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The Best 20 Video Game Retailers All Over the World

A video game, also known as a computer game, is an interactive electronic game that uses an input device to produce visual feedback, such as a keyboard, controller, joystick, or motion sensor from speakers or headphones is a common addition to video games. All the games are not available on the online store. So, you need the services of video Game Retailers.

The goal of modern video games is to completely submerge the player in a digital environment that appears to be the real thing. When the popularity of video games first began to spread in the 1980s and 1990s, video game shops were among the most popular destinations in malls and cities. They were commonplace, and there was fierce competition among the shops.

What is the Digital Video Game Marketplace?

Websites where people can buy and sell video games, are known as video game marketplaces. A business called GameStop launched the first online Store for video games in 2001. Since then, numerous companies, including Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, and Wal-Mart, have introduced their marketplaces. Digital games are those that you buy and immediately download to your computer or gaming system.

You buy games on a disc or cartridge and insert them into your computer or gaming system as physical games. Many of these shops either glitched out of existence or were absorbed by their more powerful rivals. The rivalry between these video game retailers is intense and has even expanded to the internet, a much bigger stage.

The History of the Digital Video Game Marketplace

Markets for video games have a long and colorful history. There have been many ways for gamers to buy and sell their games, from the early days of online retail juggernauts like Amazon to the modern era of digital storefronts like Steam. Video game marketplaces weren’t common in the early days of online shopping. Before most retailers even considered doing so, eBay was probably one of the first to allow gamers to buy and sell used games.

G2A, which is still active today, entered the video game market early. G2A originally served as a marketplace for gamers to buy and sell digital game keys, but it has branched out to include selling physical games and gaming hardware. Of course, Steam is the dominant player in the video game market. Gamers could update their Half-Life 2 games with the help of Steam. However, it quickly became much more substantial, becoming a digital marketplace for PC games in 2005.

With more than 30,000 games available, Steam is currently the most prominent digital marketplace for PC games. It has evolved into a social gaming platform with forums and user-generated reviews.

Even though Steam dominates the PC gaming industry, other online stores are noteworthy. For instance, you can purchase and download games for Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store. And if you want to buy and download games for Sony’s PlayStation 4, you should go to the PlayStation Store. Another significant player in the online video game market is the Apple-run App Store.

The App Store offers many excellent console and PC games and its more well-known mobile game selection. There will surely be a market that suits your needs, whether you’re looking to buy or sell used games, digital downloads, or physical copies. 

The Best 20 Video Game Retailers All Over the World

I have handpicked the best 20 video game retailers worldwide in this article section. In these Stores, you can physically and digitally buy a copy of your games.

#1. GameStop

If you’re looking for an online/offline video game store, there is no more prominent name in the industry than GameStop. You can always get the most recent releases from this industry giant, and they have agreements with developers to offer exclusive content for some of the biggest releases. Their reconditioned consoles and used games are an excellent way to reduce the cost of your purchase. GameStop Video Game Retailers All Over the World

Important Features 

  • The American retailer, GameStop, sells video games, electronics, and gaming-related products.
  • They are the biggest seller of video games worldwide.
  • GameStop can send you copies of your games both online and physically.
  • There are also warranty policies that come with your purchase.

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#2. Steam

One of the best places to buy digital PC games is the Steam store, and there’s a good reason for that. One feature of their dedicated client, which allows you to play games, post reviews, record your gameplay, and chat with online friends, is their storefront. Steam offers both popular games and independent games.

Important Features

  • Once a user purchases a game, a perpetual software license is added to their Steam account, enabling them to download the game on any compatible device.
  • The primary function of Steam is to enable users to download games and other programs from Steam’s “virtual software libraries” to their local computers as game cache files.
  • Since they had exclusive access to the Steam database and engine, Valve was initially required to publish these games.
  • After the release of the Steamworks software development kit in May 2008, anyone could publish to Steam without Valve’s direct involvement.
  • Some accounts may receive game licenses under specific circumstances.

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#3. Origin Video Game Retailers

The main rival to Steam, Origin, provides many of the same games and similar services. But since Electronic Arts, a well-known publisher runs Origin. It provides access to the most recent releases of numerous famous series, such as Call of Duty and Madden, which are inexplicably absent from the Steam client.

