Best 21 USB Port Lock Software You Must Need

Because of the availability of pen drives or portable discs, it has become a risk of protecting data. If you are not in front of your computer, then your friends or colleagues may steal the data from your computer. Even if there is nobody to do the nuisance things, you will have to feel the tension for operating the computer. USB Port Lock Software is a blessing to that type of important personnel who feel the tension of protecting the data. It has given a tension free life to roam around. Moreover, a USB drive locker ensures security, privacy, and comfort.

How to Secure My Data

The most important thing for any organization is data. The data of a file is intellectual property for an individual. If the data mishandled, your power may be lost. It definitely will be looser for being secured for using a computer. To get rid of such a disaster, you should lock your folder or disable the USB drive.

The Internet connection can be another hazardous thing for protecting your data. It may happen your folder is locked, your USB drive is disabled, but the internet connection is on. All of your data can pass through emails. So you should disable your USB drive, lock your folder, disable Bluetooth, share it, or any other file transfer software. You should also consider the mail and internet uses. Please remember your data is your asset, so losing the data is losing all the powers. Some of the ways to protect the data are:

Protect the Individual File

Lock ms word.pngFor our personal or official purpose, we generally type on office packages. For each office application, you can protect that by a password. Microsoft office package security protection is such a strong tool that the ordinary user can not retrieve your writing. If you think you look at your file, then you can use the hassle-free tool free of cost.

Protect the Folder by Folder Lockers

Many wise computer users use Password Protect Folder Software for Windows and macOS. If a password protects it, then the specific folder will be under the safe zone. 

Protect Data by Basic Features of Windows

Windows is one of the best operating systems to protect your data. In the system, you can block all the USB devices from “Device Manager”. The demerit is it will automatically block the USB ports for all. So, you should go to the next one.

Protect by Programming or Coding

The purpose is uttering the point is to provide the idea that you can lock the USB port by programming. This idea is for advanced level users. However, we should follow the subsequent techniques like using the best USB lock software.

Protect by Disconnecting Internet, Bluetooth and Other File-sharing Software

These are the funny options to protect your data. Using these techniques, you have to take more pain and keep locking your computer ( Windows Key+L). An example can be cutting the head for headaches. So we should use USB security software to protect the data.

Protect by USB Lockers

This is the most suitable solution which we should follow. It protects your data and provides a customized solution in our discussion focus on USB security software.

Best USB Port Lock Software

USB Port Lock Software is a program that blocks unauthorized personnel from using the USB port of your laptop or desktop. But you can control the access by password or from the admin panel. The USB lock software is handy to the high profile business magnet, technically professional people, government securities agencies, teachers, and other persons who need a high-security level. To help those great people today, we will provide the best 10 USB Port Lock Software to ensure valuable data privacy and security.

1. ManageEngine Device Control Plus

ManageEngine Device Control PlusIf you’re looking for a complete and affordable device control & data protection software that has lots of features and is user-friendly, then we highly recommend Device Control Plus. You can control USB and many peripheral devices, lockdown ports, and thoroughly manage data access. It is ideal for all organizations, easy to set up, and offers full device & file security.

 Important Features

  • It automatically detects 18+ device types.
  • You can classify devices as blocked, allowed, or trusted.
  • You can create and modify detailed policies for devices to view or transfer files.
  • It remotely tracks all file actions in systems across the network to stop data loss, malware, and unauthorized activities.
  • You will receive instant alerts and extensive reports to help monitor and fully secure your corporate data.
  • Lastly, get a 30-day free trial with unlimited features.

Get ManageEngine Device Control Plus

2. SysTools USB Blocker

SysTools USB Blocker-USB Port Lock SoftwareIf you search for any paid Windows-based USB drive locker, then we should recommend SysTools USB Blocker first of all. Because it is a tested and widely used USB e locking software. It can perform blocking and unblocking USB ports for any Windows-based device. This USB blocker is also capable of performing the same task on multiple systems at once.

Important Features

  • SysTools USB Blocker Ken block and unblock all the USB ports from any user device.
  • Before performing, it takes a username and password. There are also options. If you forget your password, then connect by email.
  • You need not be a computer expert in using this software because it is very user-friendly.
  • You can unlock any of the ports whenever you require a password.
  • Finally, this is a paid software, but you can use it for 30 days free trial.

