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Best 20 Parking Apps to Find and Book Parking Anywhere

A busy city means the city streets are congested with vehicles. A growing number of people driving cars are seen in urban areas. When driving a vehicle, one of the most concerning matters is securing a spot after reaching your destination. So we need a secure car parking app.

Nowadays, it has become challenging to find a free spot. Many vehicles are buzzing like bees in the free space to keep cars. Hence, it’s better to know beforehand about the garaging situation in the auto park. We bring the best garaging apps in this article to help you have a good car garaging experience. 

Why Do We Need Car Parking Apps?

Most people don’t realize how important it’s become to secure a vehicle placing slot before arrival. It is needed if you’re going to the airport, attending a conference, or even driving to a hospital.

Keeping cars in a safe area is always an issue wherever you’re driving your vehicle. It becomes an even bigger issue when you’re unable to find a free slot for your auto. It’s widespread to see many drivers getting frustrated while trying to find a free space.

Common problems arise with Vehicle parking:

  • You are wasting time trying to find a free slot and getting late to attend an important event.
  • Your mood gets spoiled because you become frustrated while endlessly searching. 
  • In times of an emergency at a hospital, you also have to worry about car space maintenance. Instead of being with your loved ones in times of need, you are hopelessly looking for a slot.
  • You could cause traffic offenses and more air pollution when driving around for too long to search for a free garaging space. 
  • Different space maintenance areas have their own set of rules and charging rates. If you don’t know these rules and rates, you end up spending too much time and money on vehicle garaging.   

Best 20 Parking Apps to Find Garaging Anywhere

Application developers developed garaging apps to help make vehicle placing easy. Garaging apps inform you of the nearest available garaging slot with accurate rules and rates. This app also helps you to avoid wasting time and money. Such apps are also eco-friendly. Thanks to these apps, you spend less time driving and searching thus, reducing air pollution. This article will help you find the best auto-keeping apps so that you don’t need to fuss over vehicle spots. 

1. PayByPhone

PayByPhone Parking Apps to Find Garaging AnywherePayByPhone is amongst the best mobile parking apps in the world. It is a US-based free app and easy to use. It helps you book your auto-keeping vehicle management spot within a few minutes. The app claims to have more than 20 million users all around the world. With more than 20,000 five stars rated reviews, this app is very reliable and popular. With this app, you can easily find a nearby vehicle slot and make an online payment to secure your spot. 

Payment on the PayByPhone garaging app is very secure, with card details being encrypted. The app informs you of on-street, off-street, garages, and parkades and gives a reminder of your placing session. 

Key Features

  • The PayByPhone app is a US-based app that is used in more than 400 different cities 
  • It is translated into 12 different languages.
  • The map in this app helps to find out where you can use it.
  • You get notifications on active sessions in the garage area.
  • You get alerts if your staying session is close to expiring.
  • The app comes with a beneficial IVR and customer service team to help you to use the app.  
  • You will get updates on local traffic conditions, any nearby local events, and your auto-keeping history.
  • You will receive the payment receipt via email.

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2. ParkWhiz

ParkWhizParkWhiz is another US-based free app to help you have a hassle-free garaging experience. The app lets you find free car-keeping slots in the most densely populated areas. If you attend a concert or wedding or go to the airport, this app will always help you with security.

ParkWhiz is the best Chicago parking app for android. It is also available for other major cities in America. Moreover, it gets you a free placing space at the best rate. 

Key Features

  • ParkWhiz can give you a 50% off on uses if you book in advance.
  • The app features advanced searching technology to offer you the best available space.
  • You can reserve your spot in just a few minutes with ease.
  • The app has close connections with many basement authorities to get you great discounts on car placement.  

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3. SpotHero – Find Parking

SpotHero – Find ParkingSpotHero is mentioned in the best street garaging apps NYC list for its growing popularity. The app lets drivers find free slots in the areas of many major US cities. Be it at garages, airports, on-street or off-street parking, SpotHero will get you the best space. 

Key Features

  • SpotHero makes it very easy to extend your booking on park space.
  • It provides clear directions to your car slot.
  • You can get 50% off on garaging service if your booking is made in advance. 
  • The app comes with a filter that lets you have “in and out” privileges at your convenience.  

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4. Park Evanston

Park EvanstonPark Evanston is the fifth app on our best apps list. It is free and covers many significant areas of America. It makes auto-placement convenient and straightforward for its users. The app can be used wherever the sign of Park Evanston is visible. All you have to do is download the app and follow a few simple steps to book your staying session.  

