The 30 Best Free and Open Source Mind Mapping Software

Mind mapping software is used to show the relationship between different ideas, concepts, and information with the help of a diagram. It is one of the best learning techniques that can increase efficiency by up to 15%.

Are you creative? If the answer is yes, then the article is for you. With the help of a mind mapping tool, you can express your creativity in an infographic. Moreover, some other essential features like project management, decision tree, project planning, and team collaboration are possible with this brain mapping software.

What is Mind Mapping?

Mind mapping is the graphical representation of your concept and ideas. We use it to express our visual thinking. It is beneficial for generating new ideas, comprehending, and synthesizing with better analysis. You can show this tool to convey the power line of concepts quickly.

Mind mapping is the opposite of traditional note-taking or linear text. All the required information is designed in such a way that it expresses how the brain works. To achieve cognitive function, it engages your mind more productively.

What are the benefits and uses?

Mind mapping is used to avoid dull, linear thinking, and making notes. I use it for various purposes. Some of those are:

  • I can plan my work without engaging my brain.
  • It helps me for group brainstorming.
  • I can solve the problem in an Infographic way.
  • It helps me to express my creativity.
  • It is highly effective for learning any insight about a complex subject.
  • I can consolidate information from different sources with brain mapping software.
  • It helps to present information creatively.
  • This software is useful for monetization, study, and enhances creativity.

The Best Mind Mapping Software

I am trying to provide a list of concept mapping and brain mapping software. Maximum of those are the best, free and open-source, cross-platform, and supports Windows, Linux, Android, and online. Moreover, I will try to show the best demonstration of my experience to the users.

1. MindMaster for Mind Mapping

MindMaster for Mind MappingMindMaster is a very professional and useful mind mapping tool for all types of users. It is available on all platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android. The interface of this software is similar to Microsoft office. So you will get the most user-friendly interface.

MindMaster for Mind Mapping is the perfect platform to structure your ideas and knowledge. The main focus of this tool is business and enterprise. But it is also benevolent to students and educational organizations.

With this cross-platform mind mapping software, you can allow your mind to speak through the images. It is also suitable for brainstorming with a group of people. Moreover, the project management process is more straightforward with this brainstorming tool.

Valuable Insight of this free mind map software

  • MindMaster is a versatile, user-friendly, and professional software to design your brain work.
  • You can use this software to any of the devices like mobile, tablet, and personal computer.
  • You can collaborate with your teams.
  • It offers 12 different structures, including fishbone, treemap, timeline sector map, and bubble map.
  • It offered me 33 types of themes to make my mind stand out.
  • To Visualise your idea, this tool offers 700 + stylist clipart.
  • You can customize every detail of your diagram.

Which platform supports this mind map tool?

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Web


  • MindMaster allows you to contact group brainstorming effectively.
  • To generate ideas, it collects all the ideas and represents them in different color modes.
  • You will get Gantt chart mode, process tracking, tag, and resources.
  • You can export and share your ideas into the different platform and social media.


  • MindMaster is not free.
  • The price of the software is relatively high.

Who can use this free mind map?

Anyone can use this cross-platform mind map software. However, some of the potential users are:

Business Enterprise: Business users get exclusive discounts.

Education: The educational institution will get flexible licensing options. The school, college, and universities can use this low-cost mind map software.

Individual: MindMaster is a very cheap price mind mapping software for the individuals. It is a low-cost mind mapping tool for students.
MindMaster has different types of pricing options.

Individual Business Educational
12 Month: $49 for all platform subscription plans.

Lifetime: $99 for all platform subscription plans.

Perpetual License: $79 on Desktop for 2 years

12 Months: $59 for all platform subscription plans.

Lifetime: $149 for all platform subscription plans.

Perpetual License: $129 on Desktop for 2 years.

Student Plan: $79 perpetual but first two years free update.

Educator Plan: You have to apply for this plan.

Bundle and Save Options

Here you will also get different bundle options, and the price changed from time to time.

What will you get?