Get SysTools USB Blocker

3. NetSoftwares USB Block

NetSoftwares USB BlockWe would like to recommend to you another best USB lock software called NewSoftwares USB Block. It is such an excellent software that protects the theft of your data by an external drive. This software keeps away safe from your close relatives from illegal access to your computer. It can also issue a whitelist by which you can allow your preferred USB drives to get access.

Important Features

  • If you have to work with confidential files, then you can use this software.
  • It has the flexibility to authorize some of the USB drives to get access.
  • For authorizing anyone, you have to provide the password. It has enhanced a high level of security.
  • In the digital world, never trust anyone so that you can count the attempt of the wrong password on your system.
  • Finally, to lead a tension-free digital life, you must use any USB locker like NetSoftwares USB Block.

Get NetSoftwares USB Block

4. USB Block

Again, if you want to prevent your data leak, we may recommend choosing prevention software to block USB devices. Yes, I am telling the name of the USB block. This wonderful software prevents your data leakage from any of the ways like USB port CD ROM and any other means.

Important Features

  • Using the USB block software, you can define the friend and foe external devices so that there is a little chance of stealing your brain work.
  • This software will also tell you if anyone tries to steal your photos, files, and documents. Because it has an audit trail, and it counts incorrect password attempts.
  • This theft-proof software provides you a tension-free working environment.
  • It is also a Windows-based software that France Windows XP or later version of the operating system.

Get USB Block

5. BuduLock USB Port Lock Software

budulock USB Port Lock SoftwareBuduLock is a freely Windows supported folder and USB drive locker software. Without the correct password, it prevents unauthorized access of any flash or external drive. BuduLock does not disable the external flash drive, but it disabled the port for use. It supports all the versions of the Windows operating system.

Important Features

  • Mouse click picture price develops the software best on the Windows platform.
  • You can download the software in a free and safe way.
  • It is functional for both folder and USB port.
  • A password protects it for the owner.
  • You can encrypt or decrypt the password.
  • Finally, it is a strong mechanism to prevent stealing your data by data theft.

Get BuduLock

6. USB Safeguard

USB Safeguard is a portable USB lock software that protects unauthorized access from USB drives’ external threats by secure AES 256 bits key. It protects your data from external drive, pen drive, USB memory card, and SSD cards. This software is equally capable of protecting all the operating systems like Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. USB Safeguard is freeware, but the pro version provides some additional advantage of protection.

Important Features

  • There is no back door to this software, and it is 100% portable.
  • You can allow anyone through a password, but if the USB drive is unplugged, it automatically logs out from the system.
  • It runs directly from your drive, so there is no requirement for installation.
  • This is such a software that allows all the operating systems.
  • The limitation is it requires a minimum of 4 GB RAM, but 8 GB is recommended.

Get USB Safeguard

7. Gilisoft USB Lock

Gilisoft USB Lock Your data is an asset to you. You always remain worried about your data’s security because it can be licked by any means like computer sharing, USB drive, flash drive, CD/DVD, Android phone, iPhone, or any other external means.

Gilisoft USB is such a Professional software that can solve this type of problem. After enabling the software, you can share their computers with your friends at college without any hesitation and tension. It has both a free and paid version.

Important Features

  • Gilisoft USB Lock disables both reading writing and copying access to external drive / CD drive.
  • You can create a trusted whitelist of your devices.
  • You will also be capable of blocking any website that you do not want to open.
  • It is capable of blocking any program for syncing your data like Dropbox, AIM, Outlook, and AOL.
  • Gilisoft USB Lock provides all the computer reports like denying access, allowing access, and the whitelist of your computer.
  • It can also disable the printer, modem, Bluetooth, and any other sharing system.

Get Gilisoft USB Lock

8. Endpoint Protector Device Control

Endpoint Protector Device ControlData loss prevention (DLP) is a great concern to the organization as well as the intellectual. Endpoint Protector Device Control is one of the best USB Port Lock Software to ensure DLP. It is a high-level application that monitors, controls, and prevents confidential data transfer over email, USB drive, and data transferring computer applications. This USB lock application is highly recommended to the network administrator to remain away from the risk of data loss.

Important Features

  • In the content-aware protection, it controls, monitor, and block transferring data.
  • It supports Content and Context Scanning, File Tracing and Shadowing, Blacklists and Whitelists, and Reports and Analysis.
  • It has expertise in USB and peripheral port control.
  • This USB locker automatically Encrypt, manage, and secures USB storage by Complex Master and User Passwords.
  • On-Premise Data Loss is a threat to Cloud-based Data Loss, but it works for both to protect data.

