Top 20 Best Cooking Games for Android Phones and Tablets

Cooking is one of the most necessary activities of our life. But, if we think a bit deeper, cooking is an art. It is not easy to prepare food if you do not possess an artistic mind. You can take the help of some cooking apps to help in cooking. But still, you might not be good at cooking. Then why not try to get the taste of cooking differently? Cooking games for Android can handle this situation. 

Many new and old cooking games are available on the Internet. These games are categorically distinct. You can find cooking games for adults and kids as well. Such a game helps you open up your mind with experimental thoughts regarding cooking. You will enjoy it while playing the game. Side by side, you will understand preparing, cooking, and serving dishes in real life. 

What is a Cooking Game?

The cooking games achieved their significance in the era of gaming. You can find a mixture of a simulator game and a strategy game here. In a cooking game, the player must gather different cooking ingredients. Using your experimental mind to prepare various new dishes would be best. You might have to buy or hunt for the main ingredients. These games prove that cooking and serving food items can be exciting too!  

Top 20 Best Cooking Games for Android

I think you have got the basic idea about a cooking game. Now, it is time to explore it. If you are an Android user, Google Play offers many making food games to pass your leisure. But how can you choose the best one? The genre of cooking games is getting popular day by day. So, the developers are making these kinds of games more. And that is why selecting the best one is getting more challenging too. 

This article will help you to choose your kind of game quickly. You will get a list of the top 20 best-preparing games for Android here. Moreover, you can find the best game for you by going through the features. These fascinating games are waiting for you to play!

1. Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Good Pizza, Great Pizza is a great cooking game for pizza lovers. This popular cooking game for Android provides a feel for preparing delicious pizza. At the same time, it develops your guessing power. You need not put so much effort into learning the game. Just serve your customers properly and beat your competitors. By doing this, you can become the best pizza seller in the town. More than 100 customers are waiting to taste your pizza! But you have to prepare food while the restaurant is open. 

Good Pizza, Great Pizza

In Good Pizza, Great Pizza, you own a pizza shop. You have to prepare various types of pizza to satisfy your customers. Sometimes, they will order pizza using a code language. You have to guess and identify their requirements and bake pizza accordingly. Putting pizza sauce over the pizza, making delicious toppings, and spreading cheese seem interesting. The developer of this game successfully applies his practical knowledge of pizza making in this game. 

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2. Cooking Craze

Cooking CrazeCooking Craze is another famous old cooking game. This game has been recommended as one of the best for a long time. The game provides you with an atmosphere of a restaurant. You have to cook and serve different dishes to your customers. If you want to cook like a professional chef, try this one. Here you have to prepare various cuisines from different countries. Your time management skills will play a vital role in earning more points.

Cooking Craze offers you over 4000 levels to play. You have to cook in different restaurants across six continents. You can experiment with the above 100 ingredients while preparing a dish. Make your customers happy by making premium dishes. You can also upgrade your Kitchen and cooking speed here. By mastering three difficulty levels, you can achieve golden comment cards. However, this game is quite challenging to learn for beginners, and it contains ads. 

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3. Diner DASH Adventures

Diner DASH Adventures Android Cooking Games Diner DASH Adventure is an online cooking game. You might not need a Wi-Fi connection, but a network connection is required to play the game. This game tells a story about Flo, who returned to the town and started cooking to serve the citizens. It would be best to defeat evil people like Mr. Big and his goons here. You have to keep your customers happy with your cooking skills. Prepare hundreds of foods during the exciting levels of this game.

Diner DASH Adventures requires good time management capabilities. Because you have to serve your customers with their orders within a limited time, you can make a team with the other cooking experts of the town to defeat the evils. There are a lot of challenges, mini-games, and puzzles included in the game. You can also show your decorating skills by remodeling the restaurants. But the popping up of ads makes the players feel disturbed. 

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4. Crazy Kitchen

Crazy KitchenCrazy Kitchen offers you the actual cooking experience of a star chef. Here, you have to prepare delicious dishes like a professional cooking expert. Along with that, you need to fulfill some challenges. You have to choose the right ingredients for preparing the food. Again, if you cannot follow the proper order, the dish will be spoiled. You should have the capacity to do multiple tasks to earn the bonus. 

