The Best 20 Task Manager App for Android in 2024

We always have those aha moments when we come up with brilliant ideas out of nowhere. You will soon forget about all these great ideas if you do not jot them down instantly. You need practical plans to apply these ideas in your life. The good news is we have task manager apps to simplify our lives. These apps can take notes, create to-do lists, and let you share your data with teammates in a second. The article is an excellent place to start searching for the correct application. Check out our list of top 20 Task Manager App for Android to turn your aha moments into your reality.

What is a Task Manager App?

A task manager app is for everyone. Students, professionals, and anybody making plans are all in need of such an app. You can note the tasks, organize them according to priorities, and set up reminders. Use the apps in your workplace and check your teammates’ progress. You can share updates, task completions, and future tasks with others instantly. These apps allow you to collaborate with people and work organized.

Benefits of Task Manager Apps

The best part about work managing apps is using them for any purpose. The apps are not only for workplaces or student projects. Your to-do lists can be as simple as making a shopping list. It is the best way to avoid laziness and inefficiency. Your to-do lists and reminders to finish them will motivate you to complete the task quickly. Let us find out what more to expect from these Task Manager apps for Android.

  • Different ways to organize work

Apps offer many ways to help organize your tasks. You can use lists, tags, or deadlines to arrange your work. It depends on how the user wants to prepare their to-do lists and view the tasks. Features like widgets and notifications add to the usefulness of the apps.

  • Colorful themes and easy to set up

Get one of these apps if you are visual and focus better on colorful notes. You can color-code your lists based on priority or sort tasks based on deadlines. You can even arrange your work by due dates in a calendar view. There are so many different options to customize a personal work schedule.

  • Save file copies

You do not have to worry about losing an important document when using such an app. Synchronize all your devices and save a copy of your file with a few steps. Some apps also allow you to set up passwords to ensure all your data is safe.

  • Reminders

What better way to keep you focused than constantly reminding you of your tasks? Almost all the work managing apps include a reminder feature. So, you will never forget about important dates and events. It keeps you on your toes and helps you finish things on time. If you synchronize other systems, you can set up reminders for the devices you use.

  • Sharing information from anywhere at anytime

Collaborate with others and share your ideas anytime and from anywhere. If you have a great idea that you want to share with others right away, get yourself a task manager app. The apps provide a platform for project management to get updates on each others’ work. You can set up a remote office where you assign tasks to others and get them done in an organized manner.

Top 20 Task Manager Apps for Android in 2022

Finally, we will begin our list of the top 20 work management apps. Many are free, and some come offline with many helpful tools. So, sit back and enjoy your time reading and searching for the correct application for yourself.

1. Trello

Trello is a well-known Android task manager free app to build team collaboration. There are more than 1,000,000 users from all around the world. With a few simple steps, you can create plans, track progress, and achieve your goals to move forward. Trello lets you be flexible when you are making plans and implementing them. Finish a subtask, cut it off, and move on to the next.

Trello Android Task Manager App

Trello works well with both big and small projects. Arrange weekly meetings, design a website, or hire new employees with Trello planning. Anything is possible with the application. Customize your schedule with cards, lists, and boards. Visualize your plans in a Map view and see future events in the Calendar view. You can add labels, due dates, and checklists to keep yourself and others updated. Assign work to your teammates and leave a comment or feedback with lovely emojis.

Key Features

  • Trello lets you share website links and files of any kind with others.
  • The timeline view helps you keep track of the progress of the project and the teammates.
  • You can use the application offline to make changes to your cards.
  • Push notifications help you stay updated whenever someone completes their work.
  • The Trello widget gives easy access to all your boards and cards.

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2. Notion

Notion Android Task Manager AppThe Notion does what the name suggests. It is the perfect application to present all your brilliant ideas in an organized manner. Think of a goal and write down everything you need to achieve that goal. The Notion will take care of the rest. Many users like the application for its ready-made templates. The Notion, the free version, is available for personal use. Personal Pro, Team, and Enterprise offer a free trial before payment. Many consider it the best Android task manager app to help you in your group projects.

There is no limit to adding content on Notion. Create as many to-do lists as you want. Use drag and drop to add files, images, and links to create a unique planner for yourself. You can even turn your Notion page into a website with two taps. You can also use the application as a journal and a reading list.

Key Features

  • The Notion is free for personal use and works offline.
  • There are over 20+ content types. Add images, documents, and links to create informative content.
  • Collaborate with your team in real time and make the project of your dreams. Get updates on how everyone is keeping up with their work.
  • Notion allows you to nest pages inside pages to provide a clean look to your content.
  • Share content with others and use comments to create a more engaging page.
  • The application offers many ready-made templates to help you with your planning.