  • Cross-platform support
  • All the features with full access.
  • 1 GB Free Cloud Storage
  • Collaboration in real-time
  • At the lifetime plan, you will get lifetime priority support.
  • But in the Perpetual license, you will get a 2 years upgrade facility.

    Free Trial: 30 days money-back guarantee.

More Info

2. XMind 

XMindXMind is a very user-friendly and open-source tool for mind mapping to plot your ideas effectively. With this software, you can clarify your concept, manage the complex information, and brainstorm among your groups. You can download your mind map in HTML, PDF, and text format.

Xmind offers various charts like trees, logic, and fishbone. Moreover, You will also get spell checker, search, and audio note options. This award-winning Idea management software supports all the platforms and devices.

XMind officers are very simple and easy to handle tools. It maximizes your productivity to collaborate and work together. More than 10 lakh people use this free and open-source software.

Valuable Insight of this free mind map software

  • XMind is a full-featured brainstorming tool to manage your productivity in a remote WFH team.
  • Small ideas can do a big project. This software is suitable for plotting your little plan.
  • To balance work and life, this productivity tool is mind-blowing.
  • It will make you a more organized person in the peer group.
  • All the complicated information will be organized efficiently.

Which platform supports this mind map tool?

  • Windows (32bit)
  • Windows (64bit)
  • For macOS 10.11+
  • Linux (deb)
  • Linux (rpm)


  • The unusual structure of this mind mapping tool helps you a lot.
  • If you compare different mind mapping software, then XMind will be top of your list because of open source in nature.
  • You can make a combination of different structures in a single platform.


  • XMind does not offer any online support.
  • This mind mapping tool supports only the English language.
  • There is no opportunity for onsite deployment.

Who can use this free mind map?

  • Because of free and open-source nature, any user can use this software.
  • It has a special offer for the academician.
  • The enterprise also can use this software because XMind offers reasonable prices for them.


XMind 2020 and Mobile XMind 8 Pro
Free For Basic

To upgrade next level: $39.99/month and $59.99/Year

Free For Basic

To upgrade next level: $129

for Academia: $22.49/month and $34.99/Year $59 for teachers & students 
Enterprise Pricing: You have to contract with them $64.5 for governments & non-profits

Free Trial

  • Before purchasing, the software can use the free trial, but there will be a watermark on export.
  • For only the evaluation purpose, you can use the free trial.

More Info

3. Mindmeister Mind Mapping Software

Mindmeister Mind Mapping SoftwareMindmeister is famous for its visualization capability. More than 13 million are using this productivity software for representing their ideas and thoughts. It allows you to customize different icons, styles, and formats to share with your surroundings. 

You can use this award-winning brainstorming software for project planning and note-taking. It allows a lot of creative tasks. Moreover, it does not need any download because it is a web-based mind mapping tool.

Mindmeister is excellent for team setting and collaboration. The integrated chat features allow users to vote, comment on an individual’s idea. You can work together from thousands of miles apart.

Valuable Insight of this free mind map software

  • Mindmeister allows you to collaborate in real-time and share with many people at a single time.
  • You can use it as a PowerPoint alternative to represent your presentation.
  • It allows you to import mind maps from other free mind mapping applications.
  • You can export your works into 10 different types of format.
  • It is a cloud-based mind mapping software, so there is no requirement of installation and update.

Which platform supports this mind map tool?

  • Since it is cloud-based software, so it supports all the devices which have an internet connection.


  • Real-time brainstorming facility.
  • The security standard is very high.
  • Export and import data in different formats.
  • Embedding and publishing at a low cost.


  • No onsite deployment.
  • You will not get any live support.
  • The free feature is limited up to a certain level.

Who can use this free mind map?

  • The students can use the free product.
  • The educator and school can pay less.
  • Special offer for NGOs.
  • Business organizations also can use the software.


Basic Personal Pro Business
Free $2.49 Per Month $4.19 Per Month $6.29

Free Trial

Since it has free options, so you need not the free trial.

More Info

4. LucidChart

lucidchartLucidChart is one of the best software to relax your brain. This simple software can fulfill all of your needs for designing. Moreover, you can collaborate with your team, ideally with this tool.

