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Best 20 Game Booster for Windows to Speed up Your PC

You may have a low configuration PC, but with the uses of a game booster for Windows OS, the performance of your computer will increase by up to 20%. Some of the gaming tools can improve the loading speed by up to 50%. We will try to find out an analysis on how to improve performance with gaming boosters.

What is Game Booster

Game booster app for PC is a software program that is used to improve your PC performance. It has to allocate all the resources to dedicate to game mode. But is the claim valid? We will analyze the performance claim given by the smart game booster software developer.

Your Windows PC is not like a cloud gaming platform. It is used for many general purposes, like watching movies, cartoons, typing, making PowerPoint presentations, etc. The configuration of all the computers is not the same. So if you want to play games with your slow speed PC, you have to use the best game booster windows 10.

What is the Job of This Gaming Tool?

The main job of a gaming booster is to improve your PC performance. It makes your existing PC better. During your gaming, it limits the background operation. Some of the benefits of of the booster are:

Frame rate: A stable frame rate is significant for the performance of games. The booster makes your computer frame rate stable.

Game Optimizer: it kills unnecessary processes and services. So usually the speed becomes higher.

Game mode: Some booster helps to switch between normal mode and Windows game mode. So it makes your gaming hassle-free.

What are the Requirements for Using Booster?

A computer booster is significant for speeding up your PC for playing any video game. After using the booster, the player never thinks of any lag. It optimizes the computer of the gaming PC. The significant changes are the PC’s set to run the video game smoothly.

The PC optimizer stops all the background processes of your computer. It Shows the motherboard and processor status and makes it dedicated for gaming. After finishing your game, it starts its regular operation again.

 The Gaming booster generally increases the speed of your Windows computer. This software is not only confined to a single version of Windows. It is for all other versions of Windows operating systems.

Consideration for a selecting Booster for Windows 10

Selecting a good game booster is very important because the performance of your gaming speed depends on your selection. However, we consider some criteria for choosing a booster for a video game which are:

  • To play online video games, is there any impact on internet speed by the booster? If any boosting service provider claims so, then it is wrong.
  • The capacity to deal with unnecessary tasks on your computer is another vital factor. This software can stop all unneeded background processes.
  • Another essential consideration is overclocking facilities. A good gaming booster increases the performance of overclocking your CPU.
  • We have to confirm the performance of the FPS.
  • The customization facility of boosting processes.
  • The hardware boosting facility of the computer.
  • Sometimes we can find some other facilities like gameplay recording, defragging RAM and optimizing game libraries.

Does the Game Booster work?

At the very outset, we want to clarify one thing that busting is not magic. If your computer is not up to the minimum standard, then using a speeding process may not satisfy your requirement. But it can make your PC difference compared to earlier performance. After shutting down all the unnecessary background processes, it increase your overclocking facility, including the fan speed. In this process, it optimizes and produces a better gaming speed.

The gaming booster is workable. But you can do the same process manually. If you use the windows task manager, you will see all the running background processes up your computer.

If you use any movie downloader like BitTorrent client, it can consume your internet bandwidth. You can manually stop all those related background processes from your task manager. But the same thing can be done by the third party booster software. In this way, it is workable.

The safety for using a booster

There may be a question in your mind that is game booster safe? It depends on your various features of different boosters. It frees your memory by closing all the background programs. Moreover, it overclocks your CPU. So, we can tell that there is no harm using this gaming performance software.

Gaming booster Vs. Benchmarking Software

If we see the performance of both the software, then you will find the functions are almost the same. The benchmarking software is used to speed up your PC for all purposes, but the gaming booster is used for boosting your performance for gaming. There is some standard software that provides facilities for gaming performance and CPU performance. So instead of comparing them, we can categorize them in a similar form.

Best 20 Game Booster for Windows PC

PC Booster is a third party software. To improve the gaming performance I will share the experience of the top 20 Game Booster for Windows 10. There may have some Android game lovers. I also find out some ways to play with the best level of satisfaction.