You have to complete daily tasks and increase your achievements in Crazy Kitchen. Be careful about the cooking time. Never burn the food. Remember that you are responsible for serving the dish to your customers with the perfect taste. Your serving style also adds special credit to your achievements. It is one of the best cooking games for Android, 2021, that provides the purest cooking experience. 

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5. Cooking Fever

Cooking Fever Android Cooking Games You will get a combination of cooking and restaurant management skills in Cooking Fever. It is a highly-reviewed cooking game for Android. People usually like to play this game for its vast dimensional recipes. You can prepare the famous dishes of any country in Cooking Fever. There are about 150 necessary ingredients available to make your food tasty. Moreover, you have to prepare the dishes in the fastest possible time to win the challenges. 

Cooking Fever contains a large number of cooking restaurants. You can prepare various dishes using those modern facilities, from coffee to pizza. You can also upgrade the Kitchen with new crockery. The main meals, as well as the desserts cooked by you, will surely satisfy your customers. The game will make you addicted to cooking. You can also share your cooking experience through Facebook. Get the best experience of cooking by downloading this cooking game.

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6. Cooking City

Cooking City Android Cooking Games If you are tired of playing cooking games that include restaurant management activities, here is an option. Cooking City offers you a simple experience of preparing food. It mainly focuses on the challenges of making delicious food items quickly. Preparing the ‘food combo’ for your customers would be best. You will lose points if you fail to make that combo in time. This time-management cooking game makes you a pro at cooking like a chef.

In the Cooking City game, the restaurant is open all time. You will get hundreds of ingredients to prepare 200+ food items. It is one of the best offline cooking games. There are more than 300 exciting levels. You can find a mixture of simulation and strategy games here. The cooking equipment included in this game will help make your dish perfect. You can also use powerful boosts to earn more points. Cooking City entirely provides the fun of cooking in an intuitive interface.

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7. Cooking Mama

Cooking MamaAre you looking for a perfect cooking game for your kids? Cooking Mama can satisfy you in this regard. It is a cooking simulation game that people of all ages can enjoy. Here, you can see the daily cooking experience of a mother. Combined with over 30 mini-games, Cooking Mama creates an exciting atmosphere for cooking. You have to face the challenges and increase the points. The game will never make you feel bored.

Cooking Mama requires you to complete all the ancillary tasks related to cooking too. You can also combine several dishes to make a new one! Moreover, you can grow crops, raise cattle and fish, and run your restaurant in the game. It creates an idea of cooking in the minds of the children. You have to complete the weekly challenges to join the global ranking. This engaging online cooking game can stick you in the game. To get this experience, download this cooking game from Google Play. 

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8. Cooking Madness

Cooking Madness Android Cooking Games Another well-reviewed cooking simulator game is Cooking Madness. The game requires you to prepare, cook, and serve different dishes from all over the world. Besides, this addictive game will give you a real-life cooking feeling. Travel throughout other countries and cook the signature items. You have to complete the challenges and enrich your score. The game also provides essential tips to improve your cooking skills. 

Like many other cooking games, Cooking Madness includes a restaurant management feature. You can upgrade your points by serving your customers their desired foods. Again, it would be best to be careful about managing your time. You have to use your hands fastly to tap the buttons for cooking. Collect more keys to unlock new restaurants. This game’s missions and levels will help you pass your leisure with endless fun. However, you might be bothered by the advertising issues of this free game. 

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9. Restaurant Story

Restaurant Story Cooking Games for AndroidRestaurant Story provides a full-fledged package of cooking and decorating the Kitchen. You have to control every single aspect necessary for cooking in this game. This is how you can gain practical knowledge of managing kitchen activities. You can prepare thousands of delicious items here. Moreover, the game releases new recipes every week. You have to ensure your customers are happy with your food and service. This cooking game for Android allows you to design your restaurant according to your choice. 

