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Best 50 Legal Free Movie Website for Online Streaming

Because of COVIT-19 or any other vacation, you have to pass your time efficiently. The most preferred way to pass the time is to enjoy any free movie website. Because it gives you unlimited potentiality of entertainment and lots of inspiration to fight against the novel Coronavirus. The free movie streaming site will increase your mental health and remove your boringness inside the confined wall. But, watching movies online may have some safety and legal issues. So, we would like to recommend to you some safe and legal free online movie streaming sites.

Best Free Movie Website

Sometimes it is not wise to watch movies online. There are a lot of free and open sources to have fun. We have classified various categories to provide a free movie website list. But, for the sake of writing, some paid or subscription-based services may appear. On the other hand, we apologize for the ranking of the free online movie streaming site. Because we do not follow any ranking to review any site, it is the individual service provider’s personal request to make them at the top. So, without further ado, have fun with some free movie streaming sites

1. YouTube

YouTubeFirstly, very few people do not use YouTub as a Free Movie Website and Online Streaming. It is the biggest free platform for different TV channels, documentaries, Chinama, and animes. You also can download YouTube video, save for watching later as per your choice. Many of us are using the free version of YouTube, but you can become a paid subscriber of premium YouTube.


2. 123 Go Stream

123 Go Stream is one of the best free movie websites to watch movies online. It allows you to watch your favorite movie online for free. Besides the movie, you can watch TV series and various new episodes. Various genres like comedy, drama, crime, biography, action, thriller, adventure, horror, family, music, sports, news, and cyber response will fascinate you. You can sort here based on your country. on the other hand, there is an option to search based on the year. The limitation of this website is its peculiar type of ads, which may bother you too much.

3. 123Movies

123Movies lucrative website to stream movies for free that may you like.123Movies lucrative website to stream movies for free that may you like. The decoration interface of this website is excellent. You can search for your favorite movie in this search bar. Another positive thing is you will not be bothered about the advertisement because it is also mind-blowing. The first page will get 4 option which is home movies, TV series and featured. When you visit the movie please you will get a lot of movie lists. Add this page will get lots of options like genres, country, featured, movie, TV series, and a to z list. There is an option for you to request another movie. It will automatically recommend you some games (for adults) to play online, like Cloud games.

4.  1337x Movies

1337x Movies is a free movie website to ensure your entertainment.1337x Movies is a free movie website to ensure your entertainment. This app allows the user to upload movies if it is of high quality. It has to register for login on the website. All the movies of 1337x Movies are HD, which includes 720p and 1080p. You can enjoy trending torrents, movie libraries, TV libraries, new episodes, and top 100 torrents. Is very favorite to baby and kids to watch cartoons online. Various music games and documentaries are a bonus for you. You can enjoy here a thousand self torrent movies which are uploaded by the user of 1337x Movies. If you are happy with this website, you can donate bitcoin. Moreover, this free online movie streaming site is a DCMA complaint.


5. 300mbmovies.ws

The people of the Asian subcontinent are very much fond of watching the movie. The Indians are the great fun of all types of movies that includes Bollywood movies, China movies, Tamil, Telugu, Hollywood, and Bengali movies. 300mbmovies.ws is a great site to download movies without hassle. It allows you to various movies with subtitles. Adult (18+) movies are also available here. With the customize nice search bar, you can find any type of cinema whatever you like. Based on your demand they also offer various types of short films. Besides all those features, the download tutorial is also given on their official website.

6. A2movies

A2movies is another popular free movie website for the Indian movie lover. Decide Hollywood, and you will get all types of Indian entertainment share. They offer Malayalam, Tamil, Bollywood, Hollywood, Telugu, and Kannada movies. The website interface is elegant and clean. At the left bar, you will get all types of movie lists. This free online movie free streaming site is supported by an advertisement, which may bother you too much. At your first click, it may redirect to another advertisement website side. As a free movie lover, you can choose this website to select your movies.


