Best Snapchat Parental Control Apps for Concerned Parents

In this era of the internet, the influence of various social networking sites is deeply seen in our lives. This impact is regardless of age. Some of these social media are especially popular among teenagers. Snapchat is such an app. Teens and young people use this app frequently to share photos and short videos. So, it is normal for the parents to be concerned about their children’s safety. The concept of parental control arises from this point of view.

Young Snapchat users might be a victim of cybercrime. To ensure the safety of the users, various initiatives have been taken by the authority. Parental control is one of them. Parents can get information about their child’s Snapchat activities using this feature. It also helps to prevent teenagers from being addicted to adult materials. Some simple steps are required to activate this facility. Moreover, you may find some Snapchat parental monitoring apps that can efficiently play this role. 

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a popular social networking site. Teenagers or young adults mostly use it. This app allows the users to share snaps, i.e., photos and short videos. These contents remain for a specific period. Users can also chat with friends using this app. Snapchat does not keep a record of any conversation. So, people can chat for hours without keeping any proof. Best Snapchat Parental Control Apps

Snapchat might be dangerous if not used wisely. It contains a ‘Snap Map’ feature that might expose your location publicly. Also, there is a chance of leakage of photos and other shared contents on the Web. So, parents are becoming concerned about monitoring the Snapchat usage of their children.

Age Restriction of Snapchat

According to the Google rating, Snapchat is suitable for users aged 13 or up. The App Store mentioned its age limit as 12+. However, you don’t need to verify your age while opening a Snapchat account. So, even children under 12 are using this app without any restriction. It is not possible to handle social media at such an early age. This might create a great risk to the users as well as to their families. Besides, Snapchat addiction hampers a child’s mental and physical health. Even if an adult cannot use Snapchat tactfully, there is every chance to be a victim of cyber harassment. 

Needs for Snapchat Parental Control

Snapchat’s addition can create an alarming situation if not controlled earlier. As a large portion of the users of this app is young, it can be harmful to their future. Besides, visiting inappropriate channels and sharing adult content may drag them into high risk. Snapchat is popular for its disappearing text features. So, kids may spend unlimited time chatting with friends without keeping proof.

In most cases, people make inappropriate conversations thinking that these will not be stored. Moreover, anyone can take screenshots of the convo and publish them publicly. It may cause great harm to the victim. 

Using the Snap Map feature, anyone can detect the user’s location. Besides, by searching phone numbers, anyone can trace the account. It may breach the privacy of your child. To ensure your child’s safety, Snapchat parental control is necessary. It is nothing but changing some options in the settings. Your little concern may save your child from any unwanted situation.

How to set Snapchat Parental Control

There is no separate parental controlling feature in Snapchat. However, it is possible to monitor the Snapchat usage of your child. You can also control or restrict it by setting the profile properly. In this way, you can watch the time your child spends on Snapchat, the contents shared by him, and the friends he has added. This app also allows you to use any third-party app for Snapchat controls. Here are some techniques you might follow-

  • Restricting the viewers of the shared contents:

    First of all, you must ensure that the privacy of your child’s profile is not public. If it is, go to your child’s account profile and visit ‘Contact me’. Now select the ‘friends’ option. You can also restrict the viewers by using the ‘custom’ option. 

  • Setting Ghost Mode:

    Snap Map feature lets other people know about the exact location of your child while using this app. To disable this option, go to the settings and tap the ‘See My Location’ button. Now, select the Ghost Mode. It will ensure the privacy of your kids. 

  • Turning off the ‘Quick Add’ feature:

    Snapchat suggests the users add other people to the account. You can turn off the ‘Quick add’ feature to restrict Snapchat friends’ suggestions. If you use this technique, your child’s profile will not be visible as a suggestion to others. It will prevent your child from adding any stranger to his account.

  • Restrict the option to find a profile using phone numbers:

    Snapchat allows its users to find friends using their phone numbers. If you do not want this feature, you must disable this option. Visit your child’s profile and go to the ‘Mobile Number’ option. Now, uncheck the ‘Let others find me using my mobile number’ option. No one can see your child’s account by searching through phone numbers. 

  • Reporting offensive content:

    If you find any inappropriate content in your child’s account, you can block them. You need to hold the post and tap on the flag icon to report any such content. In this way, you can restrict your child from receiving offensive content from any channel or other persons. This is the ‘lock down’ process of Snapchat.