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3. Evernote – Notes Organizer & Daily Planner

Evernote Android Task Manager AppEvernote is another task manager app that you must check out. I bet there is no single person who does not know about Evernote. We all know of its awesomeness, but now it is time to experience it up close. The application is winning millions of hearts from all around the world. Gather all your notes and to-do lists to create a well-planned schedule for the day.

The application can sync other devices so you can access it from anywhere. Connect the Google Calendar and use Tasks to create to-do lists. You can add notes, comments, and files to create your Home dashboard. Use the dashboard to make your day productive. Clip web pages and online articles to read later. You can add Pdfs, audio, sketches, pictures, and scanned photos to your content. Upload all kinds of documents and notes to create a personal dashboard.

Key Features

  • Evernote lets you make separate notebooks to manage bills, receipts, etc.
  • Use shared Spaces to collaborate with your colleagues on projects.
  • Update everyone by sharing notebooks and meeting notes.
  • Evernote has a powerful search engine. It can find texts in handwritten notes and images to provide accurate results.
  • The application lets you access all your notes offline.

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4. Todoist

Todoist Android Task Manager AppTodoist is one of the top task management apps on Playstore. It deserves all the titles; the proof is the 20 million loyal users. Capture all your thoughts and ideas with the application. It can create to-do lists and give reminders of deadlines. You can organize your work with Boards by using the Kanban style. Do you want to build a fitness regime? Set up recurring due dates like ‘every Sunday’ and get in the habit of exercising on weekends.

Todoist is also compatible with Wear OS watches and tablets. So, you can stay organized by using the application on different devices. It is a great Android task manager button with a plus button for a new list. You can use Todoist for both small and big projects. No matter your team’s size, the application is ready for everything.

Key Features

  • Todoist features a lock screen widget, Assistant, and Quick Add tile.
  • Priority levels will help you focus on the most urgent duties.
  • You can also join your account with Gmail, Alexa, Google Calendar, and many more.
  • Get into a customized productivity trend to track your progress and that of others.

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5. Remember The Mil k

Remember The Milk Android Task Manager App Remember, Mil k is an ideal task management app for busy people. If you have too much, the application is a good choice. It has many good tools to help you stay on track. Create a list of to-dos, set up reminders, and sync devices to notify you of your responsibilities. You can also use IM, email, Twitter, and text for reminders. Use the application and share your plans with others in a few seconds. Easy-to-use options and a pleasing interface make the application a favorite by many.

Remember that Milk supports team collaboration for project management. You can use tags, colors, and lists to organize your work. Invite others and assign work to them to get things done faster.

Key Features

  • Remember, Mil k features a powerful search engine to provide accurate results.
  • It uses advanced sorting to sort and group your to-dos into whichever you like.
  • Use many cool widgets and badges to identify the most urgent tasks.
  • To save your files, sync with other accounts like MS Outlook, Google Calendar, etc.
  • The application contains unlimited storage memory for you to save your content.

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6. Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do Task Manager App for AndroidMicrosoft To-Do helps you to manage your tasks in a few simple steps. From grocery shopping lists to arranging events, the application can do everything. Write down all your ideas in your notebook and create to-do lists to execute them. Use reminders to help you focus and push you to complete the tasks. Get intelligent suggestions that suggest actions relevant for the day. You can use the application to manage household chores and office work. It will prove to be a good friend to you during busy times.

The application can sync different devices and accounts to save and share your work. Use emails in any MS email accounts to flag as tasks. You can then add these tasks to your list with Cortana to create a personal planner. It also lets you use the MS Planner to view your assigned tasks. Microsoft 365 will be responsible for managing and protecting all your data.

Key Features

  • Microsoft To-Do recommends tasks that can be relevant for the day.
  • Use colorful themes and emojis to give a fun look to your planners.
  • Create task lists with the To-Do widget and share them with family, friends, and colleagues. You can also assign work to others to ensure everyone works on the project.
  • The application can group or sort your lists based on a project or a topic.

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7. Google Tasks

Google TasksGoogle Tasks is a good task manager app to increase your productivity in life. It is part of the G Suite that works with Gmail and Google Calendar to give you the best service. Use the application to create to-do lists from anywhere at any time. You can also sync different devices to enjoy its features. Use Google AI and other intelligent apps to analyze your projects. Many businesses call Google Tasks their number#1 choice for project management.

You can create tasks and subtasks with due dates and notifications. If you are forgetful, then do not worry anymore. The application is all you need to remind yourself of anything you want to get done. You can edit the details as the work progresses. The application creates a planner in a minute with the ‘drag and drop’ option. It works fast with many tools to help make you and your work more efficient.