LucidChart has more than 15 million users all over the world. It is an HTML 5 based UML tool that offers high security. There is no requirement of any update and third party plugin to use this tool. Moreover, you can see your recent diagram despite being offline.

LucidChart is a visual workplace to share your ideas, information, and process. This cloud-based mind mapping tool will help you build flowcharts, mockups, collaboration, and more. Moreover, you can also use this tool for people management, project management, business process mapping tool, and value stream mapping software.

Valuable Insight of this free mind map software

  • LucidChart offers its user various text, shape, style, and editing.
  • Your work will be more comfortable with the shortcut of this tool.
  • You can group chat with your team.

Which platform supports this mind map tool?

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Linux
  • Web


  • You can use the free version of LucidChart mind mapping software.
  • More than 500 built-in templates are available here.
  • It allows you to integrate with various drive and google applications.
  • The UML diagram tool and built-in ER diagram is an additional advantage of this brainstorming software.


  • LucidChart is only available in the English language.
  • You will not get any live support.

Who can use this free mind map
Students, teachers, statisticians, and corporate professionals can use the software.


Personal Plans Business Plans
Free Individual Team Enterprise
$0 $7.95/mo $27/mo Ask for Quote

Free Trial

LucidChart offers a free trial to its users.

More Info

5. Cacoo Mind Mapping Software

Cacoo Mind Mapping SoftwareCacoo is an online mind mapping tool that offers a lot of features. The various diagrams like UML, flowchart, wireframe, layout, etc. will increase your productivity. This tool will allow you to integrate with applications like Dropbox, Google Docs, Google Drive, Slack, AWS, Typetalk, and MS Visio.

Cacoo is one of the best brain mapping tools to collaborate with teams. All of you can edit the diagram together. It helps you to brainstorm, plan, and present your idea. To build something new, it supports cross platforms.

This mind diagram software is suitable for map creation and sharing. It has a lot of predesigned templates to visualize your ideas. Moreover, you will get a hundred shapes to edit the diagrams.

Valuable Insight of this free mind map software

  • Cacoo is 100% web-based brain mapping software.
  • When you share the link with permission, then your friend/team can see and edit the diagram.
  • The dashboard of this software is intuitive to share with your audience.
  • Every one of your teams can add images, data, notes, or charts.
  • You will be posted because of an activity notification.

Which platform supports this mind map tool?

  • Web
  • Google Chrome Extension


  • You and your team will get a video tutorial to work effectively.
  • You can integrate this platform with Google Drive, Adobe, and AWS.
  • It provides the opportunity to export files in different formats like SVG, PDF, etc.
  • The pro version has unlimited sharing facilities.
  • Some other features are wireframes, mind maps, floor plans, flowcharts, infographics, organizational charts, and network maps.


  • All the features of Cacoo are not free. You have to buy the pro to get full features.

Who can use this free mind map

  • Any user can use this brain mapping platform. The free version is suitable for students.

Free Trial

  • Cacoo offers 14 days free trial.

More Info

6. FreeMind

FreeMind is a free and open-source (FOSS) mind mapping tool for all types of people.FreeMind is a free and open-source (FOSS) mind mapping tool for all types of people. It helps me to navigate by one click. I must express my gratitude for its drag and drop functionality. It allows me to batch editing and downloading maps to HTML. All the students will like this free product like me.

More Info

7. Mind Mapping Software is a visual thinking tool that is widely used for brainstorming and mind mapping. We use this software to generate new ideas and represent simple tactics. It is straightforward to design a book and present big ideas with hierarchy. We can create and develop our ideas with mobile and computer with this software.

More Info

8. Edraw Mind Map

Edraw Mind MapEdraw Mind Map is a Windows, Linux, and Mac-based free brain mapping software. This software has a lot of features, including the fascinating user interface. The various design tools and Microsoft Office-like interface will make you more productive. This smart mind mapping guide starts from $41.4 per month.