1. WTFAst

WTFAst Game Booster for WindowsWTFAst solves the problem of lousy lag and high ping. It is an outstanding software to optimize your gaming speed. The software reduces the game leg and decreases ping that interests your PC performance for playing multiplayer games.

WTFAst focuses on making the internet speed higher for online gaming. It ensures your speed by stopping all the background download. It can also repackage your Internet data and streamline for gaming performance.

Important features

  • WTFAst acts as a high-speed highway between computer and gaming servers.
  • The high speed means ping time, and the game leg is lower.
  • To see the performance, we can use the free trial.
  • After expiry in your free period, you have to subscribe every month.
  • The regular monthly subscription fee is $9.99 each month.

More Info and Download

2. Advanced System Optimizer

Advanced System OptimizerAdvanced System Optimizer is a multi-purpose optimizer to make a laptop and personal computer clean. It removes all the unnecessary files to ensure better performance. This boosting software is highly effective, amiable to use and provide a satisfactory result.

If you want to get any lag-free gaming experience, Advanced System Optimizer is best. Without losing any performance, it can switch between the game and another standard program. It can improve your frame rate of PC.

Important features

  • To speed up your gaming experience, it removes all the unnecessary files.
  • Before installing any new driver, it backup the current one. Moreover, it keeps your system up to date.
  • It can Delete all the duplicate files to make your memory free.
  • To load the game faster, it defragging the disc.
  • To detect viruses and Malware, it works as a system protector.

More Info and Download

3. Razer Cortex

Razer CortexRazer Cortex is one of the best game boosters for Windows PC that maximize the frame rates of a computer. Gearing your gaming, it provides additional screen capture and recording utilities. It can erase the junk files to free up storage and optimize for disk cache.

Razer Cortex is free to use that focuses on random Access memory (RAM), central processing unit (CPU), and GPU. It makes your PC powerful for gaming by shutting down all the unnecessary applications. You will get smoother motion, higher FPS, and convenient other facilities in this software.

Important features

  • Razer Cortex removes all the unnecessary processes and apps to free up your valuable resources like RAM and processor.
  • You will get a smooth performance with higher frame rates.
  • When you start any game, it automatically starts whatever may be the case from the desktop or stream.
  • It disables CPU sleep mode for high performance.
  • Razer Cortex booster is freely available to all the Windows operating systems, including Windows 10.

More Info and Download

4. Wise Game booster

Wise Game boosterWise booster is a very simple and user-friendly booster to optimize your computer for playing video games. It ensures the stability of the program and stops all the unnecessary processes from making the PC faster. It Allows the resources to boost your PC more quickly.

Wise analyze all the processes of a computer and find out the process needs to be closed. But if you are a novice and stop your process manually, then your computer may malfunction. The functionality of this software is the same as Razer Cortex.

Important features

  • Wise Gaming booster is very simple and easy to use.
  • It is free software.
  • This program stabilizes your computer frame rate that produces faster operation.
  • You can manage the functions manually.
  • It’s straightforward to control for the novice.

More Info and Download

5. Mz Game Accelerator

Mz Game AcceleratorMz Game Accelerator is perfect for the older computer system. This game booster for Windows increases the speed of low configuration PC and laptop. It does not require any restart after initializing the software.

Mz Game Accelerator cleans the unnecessary programs that reduce the load of RAM. Unlike other software, the functions of this software are also the same. This PC optimizer is very easy to optimize and implement for boosting your speed.

More Info and Download

6. Game Fire 6

Game Fire 6Game Fire 6 has some remarkable features like quick access to Windows tools, performance monitor, memory diagnostics, and defragmentation. It can disable many functions like windows defender, search, and many other processes. It can automatically identify the processes needed to close, which can affect your gaming speed.

Game Fire 6 is one of the best flexible boosters for Windows PC. It shows the real-time operation, including the status of your device. The product is not free, but you will get a trial period.

