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Faiqua is a technical content writer who has expertise in the field of ICT. She tries to keep herself up to date with the modern world. Writing in lucid languages is her hobby since her childhood. Besides this, she loves to read books.
Disaster Recovery Software

Best 15 Disaster Recovery Software for a Better Disaster Recovery Plan

We live in a technologically advanced world. As time passes, every area of our existence is becoming increasingly reliant on various electronic programs. We appear to be unable to live a single day without...
The Best 10 ways to Download Embedded Video Online

The Best 10 Ways to Download Embedded Videos Online

We need to browse the internet for various purposes. Nowadays, maximum online pages or websites contain embedded videos to express their content more clearly. But of course, you must pay the internet cost to...
The best 10 Ways to download youtube videos with subtitle

The Best 10 Ways to Download YouTube Videos With Subtitles

The popularity of Youtube is getting higher day by day. People consider this video-sharing platform as the solution to all problems. You can find videos of any subject matter on Youtube. The multidimensional videos...
The Best 10 Astrology Software

Top 10 Online Astrology Software Portals for Horoscope Consultation

Astrology has been a popular term since ancient ages. People used the position of different stars and planets to predict the future of an individual, a group of persons, or even a nation. Using...
Best 20 Puzzle Role Playing Games for PC and Android

Best 20 Puzzle Role Playing Games for PC and Android

Gamers always love to explore different dimensions of gaming. Puzzle games have been a popular gameplay genre for an extended period. But you can find differences in this genre too. Not all puzzle games...
The 20 Best Free Email Accounts Providers with High Security

The 20 Best Free Email Account Providers with High Security

An email has become the most important means of contact for an extended period. The demand for email as a networking medium is increasing day by day. Despite the emergence of various social networking...
How to Make a PDF Fillable form in MS Word and MS Excel

How to Make a PDF Fillable form in MS Word and MS Excel

In this era of technology, e-form has become a popular term. We have to you this kind of form to reach the maximum number of people within the shortest time. Google forms are used...
Top 20 Best Cooking Games for Android Phones and Tablets

Top 20 Best Cooking Games for Android Phones and Tablets

Cooking is one of the most necessary activities of our life. But, if we think a bit deeper, cooking is an art. It is not easy to prepare food if you do not possess...
Best 20 Hunting Games For Android

The Best 20 Hunting Games For Android in 2024

Hunting was an inborn instinct of the people from early-stage games. They needed to hunt animals to survive. People who could do this job promptly were considered the fittest. However, due to various laws...
Instagram Phishing The 10 Best Solutions after Phishing on Instagra

Instagram Phishing Attack: The 10 Best Solutions After Phishing

Instagram has become one of the most popular social networking sites nowadays. People from different countries of the world use this social media platform. They share their photos along with various captions with others...