Important Features 

  • Users can browse and buy games using the Origin store from Electronic Arts’ catalogs.
  • Purchased software is instantly linked to the user’s Origin account. It is downloaded using the corresponding Origin client instead of delivered in a box, disc, or CD key.
  • After a game is purchased, Origin guarantees that it will always be available for download. Additionally, there is no cap on how often you can download a game.
  • By using CD keys from retail copies and digital copies obtained from other digital distribution services, users can also add specific EA games to their Origin accounts.

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#4. Best Buy

One of the best electronics retailers in the world is Best Buy, and a sizable portion of their selection is made up of video games. They stock new and used games for all the most popular consoles and PC games. Through their online Store, you can also purchase new consoles, accessories, and controllers. In addition to conventional physical versions, console and PC games are also offered in digital form.

Important Features 

  • In addition to home appliances, Best Buy also sells consumer electronics and various related products, including software, video games, music, mobile phones, digital cameras, car stereos, and video cameras.
  • Best Buy provides computer repair, warranty, and accidental service plans under the Geek Squad name.
  • Members of Best Buy have access to an online community forum where they can ask questions, share product experiences, and receive advice from other members or retail product experts.

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#5. Newegg

Like Best Buy, Newegg sells a wide range of electronics, but a significant portion of its revenue comes from video games. Users will find the most well-known PC and console releases on their websites. Newegg’s key selling point is its selection of expensive and high-end gaming peripherals, such as headsets and alternate controllers.

Important Features

  • Newegg has sponsored gaming competitions for games like Rome: Total War, Warcraft III, and Counter-Strike.
  • In 2005, Newegg held a monthly case mod competition where participants had to submit images, descriptions, and instructions detailing how to customize their computers with unusual looks and capabilities.
  • Newegg sells games and accessories both online and in physical shops.

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#6. Xbox Live

There isn’t a more convenient way for Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners to buy games than straight from the Xbox Live storefront. You can buy any digital game offered for the platforms, and if you have an Xbox One, you can even download it from your computer directly to your console.

Important Features

  • Users of UFC on Xbox Live have access to a library of live and on-demand video content.
  • Xbox live can connect with friends to predict fight outcomes and the ability to view pay-per-view events.
  • In Xbox live, players can compare fighter statistics and records.
  • Out-of-market Major League Baseball games are available on Live streaming of events.
  • Several regionally-restricted TV on-demand services are accessible to all users.

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#7. PlayStation Network

What Xbox Live is to Microsoft consoles, the PlayStation Network Store is to Sony consoles. Users can set PS4 games to automatically download here and buy any digital titles for their PlayStation 3, Vita, and PlayStation 4 consoles directly. Additionally, this is where you can add money to your account and buy PlayStation Plus subscriptions.

Important Features

  • Sony advises new users to create a separate email address and a secure password that is not connected to other online services.
  • It is free to sign up for the PlayStation Network.
  • Master accounts and Sub accounts are the two types of accounts that can be great.
  • Access to all settings, including parental controls, is possible with a master account.
  • A rotating selection of games is available to members, though the selection varies by PlayStation Store region.

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#8. Nintendo eShop

The Nintendo eShop is the brand’s online marketplace for all the first- and third-party video games offered for its consoles. The selection of contemporary games is further bolstered by a variety of retro games drawn from Nintendo’s early console cycles, which include games for the Switch, 3DS, and Wii U.

Important Features

  • Users can redownload previously purchased software at no additional cost as long as it is still offered on the eShop because the eShop keeps track of all downloads and purchases.
  • When the eShop application is not open or running, downloads can be queued up and pushed to the console instead of starting immediately.
  • With a few exceptions, like Flipnote Studio, users upgrading from a Nintendo DSi system can transfer their previous DSiWare purchases to the Nintendo 3DS.

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#9. Microsoft Store

In addition to hosting all of the games created by Microsoft’s in-house studios, the Microsoft Store is a central location for third-party games for Microsoft Windows and Xbox. You can find games here for your tablet, console, or PC. They sell both digital and physical copies of the games, as well as gaming-related accessories.

Important Features 

  • The main channel for users to download Windows Store apps is Microsoft Store.
  • Out-of-the-box sideloading support for Windows 8 is only available on computers running the Enterprise edition of Windows 8 and that have joined a Windows domain.
  • Users of Windows 10 are free to enable or disable sideloading without restriction.
  • You will get more than 669,000 apps and games from the Store in 2015.

