Best 15 Free Live Chat Software for Websites in 2023

According to research, 67% of customers leave e-commerce websites without purchasing. Before checking out a product, customers have questions that must be answered. Often the information your site provides does not meet the user’s needs. So they might want to ask you a question. And do you know how you can give this opportunity to your customers? Yes! Through live Chat.

If you use live chat support software, it will increase your website’s productivity. In addition, it will reduce your site’s cart abandonment rate. We have picked 15 of the best live chat software for Websites in 2023.

Why add Live Chat Support Software on websites?

Live chat support brings you closer to your customers. According to eConsultancy data, it increases 73% the customer satisfaction level of your site. It has a significant impact on your sales.

Adding chat support is worth your effort as it reduces the chance of cart abandonment. In addition, the little money you put into setting up the live chat support will convert to revenue in no time.

It is also essential that you maintain chat support. A poor live chat will harm your reputation. So keep this in mind after installing live agent chat software on your website.

Best Live Chat Software for Websites

Naturally, you want to install live chat software for your website, which is cost-effective and easy to use. It should bring more sales to your products and services. Let us look at 15 of the best live chat software of 2023.

1. LiveChat

LiveChat is the industry leader with efficient and easy-to-use live chatting support? You can easily set up and install the free LiveChat plugin for WordPress. It comes with a well-designed Chat interface for you to use. Live chat agents can access the software and respond to any message from their laptops, desktops, or smartphones. This software lets you chat on the go and keep your chat service running constantly.

With LiveChat, you can include surveying before or after a chat. Your customer can rate their satisfaction with your agent’s service. During off-hours, you can set up a workflow system. This way, the visitors can get a support ticket from the live chat menu.

You can integrate LiveChat with popular CRM software like HubSpot, Google Analytics, MailChimp, etc. As a result, thousands of companies such as Macdonald’s, Mercedes-Benz, Unilever, and more use and recommend the software.

Pricing: They offer a 14-day free trial. The Starter package costs 16 USD per month/agent billed yearly. LiveChat priced the Team plan at $33/ month per agent, and the Business plan will charge you USD 50 per month/ agent.

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2. ChatBot

ChatBot makes it easy for small businesses to communicate with customers and clients. It enables you to stay connected with your clients 24/7. With the artificial intelligence response, you will never leave a customer unanswered.

ChatBot has an intuitive drag and drops UI that allows you to create and design your chatbot. It is a respected name in the live chat software market with its complete solution for ensuring customer response.

ChatBot has several chat interface templates for you, such as a restaurant bot, coffee shopbot, customer service bot, recruitment bot, package tracking bot, and more. They are straightforward to implement and operate. Your live chat agent won’t have any problem using ChatBot. The users can integrate it on WordPress and WooCommerce sites.

Pricing: ChatBot has several plans suitable for all businesses. Their starter package gives you access to 1000 chats for 50 USD per month. The team plan will give you 5000 chats/ month for $149.

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3. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is the best way to transfer website visitors into customers with responsive chats. You can quickly implement it on WordPress websites as a plugin. In addition, you can use it by simply creating an account with Sendinblue and installing it on your website.

With Sendinblue, your agents can respond to the user’s message anytime and anywhere. The automated chat response is also convenient during off-hours. In addition, it comes equipped with email marketing integration sending updates to your users and re-targeting Facebook advertisements.

Sendinblue is a powerful tool enabling you to convert more visitors into paying customers. It will boost your marketing strategies and bring profits to your business.

Pricing: Signing up for Sendinblue is free and allows you to send 300 emails daily. They offer three more plans- Lite, Premium, and Enterprise- at $25/ month and $65/ month. For Enterprise plans, you have to get a quote.

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4. LiveAgent

Next, we have LiveAgent, a sophisticated medium for responding to your visitor’s messages. LiveAgent is one of the leading online chat services and helps desk tools on the market. You can set it up with LiveAgent if you do not use an online support desk. This software will increase the number of satisfied visitors to your website.

You can integrate LiveAgent into popular website builders like WordPress, Wix, etc. You can also integrate it with CRMs and email marketing software. LiveAgent will ensure that “you stand out with strong customer service support.” They offer a 14-day trial that you can check out now.

