The 20 Best Free Stock Animation Website to Make Online Videos

There are numerous situations where video creators may desire free stock animation websites. You can’t just take any footage from the internet and use it in your marketing; even footage licensed for public use may come with rules and regulations that you must follow.

Stock animation may appear generic or bland. When used correctly, it can be anything but boring. Stock animation is used in major productions, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t use it to make your videos look great. 

What is Stock Animation?

Let’s start with a definition of stock animation. Stock animation refers to videos uploaded and archived online and ready to be used by anyone. Regarding stock animation, various licenses are usually clearly visible when downloading a stock video.

The most important ones are:

  1. Royalty-Free: Royalty-free refers to the ability to use the video however you want without giving credit to the creator or distributor.
  2. Attribution: Attribution is required, which means you must credit the creator and distributor if you use the footage.
  3. Free For Personal Use: As the name implies, you can use the stock footage for personal use only, not in commercial projects.
  4. Free For Commercial Use: You can use these types of stock photos and videos for commercial purposes.

The most significant advantage of using stock videos is that they are usually free. However, some sites will charge a fee for ‘upgrades’ such as 4K quality or removing the attribution. As the demand for video marketing grows, free stock video can be a great way to keep your video content output high, across your social media posts, on your website, and even as business advertisements—while keeping costs low.

The 20 Best Free Stock Animation Websites

In today’s article, we have selected the best 20 free stock websites from which you can grab amazing animations and use them in your videos. Most of the websites I have mentioned here are free, with a window for premium features.

1. Pixabay

Best Free Stock Animation Website PixabayPixabay is well-known for its extensive library of stock photos, but they also have a fantastic selection of free stock videos. All of their content is CC0 licensed. Pixabay provides free stock footage that you can download in various resolutions and a powerful search engine. You can use the footage without asking permission or crediting the creators. 

Important Features

  • Pixabay only allows you to download footage in MP4 format.
  • It does offer different resolutions.
  • If you oppose advertisements or have a limited budget, you should avoid the first row of search results, which only display ads for other websites.
  • It has a collection of 4K footage, but it is still limited.

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2. Motion Array

Motion Array is an apt name for a marketplace that offers a dizzying array of video assets, like stock footage, video templates, photos, music, and sound effects. It is a component of an end-to-end platform of creative technologies for video creators that includes Artist and Art Grid. Motion Array

The first thing you’ll notice is the wide range of content available. And forget about having to choose between quantity and quality; Motion Array provides a beautiful and diverse range of content that is easy to search, quick to download, and transforms your projects from “better” to “best” in seconds.

Important Features

  • Motion Array has both free and subscription-based services.
  • You sign up for a month or a year and have unlimited access to everything on the site.
  • There are no download limits, and there are no additional fees.
  • Motion Array also includes a built-in collaboration platform called “Review” that makes teamwork a breeze.
  • A fantastic all-rounder with a plethora of options and high quality.

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3. Pexels Free Stock Animation Website

Pexels Free Stock Animation WebsitePexels, like Pixabay, provide free stock photos and stock footage. All of their content is CC0 licensed. Pexels website started as a free photo site but has expanded to include an extensive library of free HD and 4K stock videos. All photos and videos can be downloaded without attribution under Pexels’ license. Videos can be edited and modified in any way you want.

Some videos have a “home-type movie” feel, implying that the videos on Pexels aren’t as carefully curated as those on other sites. Furthermore, the layout is challenging to navigate. Users must scroll through various thumbnails and can only learn more about a video after clicking on it and being directed to a new page.

Important Features

  • You do not need a subscription to browse and download high-quality footage in various resolutions from Pexels.
  • The videos are watermarked-free and can be used for commercial purposes.
  • The trending section has a lot of good free stock footage options.
  • It does not have an extensive collection of free stock footage because it was launched as a free stock photo website.
  • It also has a small collection of 4K resolution footage.

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4. Wave. video

Users of the online video maker Wave. The video has access to a 300+ million royalty-free photo and video stock library that they can use to create videos. There are numerous free and paid video options, so you will always have a diverse selection. Wave. Video is constantly expanding its already massive library of free stock footage. If you start your search, you won’t have to go from website to website looking for stock videos. Wave. video online video maker

Wave. Video, a famous online video maker for ordinary people and various types of businesses, curates a diverse collection of free stock footage to satisfy its varied users. Wave. The video has a few relevant videos for whatever you’re working on.

