Best 20 Application Lifecycle Management Software in 2023

What are ALM tools, and how does one approach them? The reasonable way of thinking of an ALM is an umbrella term that combines different areas usually considered separate, e.g., development, Quality Assurance (QA), testing, project management, and requirements management. By choosing application lifecycle management software, an organization can save time and money and significantly streamline the software lifecycle management.

This guide has tried to list the best application development life cycle management software for you and your organization. We have taken several factors to choose the best software for your needs. So let us dive further into the list.

What are ALM Tools?

Application Lifecycle Management, or ALM in short, is a software package that helps users to track and plan a wide range of development activities, such as the design, development, and testing of an application from the very start to its retirement.

ALM tools work with specific project management processes and support industry-specific software. 

Application Lifecycle Management Tool Features And Capabilities

ALM tools have some specific features and capabilities that are listed below:

  • ALM offers requirements management;
  • You can use it for software design;
  • It helps developers with specific project management;
  • One can use it for functional and performance testing;
  • Deployment automation;
  • ALM tools can monitor and report on the application lifecycle.

Tips For Choosing The Best Alm Tool

When considering software lifecycle management options for your organization, keep these three aspects in mind.

Project Management Process: Most ALM tools are built to be compatible with agile development practices in mind. So, if you use different project management, ensure a tool supports your development process.

Integrations: Almost all good application lifecycle tools can be integrated with existing developer tools. Before purchasing one, check out the integration module.

Modules: ALM tools are usually broken down into different modules. It is convenient, as a business can choose the module they need instead of purchasing the whole set. So, when purchasing an ALM tool, consider the modules you will need now and those you might need in the future. 

Best Application Lifecycle Management Software

These are some of the best ALM software that meets the primary need of small, medium, large, or merged organizations.

1. Rational

IBM offers a rationale and is suitable for collaborative lifecycle management or CLM products. Many large enterprises, for example, ClearCase, have already been using this product for configuration management.

IBM Rational Application Lifecycle Management SoftwareIBM’s rationale supports both Agile and Waterfall methodologies. It can also integrate IBM Tivoli for continuous integration. These features make Rational an excellent choice for organizations integrating diverse processes into their system. It provides flexible and time-saving technologies. Those technologies are perfect for immediate productivity, high-fidelity results, and cost-effectiveness. It is the best software lifecycle management tool on the market at a reasonable price.

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2. Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management

Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management is one of the best ALM tools for traceability. They designed the Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management dashboard to be productive for the user.

Micro Focus Application Lifecycle ManagementMicro Focus Application Lifecycle Management integrates with third-party tools, including Microsoft and IBM. It is compatible with Windows only. To download and install this product, you must register with Micro Focus. Then you will continue using the product.

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3. Microsoft’s Visual Studio Application Lifecycle Management

Microsoft’s ALM Suite uses Visual Studio. It is one of the developer community’s most commonly used integrated development environments. So it is likely that large industries are already using parts of Visual Studio.

Microsoft’s Visual Studio Application Lifecycle ManagementMicrosoft’s Team Foundation Server, or TFS, is reliable in producing stable version control and configuration functionality. As Visual Studio cannot require management, one can easily integrate TFS to take advantage of other third-party tools. Microsoft’s ALM Suite is a brilliant choice for companies that use the .NET framework as developers of the .NET framework using Visual Studio and TFS. With a reasonable starting price, we recommend Visual Studio Application Lifecycle Management for your company.

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4. VersionOne

VersionOne is your go-to solution if you want to establish a simple software lifecycle framework. The slogan of VersionOne is “Agile Made Easier,” and they are true to their words. They created it especially to accommodate Agile methods in mind. VersionOne also provides in-depth training and support for their clients.

VersionOne ALM SoftVersionOne can also help users with release and sprint planning, product planning, and report analysis. In addition, it comes with 70+ pre-built integration modules compatible with other ALM products on the market.

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5. CA Agile Central

CA Agile Central, formerly Rally ALM, is one of startup businesses’ best product lifecycle management tools. It uses the agile method and includes resource planning. We highly recommend CA Agile Central for testing products.