Get Endpoint Protector Device Control

9. Netwrix USB Blocker

Netwrix USB Blocker to control the userIf you require Endpoint Security Solution to protect your data from illegal practice by USB drives, then you may take the Netwrix USB Blocker software. It is such a software that you can use both the free and commercial version. This software also prevents unauthorized access and protect data from risk.

Important Features

  • Netwrix USB Blocker protects data from digital theft.
  • It has made the data security system.
  • This is free software you can use only for 20 days.

Get Netwrix USB Blocker

10. USB Write Protect

USB Write ProtectSuppose you find your important file is modified from your computer without your concern. You may fall in danger for the nuisance activity. USB Write Protect software saves you from such types of danger. It is a lightweight free application that saves you from unexpected file transfer. Moreover, this password-protected USB lock software restricts transferring or receiving data from external drives.

Important Features

  • USB Write Protect software stops the accidental deletion of files.
  • Unauthorized users will not get any access to your computer.
  • Since it is password protected software, you can control or modify anytime as per your choice.
  • It stops the autorun features of computers so viruses can not spread to your system.
  • USB Write Protect supports all the versions of Windows OS.

Get USB Write Protect

11. NomeSoft USB Guard

NomeSoft USB GuardWe can recommend a tiny USB lock software with zero cost. The name of this software is NomeSoft USB Guard. It also gives you a tension-free digital life. This software is handy for those who want to avoid unauthorized access to other external devices. It also stops the autorun so that the virus can not transmit automatically.

Important Features

  • NomeSoft USB Guard has the features to block data transfer and enable read-only mode.
  • It is a very light program that does not affect any performance of your CPU. It may happen some high-size software occupies more space in your harddisk, engage the processor more, and increase the temperature of your CPU. So that you can try the article “ How To Find Out CPU Temperature & 15 Ways To Control It”.
  • It supports Windows XP OS to Windows 10.

Get NomeSoft USB Guard

12. Phrozen Safe USB

Phrozen Safe USBPhrozen Safe USB is one of the best USB blocker software that can be one of your’s best productivity tools. Your computer can be affected by virus anytime if you allow the external drive to your PC. So this lightweight software can make you safe from destroying yourself. It is effortless to use software where you need a few clicks to disable any USB drive.

Important Features

  • Phrozen Safe USB is one of the best USB port lock software for Windows users.
  • Because of being portable software, it does not leave any trace to the Windows registry.
  • Because of its extraordinary interface, you can use it without any major effort.
  • Without much computer knowledge, you can encrypt the file for more safety using this app.
  • You can use the software for free without any mentionable drawback.

Get Phrozen Safe USB

13. USB Disk Manager

USB Disk ManagerAnother important USB Port Lock Software we want to discuss is the USB Disk Manager. It has all the features that you want to protect your data from unauthorized access. The USB Disk Manager saves you from any type of danger of data theft. Moreover, it also ensures digital comfort.

Important Features

  • USB Disk Manager protects your USB drive from writing.
  • By denying USB drives, it secures your intellectual property.
  • It can disable all types of USB drives for reading and writing.
  • It can shield your system by stopping autorun features.
  • USB Disk Manager completely hides the USB drive from your PC so that the authorized person can not do anything with the external drive.

Get a USB Disk Manager

14. USBDeview

usbdeviewSometimes there is a question in our mind that anyone is trying to get access to my computer using a USB drive or copying any data. USBDeview the ultimate answer to that question. This software will provide you the report of your USB drive, including the past. The report will contain the date of USB uses, the name of USB devices, and the model number.

Important Features

  • USBDeview allows you to enable, disable, and disconnect the connected device simultaneously.
  • It is a customizable software to generate reports.
  • This software supports all versions of version Windows operating systems, including 32 and 64 bit.
  • USBDeview has another positive use that helps to disconnect the connected USB devices safely, protecting from damaging the USB disk drive.

Get USBDeview

15. URC Access Modes

URC Access Modes USB Port Lock SoftwareThe folder and USB lock software URC Access Modes is a full package of your data security. This USB security lock tool eliminates data theft from your personal or organizational computer. With this software, you can control all of your peripheral devices like keyboard, mouse, and other USB devices.