Key Features

  • Park Evanston app is known for its very user-friendly interface design.
  • Alerts are sent to you when your staying session is close to expiring. 
  • You can remotely extend your staying session. 
  • All your payment receipts will send via email.
  • You can also easily make adjustments to your using history using the app. 

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5. ParkSavannah

ParkSavannahParkSavanna is an excellent US-based app to make your car garaging experience smooth and easy. Pay online and manage your session remotely to get the best deal for a free space. You are no more wasting time on the meter and getting yourself frustrated on your vehicle journey. 

Key Features

  • ParkSavannah keeps you updated if there are any changes in the uses rates.
  • Receipts are sent to your email right away.
  • You can book extra time for your staying session.
  • You can manage using history easily.  

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6. RingGo Free

RingGo FreeRingGo is one of the best free garaging apps out there. Claim a spot for your car through this app with some easy steps. This app is a UK-based app that covers almost all of the major areas with code across the UK. It will guide you to RingGo vehicle zones using a map. Enjoy this app while you drive an auto to your destination. You have to pay a small amount as a convenience fee when booking through the app. 

Key Features

  • RingGo can be used in about 450 cities. 
  • You can use the app for business purposes via RingGo Corporate service. 
  • The app features QR codes to make bookings easier.
  • The app asks for your permission to access your Google service set up to monitor the app’s performance. This way, the team will be able to fix crashes quickly. 

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7. Best Parking – Find Parking

Best Parking – Find ParkingBest Parking has made it to the list of best garaging apps 2021 for US users. It offers you nearby free space at the best price in the best location. Airport or a convenience store, spotting is made easy with Best Parking. 

Key Features

  • Best Parking can find you a suitable slot anywhere anytime.
  • You can check out rates and choose the best one for your car.
  • You can browse through thousands of facilities for any areas nearby.
  • The app provides detailed directions to your free space. 
  • You will be provided with a digital pass by the app to make tasks quick and easy. 

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8. Parkopedia Parking

Parkopedia ParkingParkopedia Parking is a great app to add to our best apps list. The name comes from a combination of the two words, encyclopedia and parking. Its name exactly tells you how useful and informative the app is when it comes to vehicle placement.

Parkopedia is a very reliable app. The app doesn’t rely on sensors or other hardware to provide information. It uses historical data from autos using the app for its analysis. For this reason, the results provided by the app are accurate and reliable. 

Key Features

  • Parkopedia claims to provide 90% accurate results.
  • The app covers more than 60 million slots in 15000+ cities from all around the world. 
  • Thanks to its well-analyzed and accurate list of places, you can find the best spaces near your current location. 
  • You will get a clear direction to guide your space.
  • You can view spaces in real-time if you upgrade to Premium. 
  • Regulations and rates can also be viewed using the app. 

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9. ParkMobile – Find Parking

ParrkMobile is a free app used by more than 20 million users from many densely populated cities of America.ParrkMobile is a free app used by more than 20 million users from many densely populated cities of America. The app informs you of the best car keeping lots around you at the best price. Book your spot ahead of time when you’re planning your trip somewhere, including concerts or stadiums.

Key Features

  • ParkMobile service is accessible in more than 450 cities.  
  • The app can send you updates via email, text depending on your choice.
  • You can save space as your favorite by using the app. 
  • You can add up to five cars using the same phone number. 
  • The app helps you to locate the slot where you’ve kept your vehicle.
  • Easy and clear directions are provided to guide you to your spot. 
  • You can pay either via MasterPass, PayPal, VisaCheckout, and many other payment methods. 

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10. AppyParking

AppyParking is another UK-based app that provides accurate information on auto-keeping areas.AppyParking is another UK-based app that provides accurate information on auto-keeping areas. Using this app will save you time, energy, and money. You will get all the latest updates on nearby garages and parkades and decide for yourself the best one. 

Key Features

  • AppyParking informs you of all the rules you need to know about on-street and off-street garaging.
  • It compares the rates of different places to give you the best offer.
  • The app’s map shows green zones to indicate accessible areas and red zones indicating restrictions.  
  • It claims to be the first to provide the “Smart City Parking” service in the UK with real-time updates on space availabilities.  