More Info and Download

7. GameBoost

GameBoost Game Booster for WindowsGameBoost is a beneficial game booster for Windows computers. It increases internet speed and refreshes rate. After using the software, the performance of your laptop becomes higher than the normal situation. Different types of users can use this software.

GameBoost is famous for it’s overclocking option that changes the default frequency of various components. Without any interaction, it can complete tasks automatically. The software is highly efficient for Windows 10 computers. It focuses on animation, screen drawing, CPU, refresh rate, and more.

GameBoost is similar to MSI afterburner software because of its overclocking facility. This automatic software is not free. The user has to pay a monthly $24.98 subscription free.

More Info and Download

8. ToolWiz Game Boost

ToolWiz Game BoostToolWiz Game Boost safe and secure freeware helps to play video game desktop and online. It optimizes your PC and makes it capable of playing high-speed games. 

ToolWiz Game Boost makes all CPU and RAM efficient to provide high performance. It defragments all the game files to make your memory faster. The novice gamer can use this software correctly.

More Info and Download

9. SpeedItUp Free

SpeedItUp Free Game Booster for WindowsSpeedItUp Free is another popular gaming booster for Windows operating system supported computers. It can speed up your computer up to 3 times. The system stops all the unnecessary files to clean RAM. So it becomes faster.

SpeedItUp Free is a specialist for Windows computers. It removes all the junk files from time to time. The software is also used for increasing the network internet speed for perfect online gaming.

More Info and Download

10. MSI Afterburner

MSI AfterburnerMSI Afterburner is one of the best PC boosters for Windows computers. I like this software because it is free to use with a high standard of satisfaction. You can monitor the FPS of your game all-time with this software.

MSI Afterburner improves the performance of your hardware. It helps to control CPU temperature, voltage, and clock speed. It also has manual control over MSI GPU, graphics card, and various applications.

The speed booster for Windows improves user experience with overclocking options. Some additional features include benchmarking, monitoring, recording, and customizing fan speed. It provides lots of freedom to customize your gaming operation.

More Info and Download

11. Iobit Game Booster

Iobit Game BoosterIobit computer Booster is the most suitable PC booster for windows according to the users’ analysis of FossGuru. It temporarily shuts down all the background processes of your computer. It intensifies the processor’s performance by cleaning RAM. 

Iobit makes all the programs of Windows standby. Whenever you need all the programs can be used instantly. But the booster takes you up to a new level of experience. It offers a lot of features like one-click installation, speeds up your gameplay, safety, and security. It is 100% freeware without any adware, spyware, and Malware.

More Info and Download

12. Pcgameboost

Pcgameboost Game Booster for WindowsPcgameboost is a smart PC booster for Windows computer that requires only one click to boost your PC. Within a second, it optimizes your PC. In your game, it boosts FPS and displays FPS. Moreover, you can monitor your CPU and GPU temperature.

 Pcgameboost is free to download for Windows 10/8/8.1/7/Vista/XP. Some other essential features include Overclock, PC temp monitor, Game Launcher System, Optimizer, Disk Defrag, Free Driver Updater, and PC Game Recorder. The size of this software is only 20.1 MB.

More Info and Download

13. Smart Game Booster

Smart Game BoosterSmart Game Booster is one of the most reliable boosters for Windows 10. It is straightforward to use, and gamers can use it smoothly. To intensify processor speed and FPS, we use the gaming tool. During real-time gaming to slow the CPU temperature and GPU. It is a very new product to the gaming community. 

Smart Game Booster is specialized for gaming boosting. The software helps to release more system resources and disable your startups’ items. In a typical temperature, it keeps your FPS value more than 60.

PC performance depends on overclocking the graphics card. Some other essential features are Maximized FPS, Fast Game Launching, Graphics Driver Updating, and Temperature Monitoring. The hardware requirement of this software is 1 GHz processor or faster, 1 GB RAM, and 100 MB available space.