CA Agile Central ALM SoftwareCA Agile Central can collaborate with Flowdock functions to let you use chat and email features. It is one of the few providers supporting the Scaled Agile Frameworks and gives complete training on SAFe. The Rally Insights Analytics gives Software Development Performance Index and Agile-specific metrics. It has multiple team support with high-class adaptability.

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6. CollabNet

CollabNet provides DevOps and Agile Solutions for the Enterprise. It is one of the best-in-class Agile application lifecycle management tool providers. The distributed version control system is suitable for any enormous project and enterprise. Though it is not a complete package solution, CollabNet can integrate with other tools easily. It is highly compatible with open-source tools like Git or Jenkins.

CollabNet is easy to operate and provides training and customer support for its clients. Though it cannot cover every aspect of ALM, it is an excellent open-source solution for small businesses. In addition, you can integrate other apps if you need them.

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7. Atlassian

Next on our ALM software list, we have Atlassian, a brilliant choice for any startup business. It supports Agile and Waterfall methods. It follows a simple process. Its open-source defect tracking tool, JIRA, offers collaboration tools for Confluence requirements and repository management.

Atlassian provides a chat tool named HipChat for direct messaging with your clients. We recommend Atlassian for enterprises or businesses continuously integrating and developing IT Operations (DevOps). Atlassian is a flexible open-source tool that is perfect for any small business.

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8. Favro

Favro is your top-of-the-class product lifecycle management software. It is the world’s most Agile collaboration platform that offers teams to organize themselves. With this software, managers can focus more on future aims and accomplish goals. It is an innovative, time-saving, and agile solution for producing the best performance out of your teams.

Favro has some unique features that set it apart from other software. It features Access Controls, Backlog Management, Billing & Invoicing, Calendar Management, Client Portal, and Collaboration Tools. Favro offers a 14-day free trial for its users. After that, pay $6.80 per month to use Favro.

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9. is an open platform software that can help ALC (application life cycle) teams to manage and operate Agile methods efficiently. It has powerful features such as automated notifications, dependencies, time tracking, Gantt views, and third-party integrations.

Monday’s Work OS can adapt to users’ workflow perfectly, no matter how unique. It can integrate with the software your team uses. Your team will love using it for its visual and intuitive nature. is best for both big or small teams and cross-functional industries. It comes with a free trial, and the regular price is $29.00/ month.

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10. Wrike

Wrike is a collaborative product lifecycle management system used by over 20,000 companies and enterprises worldwide. With Wrike, you can Kick Start any app development program with a ready-to-use sprint planning template. It will help you boost the application lifecycle management system of your endeavor.

Wrike has some nifty features, such as ROI Tracking, Approval Process Control, Accounting Integration, Activity Planning and Tracking, Asset Library, and Asset Categorization. In addition, it offers a free basic plan for a team of 5. The premium version starts from $9.80 per month.

11. OutSystems

OutSystems is a complete application development program that uses high-productivity, AI-assisted, and connected tools. As a result, developers can create and deploy different consumer apps suitable for critical business plans.

OutSystems is a modern platform for application cycle management. It has AI-powered automation with future-ready features, making it the first choice for hundreds of users. OutSystems offers a free trial of their products. For individual product prices, contact the OutSystems team.

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12. SpiraTeam

SpiraTeam is an integrated and one of the best ALM software that manages all your programs. It can handle your portfolios, releases, requirements, issues, trial runs, workflow, and system monitoring. In addition, SpiraTeam has an integrated dashboard that is helpful for your team to work on it.

SpiraTeam brings administrator-level control and content management to your fingertips. Additionally, it features audit trails, backlog management, collaboration tools, compliance management, defect tracking, dependency tracking, and so on. Although SpiraTeam has no free version, it offers a free trial before you purchase it. After that, the regular price starts from $42/concurrent user per month.

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13. ClickUp

ClickUp is the future of work. This little software allows everyone to work on everything. From monitoring your apps to customer response, ClickUp can single-handedly manage everything. It offers a fully customizable interface with integration support. In addition, it uses Agile Methodologies that are compatible with other third-party apps.

