Why Do You Need A VPN In Singapore? Is VPN Legal to Use in SG?

All countries across the globe have internet surveillance-related restrictions. The ones concerning Singapore are comparable to countries that have stringent regulations. Do you live in Singapore as a resident or plan to go there on a trip? If yes, installing a VPN on your device is a must for both cases to evade geo-restrictions.

On the Internet, you would find several options for VPNs for Singapore. But you might want to choose the best VPN service for Singapore that corresponds to your needs. 

This post will shed light on the reasons for which you must use VPN. Plus, it will also give you an insight into the essentials of the ideal Virtual Private Network in Singapore.

Reasons You Must Use VPN In Singapore

Many countries around the world guarantee the right to privacy to their citizens. But Singapore is an exception in this regard. As a result, the Government can engage in surveillance acts to monitor internet users’ online activities.

The Singaporean Government uses a special kind of malware for observation. If that’s not enough, it exercises more control with the help of the Media Development Authority. The latter has blocked several websites across different categories, which speak volumes for its strict censorship. These include pornography and gambling sites.

Also, surveillance authorities keep an eye on users’ activities on torrenting sites from time to time. It means that internet users in Singapore also need to keep the copyright requirements in mind before downloading audio or video files whenever they think of torrenting.

Connecting to the Internet without a VPN can put you at the risks mentioned above. The sure-fire way to eliminate them to a large extent is to connect your device to a VPN. 

Fortunately, choosing and setting up a VPN is not illegal in Singapore. So, you can use it to bypass the geo-restrictions and strict surveillance to a large extent.

What Should You Look For Choosing a VPN in Singapore?

To pick the best option in any category, you need to do some research. The case with the choice of a suitable Virtual Private Network that you can use in Singapore is not an exception to this rule. Doing your research on the Internet will help you save time and effort. By considering a few essential points, you can make an informed choice.What Should You Look For Choosing a VPN in Singapore

When hunting for a Virtual Private Network for Singapore, do not forget to pay attention to the following points:


For streaming videos or downloading files while using a VPN, you need acceptable speed. So, choose a VPN that offers versatile speed for different operations. By doing so, you will have better chances of getting a lag-free experience.


Along with speed, the other security constitutes another cornerstone feature of VPNs. Check if a VPN has features like a kill switch and IP hiding mechanisms to ensure secure connectivity. Your idea should be to choose a VPN option that has powerful features.


More accessibility translates into more power to access blocked websites from Singapore. You might not want to choose a VPN service with good speed and security but limited accessibility as it may make you feel caged. If you wish to prevent such an experience, check the number of countries to which a VPN service’s servers are located.

Reliable Encryption

Do you wish to maintain a high level of anonymity while you make use of the Internet in Singapore? Who doesn’t? However, you need reliable encryption to make it happen. Dependable encryption involves the transfer of internet traffic through many servers. Standard encryption will help you get through basic activities. But for business use, you may need advanced encryption features. 

Ease Of Use

Unless you are an expert, you shouldn’t choose a VPN that is technically tricky to handle. By operating an easy-to-use VPN, you can save both your time and hassle.


A versatile VPN is compatible with a wide range of devices. It is a handy option if you wish to use the same VPN for multiple devices. By choosing it, you can bypass the operating-system-related limitations.

Static IP

A dedicated IP address is a hallmark feature of some VPNs. Here comes the role of a static IP. Though you may not need it all the time, it can come in handy at times. Also, a static IP will help you ensure peace of mind.

P2P Functionality

Throttled bandwidth can spoil your streaming and downloading experience with constant buffering and a slow download speed. To overcome this limitation, you need to choose a virtual private network with the best P2P functionality.

Tech Support

In the course of using a VPN service, you are likely to encounter technical problems. For an amicable resolution to such problems, you would need to contact its tech support. Opting for a VPN service with reliable tech support will help you address this need.


Last but not least, the price factor will influence your decision. Of course, you can choose a free VPN option. But is choosing a free VPN the best option for you?  You wouldn’t know how it would fare. If you have a fixed budget in mind, you’d be better off considering the pricing options to determine if a VPN service for SG is affordable.

There is a funny question like Can I go to jail if I use VPN. From that, the non-Singaporeans frequently ask about the legal issue of using Virtual Private Networks in Singapore. This country is much aware of the transparency of online activity. But, they are very friendly to the technology entrepreneur. Moreover, there is no restriction of using virtual private networks by the Singaporean Government. 

Singapore is a country of internet censorship and some websites are totally inaccessible to the general public. On the other hand, the Singaporean government institutes their own VPNs where some websites are blocked. But, the SG government is not directly telling that VPN is illegal in their country.

Which VPN to use in Singapore?