7. Afdah

Before writing the review of Afdah, I found the various question of legality against Afdah. The most common question “Is Afdah legal?” You will find the answer on Google. But my purpose you to provide some source as a free movie streaming site. If you want to watch a movie online, choose this site as a source of entertainment. It does not allow you to download any movie, but there are some ways to do it. The good side of the surfside is if you keep your cursor on the individual movie it will show you to the particular of that selected movie. If you are fond of good quality HD Hollywood movies, you can try Afdah.


8. Amazon Prime

amazon_prime_videoIf you want to get high-quality movies, FossGuru will recommend you to go for Amazon Prime. It is legal and can fulfill all of your needs. The limitation of Amazon prime is that you have to pay for movies. if you want to pay you can get any movie, including cartoons, drama, romantic and action movies. There are hundreds of categories of thousands of movies. When you keep your cursor to any particular movie, it will show you details, including price-quality rent, etc. You have the option to watch the trailer or save it for the watchlist. There is no doubt regarding the quality of Amazon prime. So if you want to expend money, you definitely will go for Amazon prime movie.


9. Avi Mobile Movies HD

AVI Mobile Movies HD is another source of entertainment to watch movies online. This free movie website offers hot shot films, new Bollywood movies and web series, Tamil and Telugu movies, south Hindi dubbed movies, WWE TV shows, Animated video, Panjabi, and Bengali hot movies. Besides that, it also provides services like mobile movies HD MP4, 3GP, and MP4 movies. The limitation of this free movie streaming site is its advertisement. The botheration level is beyond your imagination.

10. YuppFlix

We want to recommend another provisional movie watching site which is YuppFlix.We want to recommend another provisional movie watching site, which is YuppFlix. You will get different types of flavors from this website. Though it is an Indian movie watching side people from all over the world are happily using this. If you select this portal’s push notification, you will get all movie updates of recent releases. YuppFlix is a mixture of old, new, and evergreen movies. It has an affiliation with Star Jalsha, Asianet, Sun TV, Star Bijoy, Maa TV, and Star plus


11. AZMovie

CineBloomLet’s starts with some drama. You wanted to watch a movie online, but the website proves that doubt are you robot or not? Before getting some entertainment, you already have a snack of amazement. AZMovie is such a website to check your IQ. If you pass the exam, then you will get access to the free movie website. At the beginning of the site will get a nice decorated menu bar. There is a search option to find out your best favorite movies. On the slideshow will get the most recent movies, which are high quality. AtoZ sofa different types of TV shows that may amuse you. It was not of the dishearted to the kids. Because a lot of Anime and cartoons are there for their entertainment in the lockdown situation.


12. BIGFlix

BIGFlix is a Mumbai based movie on-demand service provider as well as an online movie library. It is founded in 2012 to promote the Indian movie industry. It does not show any advertisement but runs on the user subscription fee. At any time can allow its use for online movie streaming. Some movie lovers are considered it as festival blockbuster theatre. Besides movies, you will get here documentaries, movie reviews, and a wide array of films. Overall if you want a high-quality movie without any disturbance, you can use this BIGFlix.


13. Bob Movies

Bob Movies is another website to watch free movies and TV shows online. The user interface of this is straightforward and clear. The collection of Bob movies is not very rich, but you will get the award-winning movies here. Tired of finding the particular types of movies you can try on Bob movies.

14. YTS.am  

If you want to download some high-quality movies to watch offline, you need some high definition video recommendations. YTS.am is one of the best websites to download torrent videos. But you need to use any good quality VPN service for your safety and security. The website is also recommending to download only with a VPN because of various policies. However, it offers a wide range of YIFT Torrents movies.


15. CineBloom

CineBloom is another popular movie watching website for your entertainment. You can watch here various movies, TV series, browse TV and spotlights. In the search bar, you can search as per your requirement. All the recent and high definition quality movies are available here. It also allows you to enjoy all the latest television episodes. The website offers affiliates, so if you offer or share any movie with your friends, you may have the chance of income.


16. Classic Cinema Online

Classic Cinema Online is one of my favorite websites to watch drama, play, and online TV series. You can see here the western, comedy and romantic movies without any hassle. Classic Cinema Online offers a wide range of newly released Hollywood movies and TV shows. If you are a real movie lover, you will get the old movies that were popular during that time.