Important Features

  • It organizes its massive collection of free royalty footage to make finding what you’re looking for easier.
  • You can find videos about technology, water, or the color yellow in just a few clicks.
  • It also displays video previews on the search page when you hover over them.
  • After choosing your free stock footage, you can express yourself in the online video editor without downloading any additional software.
  • It has an easy-to-use interface and a variety of templates to help you finish your project quickly.

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5. Videvo

Videvo has an extensive library of stock footage and motion graphics.Videvo has an extensive library of stock footage and motion graphics. In exchange, they ask that users give them a social media shout-out, though this is not required. The content in Videvo’s library is subject to some restrictions, so double-check before downloading a clip. They currently provide a range under three different licenses. The Videvo Standard License allows you to use the clip without giving credit.

However, you cannot use the footage as a stock clip on any other website. The Videvo Attribution License mandates that you acknowledge the work’s original creator when using it, in addition to the abovementioned reasons. Older than the current Creative Commons attribution license is the Creative Commons BY 3.0 appointment. The restrictions to the current attribution license also apply to this license.

Important Features

  • Videvo has over eighty thousand free stock footage and motion graphics clips handpicked by an in-house team.
  • The clips are correctly tagged so that you won’t search for the perfect clip for hours.
  • Some of Videvo’s 10-second clips have watermarks, but you are not required to attribute them.
  • It also has a premium paid plan that starts at $14.99 per month for a limited number of premium videos.
  • About 85% of the footage requires attribution, and some cannot be used commercially, so read the license for each video carefully.

6. Free Stock Animation Website Videezy

Videezy has an extensive collection of royalty-free video clips for personal and commercial use. Always check each clip’s licensing information to ensure your favorite footage is available. When using their footage, most require that you credit You can, however, purchase credits that will allow you to use footage without attribution.

Videezy’s growing collection of free stock footage makes filmmaking more accessible and affordable and will enable you to interact with other filmmakers. You can access MP4 and MOV video formats, an extensive collection of drone footage, and 4K clips. Many high-quality video clips are available in HD and 4K resolution. Any results marked with “Pro” when searching for videos are premium clips that can only be obtained by paying with credits.

Important Features

  • Videezy allows you to search for videos based on their release date.
  • It allows users to filter videos by category.
  • It has a large selection of animation and After Effects templates.
  • You can communicate with other innovative filmmakers.

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7. CuteStockFootage

Although CuteStockFootage does not appear to be a major contender at first glance, it has much to offer users. The site’s layout isn’t the best, but it can be sorted with a single click, and its responsive search feature improves the user experience. Free Stock Animation Website CuteStockFootage

CuteStockFootage offers a variety of other goodies, such as photos, audio clips, fonts, and textures, under the “Free Resources” tab in their menu. Simply choose Video Footage to exclude all other resources from the search page.

Important Features

  • One must include a visible credit link to if you use any footage from CuteStockFootage.
  • Its CC BY-NC 4.0 license allows you to remix and transform the footage.
  • It does not allow you to use it commercially.
  • CuteStockFootage provides resolution flexibility.

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8. Life of Vids

The Leeroy, a Montreal-based advertising agency, has a sizable collection of free stock videos, clips, and loops on the Life of Vids website. Although no copyright restrictions exist, there is a ten-video limit on redistribution on other websites. They would appreciate it if you bought them a beer or mentioned them on your website if you feel inclined. New videos are added each week, and a lovely selection of free stock photos is available.

Important Features

  • Excellent design and eye-catching templates.
  • Downloads of videos and templates are safe and dependable.
  • Stock video footage in HD formats is available.

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9. VidsPlay

It is not the best visually appealing site on the list. But Vidsplay has much to offer in the world of stock footage. All the videos are free, but you must give Vidsplay credit. There aren’t many videos to choose from, but exploring every possibility in such a crowded industry is worth exploring. Vidsplay has much to offer in the world of stock footage.