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#10. Amazon Video Game Retailers

Considering that Amazon sells almost everything, it can be an excellent place to look, whether you’re looking for a recent publication or a time-honored classic. Shopping for their new releases can frequently result in price reductions, and because they have third-party retailers on their network, savvy customers can often find rare finds.

 Important Features

  • You can get discounts on more expensive games like Grand Theft Auto and League of Legends on amazon.
  • Following the failure of a big-budget game effort, Amazon announced the rebranding of Twitch Prime, the live-streaming website, renaming it Prime Gaming.
  • Users who sign up for Twitch Prime will receive a free Twitch subscription and free games from independent developers.

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#11. Target

Target may not be a specialist in games, but its online storefront has the majority of the more sought-after finds. Even though they might not have as wide of a selection as more specialized chains, you can occasionally find better prices using a combination of their sales and coupon codes. You can buy all the popular consoles, accessories, and strategy books at Target.

Important Features

  • In the 1980s, Target started expanding the Store nationwide and included a video games section.
  • Target always offers a large number of discounts on purchases.
  • You can buy video game consoles too at target.

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#12. Humble Bundle

Due to its distinctive sales model, Humble Bundle stands out from many of the more established online video game stores. They always offer digital video game bundles for a limited time, and customers can decide how much they want to spend. Higher price points typically come with new incentives, and you can even choose to give some of your money to charity when making a purchase. At least once per week, new bundles are added. The entry-level offerings, which cost one dollar, come with various games.

Important Features

  • The sales platform created to control the Humble Bundles is expanded by the Humble Store.
  • It provides independent developers with an alternative marketplace for these games by utilizing the payment and customer service features developed for the various Bundles.
  • The buyer has unlimited access to all software games from the Store after making a purchase, just like with Bundles.

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#13. Fanatical Video Game Retailers

Over 5000 digital games are available from some of the biggest retailers in the market at Fanatical, an online storefront. They keep a variety of deals that frequently change to help gamers save money, and their Bundle Stars game lets you purchase multiple games that are packaged together at steep discounts. They keep many more bundles in rotation even though they don’t have the sliding scale option that Humble Bundle does.

 Important Features

  • Online video game retailer Fanatical is based in the United Kingdom and was formerly known as Bundle Stars.
  • Over two million customers worldwide have purchased more than 80 million officially approved game keys from it.
  • Over 8000 games from around 1000 game publishers and developers are available on Fanatical.
  • Fanatical collaborates with smaller independent developers, SEGA, THQ Nordic, Deep Silver, Kalypso Media, and Bethesda Softworks.

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#14. GoG, formerly Good Old Games, began as the leading website for classic PC games. In their Store, you’ll still find a sizable selection of classics from the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s, but they’ve since expanded their selection to include more recent releases. Your purchased contents and all their games are DRM-free.

Important Features

  • The provided digital goods, such as video games and movies, are available for online purchase and download.
  • For older games, prices typically range from $5 to $10, with special discounts during sales held several times a week.
  • Some more recent games are more expensive than previous versions.
  • You can use Redeemable gift certificates and give other people digital goods from

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#15. Green Man Gaming

The most recent titles from the biggest developers are available as digital releases from Green Man Gaming for PC, virtual reality, and PS4. Although their business model frequently includes daily flash sales, you can usually find the best discounts during the holiday season. They have package deals that typically cost less than ten dollars and include several games. Green Man Gaming

Important Features 

  • Online video game retailer, distributor, and publisher Green Man are based in the United Kingdom.
  • Since its initial release, Green Man Gaming has increased its user base by 4.7 million.
  • Green Man Gaming claims that some unlicensed keys were sold in the Store in 2015.
  • Most keys are provided directly by publishers, but occasionally it may be necessary to provide keys for games from publishers.

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#16. Game Jolt

While platforms like the Steam Store and Origins help independent game developers grow, Game Jolt only pays attention to the underdog. You don’t have to sift through branch pages of triple-A releases to find minor, inventive releases. Smaller studios or single developers develop every game sold in their Stores. Game Jolt Video Game Retailers All Over the World

Important Features

  • Many people consider Game Jolt a social media platform for gamers, content producers, and video game enthusiasts.
  • It’s accessible via the web, desktop app for Windows and Linux, iOS, Android, and the web.
  • In 2021 Game Jolt announced Firesides, their live streaming service.
  • Firesides enable multiple users to stream live with a delay of almost zero seconds.
  • To be eligible to win prizes, participants need to create games during Game Jams.