Restaurant Story is one of the purest cooking games. Here, you will be able to organize your Kitchen in real life. The game will enhance your cooking skills with many new tips and recipes. Besides, you will get the opportunity to discover new items too. This online cooking game will surely fulfill your demands in your virtual cooking world.

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10. Hunt Cook

Hunt CookHunt Cook is a fun cooking game for Android. You can consider it as a hunting game too. It is designed by mixing the features of both the hunter and cooking games. Are you getting confused? Let me clear it up. In hunt cooking, you have to cook for your restaurant’s customers. But the fun part is that you have to hunt the animal you will cook. Here, you will have the feeling of a hunting game. By upgrading your skills, you can grow your restaurant. 

Hunt Cook is an easy learning game. You will find a wild natural environment to hunt your desired animals. The process of hunting and cooking further made the game more attractive. Here, you have to make your recipes to serve your customers. Your recipes will depend on the demands of the customers. This game introduced a new dimension in the field of cooking games. If you want to taste something different from regular cooking games, try Hunt Cook. 

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11. World Chef

World Chef Cooking Games for AndroidThe World Chef game gives your cooking habit an international touch. Here, you can fulfill your restaurant menu with food items from more than 20 nationalities. You have to collect the ingredients for cooking by yourself. You might have to buy, trade, or import them for this. Moreover, World Chef allows you to export unique ingredients too. Your customers can visit the restaurant any time to taste the delicious foods made by you!

World Chef added a to-go option for taking away the dishes. As a chef, you have a massive collection of recipes from all over the world. It is more than a fast-food restaurant. You need to cook the food accurately to satisfy the customers. Besides, you must decorate the Kitchen and find new designs for your dining hall. Try to attract VIP customers with your different dishes to increase the score. You can find this offline cooking game in Google Play. 

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12. Too Many Cooks

Too Many CooksToo Many Cooks come with several playing options for you. Here, you can choose to play the game online with other players. Besides, there is a solo-playing option available too. But the game is more famous for its teamwork feature. It is a new cooking game trying to compete with other games of this type. The game contains a difference in its cooking feature too.

Too Many Cooks mainly focus on Japanese food items. While playing the multi-player mode, you have to make a dish with the help of other chefs. Each of them has a specific working portion in the Kitchen. You have to communicate with them to pass the ingredients. There is also an option to ask for the cooking components from any not in the Kitchen. Too Many Cooks require you not to overcook the dish. You have to prepare the dishes with your team as fast as possible. It is the main attraction of this game. 

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13. Star Chef

Star Chef Cooking Games for AndroidStar Chef allows you to fulfill your desire to be a culinary master. It is one of the best cooking games for Android. The game is a combination of cooking and managing other restaurant activities. As a cooking head, you must instruct other chefs to cook perfectly. You can also grow the ingredients inside your place. By managing the decoration and upgrading the cooking materials, you can make your Kitchen look beautiful.

Star Chef integrates with social media too. It allows you to add your Facebook friends and visit their restaurants. You can also serve take-away to your customers at the drive-in. This game will give you an idea about handling a five-star restaurant. Besides, you can use these cooking tips in your real life too. This free cooking simulator game is enjoyable to people of all ages. 

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14. Cafeteria Nipponica

Cafeteria NipponicaCafeteria Nipponica will make you realize that cooking is a matter of research too. To create extraordinary dishes, you need to research a lot about the ingredients and spices. The more you can make the perfect combination of the cooking elements, your food will taste good. You have to cook food to increase your points by satisfying the customers. If you can do so, you can arrange more events to upgrade your popularity in the City.

Cafeteria Nipponica also focuses on the restaurant management aspects. You have to understand the expectations and mentality of your customers. According to that, you need to decorate your restaurant. Eating contests, cooking classes, and other fun events add more excitement to the game. You can also make a cooking crew work as a team. This game is a simple and hassle-free one. 

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15. Gordon Ramsay: Chef Blast

Gordon Ramsay: Chef Blast Cooking Games for AndroidAre you a fan of the cooking skills of Gondor Ramsay? If so, Gordon Ramsay: Cooking Blast will add extra excitement to your mind while playing it. This game contains lots of exciting levels. You have to prepare mouth-watering dishes to lead the scoreboard. The game also includes quizzes, puzzles, and other challenges to grab your attention. 