Key Features

  • Google Tasks let you view all your assigned work in the Gmail side panel.
  • You can view and create tasks from your emails.
  • Use reminders to help you remember the due dates of your tasks.
  • Rank your tasks by setting up deadlines for them.

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8. Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Planner Task Manager App for AndroidMicrosoft Planner is more appropriate for companies rather than for personal use. Individuals can use the To-Do version to achieve personal goals. Companies have to subscribe to Microsoft 365 to use the Planner version. They use Planner to manage teamwork for businesses or schools. The application will not support personal Office 365 accounts. It only works for Office 365 school and office subscriptions. You can contact the IT department of your workplace to know if your company is using the MS Office 365 suite.

MS Planner has the same features as MS To Do with more advanced features. It offers a better and more visual way to organize teamwork and progress. Create and assign tasks to the group to distribute the project work. Collaborate in chat rooms and keep updates on each member and the project. Every plan comes with its board where you can manage tasks in buckets. Organize the subtasks according to their status and the employees handling them.

Key Features

  • Microsoft Planner is all about visibility in project planning and project development.
  • You can upload files and chat with your team to update everyone about the group work.
  • Several people can work on the same task and share their progress as a subteam.
  • You can use different devices to access your Planner account and join others to work on the project.

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9. Asana

Asana Task Manager App for AndroidAsana is one of the top Android task manager 2022 apps. The application is here to stay at the top in the next year. It is excellent for group work, where members create great projects. The tools make it easier for the teammates to understand their tasks. The application has millions of users and over 75,000 companies using its services.

Asana offers a shared workspace where you can track your teammates’ progress. Create plans and organize them in calendar views or Kanban boards. Create a list of to-dos and share it with your teammates in a minute. Set up deadlines for each subtask to remind everyone what to do. Attack relevant files with every list of work you create. View the project status to check if it is off track, on track, or at a risky stage.

Key Features

  • Asana will notify you if the tasks are overdue or completed on time.
  • You can set up subtasks as low, high, or medium priority.
  • Use colorful charts, photos, and diagrams to make your planners more informative.
  • It features automatic transcriptions of voice memos to tasks.

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10. ClickUp

ClickUp Task Manager App for AndroidClickUp is new compared to the other apps above. But it still managed to grab the attention of users for its features. It proves to be helpful for marketing and agile teams who collaborate on big projects.

More than 50,000 teams are using the application to manage teamwork. You can create a list of things to do and edit the details as you move forward. Push notifications help you stay connected with your team 24/7.

Key Features

  • ClickUp lets you create to-do lists for yourself and your group members.
  • You get notifications every time anyone completes or changes the list of to-dos.
  • Upload relevant files to each of the lists that you created.
  • Set up deadlines to complete projects on time.

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11. Task Manager App for is the perfect Android task manager app to start your weekdays. The application has everything you need for successful team collaboration. It divides the work into several parts to understand how and what you must do.

The application provides one of the best visual workspaces on a digital platform. Over 120,000 teams are using the application to manage their projects. So, download the application and join others to create your team.

Key Features.

  • has ready-made spreadsheets and templates to create a personal planner.
  • You can add Gantt charts, pie graphs, and Kanban boards to your planners.
  • You can automate repetitive work and sync your notes in real time.
  • Use advanced filters to display only the information you want.

More Info

12. MeisterTask

MeisterTaskMeisterTask is the top Task Manager App for Android for many agile teams. You can use your Android or internet browser to run the application. You can sync your devices and create Activity lists for projects.

The Pro version lets you use custom wallpapers for dashboards. If you do not want too many complex features, try out MeisterTask. It is simple yet has many helpful tools to help you finish your work.

Key Features

  • MeisterTask features the checklist option to notify you which task needs attention.
  • You can make unlimited to-do lists and collaborate with others to execute your plans.
  • Get instant notifications for any changes your teammates made on the team project.
  • You can attach up to 200MB files in the pro version.
  • You can set up priorities and deadlines for each of the subtasks.

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13. Wrike

WrikeWrike is one of the Play Store’s most versatile task management platforms. Use the application on Cloud to manage your team and business projects. More than 15,000 companies are using the application to increase their productivity.

You can assign work to your colleagues or employees and set up due dates. It is easy to track the project status. You can create a free account for personal use or pay for more professional versions.

Key Features

  • Wrike lets you access your personal and shared Dashboards.
  • You can use charts and graphs to add more visual information to your reports.
  • Customize your Planner with Board, list, and Gantt Chart views.
  • The application features an automated timer that tracks time spent on a subtask.

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14. MyLifeOrganized

MyLifeOrganizedAndroid Task Manager AppMyLifeOrganized is for work management and to help you build up healthy life habits. MLO has stars, tags, and many more to help design a productive schedule. You can set priorities, deadlines, and reminders to motivate yourself. The application is for personal goals where you can work towards your self-growth. Use the Nearby view that lists actions according to your GPS location.