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11. Park4night

Park4nightPark4night is a fantastic app for motorhome drivers. It has been added to the list of the best motorhome garaging apps for obvious reasons. The app benefits those going out for picnics, nature tourism, or simply wanting to spend the night stargazing. If you want to go for a trip to faraway places, then this app is highly recommended. The app is free and amongst the best free overnight garaging apps because you can use it any time. 

Key Features

  • Park4night recommends spaces at supermarkets, campsites, lay-bys, etc.
  • The app can be used offline for £10 a year. 
  • You will be informed of any fun activities happening around you like Biking, Windsurf, Hiking, etc.
  • This app is a beneficial tool for motorhome drivers and overnight outings.  

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12. INRIX ParkMe

INRIX ParkMeINRIX ParkMe has been a favorite free garaging app that gets you the nearest and cheapest spot. Wherever you want to take a trip, this app has it covered. The simple interface and configurations make the INRIX app very popular. It’s also an award-winning app for its features. 

Key Features

  • INRIX ParkMe displays the prices on its map to make it easier for you to choose the cheapest place.
  • ParkMe database covers 500+ cities all around the world to provide a list of the best spots.
  • You can set up a reminder to avoid overstaying at a slot. You don’t want to end up paying extra for your mistake.   
  • Information on areas is provided in real-time.
  • You will get precise directions to drive to your slot. 

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13. OPnGO – Parking App

OPnGO – Parking AppOPnGo is a beautiful app to help you find the best on-street garaging in Europe. The app is straightforward, just like its name. You can book a space with just a few taps. You don’t even need to carry a ticket or cash to pay at the register because of OPnGo’s SMART features. 

Key Features

  • OPnGo features SMART access that uses your phone to open the gate and manage payment automatically. 
  • You can get a 50% off on the service if you book in advance.  
  • Thanks to the app’s SMART features, you don’t have to carry a ticket or cash to the cash register. 
  • You can choose the space by making an on-demand booking or advanced booking. Even monthly rent is possible. 

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14. ParkMan

ParkManParkMan covers a wide range of cities, starting from the US to Europe. It has millions of records in its database to give you the best service. All you have to do is choose where you want to park. You can easily make bookings and payments with this app in an instant.  

Key Features

  • ParkMan displays free spaces near you.
  • You can extend your space reservation or end it whenever you want.
  • You will be guided back to your car by this app.
  • Pay in an instant for the exact time duration you’re planning to park. 

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15. SpotAngels – Free Parking & Garage Deals

SpotAngels – Free Parking & Garage DealsSpotAngels has made it in Editors’ Choice as the Play Store Best Apps-Best Hidden Gem. The app is top-rated in the US for its excellent service. This free app will help get you the best free space with all uses details you need. These details include the location of the area, per-minute meter payments, and notifications on street cleaning. You can also make safe payments using Google Pay. 

Key Features

  • SpotAngels features a crowdsourced map with street information that’s regularly being updated by the community. 
  • The app includes a map with all the information needed to make the best choice for car garaging. This information includes a list of places, available spots, and rates.
  • It allows you to book free spots in advance. 
  • You will get reminders about your uses.
  • The app automatically saves your location in its database by using your vehicle’s Bluetooth. 

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16. Airport Parking Reservations

Airport Parking ReservationsAirport parking has been called one of the best airport garaging apps in Play Store. The app is of big help to those who are already tensed with other things before the flight. This app will guide you through making easy vehicle garaging arrangements at the airport. So you can just relax and enjoy your flight. 

Key Features

  • Airport Parking is specially designed for those who want to reach the airport on time.
  • Uses at international airports is expensive. By using this app, you can book a cheaper space or even a free one. 
  • You can view the rates, reviews, and more information on airport parking.
  • Select the best spot at the best price from so many uses options.
  • The app provides information for countries like the US, UK, and Canada. 

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17. EasyPark – find & pay parking

EasyPark – find & pay parkingEasyPark is here to make your life in the urban city easier to live. If you would like to roam around the city or plan to attend an important event, then check out this app. The app is helping millions of car drivers to have a stress-free user experience. It helps with any kind of use whether garage, on-street, or off-street parking. EasyPark app is free for its users to use.   

Key Features

  • EasyPark is now available in 2000+ cities across Europe.
  • You can make safe online payments with cards.
  • It takes only 60 seconds for account registration.
  • Its good navigation system helps you locate accessible spaces right away.
  • You can extend your booking remotely
  • You will receive alerts when your session is close to expiring. 