You can search for videos by selecting a category or entering a title. Videos can be downloaded instantly, but the information provided for each video is pretty basic, consisting of only the duration, format, and frame rate. Vidsplay users also received 30 days of free access to Adobe Stock, a collection of carefully curated, premium stock assets.

Important Features

  • Search functionality is available.
  • On clicking, a clip preview appears.
  • Provides a diverse range of HD footage.
  • It lets you download 4K videos.

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10. OpenFootage

OpenFootageAn excellent source of free stock footage is OpenFootage. The videos are conveniently organized in the menu by location and theme. You must enter your email address before you can download a video.

OpenFootage is your one-stop shop for free stock footage of various backgrounds, historical sites, and breathtaking landscapes worldwide. This is reflected in its distinct homepage design, which allows you to search for footage by location.

Important Features

  • They are constantly expanding their library of free content.
  • If you want to contribute, please ensure all our content is safe.
  • Footages are carefully selected to ensure the highest level of quality.
  • To use this website, you must sign up for an email address.
  • Attribution is required, except for 4K resolution footage, which costs around $99.

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11. Bottled Video

The bottled video provides free 640*480 video clips and HD and 4K footage for purchase. They request that you credit their website after using their content., the first royalty-free stock animation website, is a descendant of Bottled Video. Their videos have been used in many award-winning productions since 1995.

Moreover, it aims to provide high-quality footage at a reasonable cost. While the Bottled Video library is extensive, downloading from this site can be difficult due to spammers abusing the site’s services over the years.

Important Features

  • The site’s owners devised an algorithm that raises the cost of “free” footage from $2 when they detect excessive suspicious activity.
  • If you want a clip that isn’t free, it’s worth checking back later.
  • However, this may not be the best stock footage site because of the added hassle.

12. Coverr

Coverr was founded by some entrepreneurs and filmmakers who needed good-looking videos for their products, and it aims to fill that same need for other emerging brands. It now has thousands of free videos downloaded over five million times. Coverr Free Stock Animation Website to Make Online Videos

All videos are in Full HD and can be downloaded in MP4 format. There is zero need to sign up or provide attribution; there are just instant downloads of free video footage. You can use these cool clips in commercial or personal video projects and copy or modify them to your heart’s content.

Important Features

  • The way they organize their clips stands out about Coverr.
  • The categories are particular, providing valuable inspiration for marketers who aren’t entirely sure what they are looking for.
  • You can also scroll down to find several “collections” designed to help you find the perfect clip for your project.

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13. Ignite Motion

Ignite Motion can provide you with a background for your video. People who use their clips do not need to give them credit. Ignite Motion is a free stock footage website that only offers one type of footage, so you know what you’re getting. You can get many background videos for your project using Ignite. Ignite Motion Free Stock Animation Website to Make Online Videos

Check it out to see if a background video could benefit from any of the over 22 categories it covers. Although it focuses solely on background videos, the website does not have many videos.

Important Features

  • Ignite Motion is a stock video company that specializes in animated motion backgrounds.
  • All backgrounds are high-definition and free for commercial and personal use.
  • These backgrounds would be ideal for videography-style videos.

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14. Splitshire Free Stock Animation Website

Famous web designer Daniel Nanescu created Splitshire who wanted to make his photos and videos accessible for personal and commercial use. Because one person created these photos and videos, they are more distinctive than content from other stock sites. The videos are mostly drone footage of beautiful outdoor scenes that you can download by clicking on the title below each video. You may use them on all your social media channels but not sell them or use them in projects containing inappropriate content such as violence, racism, or discrimination.

Important Features

  • Splitshire is primarily a stock photo website, but they have a small collection of free videos for commercial and personal use.
  • The interface isn’t the easiest to use, and the search function doesn’t let you choose between videos and photos.
  • Splitshire may be for you if you’re looking for fantastic stock footage.
  • They have an extensive collection of aerial and drone footage.
  • They host their videos on YouTube, making incorporating them into your content simple.

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15. Mazwai

Look through Mazwai’s library if you’re looking for stunning, cinematic HD footage. Their minimalistic grid layout means you may have to scroll for a while to find what you’re looking for, but the clips are so high-quality you won’t mind. The majority of Mazwai’s footage requires attribution.