Important Features

  • URC Access Modes is free of cost.
  • It supports all the versions of Windows OS from XP to Windows 10.
  • It allows you to enable/disable all the USB ports. 
  • You can also modify the permission of reading and writing through the USB port.
  • It is a good option for controlling viruses through a USB drive.
  • The software is easy to use, portable, and password protected.
  • You can enable/disable the command prompt (cmd.exe) and stop the control of others.
  • It also helps to hide some folders which you don’t want to show.

Get URC Access Modes

16. USB Shutter

usb shutterThe USB Shutter is the ultimate data protector of your computer. If you need a tension-free work environment, then you should choose such types of USB lockers. Because your best friend/colleague can be your best enemy at any time. Moreover, in the corporate world, you should not trust anybody. That is why you should folder / USB locking software like USB Shutter.

Important Features

  • USB Shutter supports Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Seven.
  • It also supports both 32 and 64 bit systems.
  • You can control the USB port with this software.
  • It is also considered a security tool for Windows computers.
  • The problem is we got very few recommendations when writing this article.

17. Pen Drive Locker/Unlocker

Pen Drive LockerUnlocker-USB Port Lock Software You Must NeedWe all can easily understand the name of Pen Drive Locker/Unlocker. It is an extraordinary security tool for general people to protect data from unexpected users. For this user, you can use both sides. That means, from your side, you can block the unauthorized devices so that you are saved from an unexpected virus. On the other hand, you can protect the external devices by not taking any data from your computer. That is called read-only mode.

Important Features

  • You have to be careful about saving files on the flash drive.
  • It takes a minimal amount of CPU.
  • First-time users can run the application smoothly because of its excellent user interface.
  • This small size USB locker runs on Windows operating system.
  • It is also a paid software, but you can use the trial version.

Get Pen Drive Locker/Unlocker

18. RegEdit

regeditAnother one of the best USB locks for Windows 10 is RegEdit. Windows 10 offers a graphical tool to manage the system’s authorized user and permission to make the change. Because of the unconscious users or any accidental deletion, your file may be lost, so the access is given to high-level users.

Important Features

  • In the search box of Windows 10, type “RegEdit”. You will get the RegEdit Windows app.
  • You can download the Regedit.exe and run the system.
  • Besides Windows 10, the other version of Windows supports the RegEdit software.
  • The Windows 10 USB lock software is only for high-level users like a system administrator.

More Info

19. Ratool USB Port Lock Software

ratool Usb Lock Software
ratool Usb Lock Software is very effective against the autorun.

Your computer may be affected by a virus if your autorun is enabled. On the other hand, your data may be shared with someone else if it is not encrypted. To solve those problems, we can recommend one of the best USB control tools called Ratool. Using this tool, you can block/unblock a user’s permission to read and write on your computer. 

Important Features

  • Ratool blocks the connected USB port and allows for the trusted one.
  • The application is very fast and efficient to use.
  • It is prevalent and free software.
  • Unauthorized users can use CD Burning Software to copy your data, but Ratool data protector stops them.

20. USB Copy Protection

USB Copy ProtectionAt the end of the review, you may feel that you want to use some paid best USB port lock software. In such a scenario, we should recommend the name of USB Copy Protection software. This remarkable one-stop solution blocks unauthorized access to your device. Moreover, it has the specialty to authorize different access to different users.

Important Features

  • USB Copy Protection stops authorizing access to data theft can be stopped very well.
  • You can transfer the protected files to a specific user.
  • It can limit the number of users to use USB.
  • You can distribute permission to different users for better performance.

Get USB Copy Protection

21. USB Disabler Pro

USB Disabler Pro - Usb lock softwareSometimes the situation may happen that you need to disable the USB port from a remote place. Out of those 21 best security software, it is one of the most costly software. You can control the total network using this software. You also can provide access to individual users whom you want. 

Important Features

  • USB Disabler Pro allows you to stop unauthorized USB drives and memory sticks.
  • Without interfering with the scanner, printer, and other peripheral, it blocks unauthorized users.
  • Based on the unique ID of an individual device, it can allow and block the system.
  • It also can create a group to provide access to the team.

Get USB Disabler Pro

Final Thought of USB Port Lock Software

In our writing, we already talked about the best USB port lock software. It depends on the requirement of users. We also tried to speak based on individual users and organizations. Whatever may be the case in the digital era, you must use the best USB security software to protect you and your organization.

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