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#17. eStarland Video Game Retailers

eStarland is a haven for collectors, exclusively selling physical video games. They provide the most recent releases on the market but also contain a wealth of undiscovered treasures. If you are looking for rare collections and unpopular games that are not familiar in the US, they’re one of the best places to look. They have a sizable selection of collectibles with video game themes to go along with their game selection and some of the best trade-in prices.

Important Features

  • eStarland offers the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, Xbox One, PS Vita, and Nintendo 3DS, among other modern consoles.
  • All the most recent games for these systems are available at eStarland, along with a wide range of accessories.
  • eStarland also maintains a sizable stock of vintage consoles, ranging from the Sega Dreamcast to the Atari 2600.
  • They also sell games and difficult-to-find accessories for these systems.

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#18. JJgames

Most people recommend if you’ve been looking high and low for a rare game but cannot find it elsewhere. Their products return to the first Nintendo Entertainment System, specializing in used games. They’re likely to have what you need, whether looking for a vintage game, a functional copy of the console you played as a kid, or the cords or accessories you need to get your outdated system up and running again.

Important Features

  • Retro video games for Nintendo, Sega, PlayStation, and Xbox are available online at
  • There are a ton of options available.
  • Moreover, their warranty policy is decent.

More Info

#19. DKOldies

Game stores from the past One of the few online merchants focusing on classic releases are DKOldies. Their earliest offerings include games, consoles, and accessories for the Atari 2600, but they’re the best place to start if you’re looking for a discarded video game item from the previous 30 years. They’re well worth checking in on frequently because the selection often changes due to the nature of their service and the rarity of their products.

Important Features

  • DKOldies finds the best deals for you, even with the massive number of fakes in circulation.
  • Spotting them is becoming increasingly complex, but they have many safeguards.
  • A person oversees the refurbishing and quality assurance of each item at DKOldies.

More Info

#20. Lukie Games

Lukie Games might be able to help if you’re looking for a classic game or console but can’t find it on any old-fashioned game retailers. They have a whole department devoted to rare and collectible games, and they cover every gaming generation going back to the first Nintendo Entertainment System. Their toy selection resembles a dynamic museum of the evolution of video games.

Important Features

  • Lukie games initially only sold NES games on eBay, but they have since expanded to sell a full selection of games, consoles, and accessories for Nintendo, Sega, PlayStation, and Xbox.
  • They have more than 60,000 games sold each month and over 1,100,000 customers.
  • They offer return and warranty policies.

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The Revenue Generation of Video Game Retailers

Year Global Market Size ($Billion)
2015 61
2016 91
2017 108.9
2018 115
2019 121
2020 155
2021 198
2022 216

From the above chart, we can see that the revenue generation of video games was only $61 billion in 2015, but in the global pandemic, this graph has changed dramatically. In 2020 and 2021, the revenue generation for video game retailers was very high. But in 2022, it is pretty less.

Although consumer spending on video games has decreased and might continue, this is unlikely to change anytime soon. Data show that in 2022, people will be spending less money on video games, which could be due to some factors.

The Causes Behind the Downfall

The world is currently experiencing an inflationary period. Some newspapers noted that rising food and gasoline prices would probably make spending on video games less justifiable. On a global and personal level, there are also rising energy prices and general financial uncertainty to consider.

Live service games available for free have been around for a while; chances are you’ve played one of them. Popular video games that have endured the test of time in the gaming industry include Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone, Grand Theft Auto Online, and others.

Many websites listed all three of those games among the best-selling and most popular games of Q2 2022, highlighting these games’ continued dominance of the gaming industry. Video game sales may decline as more games with this business model emerge because most players stick with free-to-play options.

While it is true that consumer spending on video games fell significantly in 2022 compared to the year before, it is still unclear whether this will be the start of a trend or a one-off as the world emerges from the pandemic and financial uncertainty into a new normal.

Final Thought

Video game retailers were widely popular 10 years ago, but now with the evolving modern technology, the free games are increasing daily. That’s why people are investing less in both physical and online stores. But in this article, I have selected the best stores where you can physically and digitally buy video games. If you have any recommendations about this article, share your thoughts in the comment section.

Happy Gaming.

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