Key Features

  • MyLifeOrganized lets you share your list and collaborate with others for group projects.
  • It uses automation to update the next urgent subtask once the previous one is over.
  • Access MLO across different devices to enjoy its features.
  • You can use the application to collaborate with others for group projects.
  • The application is safe to use on the Cloud Sync Service or offline.

More Info

15. ProofHub

ProofHub Android Task Manager AppProofHub provides a digital hub for team collaboration. Create an account and take unlimited users for unlimited subtasks. It is a paid application but is worth every penny. Create plans, collaborate with others, and communicate to get things done faster. Organize your to-dos according to their urgency. There is no limit to using the features once you become a member of this unique Task Manager App for Android.

Key Features

  • ProofHub has a powerful search engine that gives instant search results.
  • You can use advanced filters to find the exact information you want.
  • Highlight important points in your projects to narrow your focus.
  • Use project timelines to make sure you are on the right track.

More Info

16. ALLO – Task Manager App for Android

ALLO Android Task Manager AppAllo is an online platform for team collaboration. Remote teams will love the application for its convenient features. Create a visual workspace for your team to create plans. Upload sketches, notes, and designs to share your unique ones. Add files and edit Pdfs with your comments. The application gives the freedom and flexibility to customize your project plans.

Key Features

  • Allo can add resources from any medium. You can use Google, Youtube, photos, etc., as sources of information.
  • Use Allo to organize online classes and workshops.
  • You can create a vision board to present your ideas and plans.
  • Join other services like Notion, Slack, etc., for better experiences.

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17. Goal Tracker

Goal Tracker Goal Tracker is the ultimate goal-achieving application to track your progress. It is perfect for self-improvement. Use calendars and reminders to help you focus on building healthy habits. It is a task management application that aims to improve your personal life. Become good at managing your personal life to handle your professional life.

Key Features

  • Goal Tracker helps you to create to-do lists with detailed planning.
  • It is easy to set up your goals in the widget.
  • It helps build up good habits in your life.
  • Check your progress with calendars, count checks, and figure inputs.

More Info

18. Timely App

Timely App Android Task Manager AppA timely app is a simple Android Task Manager App that helps you lead a more productive life. Set up goals and manage them with detailed notes. It is perfect for agile-based projects. Employees and project managers use the application to manage big and small tasks. Download the application and see how it is beneficial for your role.

Key Features

  • Timely App features remote mode to manage work for the WFH state or during vacations.
  • Break down large chunks of work into smaller parts to clarify the goals.
  • Team communication gets better when you can view the availability of your peers.
  • Capacity planning and wellness checks help determine the teammates’ workload.

More Info

19. nTask

nTask nTask is another Android task manager free app that you should try out. It will be like your personal Assistant who keeps track of your work schedule. Use the application for day-to-day activities and complicated team projects. You will have no problem setting up your Planner within a few minutes.

Key Features

  • nTask comes with a simple interface and easy-to-use features.
  • Invite other users to create your team and assign them to-do lists.
  • Create workspaces and group teams that are working on the same project.
  • Practice Issue management by creating any potential issues you think may occur. You can assign your teammates to resolve the problems.

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20. Toodledo

Toodledo Toodledo ensures consistency in your planning and execution of the plans. It guarantees to increase your productivity with its GTD method. Make to-do lists, add notes, and form new habits to better yourself. Automatic syncing of different devices helps you to access data from various media. Record your to-do lists and set due dates to complete them on time. It is a helpful task manager app to have on your Android phone.

Key Features

  • Toodledo can assign work to a context, a folder, or a goal.
  • Tag a subtask with notes and keywords, or flag it with a star.
  • Set up audible pop-up alarms to help you re-focus on your work.
  • Add information like status, start dates, and due dates to check a current project.

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Final Thoughts

The list of the best Android Task Manager apps was long, but I hope it was worth reading. If you seek self-improvement, check out Microsoft To-Do or Goal Tracker. For organizations, Trello and Microsoft Planner are excellent choices. My favorite is Notion, for its extraordinary collection of ready-made templates. Let us know which ones caught your attention. Please share with us some of your recommendations. Finally, I hope you found my article informative. Please help others by sharing this article to manage their daily activities quickly. 

Anika Anamta Mehnaz
Anika Anamta Mehnaz
Mehnaz loves to show her creations through writing and drawing. She is a tech-savvy young individual who loves learning something new every day and helping others with her knowledge and work.

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  1. Kanbantool is good too. It’s available on Android, it’s easy to use, it has a lot of useful features and its price is good. I recommend it, it really helps me to deal with my tasks more efficiently.


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