Pricing: LiveAgent has a free version with limited features. Their premium plans start from USD 15 per month/ agent.

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5. Chaport

If you want to try the best free live chat software, Chaport should be your first choice. It is a free live agent chat service for WordPress websites. In addition, Chaport offers unlimited free chats with up to 5 operators. What more could you ask for?

Chaport covers all the requirements for a reliable and responsive chat service. Chaport is compatible with desktops, mobiles, and tablets. So, your visitors can chat with you on any platform. Not only that, Chaport comes with beautiful chat widgets to customize your chat interface and make it match your business.

Chaport Pro gives you more features, such as saved replies, visitor notes, auto-invitations, typing insights, and file sending.

Pricing: Chaport has a free-to-use version of its software. The Chaport Pro starts at $9.80 per month.

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6. Olark

Olark is another best live chat software for businesses. It is comparatively easy to use and install on WordPress websites. You have to copy and paste a snippet onto your website codes. They also have a WordPress Plugin if you don’t want to use codes.

With Olark, you can customize the chat interface to your liking. It has advanced privacy features, data security, and real-time reporting. As a result, Olark brings your visitors closer to you.

With Olark Pro, you can access many exclusive features, such as contract terms, access to ChatBot Copilot, and concierge support. Olark redefines the live web chat software world and gives you and your users the best experience.

Pricing: The full-featured live Chat starts at $19 per month.

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7. ClickDesk

ClickDesk provides the best multimedia live chat app. With this software, you can chat with your customers and talk to them via calls. It has both video and voice call support. And the best part is that you don’t have to download any additional software for voice and video calls. Whereas most chat services on this list provide only text-based Chat, ClickDesk brings new options for you to try.

ClickDesk lets its users quickly set up web-based chat services. With ClickDesk, your agents can respond to customer requests in the fastest possible time. The chat interface is clean and customizable. You can remap the interface as you like. In addition, you can send custom greetings and notifications to your visitors with ClickDesk. 

ClickDesk supports over 90 languages. You can integrate it with popular Website builders and marketing tools. You can also connect it with Google Analytics to get performance reports. So whether you have a small or large business, ClickDesk can help you.

Pricing: They offer a free service for up to 10 users. The Lite plan starts at $14.00/month. The Pro plan costs $14.00 per month, and the Enterprise costs $39.99/ month.  

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8. Freshchat

Freshchat is another top live chat software with unique features. It provides full support for creating and maintaining an online live agent counter. They designed the software to be a messenger and conversation application. It is capable of real-time Chat. You can use Freshchat to set up an automated response when you are away.

You can use Freshchat for in-app campaigns, visitor timeline views, and co-browsing. In addition, you can give access to support tickets for your customers on Zendesk or other Slack channels. Finally, it is compatible with iMessage, WhatsApp, and FB Messenger. As a result, your customers can chat with you on these platforms.

Pricing: Freshchat offers a free service for up to 10 agents. For more access, purchase the paid plan. Their paid plan starts from 15 US dollars per month.

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9. LivePerson

LivePerson is a powerful online chat support software for your business. It comes with tons of features. LivePerson is easy to use, and you can integrate it with popular website builders. In addition, you can easily engage with your customers through text messages, WhatsApp, Messenger, and other popular platforms With LivePerson.

LivePerson can help you set up a real-time chat service and an automated chat response feature. As a result, you can present questions and answers to your customers, and they will never go unanswered.

They target LivePerson as small and medium customers. So if you have a small e-commerce site and want to engage with more people, LivePerson could be an intelligent choice. You can request a demo and then decide if you wish to purchase the product or not.

Pricing: You must contact LivePerson for a quote suitable for your business plan.

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10. Intercom

Intercom is the best way of engaging with your customers. It is a flexible tool that helps you to boost visitor-to-customer conversion. With Intercom, you can use customizable chatbots, design workflow, and provide customer support.

Intercom is not just a live chat tool; it is much more than that. You can use it as a support assistant, marketing automation tool, and customer engagement hub. Intercom is the solution if you want capable live chat software that can handle multiple tasks. You can easily integrate it with CRMs, Google Analytics, and email marketing tools. Over 30,000 businesses trust intercoms worldwide; you can also be a part of them.