More Info

9. StormBoard

StormBoard is one of the best real-time brainstorming software that focuses on the collaboration of your ideas.StormBoard is one of the best real-time brainstorming software that focuses on the collaboration of your ideas. It will provide you an online platform like Whiteboard Animation Software. This mind mapping tool is highly suitable for team collaboration because the free version supports up to 5 teammates at free of cost. Beside personal uses, you can also use it for business and enterprise uses with the cost of $10 and $16.67, respectively.

More Info

10. FreePlane Mind Mapping Software Free

FreePlane Mind Mapping Software FreeFreePlane is free and open-source software that supports sharing and thinking of different ideas. It is an excellent application for free thinkers and creative personnel. You can run this mind mapping software to any operating system, but it should have java installed. With any removable storage, you can use this mapping tool.

More Info

11. WiseMapping

WiseMappingWiseMapping is my favorite web-based mind mapping editor to share your information with your audience. To enable decision making, you can use it as a student, teacher, and corporate professionals. It supports the embedded opportunity to share your information through any website. The victor graphics animation technology of this software will make you more productive.

More Info

12. Mind42

Mind42 is another software for mind mapping that supports all the browsers.Mind42 is another software for mind mapping that supports all the browsers. It is the easiest and fastest tool to create, manage, and share your ideas through infographics. You can also import and achieve other designs created by any other cross-platform mind mapping tool. Moreover, conducting brainstorming, organizing events, and many other activities are allowed with this software.

More Info

13. 3D TopicSpace Mind Mapping Software

3D TopicSpace Mind Mapping Software3D TopicSpace is one of the top visual information organizer and mind mapping software. You can organize your files, plan projects, and information with this tool. Though it is commercial software, students can use the free version. Moreover, you can store any files to the 3D TopicSpace brain mapping software.

More Info

14. MindGenius

MindGenius is a cross-platform mind mapping tool that focuses on achieving your goal.MindGenius is a cross-platform mind mapping tool that focuses on achieving your goal. The project manager loves this tool to manage its work correctly. I like it’s a built-in template because it implements my Idea faster. Moreover, it can break down my Idea of expressing myself in a better way.

More Info

15. MindMap 

MindMap is one of the top brainstorming software that captures all of your ideas within a short time.MindMap is one of the top brainstorming software that captures all of your ideas within a short time. I can manage this online brain mapping tool from everywhere. Moreover, it allows me to convert my ideas into PDF and PowerPoint. Anyone can use this software, but it also offers the paid options for better performance.

16. MindMapper

MindMapper is another excellent mind mapping tool that offers a built-in planner and dashboard.MindMapper is another excellent mind mapping tool that offers a built-in planner and dashboard. It is highly useful for capturing your ideas and visualizing information. You can organize your annual planning, project management, and future planning. Moreover, it will make you a more creative, productive, and successful planner.

More Info

17. VUE Mind Mapping Software

VUE Mind Mapping SoftwareIf you are a student, social worker, teacher, CEO, and engineer, then the visual understanding environment is suitable for you. You will get a node and link to connect all of your ideas to express your professionalism. Various charts, layers, and annotations make this brain mapping tool more interactive.

More Info

18. Textografo Mind Mapping Software

Textografo Mind Mapping SoftwareTextografo is a cloud-based brain mapping tool that is time-saving for all users. You will get API-based integration, multi diagram, and organization chart features. It is one type of flowchart software that helps to implement decision trees, nested diagrams, and sitemaps. This cheap brain mapping software costs $8 per month. The premium version costs $14 per month. Both of the products are billed annually.

More Info

19. NovaMind

NovaMindNovaMind is one of the best software to implement your Idea with creative development. It visualizes and organizes all of your efforts through brainstorming. The various hotels like NovaMind toolbar, Quartz animation, themes, NovaMind connect, etc. can make you perfect thinkers. Moreover, if you want a class presentation, then the software is excellent. It is a little cost ($6/month) mind mapping tool.