Gordon Ramsay: Chef Blast will teach you some delicious recipes. You can also cook along with other players by making the team. This game is a mixture of cooking and brainstorming games. You have to use your common sense in solving the puzzles. It can be an excellent option for recreation, along with real-life cooking tips. For this reason, it has become one of the best cooking games for Android. 

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16. SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off

SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-OffIf you are a 90’s kid, SpongeBob Squarepants might be a source of nostalgia to you. It is hard to find people of this age range who don’t know about this cartoon. SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off has added a new dimension to increase emotion. This cooking game offers you to cook in the Krusty Krab as SpongeBob. You can also meet other characters in this cartoon in the game. 

SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off requires you to cook various fast food items in the middle of the sea. You can visit several locations like Bikini Bottom, Goo Lagoon, Sandy’s Treedome, etc. It includes a storyline and other exciting games and events too. The game is perfect for spending free time with your favorite cartoon characters. 

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17. Toca Kitchen 2

Toca Kitchen 2Toca Kitchen 2 is a fantastic game for the kids. It will teach your child the primary idea about cooking along with immense fun. Here, kids can cook in the way they want. They can make a mess with the ingredients. Discovering a new food item using their innovative minds is also possible. 

Toca Kitchen 2 contains various challenges related to cooking. It does not have any time limit to prepare a dish. Kids can learn how to cook and serve the dish to others in this game. Moreover, it does not have any ads. This quality upheld the popularity of Toca Kitchen. 

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18. Cook To The Beat

Cook To The Beat Cooking Games for AndroidCook To The Beat gives a different vibe to the existing cooking games. It includes rhythm with the cooking activities. Here, you will find your cooking ingredients moving around you. You have to select what you are going to cook. Each of the components contains different rhythms. You can choose the necessary items to prepare delicious dishes by tapping them. If you are a music lover, you will love this combination. 

Cook To The Beat includes a significant soundtrack for every dish. You must chop, tender, and season the ingredients to make your soundtrack. The rhythm created while preparing a dish turns your Kitchen into a disco ball! This offline cooking game is very intuitive and easy to play. It will indeed remove your boredom. 

19. Hungry Hearts Diner: A Tale of Star-Crossed Souls

Hungry Heart’s DinerHungry Heart’s Diner is one of the best cooking games for Android, 2021 contains an emotional storyline. The game tells a story of an old Japanese granny. She has to struggle a lot to run her restaurant all by herself. Acting as the granny, you must prepare delicious items for your customers. To do so, you must do all the ancillary things for cooking alone. The game is quite challenging. 

Hungry Heart’s Diner can be classified as an old cooking game too. Because here you have to prepare mainly the traditional food items of Japan. So, there is an excellent chance to learn about old dishes. By making rice balls, tempura, dumplings, and many other homemade foods, you have to win the hearts of your customers. This game is highly reviewed among the players. 

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20. My Bakery Empire

My Bakery Empire Cooking Games for AndroidMy Bakery Empire is the perfect cooking game for people who love to bake. In this game, your character is a wannabe baker, Lizzie. You have to help Lizzie to fulfill her dream. Bake delicious bakery items and increase your popularity. Gradually, you will earn points and become capable of opening a bakery house. Using your creativity, build up your reputation and become the best bakery in the world. 

In My Bakery Empire, you need to help Lizzie open bakeries one after one to serve the demand of her customers. While baking, you can use various components to make the taste more delicious. Your decoration skills will also increase your scores. You can use fancy decorating elements to make your baked items more attractive. The game also enables you to learn a lot about baking. This cooking game for Android does not need any internet connection to play. 

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Final Thoughts

Cooking games occupy a large scale of popularity among the players. It is an excellent source of fun, excitement, and learning new tips. Moreover, it can give you a virtual feeling of cooking delicious dishes and serving them to others. I have tried to mention the best Cooking Games for Android 2021 in this article. Now try them fast! Hopefully, you will love these games. If you have any queries, feel free to add comments. I am eagerly waiting for your feedback. 

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