Pricing: The basic plan starts from 87 dollars per month, and after that, the pricing is calculated based on your usage.

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11. Smartsupp

Smartsupp provides a low-cost, intelligent live chat software solution for your growing business. With this nifty chat tool, you can respond to your customer’s messages and track their activity on your website. In addition, they provide analysis reports so you can find how the visitors use your site. You can also check out what is preventing them from making purchases.

Smartsupp is compatible with Google Analytics, bringing you the needed performance data. It works with popular website builders like WordPress, Wix, etc. You can integrate Smartsupp with Magento, Shopify, and other marketing platforms. It provides products at a low price yet is a reliable chat service making it one of the top 10 live chat software UK.

Pricing: Smartsupp’s basic plan is only $8 per month/ agent.

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12. Pure Chat

Pure Chat is an efficient way of responding to your customers’ messages online. They offer one of the best cost-effective pricing plans on the market. If you have multiple websites, you can use Pure Chat on all of them. You don’t have to purchase separate plans for each site. Well, isn’t that handy?

Pure Chat makes managing your chats very easy. Your live chat agents can efficiently respond to any text messages from visitors. The automation workflow is also great. Pure Chat has an automated ChatBot that can respond to set questions when your system is offline. The AI bot is helpful to support if you don’t have 24/7 agent support.

It comes with a 30-day free trial. During the trial period, you can test all the features of Pure Chat. The paid plans have exclusive features like visitor analysis and live chat alerts. The free version has the Pure Chat logo on the chat window. The paid version removes the branding.

Pricing: They offer two pricing plans. Growth, priced at $39 for up to 4 agents. The Pro plan starts from $79 for up to 10 operators.

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13. JivoChat

JivoChat is fully functional live messaging software for your e-commerce website. It is an international software that was created and developed in Russia. Over 300,000 websites use JivoChat as of right now. JivoChat features all the options that you need. 

With JivoChat, you can get closer to your customers. You can set up an online customer care service with it. JivoChat have Windows and Mac OS versions? It also has a mobile app for both iOS and Android. So you can respond to the call of the users anytime. 

Their pricing plan is beautiful, offering a free version for you to try. Your users can hide the chat widgets if they want. You can integrate JivoChat with CRMs like Zapier to increase productivity. If you need a cost-effective chat solution, then we recommend JivoChat.

Pricing: You can use JivoChat for free for up to 5 agents. The professional plan starts at $13 per month.

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14. Tidio Chat

Tidio Chat is an online chat software with a lot of potential. They are relatively young on the market yet present powerful chat software for businesses. In addition, they are offering a competitive pricing plan with several valuable features. The Free plan gives you unlimited Chat for up to 3 agents.

The visual automation workflow is very impressive. You can set up automated responses when your agents are busy. You can real-time track the visitors on your site. Similar to JivoChat, they also have apps for Android and iOS devices. The chat interface is clean and beautiful. Any small business that wants a freemium chat service should try Tidio Chat.

Pricing: Tidio Chat offers a free plan for up to 3 agents. You can add features by purchasing them. The communicator and chatbot features both cost $18/ month. The emailing feature costs USD 10 / month. 

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15. Userlike

Userlike is German-made free live chat software. It is top-class software for converting visitors to customers. Around 2,000 websites have successfully implemented Userlike. The servers are in Germany, so it is a favorite tool in Europe. However, they did not design it for Europe only but for the world.

They offer an effective plan with unlimited chats for free. If you are exploring, try the free plan first. The chat interface is unique and clean. Visitors can easily access the chat widgets on your website. It is a great way to set an online customer service. Users can send image attachments which are very handy in situations. We recommend Userlike for European-based companies.

Pricing: Userlike offers a free plan. The paid plans start from $90 for 4 agents. With the increasing number of agents, the price rises.

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Final Thoughts

Live chat software is beneficial for connecting with your customers. Usually, visitors may have questions and queries related to your service. You can respond to your user’s needs if you have reliable chat support. We have provided this list of the Best 15 live chat software for Websites in 2023, hoping you will find the best solution for your website. If you ask me which is the best, I’ll recommend LiveChat, SendinBlue, or Chaport, as they provide value for money.

Let us know which software you found most suitable for your needs. Then, share this article and spread the knowledge.

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