More Info

20. OpenMind

OpenMind is a user-based mapping tool that allows its user to integrate with various types of multimedia.OpenMind is a user-based mapping tool that allows its user to integrate with various types of multimedia. This software will get spell checking, 50 plus shapes, list wizard, chart wizard, and many other relevant options. During your brainstorming, you can make a meaningful flowchart with the software.

More Info

21. MindOmo

MindOmo is a web-based and cross-platform mind mapping software that supports all the operating systems and devices. This software is used to manage different projects, create concept maps, calibrate, and make outlines. It allowed me to integrate with lots of apps like Google Apps, and Google drives Office 365, etc. The unique feature of this software of mind mapping is a sound recording, audio/video uploading, and exploring different formats. It is one of the best brain mapping tools for students because they will get 40 topics in a map as free.

More Info

22. TheBrain 

TheBrain is very dynamic to represent the network relationship with a graphical interface. You can plot all of your intelligence information on its canvas. You can share your web pages, notes, images, and documents with this creativity software. The unique feature of this tool is the synchronization facility from desktop to mobile and in the browser.

More Info

23. iMindQ Mind Mapping Software

iMindQ is a beneficial software to the business educational and corporate professionals. It offers a lot of features like concept mapping, WBS Charts, Gantt chart, and flowcharts. I have seen more than 50 templates, which are very quick to start. It helps me to read my mind so that my boss apprise in front of an audience.

More Info

24. MindView

MindView is the software for professionals to optimize your brainstorming session visually. It is utilized for plotting the outline and reports of the Idea and creating streamline for decision making. It has integration with the Gantt chart. So it allows you to export and import various files from the Gantt chart.

More Info

25. Goconqr

Goconqr is suitable software for learners, teachers, and organizations. You will get an innovative learning experience from this mind mapping tool. Its emphasis on team collaboration shows the relationship between teacher and student becomes better. Companies can use this software as a learning curve to develop day by day.

More Info

26. Popplet

Popplet is an excellent mind mapping tool to curate your Idea and brainstorm. It allows you to draw your canvas by uploading text, images, and is one of the best brain mapping tool for students because it is free of cost.

More Info

27. Creately Mind Mapping Software

Creately is a web-based diagram making software to make your brain and ideas. This unique tool is used to map your contents, all interfaces, and smart objects with Quikr components. I’ll get more than 1000 billion images to make your mind map colorful. Moreover, you can say your ideas directly through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

More Info

28. Drakonhub

Drakonhub is an online tool to draw the diagram. You can make a lot of chocolate flowchart and plot your Idea with this flow chart like mapping software. After adding your boxes, Drakonhub automatically draws the lions. It is useful for business people, software developers, development managers, and those persons who want to make their minds.

More Info

29. Padlet

Padlet is an online bulletin board to express your feelings. It offers a lot of templates to share your information in a customized way. It supports team collaboration, so anyone of your teams can get access to edit your presentation. Padlet supports Web, Android, iOS, and Kindle.

More Info

30. Canva Mind Mapping Software Free

Canva is the last brain mapping software of my list, but it is the best one as per my recommendation. I always use this software to share my ideas to my audience. It is free up to a certain level. The free edition is sufficient to share my knowledge and ideas. You can use this designing tool to plot your concept online.

More Info

Final Thought

An image is more valuable than a thousand words. The brain mapping software allows you to convert your ideas into infographics. It relaxes your brain and keeps topic level short. Out of the long list mind mapping tool, the first five is recommended from me. But, you can try any one of those.

If you think anyone is missing or needs more elaboration for any particular mind mapping software, you can recommend by comment. If you feel it is helpful, you can share it with your community.

Hawlader's passion for technology has driven him to be an avid writer for over 16 years. His vast knowledge of the Windows and Android operating systems is a testament to his proficiency in the field. In addition to his expertise in open source software, he also possesses an extensive understanding of the open-source platform, making him a valuable resource for technology enthusiasts. His contributions to FossGuru writers with research-based articles have helped readers to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the tech industry. Furthermore, Hawlader's curiosity for scientific breakthroughs has led him to be a keen reader of science blogs, keeping him informed about the latest developments in the field.

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