ClickUp has a backlog, Assignment, and Budget Management all built into it. In addition, it offers Access Controls, Activity Feed, and Bug Tracking. They offer a free version of the app. The paid app starts at 5.00 US Dollars per month.

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14. Tuleap

Tuleap has been providing industry-grade Agile management and DevOps software for years now. This lifecycle management web solution comes with defect tracking, issue tracking, document management, and test management. With Tuleap, clients can plan releases, automate workflow, track tasks, and run tests on integration management.

Tuleap gives the user administrator-level control with backlog management. It also features customizable templates, content management, milestone tracking, etc. Tuleap has a free version for everyone to try. The premium version starts from USD 10 per month.

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15. Waydev

Waydev is the new way of analyzing your codebase, tickets, and PRs to bring the best out of your team. It works as a baseline manager and gives you control over your products. It is a proven application maintenance life cycle manager used by thousands of businesses worldwide. However, it is more suitable for midrange businesses that have established themselves and want to expand.

Waydev has a customizable dashboard. It also features diagnostic tools, an issue tracker, visual discovery, performance analytics, and diagnostic tools. The starting price for Waydev is $449.00 per year.

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16. Helix ALM

Helix ALM helps users to centralize and manage requirements efficiently. This ALM application allows you to test cases, run issues, and develop artifacts. Just like other ALM software on this list, Helix ALM gives administrator control to you. You can use it for defect tracking, test case tracking, integration management, project and release management, and User Level Management.

Helix ALM has a free version with limited features. The premium version starts from 89 USD / month and offers a free trial. 

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17. ReQtest

ReQtest is a cloud-based system life cycle management tool that overcomes project challenges. They are committed to ensuring your team’s productivity and secure product objectives. This manager is perfect for all businesses, whether big or small. ReQtest proudly serves over 11,000 users currently, and the number is rising.

With ReQtest, you can perform requirement management, test management, issue tracking, bug fixes, and product analysis. It has Collaboration Tools and integration modules to integrate with third-party software. In addition, the pricing of ReQtest is low, starting at only 6 US Dollars per month.

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18. Orcanos Application Lifecycle Management Software

Orcanos provides compliance management SaaS for companies’ design control, quality, and Risk Management. This nifty tool comes with document management, test management, defect tracking, issue tracking, and many more. With Orcanos, clients can plan releases, automate workflow, track tasks, and run tests on integration management.

Orcanos gives the user administrator-level control with backlog management. It also features Archiving & retention, Compliance Management and Tracking, Automated Routing, content management, milestone tracking, Document Classification, etc. Orcanos offers a free trial for everyone to try. The premium version starts from USD 99 per month.

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19. aqua ALM

Aqua ALM is the future of application lifecycle management, ensuring the quality of software and the best user experience. Teams can create and deploy different consumer apps and cope with rapid digitalization. With the help of Aqua ALM, you can outgrow yourself on the field. It provides efficient Agile enterprise architectures to connect your entire enterprise.

Aqua ALM is a modern platform for application cycle management. It has Administrator Level Control with future-ready features, making it your first choice for application lifecycle management. In addition, it features status and defect tracking, iteration management, project and release management, and many more. Aqua ALM offers a free trial of their products. The premium version of Aqua ALM starts at $29.00/ month.

20. ALM/Quality Center

ALM/Quality Center is a unified software platform of application lifecycle management tools offering secure, reliable, and modern technologies. Micro Focus Ltd developed ALM/Quality Center. It is best for testing and quality management of products. It uses Agile methodologies just like other software on our list.

ALM/Quality Center is Windows OS Only software. It features collaboration tools to integrate other third-party apps with it. In addition, you can use the tool for defect tracking, bug reporting, and performance analysis. For pricing details, contact the provider.

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Final Thoughts

If you want to bring out the best in your business, using application lifecycle management software is wise. This software helps you control and monitor all your apps under a single platform. As far as which one is the best, we will say it depends. We recommend you try a few of our list’s software and see which suits your needs. Almost all the ALM software on our list has a free trial.

Let us know among the 20 ALM tools which one you found most helpful. Then, share this article and spread the knowledge.

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