  • Limiting the viewers of the Snapchat stories:

    You can select the viewers of your child’s Snapchat stories. You need to set the ‘Friends’ or ‘Custom’ option to restrict viewers. 

  • Resetting the ‘Memories’ feature:

    You can enable the ‘Smart Backup’ feature to refresh your Snapchat memories. Tap the ‘save’ button to save all the snaps shared by your child in the cameral roll. You can also select the ‘Auto-save my story snaps’ then ‘Autosave to memories’ to find all shared snaps there. 

  • Downloading Snapchat data:

    This is the best option to know thoroughly about your child’s Snapchat activities. You will find the ‘My Data’ option in the privacy settings. After tapping it, you need to log in to the account again. Now, you can download the complete Snapchat usage history. The list contains- chatting, post and story sharing, contents received by them, login duration, a list of the Snapchat friends, his interests, memories, ads, frequent locations of your child, etc. You can analyze the Info to control your child’s Snapchat activities. 

  • Using a third-party app:

    Snapchat parental control apps can work as a spy to monitor the Snapchat usage of your child. 

  • Using My Eyes Only Feature:

    It is a private facility of Snapchat to keep the snaps safe. Even Snapchat cannot access this folder. Open the memories option and hold a snap. Then tap ‘My Eyes Only’ and add it to the quick settings. You need to set a passcode to visit this folder. 

You can monitor and restrict your child from using Snapchat unsafely in these ways.

Best Snapchat Parental Control Apps

There is no distinct feature to monitor a child’s Snapchat account. But you can take help from an app. Many Snapchat parental control apps are available that help you monitor your child’s activity without letting him know. Here I’m mentioning the best 10 parental control apps you might like. 

1. FamiSafe

Famisafe is one of the best Snapchat controlling apps. This app remotely monitors your child’s account without jailbreaking or rooting the target device. You can block or unblock any content from the profile and use web filtering. Besides, Famisafe can detect suspicious photos and pornographic material in your child’s gallery. It works as a real-time location tracker. You can also limit the Snapchat usage of your child by setting time-based restrictions. FamiSafe

To install Famisafe, you need to download the app on your and the child’s phones. Now you need to register the account. Select ‘both kid’s and parent’s phone’ option and choose the tracking device type-Android or iOS. Now activate the device administration. The app is ready for parental control. However, it is unable to block certain apps on iPhone.

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2. FlexiSpy

FlesiSpy is an effective conversation spying app. It can monitor messages sent through Snapchat. You can access detailed information about the person sending texts to your child. It also notifies you when your child is replying to those messages. You can also track the conversation between your child and his friends through Snapchat. The keyword setting feature of this app allows you to set some specific words, and it will alert you if your child gets any text using those words.FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy also works as a real-time location tracker. It will notify you if your child crosses the limited boundary. Besides, it can access all media files of your child’s gallery. This app will let you know about all photos and videos, even if those have been deleted. You can use FlexiSpy without letting your child know about it. It allows you to monitor the Snapchat activities of your child from any device- Android, iOS, or computer. 

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3. The Truth Spy

The Truth Spy is a parental control app offering a whole monitoring package. You can monitor your child’s Snapchat usage easily through this app. It allows you to detect all messages, photos and videos sent and shared by your child. The Truth Spy can also access all multimedia files of a device. You can track your child’s location using this app too. The Truth Spy

The Truth Spy is compatible with all kinds of devices. It will inform you about any unwanted Snapchat activity of your child. Besides, you can remotely restrict Snapchat usage by limiting time and blocking certain content. This Snapchat monitoring app can show you your Snapchat history, letting you track any offensive attempt by your child. Overall, The Truth Spy can create a strong parental control over Snapchat.

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4. Bark

The Bark is one of the best parental control apps available for Android and iOS. This app can create an effective monitoring environment that keeps your child safe. It can give you an overview of your child’s internet activities, including Snapchat. It allows you to monitor the texts that have been sent through Snapchat directly. Besides, this app can access the gallery of the tracking device. So, you can see the images and other media saved there.Bark snapchat parental control

Bark ensures 24/7 detection of online activities. It can properly indicate any online predator, sexual content, or other inappropriate matters dealt with by your child. You will get a notification if there exist any potential issues in this regard. You can also restrict your child’s online hours using Bark. Overall, Bark is a great option for monitoring your Child’s Snapchat activities.

