucher. You can cash out your chit card money any time. Swagbucks ensures that you get paid for the surveys as well. Swagbucks is legit. It redeems gift cards into points. The value of 1 point counts as 1 cent. But Swagbuck gives offers and rewards occasionally. Then the value of points rises to 10 cents. Net surfing or watching suggested videos can also earn ticket card points. Then you can redeem your earned point into cash through PayPal. 


  • Swagbuck is also fun to use. You can get mystery gift cards by grocery shopping. You will get paid every time you scan for the grocery payment.
  • This app is considered the best-paid survey app online. More than 10000 users get by this app every day. You will earn gift cards from renowned brands like Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, etc. 
  • You can earn 10 USD by making a purchase worth 25 USD. So actually, you are spending 15 USD for the 25 USD product. This app knows how to save money on every purchase. 

3. Shop: Package & Order Tracker

Shop- Package & Order TrackerShop Tracker is the safest gift card app in 2023. You can check out safely with this app. Besides that, this happens with only one tap. This app tracks all your purchasing. It doesn’t matter if you purchase them online or offline. The purchasing process is also feasible. You can purchase and make payments from one place. You will get notifications when your product is ready to deliver. This app works as an all-in-one app. As I’ve mentioned, it’s the safest app because it will preserve your personal information. This app will prevent your data from getting licked. 


  • Shop tracker will automatically track your online order. So when you order something online, you will know when it arrives. 
  • You can ask for help from the app. Some options are left for the users. Shop trackers even consider changing their features according to users’ choices.
  • This app will support you by finding vendors in your area. It works as maintained by your search. It will only show you the product you were interested in before. 
  • This app tracks all your past buying records. It shows every time a new product is launched that you prefer. You can also browse and get informed about the new products.

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4. InboxDollars-Earn Money Online

InboxDollars-Earn Money OnlineInboxDollars is an ancient app considering gift card issues. This app survived till now with its unique features and overwhelming benefits. However, this app is no joke. This app pays legitimately, and there is no chance of getting scammed. It has survived for twenty years already. It has been proven that InboxDollars is the best gift card app to earn real money. 


  • InboxDollars pays you 1 cent for 1 point. You can print the gift points when you reach the quota of 25 per day.
  • However, you can earn money by checking e-mails, playing games, and checking online surveys. You can participate in various games and can earn gift card points. So it is the best app for gamers out there.
  • This app has a payment method based on daily tasks. InboxDollars also supports promoting brands online. So, you can earn money by promoting renowned brands.
  • You can earn money by joining the app’s promotion campaigns and contests. InboxDollars has many feasible ways to let you earn extra money. But it has been made in a fun way.

5. Shoppick Gift Card App

Shoppick Best Gift Card App AndroidShopkick is a legit app. There are no scam issues that happened with this app. Shoppick scans all the receipts of your shopping that you already did. It just can’t be bothered how you do your shopping. You can get points from your online shopping and purchases that you did offline. This app considers all the shopping that you do. You will get points with every barcode scanning. Moreover, Shoppick has 4.4 ratings on the Google play store. So you can get it from the Google play store, and you will get this legitimate app for free. 


  • This app works best for online shoppers. You can get your delivery checked by this app. In the current world, we choose online shopping better than spot purchasing.
  • You can log in to Shoppick with your Google and Facebook accounts. This app will keep your data personal. In this way, it will prevent data leakage. 
  • The product in this app has been categorized into different segments. You can find it easily in a particular segment. 
  • You can fetch the deal of the day. This app offers some crucial deals on Fridays and other days. Shopkick will show you the advertisement of the items you were interested in on your last check. 

6. InstaGC Gift Card App

InstaGC Best Gift Card App For Android in 2021InstaGC is the best chat app you will find online. You can earn approximately 25 dollars per day. If you are persistent, you can earn this much, at least. You can get 1 dollar by earning 100 points. So you earn at least 5 to 25 USD per day. This app is quite a legit app. It has survived online since 2011. So it’s almost 10 years since InstaGC has kept pace with the other chit apps. Many people follow InstaGC on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media accounts. They even redeemed about 1 million USD of gift cards in 2017. So if you plan on checking any voucher apps, you can go for InstaGC.