Important Features

  • Before downloading videos, you can trim them.
  • On hover, it displays vital information and plays a preview. 2-3-minute-long clips
  • There is no download limit.
  • There are no Ultra HD (4K) videos.
  • There are fewer than 1000 free stock footage clips available.

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16. Motion Elements

MotionElements is a massive website with over 3 million videos. However, search in the ‘Free Stock Footage’ section for free videos. They still have many free videos (4,000+) ranging from HD live-action to animated backgrounds and some 360-degree videos. The search bar on the top of the homepage searches the entire site, so to find free videos, you must choose from the categories listed. However, once you’ve selected a type, you can search within it, making it easier to find what you want. The filtering options allow you to narrow your search further—by duration, resolution, frame rate, and more.

Important Features

  • There is no need to give credits.
  • You can Download HD videos in three different formats.
  • The disadvantage of using Motion Elements for free stock footage is mandatory Email registration.
  • Maximum of five free downloads per week.

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17. Free Stock Animation Website Clipstill

Clipstill offers a selection of web-quality “cinemagraphs” for free download each month, so it’s worth checking out and stocking up for future use. You never know when you’ll need footage of a hot air balloon down the road. Anyone who does not want to wait for the perfect footage can sign up for unlimited downloads for a one-time $49 fee. Free Stock Animation Website Clipstill

Important Features

  • It has many categories, including animals, the city, technology, health, and beauty.
  • Clipstill makes it simple to find the video you’re looking for.
  • It offers live chat assistance.
  • This website is available in a variety of languages.
  • The signup process for the stock video footage website is simple.

18. Production Crate

Production Crate puts a wealth of resources at your disposal, including stock footage, special effects, templates, and audio. It is free to use, but you must create an account. Free accounts can only download five files per day. Production Crate requests that free account holders provide attribution when using the site’s content. Production Crate

Important Features

  • It also provides production-ready assets such as effects, textures, and royalty-free music.
  • This website has organized Thousands of pieces of content into multi-level categories.
  • Loads more footage and assets on a $4.08 per month Pro plan.
  • On their free plan, you can download 5 items per day.

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19. Animoto Free Stock Animation Website

Animoto is a simple, drag-and-drop platform for creating free videos. To use Animoto, select a storyboard template, upload a video, customize it, add images and a soundtrack, and add special effects, overlays, or stickers. You can download your video and share it on social media platforms with one click. Animoto Free Stock Animation Website

Important Features

  • A large photo, video clip, music, template, and font library are available.
  • Video creations are limitless.
  • Templates are editable.
  • Unlimited video downloads, 50 music tracks, 3 fonts, and 30 color swatches.
  • Standard quality video and Animoto branding are all included in the free plan.
  • Paid plans begin at $15 per month.

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20. XStockvideo

XStockvideo has very few collections of around 500 free video clips. You can download and use those for personal or commercial purposes. Each video has two different licenses available. Users can both use these two licenses according to their needs. XStockvideo

Important Features

  • The homepage contains a list of all videos. 
  • You can filter the videos by category, from Animals/Pets to Technology.
  • You can also view the most popular or newest ones available.

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Why Are Stock Animations Important?

Stock animations are like creative jolts that can be highly beneficial. They can absorb your brand’s core message and communicate it to customers without saying anything. The best part is that they are either free or require a small fee to access.

Stock animations are the way to go if you want to humanize your brand’s marketing with reflective elements. These are brief videos depicting spontaneous human routines and street-wise snobbery.

They reveal a lot about us and our emotional expressions in real life. Using stock animations for marketing purposes broadens your company’s mental capacity. It also broadens your perspective with mind-bending philosophies. Because of them, you are developing brand strategies at the eleventh hour, and saving your company from bankruptcy has become your go-to practice. They aren’t just passing breezes that refresh your spirits and dynamically inspire you.

Final Thought

Free Stock Animation Websites can save you a lot of time and money while improving the look of your videos. And, because so much of it is free, it can also help you allocate your video funds more wisely, regardless of how large or small your budget is.

With all these resources, you can start working on your project immediately. That’s all for today. You can comment if you have any suggestions.

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