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18. Onepark – Book your Parking spot

Onepark – Book your Parking spotOnepark is one of the top booking platforms for auto-stop. Its popularity in Europe is due to the fact how it manages to arrange a free space at the last minute. The perks that come with using this app are incredible. No matter how busy the area is, Onepark always manages to get you a free spot.

Key Features

  • Onepark database includes more than 2000 vehicle parks for 9 different countries. 
  • It provides you with vehicle information at low prices.
  • The app has options like a car valet feature to help you keep your auto at 5-star hotels.
  • You will not be charged if you modify or cancel your booking. 
  • Onepark can get you some great discounts on uses all year round.
  • The app allows you to share your favorite Car garaging page with your mobile contact. 

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19. Passport Parking – Park. Pay. Be on your way

Passport Parking – Park. Pay. Be on your wayPassport Parking’s approach to car parking is simple – “Park, Pay, Be on your way”. This app assures you that you will get a great garaging spot in a few minutes and a few phone taps. It’s easy to use and fast to provide you with what you need. 

Key Features

  • Passport Parking offers stress-free uses with its fast booking.
  • Online payments via this app are safe and quick.
  • You will receive receipts via email as soon as you complete the payment process.
  • The app also informs you of any possible changes in the rates so that you’re prepared.
  • Extending your user session can be done remotely. 

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20. ParkNorfolk

ParkNorfolk Parking Apps to Find Garaging AnywhereParkNorfolk completes our list of best vehicle uses apps. This app is a handy app for those living in the US. Moreover, the app will make arrangements for your car terminal uses on your behalf. All you have to do is show up at the vehicle rest area in your vehicle. 

Key Features

  • ParkNorfollk has its signs placed in zones where the app is supported.
  • Make fast online payment and book a spot of your choice.
  • You will get alerts when your session is about to expire.
  • You can easily extend your uses session if you need to. 
  • This app will help you to manage garaging history.

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  • What is the best parking app?

The best garaging app varies with location. While most of these apps are accessible in the US and Europe, you still need to check if you can use the app in your area.

  • Are Garaging apps secure?

Garaging apps claim to be 100% secure with their strict privacy policies and safely encrypted payment details. You can relax and make online payments without any worries. You, as a user, need to be responsible for never providing your card details to outsiders. 

  • How do I find free space in my location using a garaging app?

Most of these apps listed include a map showing the nearest free location where the app is supported. You need to check which empty zones use the app by typing in your destination or going through the map.   

  • Do I need to turn on-location services to use this vehicle locating apps?

It is recommended to turn on your location to get accurate information. However, you can also type in your current location or destination to check out the nearest available free spaces.

  • Will I be able to reserve garaging ahead of time with the garaging app?

You can make bookings before reaching your destination. The specialty of the garaging apps is that they allow you to make early bookings, extend uses sessions or cancel sessions from anywhere. 

  • How to notify the enforcement officers that I’ve made my payment on the app for the garaging session?

A garaging app will record your uses session details in their systems and notify the enforcement officers present on site. When you arrive at the space lots, the officer will use a particular checking device to check your license plate, space ID, and zone ID. If everything matches, then you’re good to go. Make sure your license plate number has been verified in the app before you make any reservations. You will get more information on the app’s official website.   

  • Can I extend my parking time with a garaging app?

You can easily extend your uses session and can do so remotely. 

  • Can I use Garaging Apps to pay for more than one car at the same time?

Some apps allow you to pay for more than one vehicle simultaneously. One such app is ParkMobile that supports this feature.        

  • Why do the rates displayed in the app differ from what I see on the signs in my location?

The app teams get information on uses rates from space operators and local authorities who set these rates. If you see the rates differing like this, then contact the Help center to investigate further on the issue. 

Final Thoughts

Who doesn’t want to drive their car? It gives you flexibility and freedom to enjoy the vehicle ride to the fullest. When you reach your destination after a long drive, you want to park your auto and get on with your plans. Here you will find all your fun plans getting spoiled.

You will surely struggle to find a free spot for your vehicle if you don’t make a booking beforehand. Vehicle placing apps are here to help you avoid all unnecessary struggles and sufferings. 

Check out each of these apps given in our best parking apps list and decide which one suits you best. We hope you like this list. Let us know in the comment section which one you have downloaded to help you with your car garaging. 

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