  • InstaGC has 4 ratings in the Google play store. I’ve mentioned before that InstaGC is quite popular on social media accounts. There is hardly any way you can get scammed by this app. Moreover, it is a legitimate app.
  • This app costs no money to use. You can earn gift card points by playing games and going through surveys. 
  • Register with your Google or Facebook account and get along with InstaGC.
  • To earn money, you have to complete the task. After completing the designated task, you can cash out your money. This app is fun and easy to play.

7. NielsenIQ Consumer Panel

NielsenIQ Consumer PanelNielsenIQ Consumer Panel is another legitimate gift card app. It accesses more opportunities to earn money. You can log in from various devices after installing NielsenIQ Consumer Panel. It is even better to log in with many devices. You can download NielsenIQ Consumer Panel on your computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. This app follows the rule ‘the more, the merrier. Moreover, you can earn extra money by logging on to many devices. You will be surprised that NielsenIQ has survived for almost 90 years. 


  • This app is safe and legit to use. If there is scamming going on this app, it won’t survive these many years.
  • You have to install NielsenIQ Consumer Panel and complete the daily task that will give. You can redeem them in cash when you earn many coins. 
  • This app gives 100 Rs. for 1000 points. You can earn 50 dollars a month by completing easy daily tasks.

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8. Gift Card App: MyPoints

Best Gift Card App For Android in 2021 -MyPointsMyPoints is the best free chat app in 2023. You can earn money by net surfing, e-mail checking, and web searching through this app. This app is safe, and there is no claim of conning with this software within this year. After collecting enough points, you can redeem those points into money. The cash-out policies are pretty flexible. People from all walks of life can use this app. 


  • You can earn money from this app. You have to gather 3790 points. However, you can redeem those gift card points for real money through Paypal. However, you will get 25 USD for those points.
  • MyPoint has a similar appearance to Swagbucks, but it works differently compared to that app.
  • You can also get bonus points by booking tickets in MyPoint’s travel section. You can get a discount on every shopping regardless of whether it’s online.

9. Survey++ Get Paid to Take Survey & Opinion Rewards

Survey++ Get Paid to Take Survey & Opinion RewardsYou can earn money with this app. This app is pretty decent to use as a gift card app. Moreover, you can download it for free. If you have doubts about its safety, you can rest assured. This app is safe to use. You can go through the privacy policy of this app before using it. You have to go through surveys daily. Once you complete your daily limit, you will get paid instantly. So this app is also known for its transparency.


  • You can take surveys on different topics. These surveys will help you to get rid of your monotonous life. However, you can choose the survey topic that you like.
  • You can also earn extra money here. You have to check out some videos that are assigned to you. Moreover, you can also participate in various contests held by this app.
  • You can get paid with this app. The payment schemes are so flexible. 
  • You can adjust the payment method according to your need. 
  • You will get this app for free. 

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10. FeaturePoints: Get Rewarded

FeaturePoints- Get RewardedFeature point works with every country around the world. So wherever you live doesn’t matter using this app. You can even use this app in India and subcontinental countries like ours. This app is spaced out for a Carnet app. 

You can play games online and earn real money. You can also earn money by going through some surveys.


  • This app has existed since a long time ago. The app developer claimed they had spent 5.9 million USD since 2012. 
  • This app is something for a simple free chat app.
  • You can go through the surveys online. You can find your preferred surveys. Going through some surveys is a wise thing. You can get to know about many things.
  • You can earn money every time you do some shopping. This app scans the receipt of buying and collects the receipt into vouchers.
  • You will get discounts with those coupons. This app works as a money-saver. 
  • You will get some extra discounts if you buy groceries. You can buy online and offline.