17. Watch TCM

If you are fond of watching old movies, then the Watch TCM movie download site is perfect for you. Besides the old film, you will get the collections of new movies. The website is simple and easy to use. But it cannot watch all the movie directly. You have to choose a movie/TV service provider.


18. Couch Pota Movies Download

Couch Potato Movies automatically find your movies as per your choice. This PVR torrent searches for the best match of your likings. You need to add it as a download option; then, automatically, it will download for you. This service also suggests using a virtual private network.


19. Critic Bay

Critic Bay is one of the best free movie websites to enjoy HD movies. At the beginning of this website, you will get trending movies. In the action trailer section, you will get the newest thrilling film. Moreover, it suggests some excellent TV series without download.


20. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is one of the best websites for watching Anime online. You will get here the latest anime series. The portal is also useful for Manga lovers. The incredible gaming collection will make you happier.


21.  Dailymotion

Dailymotion is one of the best Indian entertainment and news channel. You will get here all the celebrity and media gossip. The news of Dailymotion includes both English and Hindi. The sports lovers will get here all the c sports news, authentic sports news.


22. Download Any Movies

Download Any Movies is another popular movie downloading website to download TV Series, sports streaming, etc. You can give here any film. All the movies are categorized by country and year.


23. EMOL Movies

Entertainment magazine online in short (EMOL) is one of the best free movie download channels for the entertainment lover. This channel allows you to download all the classic movies. You will get here all kinds of horror, cartoon, and animation movies.


24. FilmDoo

FilmDoo is an excellent website to watch a full movie. You can watch here international film online. After visiting this website, you will see a lot of movie suggestions. After watching the trailer, you can purchase the film at a minimum cost.


25. Filmy Anju

Filmy Anju is an Indian torrent download movie website. The cinema downloading website is not safe for kids. Only the 18 plus are allowed to visit this website. Moreover, the annoying advertisement may bother you during your browsing.

26. FMovies

If you want to get the best streaming movie service for home and abroad, then FMovies is the best choice. It offers a highly-secured encrypted service. The people of various countries like France, Korea, the USA, the UK, and China may use this user-friendly movie downloading website.


27. Fou Movies

Fou Movies is on the best rich website in terms of movie collection. You will get here all the recent Bollywood and Hollywood movies. The good qualities of 720p movies are just one click away from this website.


28. Fully Watch Online

The Indian Fully Watch Online website is an excellent source of entertainment for the Bollywood movie lover. You will get here an enormous list of movie downloading links in the latest collection of popular movies. Moreover, complex DMCA rules.


29. FZ Movies (Original)

FZ Movies (Original) is an excellent source of entertainment for the mass people. But the website is full of advertisements that may bother you. Here you will get Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood, and all the TV series on a single platform. Moreover, you can write here your review.


30. Go Download Movies

Go Download Movies website is the favored source of having the latest movie without subscription and payment. User, you will get here horror, comedy, and romance. There is no ad and pop up bothering advertisement on this website. You can browse and watch movies safely.


31. Gostream

Gostream is a multipurpose website and Android application for cinema lovers. It is a live streaming application but has a copyright issue. Moreover, you have to subscribe to use this application.


32. HBO Now

HBO Now is the application of the HBO movie channel. Here you will get all the telecasted entertainment clips of HBO. It is full of horror, romance, and documentary videos. But it does not support all the countries. You should have a virtual private network connection to use this entertainment channel.


33. Now TV

Now TV is an entertainment package with a combination of all relevant movie streaming channels. The British satellite television Sky owns this channel. However, this may be true that Now has become cheaper than Sky in many aspects. However, you have to pay to watch this documentary streaming and downloading channel.


34. HD Popcorns

When you search for a single entertainment source for Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood, and romance movies, I will recommend you HD Popcorns. All the movies are of good quality and easy to use. HD Popcorns’ offers were a minimal hassle to use its portal.