The people outside SG and the inhabitants of this country can protect their data by connecting to the VPN Servers. It saves your data from unauthorized persons like internet service providers and the Government. Moreover, it allows you to use the restricted internet facilities in SG.

There are a lot of Virtual Private Network service providers in Singapore. They offer a number of servers to different locations with encryption facilities. You can follow the list of Virtual Private Network facilities in Singapore.

VPN Provider Name # of Servers # of country VPN Server in Singapore
NordVPN 5000 59 Yes
Surfshark 3200 63 Yes
ExpressVPN 3000 94 Yes
CyberGhost 6900 88 Yes
TorGuard 3000 50 Yes
IPVanish 1900 75 Yes
ProtonVPN 1289 55 Yes
FastestVPN 52 40 Yes
Private Internet Access No Information 78 Yes

From the above table, we can see that almost all the virtual private network service providers offer their server location at SG. But, it is really difficult to choose the best Virtual Private Network in Singapore. The more servers the VPN has the more speed and facility you will get.

Bypass MDA blocks Singapore

The researchers, students, and university teachers need to connect different sites, journals, and streaming sites. But, the Singaporian VPN has some geo-restriction by the government. So to Bypass MDA blocks in SG, you can use worldwide VPNs. It allows you to connect all over the world. Bypass MDA blocks Singapore

The Anime streaming sites are blocked by many countries. But, if you love to watch cartoons, read manga, and enjoy anime you can use the worldwide VPNs.

Best 10 VPN in Singapore

Each of the VPN service providers offers different services. However, you will get a lot of virtual private networks in Singapore city. Out of them, we have collected the best 10 VPN service providers in the small country in SG.Best VPN in Singapore

1. Urban VPN

Urban VPN is the free and best Singapore VPN. It is safe, secure, and anonymous that helps to connect multiple devices without detection. You are free to choose your IP from different locations when using the Urban VPN service. This Singapore Virtual Private Network protects from public wifi. Moreover, there is no geo-restriction and censorship when using this excellent VPN service.

2. NordVPN

NordVPn is a secure service with the excellent speed in Singapore. It allows you to connect six devices without any logs. NordVPN is very popular in the Asia-Pacific region. It has more than 5000 servers in 59 countries. The 256-bit Encryption of this service is known as double protection. 

3. Surfshark

Surfshark is a cheap VPN in the city of SG. But it has more than 3200 servers in 63 countries. Moreover, Surfshark server speed is constant on almost all the servers of different countries. Compared to price and other facilities, you can choose the Surf Shark VPN service in SG.

4. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is the best premium VPN in SG. It offers different IP addresses in Singapore that can unblock all geo-related problems. It has more than 160 servers in 94countries. So, your VPN service will be super fast in the city of Singapore. But, the price is high compared to other virtual private networks in Singapore.

5. CyberGhost

CyberGhost is an online VPN service that provides almost all the services. Over the 88 countries, it has over 6900 server locations. Because of its highest server location, you will get the maximum internet speed in Singapore. When you need to run torrent sites, you can use CyberGhost in Singapore because it is good for P2P and torrenting.

6. TorGuard

TorGuard is one of the best VPN for torrenting. This p2p friendly service has a beautiful interface. Moreover, it has more than 3000 server locations in over 50 countries, including Singapore. Where the top VPN offers an old-fashioned user interface there, TorGuard offers a stylish interface.

7. IPVanish

IPVanish is another Best VPN service that supports multi-device. The Unlimited P2P service makes it unique from the other virtual private network service in SG. You will get the Support of 10 Devices at a time when you use IPVanish. You will get Forced 256-bit Encryption that will ensure the highest level of security.

8. ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN is based in Switzerland. It has more than 1289 servers in over 55 countries. 88 Secure Core servers, 1,200 Plus servers, 388 Basic servers, and 23 Free servers make it unique from other VPN providers. So staying in Singapore, you can use ProtonVPN to avoid geo-restriction.

9. FastestVPN

FastestVPN is one of the best VPNs for Sports streaming services. It has served more than 40 countries. If you use the monthly package of this VPN service, you will win to enjoy streaming. In Singapore City, you will get 100 Mbps internet speed that may surprise you. Moreover, if you are a Netflix lover, you can pick the speedy VPN.

10. Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access is another secure Virtual Private Network service for Singaporeans and travelers in Singapore. But the service and facilities are not the same as other virtual private network providers. Moreover, the service of Private Internet Access is limited in terms of customer support, service and speed. 


By choosing the right VPN Chrome extensions or apps for Singapore, you can overcome local restrictions in the country. Therefore, it is a must. But for desired results, you must choose the right option. Ensure that you keep the points mentioned above in mind to make an informed choice.

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