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11. Cash for Apps – Free Gift Cards

Cash for Apps – Free Gift CardsThis app holds the real deal when you’re purchasing some apps. This app will give you chit cards every time you purchase an app. Moreover, this app is known for its legitimacy and gives you real cash. Besides that, you can get Cash for Apps from the Google play store. You don’t have to purchase Cash for Apps. But when you’re buying another app, Cash for Apps will give you discount cards. The value of the points they give is approachable. You can cash out that money in your preferred way.


  • You will get points by downloading any apps. So you can try downloading apps, and when you get the points, you can uninstall those apps later. 
  • You will get reward cards from renowned brands like Google Play, Amazon, iTunes, Amazon, Best Buy, and many more. Besides that, you can maneuver the gift card points for your next purchase. 
  • You will get 1 dollar for 300 points. You can even earn some extra gigs by inviting your friends. In addition, you will get 90 points for inviting one. Your friend will get 20 points as encouragement points. Thus, you can earn extra money in no time. 

12. PocketFlip – Free Gift Cards

PocketFlip – Free Gift CardsPocketFlip is one of the most legitimate apps for free vouchers. You can earn money from PocketFlip in your free time. But I can’t assure you that you will earn adequate money to make a living. You will earn a decent amount of money from here. 

You can earn chit cards from Amazon, Xbox, Playstations, and many renowned brands like those. Moreover, you will earn money by completing the daily tasks. You can also earn some bucks by playing games online. A large community play games here and earns extra money. You can also join them.


  • You can earn money by going through extensive brand surveys. You have to go through those surveys, and you will earn money instantly. 
  • However, you can turn those points into real cash. You may be assigned to some location-oriented tasks. On that particular task, you have to capture some pictures.
  • Earning points is never this easy. But with this app, you can pocket some money quickly. You can also make money by scanning the purchase receipt of every shopping.

13. PointsPrizes

PointsPrizesBest Gift Card App For Android in 2021PointsPrizes has survived online since 2017. It has served its users pretty well. They claimed they have over 1 million active members that Point Prizes serves in one month. This app will give you money by completing different tasks, like you can get money through surveys online.

You can also earn money by watching videos that are assigned to you. You can also install a password to PointsPrizes. So you can keep your data secure. You can go through the settings and set the password.


  • You will get unlimited surveys here. You can go through all the surveys and not feel bored. These surveys bring those current affairs.
  • You can earn points by fulfilling your daily tasks target. 
  • You will get pieces of information about existing offers. Moreover, you can earn extra money from the app.

14. Gift Card App: Fronto

Fronto Best Gift Card App For Android in 2021From is a sophisticated app for earning gifts online. This app is not a scam. You can get the basics using the processor of this app online. This app will help you earn all kinds of free vouchers that you can find online. You can install Fronto on your phone. Then start using this handy money-saver app. You can redeem your point into real cash through a Visa card, American Express, and even PayPal. You can also earn gift cards from famous brands like Amazon, PayPal, Gucci, Prada, etc.


  • Fronto helps to earn money through every shopping online,ne, and offline.
  • Fronto tracks your deliveries when an order has been shipped. You can log in to your existing account to use this app. Or you can create a user account.
  • You can set Fronto on your phone’s lock screen. Fronto will get you notified about the nearest product in your area. Fronto will also give you spare gift cards for every online shop.

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15. Ipsos I-Say

Ipsos I-Say is the survey app.Ipsos I-Say is the survey app. These apps are also considered gift card apps. You can achieve some points by checking some surveys online. So it is easier this way. This app contains some paid online surveys. So you can plump for the scheme and go for it. 


  • You can connect with the other members online. You can make friends with Ipsos, I-say. Moreover, you can also compete with them by completing surveys.
  • You will question yourself about logging in to particular surveys to go through. So, you have to create an account to work on this app. 
  • You can also earn extra by completing the annual loyalty quota. However, you can earn this by completing 200 surveys each year. 