More Info and Download

14. UltraMon

UltraMonUltraMon is another software for Windows to use for multiple displays. Realtime Soft is the developer of this excellent software. It offers various features like Customizable button location, Spannable wallpaper option, Overcome Windows’ limit of 10 displays, etc. The Smart Taskbar helps in different ways during gaming.

More Info and Download

15. GPU-Z

GPU-ZGPU-Z is another excellent software supported by Windows operating systems. It can also be used for game boosting facilities. It can also display the CPU temperature, memory frequency, core frequency, and many things. After all of that analysis, the gamer can decide to speed up the PC.

More Info and Download 

16. Gaming VPN

Gaming VPN ServiceDuring your online gaming, some other tools can contribute as a Windows games booster. Gaming VPN is one of them. It will help you to remove the geographical barrier. You can unlock many many features of gaming. It also can speed up your gaming performance and save you from the illegal competition.

More Info and Download

17. CCleaner

ccleanerCCleaner is the perfect solution for the slow computer. It is one of the best PC boosters for Windows for the 2.5 billion users. After installing this software, you can have to give a complete health check to smooth up your PC. CCleaner has both a free and a professional version. You can choose any one as per your requirement.

More Info and Download

18. UU Game Booster

UU Game Booster for Windows 10UU Computer Booster is one of the best Android gaming boosting App, but it can be applied for Windows operating systems. Many of you like me love to play Android games on Windows PC. To make the system workable, we use Android Emulator. It supports more than 1000 games, but you will get only three days of a free trial.

More Info and Download

19. Chris-PC Game Booster

Chris-PC Game BoosterChris-PC Booster for Windows is another excellent software to increase gaming performance. It optimizes your CPU performance, graphics, and network settings. It ensures the fastest internet speed, CPU Prioritization, Faster Internet speed, and Faster gaming graphics.

Chris-PC Gaming Booster is an outstanding gaming product that optimizes your PC in one click. The requirement of the software is 1000 MHz processor or higher, more than 128 MB RAM and 10 MB HDD space.

More Info and Download

20. 50X Game Booster Pro

50X Game Booster Pro50X Game Booster Pro is one of the best PUBG booster for Android. But there are tricks to use it for Windows 10 operating systems. You can use any Android emulator to play Android games on Laptop/Desktop. It is highly effective for the crazy games lover who wants to accelerate games lag-free. However, it is a paid application, and you have to buy the App to boost your gaming speed.

What are the other options not to use Windows PC Booster?

It may happen that you don’t want to buy any Windows 10 PC booster or are not interested in any freeware. Then, you can follow some guidelines to boost up your PC manually. Some of the techniques and tips are:

Increase Overclocking

When you increase the speed of overclocking, then the speed and performance of graphics cards increase. If you can increase the rate of FPs, then the performance of the PC will be up.

Windows Game Mode

Microsoft Windows 10 introduced Game mode to boost the gaming speed in many ways. It helps to run low-end PCs to perform better. You can enable Game Mode from your Setting > Game Bar, and you have to enable game mode. 


The taskbar is the most straightforward solution to speed up your computer speed and boost up computer performance. With the help of Windows Key + Ctrl+Del, you can start the task manager quickly and stop all the unnecessary programs manually. It may be difficult to stop all the background processes manually, but the trick will satisfy all of your needs.

Final Thought

Windows 10 operating system is providing updates frequently. The next version may introduce something new. But it is difficult to afford a new PC for each release. So, Game booster for Windows helps with both high and low configuration computers.

In the first segment, I tried to discover the advantage of Windows 10 booster, functions, requirements, and some special considerations. At the middle stage, I discussed the best 20 games boosting software for the windows users. Finally, in the last segment, I have shown some tricks on how not to use third-party software. In my shallow knowledge, I may miss many things. So please comment or mail me for the next update.

I am also a freelance blogger and real worm of Apps. I love to experiments various apps and games on my android and iOS platform. So here I want to share my cumulative experience and findings regarding various types of apps and games. I am optimistic that this apps review will help the online reader to find the best apps and games for the particular OS.

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