35. Hotstar

Disney+ Hotstar is a Legal Free Movie Website for Indian Movie lovers. You will get here all the latest Hindi films and TV shows. It is prevalent for the Indian TV serial and comedy shows.


36. House Movies

The House Movies is the website to watch films at home. If you are a horror movie lover, then you can choose this film portal. It focuses mainly on Hollywood. However, first, you have to watch the trailer, then you can select your favorite movie.


37. Hulu

Hulu is a low-cost movie streaming service. You will get here all the current seasons episodes, hit movies, exclusive series, kid shows, and many more. Hulu offers 30 days free trial, but for living TV, it provides 7 days free trial.


38. YesMovies

Another free online movie streaming site is YesMovies. It is full of a rich collection of various types of films. The website front page is clean, but the category page has a lot of advertisements. But, you will get the name of all the latest movies here.


39. Netflix

After your subscription, Netflix will be open for you. You have to pay the monthly subscription fee. When you are a subscribed user, all the movies on Netflix will be available for you. Almost all the solvent families of entertainment lovers desire to have a Netflix account.


40. Zee5

Zee5 is an Indian entertainment portal where you will get all of your desired movies, cartoon films, shorts shows, animated films, and TV shows. It supports a wide range of language coverage collection. You will get here all the required movies and its trailer in different languages of India.


41. Putlockers

Putlockers is one of the best film streaming websites online. It holds media clips, TV shows, and different series. Many cinema lovers are using Putlockers Alternative to have fun in the movie because of some legal issues.

42. YIFY Movies

YIFY Movies has launched a premium website. After visiting we have found a lot of bothering advertisements. Moreover, it is also warning us of the security notification of Kaspersky notification. However, you will get a vast collection of Action, Adventure, Animation, Crime, and Documentary films.


43. Yidio

Yidio is a streaming solution for films and TV shows. It will bring all the streaming services in one place. As a result, you will get Netflix, Hulu, Showtime, Amazon Prime, and over 100 more services in a single platform. Yidio offers date wise telecasted TV shows for the missing episode. Concurrently, you will get all the trending films as recommendations.


44. Vudu

Vudu Watch movie OnlineBefore recommending any other film streaming website, we want to refer to the Vudu website. Its collection amused me all of a sudden. At present, Vudu is rich with its extensive collection. I got many animation films, a new year collection, and an NBC comedy in the final analysis. To conclude, it can be the best choice for your family members.


45. SolarMovie

SolarMovie is a collection of international movies with acceptable standards. First of all, the clean interface will fascinate you. That, you can browse for the category. So, getting the latest movies will be more comfortable without delay. You can search here based on different types like country, movie genre, and TV movies.


46. Voot 

The Indian subscription-based on-demand video website channel Voot started its journey in 2016. Now, it is available on Android, iOS, and KaiOS. You need to login to use the Mumbai based channel. 


47. IMDb TV

We all know the popularity of IMDb for its informative database. It preserves all the movies related data with the rating. In a word, we can say that IMDb is the best place for watching films. However, you can make decisions about your favorite movie from its HD trailers.


48. JioCinema

JioCinema is a famous movie and TV show enjoying websites to the Indian subcontinent people. It is not only a collection of Hindi movies but also it is enriched with music clips. As we can see that users can enjoy its content from both Android and iOS platforms besides the computer.


49. Kanopy

In a word, Kanopy is a free online film streaming site for the public university and library. In any event like a social gathering, we can use thoughtful entertainment. It is famous for educational videos, foreign films, documentaries, classic cinema, and independent films.


50. MovieRulz

MovieRulz is an all Indian film and TV shows collection. In any case, if you miss any TV serial, then MovieRulz will help you to enjoy the serial. Here you will get Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and other cinema collections. 


Final Thought

So far, we have tried to cover the best free movie websites. Some of them offer free online movie streaming. Furthermore, you have to pay for some paid channels. However, our focus was to provide you with a comprehensive list of movie-watching websites. Because of a shortage of time, we may miss your favorite channel. Please recommend us through comments to include furthermore. 

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