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16. CardCash – Discounted Gift Cards

CardCash is the best vouvher app in 2021.CardCash is the best vouvher app in 2023. You can save almost 35% with CardCash, by scanning the barcode of your payment receipt on every shopping. You can save up this much money with this app. Moreover, You will get up to 92% of your chit-app value. 


  • CardCash is popular among people all over the world. This app even gives you discounts on checking restaurants. If you plan to go on a trip, you can check with CardCash. This app will give you discounts. 
  • You can check out the famous shopping sites here. You can buy from here. 
  • This app is a total money-saver. So you will get discounts on every item you will buy.
  • You can save in almost every segment, like Gas, water, and Grocery items. You can even buy electronic items here and get gift cards.

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17. Gift Card App: Prepaid2Cash

Prepaid2Cash Best Gift Card App For Android in 2021Prepaid2Cash is known for its money-transferring features. You can transfer your points into real money within 15 minutes. Prepaid2Cash is best for fetching gift cards online. This app turns unused gift cards into cash in no time. 


  • Prepaid2Cash has flexible payment options. It turns points into cash via American Express, Visa cards, etc. 
  • You can also earn coupons from famous brands and can use those coupons for your next purchase. 
  • The payment methods are pretty fast. You can earn money right away after your transaction is completed. You will transfer your point into cash flows within 2 to 3 days.

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18. Gift Cash – Make Money Online

Gift Cash – Make Money OnlineGift Cash is another app that works as a legit chat app. You can rest assured and manipulate Gift Cash with no worries. It has 4.3 ratings on the Google play store. You can download Gift Cash from there and get unlimited rewards. This app is one of the best apps for remote work. Moreover, you can earn money from home. 


  • You can sell your unwanted gift cards here. They also give you a 90% value on your gift cards.
  • Their payment procedures take a long time than usual. But there is no way of getting scammed by this app.
  • A large number of people use this app. Gift Cash has a lot of positive reviews online. You can go through those before installing Gift Cash.

19. Gift Card App: Gift Card Wallet

Gift Card WalletBy the name, you can tell this is the earnest Camet app in 2023. It proceeds the easiest way of earning money through chit-card apps. You can earn and redeem those points into real cash via PayPal. There are some mysterious tricks with these apps as well. You can play those tricks for fun and earn money. 


  • This app is straightforward to use and can earn a daily bonus. You have to complete the daily work given by the app.
  • You can use those mysterious features like spinning the wheel and picking free cards. If you lose the spin game, you have nothing to lose. But if you win those, you can use the mysterious features.
  • There are a lot of ways you can use the app. You can earn extra money by scratching cards. You will get scratch cards 8 times a day.

20. AppNana – Free Gift Cards

AppNana – Free Gift CardsAppNana is the easiest and fastest way to earn extra money. This app is a lifesaver and works like your side gig. It would be best if you tried using this app. Moreover, you can get it free from the Google play store. You can earn points by watching videos. Then the points can redeem in amounts of cash through PayPal.


  • This app is working on its feature. In the updated version, you will get the bugs fixed automatically by this app itself. 
  • You can earn extra points by inviting your friends. If you can be made your friends by installing this app, you can earn some extra points. Your friends will also get some points so they can remain motivated.      

Final Thought

Chit card apps are real money saver apps. You can earn with these apps in your spare time. You don’t have to do any physical labor to earn money. Moreover, you can use your leisure to earn extra money. Coupon card apps can’t help you make a living but will slightly enhance your earnings. You can earn extra money without much effort. You can get those apps for free. Earning money was never this easy. So you should go ahead and install one of them. If we can legitimately earn money, why don’t we try it? These are the best gift card apps of 2023.

Arundhuti Ghosh
Arundhuti Ghosh
Arundhuti Ghosh is a student of fashion design. She is an accomplished Graphics and fashion designer, but she loves to write. She enjoys using her skills, talent, and desire professionally.

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