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5. Qustodio

Qustodio is another awesome app to give you relief about your child’s safety on Snapchat. This app offers a full-fledged solution to monitor your child’s activities. It can detect offensive texts or contents on Snapchat and immediately block those. Besides, It will alert you if there is any pornographic material there. Qstodio ensures an invisible wall to protect your child from cyberbullying through Snapchat. It will send you your child’s online activity report daily, weekly, or monthly in detail. Qustodio snapchat parental control

Qustodio allows you to set website filters. You can select the contents and adds you want your child to see and block the others. Besides, it also contains a location tracking feature. You can set a specific screen hour for your child to restrain his Snapchat addiction. In this way, Qustodio Snapchat control can protect your child from any common online dangers. 

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6. Spy Bubbles

Are you searching for a beginner-friendly Snapchat monitoring app? Spy Bubble can be the best solution for you. This app can track the Snapchat activities of the target device deeply and in detail. After installing this tool, you will receive all information about your child’s Snapchat usage. Its text monitoring feature is noteworthy. If Spy Bubbles find any suspicious material in your child’s text, you will receive an alert. Spy Bubbles

Spy Bubbles offers a GPS tracking feature. It allows you to control your child’s device remotely. Besides, this app can detect inappropriate media files from the gallery even if deleted. So, you can easily know whether your child is involved in any unwanted activities or not. It will also give you your child’s browsing history. You may take the 30 days free trial facility of Spy Bubbles to evaluate its services.

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7. MMguardian

MMguardian is one of the best parental control apps to track Snapchat activities. The app is created to protect your child from any cyberbullying. It will alert you about any suspected child predators. Moreover, this app can also trace any abnormal mental condition or depression of your child. It will inform you about your child’s online interests and monitor his Snapchat usage.MMguardian snapchat parental control

MMguardian will send you a detailed report of your child’s messages sent or received. It contains time-limiting feature and controls excess screen time. You will be informed if any adult content is found in your child’s Snapchat profile or on the device. MMguardian will instantly block any site or profile if it seems harmful. You can use a web filter through this app and ensure safe browsing for your child. It can also track your child’s location. In a nutshell, MMguardian is a perfect solution to establish parental control on your child’s device.

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8. iKey Monitor

You might also track your child’s Snapchat profile using the iKey Monitor app. It provides an all-in-all service to protect your child. Restricting unlimited Snapchat usage is easy with this app. Besides, it contains an SMS tracking feature and gives you all related information. The iKey Monitor app provides your child’s web browsing history. So, you can figure out your child’s interests. iKey Monitor

The iKey Monitor app uses geo-fencing technology to track location. It can also limit your child’s screen time. This app works consciously to protect your child from harmful content, sexual predators, or harassment. It is a great way to monitor the Snapchat profile of your child.

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9. Spyic

Spyic is another useful app to control your child’s online activities. It contains the necessary features to monitor your child’s Snapchat usage without letting him know. You can use its message analyzing facility to detect offensive conversations. You can also monitor what your child is typing using the keylogging feature. Moreover, it informs your child’s location using the geofencing feature.Spyic snapchat parental control

Spyic provides the online search history of the target device. Besides, it keeps no trace for discovering that you have monitored the deceive. So, you can remotely track and block any Snapchat content. It helps you to ensure safe Snapchat browsing for your child.

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10. iSpyoo

iSpyoo can also work effectively as a 3rd party parental control app. This app provides an invisible monitoring feature. It detects offensive Snapchat conversations and informs you. The iSpyoo app also monitors what type of content your child is sharing and their subscribed channels. You can remotely block any inappropriate ads or content from the profile.iSpyoo snapchat parental control

The iSpyoo app keeps your monitoring info secret. You can easily use this app on Androids or iOS devices. Moreover, location tracking and device monitoring facility will ensure more safety of your child.

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Final Thoughts

Parental control has become an essential matter in this modern time. All concerned parents feel the necessity for this feature. For using Snapchat, monitoring features are highly important. If you follow the procedures described above, you can increase the security of your child’s Snapchat account. Moreover, using any parental control apps can create more safety under your intense monitoring of their activities. Now, please let me know if this article is helpful to you.  

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